Trivia Events

Customizable, super-flexible, hosted trivia events.

$499 for up to 100 participants.
Set up my one-time trivia event
Any more questions? Snag some time on our calendar.

Most trivia events are logistics nightmares. Ours is a dream.

You customize the content. We provide the questions. Just tell us quiz length, difficulty, and off-limits categories. (Looking at you, Fine Arts.)

We'll share a custom link to the quiz. When the event starts, you share that link with participants. Boom, done. No need to pre-register a roster.

Submit answers as individuals or as teams in a breakout room. Your call. Personally, we prefer debating the questions with teammates.

We'll send you the results 15 minutes later. We use a combination of humans and robots to do the grading.

We've read your mind. These are your questions.

They aren't? Then email [email protected] with your unique question.

Can we customize the timing?

Yes. Once you purchase a one-time event, there's a details form to fill out. Then our team reaches out over email within 24 hours. At that point, you can choose the day and time of the event, and the duration of the quiz.

How many participants can we have?

Up to 100 folks. Got more? Let us know, and we'll figure something out that works for you.

Can we participate in teams?

Sure can. You can either randomize participants into teams at the start of the event or you can have folks join teams you'd pre-determined. In addition, for submitting answers you can choose a style: Scribe-style where one chose representative of each team submits the group's answer or Free-for-All where each member of the team can answer each question and we average your scores when comparing teams.

Can we upload some of our own questions?

Yes. When our team gets in touch with you post-purchase, we will give you the chance to upload custom questions, such as questions about your company or leadership.

Wait... what about the weekly quizzes?

We <3 weekly quizzes. So do tens of thousands of weekly Water Cooler Trivia participants thousands of companies. Head to our product page to learn more and snag a free trial.

Will you set up our video conferencing for us?

You know it. We've custom-built a fantastic platform where you have video chat with teammates, real-time answer-grading, and a live-host... ALL IN ONE BROWSER PAGE. No more switching between six different tabs and apps. This works well if you have some folks in-person and some folks remote as well as there's a "team room" for each group.

Will you join to host the event?

Yes, we will bring humor and style and personality and trivia and wonderful entertinament! And if you think our personality is lousy, you can host yourself, we'll give you a demo on how to use the platform behind the scenes.

Can we only have the results sent to our admin rather than to everyone?

Sure can, just let us know that's your preference when our team reaches out to you post-purchase to finalize details.

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