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What is Water Cooler Trivia?

It’s weekly office trivia quizzes. Think 28% March Madness + 15% Jeopardy + 38% Weekly Newsletter + 214% fun way to bond with co-workers. And 0% math because we know that doesn’t sum to 100%.
How does it work?

Well, if your office already has a group, ask someone participating to share the a join link with you so you can sign up. If there's no Water Cooler Trivia at your office yet, it's up to you the 'Office Captain' to create a group. Then, once the clock strikes 9:00am Monday (or a different time of your choice, a trivia quiz will appear in your inbox. This is where you ratchet up the brainpower and submit the best you’ve got. The next day, you’ll receive the results with your score and ranking and a few other stats about how much smarter you are than your co-workers.
Can I customize my quizzes?

Yes! During the sign up process you will be able to customize your quizzes to include/exclude each individual category, select a personalized category for your office, and the date/time you want to receive your quiz each week.
How often will I receive quizzes?

Once per week. No more, no less. And no spammy spam barraging your inbox on the other days of the week.
How many people in my office can participate?

Any number can sign up to receive quizzes, but we recommend keeping groups below 50 people. Beyond that we’d suggest splitting into multiple groups to maximize camaraderie.
How much does it cost?

The first month of quizzes is always free. After that, it's a few bucks a month for the joy of pub trivia without the 2 hour time commitment and 2 drink cash commitment. Check out the pricing page to learn more about keeping the trivia coming at your office.
Got any cool data points about Water Cooler Trivia you can share?

Indeed! We’ve been told that Water Cooler Trivia spawns at least 5 workplace conversations per week. We don't have as strong of data on this, but we're pretty sure it also makes you 8% smarter.
Is there a mobile app?

No. Use your email and internet browser skills. Use this as a mental break from work, not a time-waster on the subway. Though, the site does work in mobile browsers too.
Have the WCT makers ever been on Jeopardy?

Final stage of auditions three times… but no cigar. We’re pretty sure Trebek has a personal vendetta against us for stealing his quizmaster thunder.
Now we’ve got two questions for you. Any unanswered questions about Water Cooler Trivia? Ideas for how to improve WCT?

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