About us

What's this Water Cooler Trivia thing all about?

👋 Hi! Collin here. I'm a huge trivia nerd that grew up watching Jeopardy every day with my five siblings (often devolving into shouting matches). I also hosted pub trivia in college.

At my first office job, I gathered 10 of my favorite trivia questions in a Google Form and sent the quiz around the office. People loved it, so I sent a quiz weekly. Same thing at my next job.

I realized there’s something universal about trivia: it sparks conversations and builds friendships in the workplace.

I also learned from friends and family how much their offices loved trivia, but hated the stress and logistics of writing questions, grading responses, and hosting an event.

The perfect partner to help bring trivia quizzes to more people? My college pub trivia co-host, living just across the East River in New York. Almost *too* conveniently, his roommate was a software engineer itching for a new side project.

🧠 Thus, Water Cooler Trivia was born.

Who's running the show?

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Collin Waldoch
Collin is a co-founder of Water Cooler Trivia. He writes the questions. He has five siblings and has not (yet!) been on Jeopardy. He's from Illinois and works from Wisconsin.
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Ryan Allen
Ryan is a co-founder of Water Cooler Trivia. He writes the computer code. He likes solving hard problems. He's from Pennsylvania and works from New York.
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Nick Jones
Nick is a co-founder of Water Cooler Trivia. He grades the responses. He's never met a misspelled response he couldn't handle. He's from Virginia and works from Ohio.

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