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Who's Running The Show?

Eli Robinson, Chief Trivia Officer

Dave Kloba, CTO

What's this Water Cooler Trivia thing all about?

Prep for our first ever Hong Kong trivia game

We've literally crossed the world bringing trivia to those we know and love. And no matter where we go, we've learned that an excellent trivia game knows no equal.

And more importantly we realized there’s something universal about the games: trivia isn't only about right and wrong answers. It's about sparking conversations and building relationships with those around you.

That's where the Water Cooler part of this comes in. We know that the office experience is not what it once was, and camaraderie is much harder to come by. Our way of pitching in is giving you and your co-workers something to bond over other than the weather!

🧠 We're pretty trivin' happy that you've decided to stop by!

Just for fun: our past slogans