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Trivia emailed to your office on Mondays. Sweet, sweet victory announced on Tuesdays.

Spice up your week, spark conversations with colleagues, and introduce a little competition into the workspace.

Is this like pub trivia?

How it works

1. Create a group
You can customize the quiz categories and difficulty for your office.

We’ll share a custom link for you to share with colleagues for sign up.

2. Answer trivia

You’ll receive a link to your quiz each Monday.

Just give us your best guesses. We won’t judge your wrong responses.

3. Get competitive

You’ll get weekly results in your inbox, and you can head to your team dashboard for overall standings and past results.

Example trivia

Q1. Making deals:
How many briefcases were on Deal or No Deal when it debuted in 2005?
Q2. Unique presidents:
The 15th U.S. President was the only bachelor President. What was his name?
Q3. Fast food:
What Illinois-founded restaurant chain uses "freaky fast” as a marketing tagline?
Q4. Musical science:
Hg is the symbol for an element that is the last name of what rock band’s lead singer?

Each quiz will have 10 questions in categories that you choose


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