Weekly Trivia

How does it work? Our Chief Trivia Officer explains.
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What are the features? We'll tell you. Right... now.

Delivered straight to your inbox, at the same time every week

A new quiz each week hand-written by trivia nerds

Tons of categories to keep it interesting

Tiebreaker questions cause you know there’s going to be a tie

Team bonding without the commitment

Who grades the quizzes?
We do, of course.

Humans and robots come together to grade fairly and quickly

Only top 10 players named because we don't believe in "trivia shaming"

We love superlatives cause the funniest wrong response deserves credit too

We send detailed scorecards so the winner isn’t the only one getting props

Don’t worry about misspellings - we got you

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Want to customize for your team? You can choose...

When you get the quiz and results

What level of difficulty

How many questions it is

Which categories you want (or don’t)

Any category written just for your team

And for global teams, whether to exclude US-centric questions

Building remote morale is hard. We make it easy.

Enter your company name and email, and boom -- you’re set

Copy + Paste the “join link” with your team, then you’re ready to rock

Set your preferences once, and we do the rest

Remember, it’s just once a week so that it doesn't become a chore

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