DEI Trivia

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Quizzes

Trivia is a simple way to bring content about underrepresented minorities directly to your group.

It's fun, educational, and a simple way to meet your DEI goals!

We create a brand new quiz every single month that corresponds to the group being celebrated that month, and each quiz is automatically included with your Water Cooler Trivia account.

Weekly Quizzes Against
Your Co-Workers

The world has gone virtual. So has the water cooler. You choose the schedule. We write the questions and provide the results each and every week. It's that easy.

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DEI Related Topics

Water Cooler Trivia has unique quizzes for all of the major DEI celebrations.

Black History
Women's History
Hispanic Heritage
Indigenous Peoples
Disability Pride
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage
Native American Heritage
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