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Wait, what is Water Cooler Trivia?

Hi! Collin here. I'm one of the three co-founders of Water Cooler Trivia, along with Nick and Ryan. The three of us are huge trivia nerds who loved bringing weekly trivia fun to our offices, but hated the logistical burden of setting up these events.

In Fall 2017, we built a platform for super-customizable, super-low-maintenance trivia quizzes for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Fast forward three years: we've received millions of trivia responses from tens of thousands of employees from all corners of the globe. Teams at Amazon and Nike, Bain and McKinsey, small law firms, California DMV offices, you name it.

They all love a simple fact about weekly trivia: it sparks conversations and builds friendships in the workplace.

We're thrilled to grow and build and build and grow to bring weekly trivia quizzes to more companies around the world. Employees are looking for something non-work related to discuss besides the weather and weekend plans, and trivia is the perfect topic.

Who's running the show?

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Collin Waldoch
Collin is a co-founder of Water Cooler Trivia. He writes the questions. He has five siblings and has not (yet!) been on Jeopardy. He's from Illinois and works from Wisconsin.
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Ryan Allen
Ryan is a co-founder of Water Cooler Trivia. He writes the computer code. He likes solving hard problems. He's from Pennsylvania and works from New York.
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Nick Jones
Nick is a co-founder of Water Cooler Trivia. He grades the responses. He's never met a misspelled response he couldn't handle. He's from Virginia and works from Ohio.

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