Stretch the dollars of your office social budget.

The first month of trivia is on us.
And we don’t need credit card info because we don’t like sneaky charges.

What you're buying

  • Weekly trivia quiz customized for your office
  • Automated grading with speedy results and stats
  • Dashboard with past results and employee leaderboard

per month

2 - 10

1 year of trivia for the price of 1 office happy hour

per month

11 - 25

1 year of trivia for the price of 1 office chili cook-off

per month

26 - 50

1 year of trivia for the price of 1 office sports team

per month


1 year of trivia for the price of weekly birthday cake

Email [email protected] with any questions

What do offices think of WCT?

Over half of participants have gotten to know a co-worker better through trivia.
“Weekly trivia quizzes in my inbox make my Monday mornings better. Plain and simple.”

Questions about plans and pricing

How do I start a free trial?

Click the big, blue button at the top of this page. Or you can click Sign Up right from the Water Cooler Trivia home page.
My free trial is about to expire. What do I do?

Head to your group settings via your dashboard and start your subscription!
Which plan do I choose?

We’re making the decision easy for you: however many people are in your office’s trivia group determines your plan.
What happens if new co-workers want to join but we’re at the maximum number of people in our plan?

We won’t start charging you extra money! We’ll shoot you a note and let you know that you can either upgrade your plan to the next group size tier, or you can manage your roster to deactivate a different co-worker to make room for the new one.
What’s the difference between monthly and annual subscriptions?

Annual comes with 3 months free. Otherwise, they are each exactly what they sound like.
Do you have any referral bonuses?

Not yet...but if you do refer a friend to sign up their office, let us know ([email protected]) and we’ll send something nice your way.
How do I change my subscription plan?

Head to the Plans and Billing tab within your group settings via your dashboard.
How do I change my billing details?

See above. Same process!