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We're a small team that loves working with kind, thoughtful, creative, hard-working folks. Check out the positions below or cold email us with the role of your dreams.

We are fully remote and open to hiring for contractor roles anywhere in the world.

Celebrating brains

Open Roles

Question Writer (contract)
Do you love trivia? Or writing? Or reading Wikipedia? If all three, it already sounds like a great fit. We are always looking for new question writers to join the team. We pay per-question and send a weekly list of categories for which questions are needed. Hundreds of high-quality questions are needed each month.

Our trivia style is halfway between the academic bent of quiz bowl and pop-culture laden pub trivia. We sprinkle in clues but we also have a healthy amount of "lay ups." Here's are some example questions. Interested? Email [email protected], include a link to your LinkedIn page or any other relevant social media accounts, and include 4-5 trivia questions you've written as a sample.
Full-Stack Marketer (full-time)
We need to get the word out about Water Cooler Trivia, and we want someone to take charge of those efforts. Our marketing efforts are extremely wide ranging, yet there's no one currently at the helm. In this role, you'll take the lead on social media, email, SEO, on-site experience, affiliates, as well as all our content creation. Some experience would be nice! Check out our job posting on LinkedIn here.
C# / .NET Full-stack engineer (full-time)
We have more product ideas than engineer brain-hours available. This is a good problem to have. If you're a self-driven full-stack engineer looking to work on a super-fun product with an extra-flexible schedule, we might have a perfect match for you. Email [email protected] with your resume and goals.