2023 Thanksgiving Trivia Round IV

Written by:
Eli Robinson
November 20, 2023

Sound Familiar?

Did you know that you can get a trademark for a sound? Many people and corporations have signature auditory tunes that they want protections for! (Hopefully, they’ll make an exception for Thanksgiving Trivia!)

Below you will find descriptions of a number of different sounds that have been trademarked according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

For group A, we’re looking for the company that owns the trademark. (Don’t get too pedantic here…we don’t need parent companies) For group B, we’re asking for what the sound is from.

Note: If you're accessing this from a mobile device, just click "Listen in browser" for each sound.

Group A

#1 - Chime-like Musical Notes

#2 - Horn-like Musical Notes

#3 - Roar

#4 - Nine Bars of Primarily Musical Chords

#5 - Five Tone Audio Progression

#6 - Spoken Words

#7 - Six Musical Notes

#8 - Childlike Human Giggle

#9 - A Brass Bell

#10 - Sequence of Two Tones of Increasing Pitch

#11 - Bong

#12 - Brush Swiping Against a Surface and Three Knocks

#13 - Musical Jingle

#14 - Nine Musical Notes

Group B

#15 - Yell

#16 - Deep, Male, Human-like Voice

#17 - Russian Folk Song

#18 - Human Whistling

#19 - Ticking

#20 - Fifteen Musical Bars