Diversity Equity Inclusion Trivia (That Actually Engages Teams)

Written by:
Eli Robinson
May 22, 2023

Diversity equity inclusion (DEI) trivia events will:

  • Initiate diverse cultural conversations
  • Encourage team bonding
  • Foster an inclusive environment
  • Promote DEI awareness in a fun way
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Empower active engagement with DEI topics

Let's take a look at how you can set up a diversity equity inclusion trivia event.

Diversity Equity Inclusion Trivia (Try Water Cooler Trivia)

I love a good trivia game.

They are a source of amusement, a chance to learn, and a great way to engage groups of people.

And the best part?

The fun of trivia can be harnessed for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

When you think about diversity, equity, and inclusion trivia, you might just be imagining another monotonous work activity, but let's envision it differently:

  • Encourage knowledge sharing and awareness of diverse cultures and identities.
  • Promote team bonding in a fun, informal setting.
  • Drive conversations around diverse topics and experiences.
  • Educate participants about equity and inclusion in a non-threatening environment.
  • Empower employees to engage with DEI topics actively.

Now, wouldn't you want to be part of such an event?

And guess who does it best? Water Cooler Trivia.

The fun, witty and light-hearted questions bring that breath of fresh air to your work week, landing in your inbox with punctual precision, every time.

The creators, trivia enthusiasts themselves, craft each quiz with love, ensuring variety with a full range of categories.

Why Is Trivia Effective?

I've often wondered why trivia games work so well in breaking down barriers.

It's because they are fun, informal, and inclusive. The competitive spirit stirs up interaction among team members.

The varied categories ensure everyone has an area of strength, leveling the playing field and promoting a sense of equity.

Well-structured DEI trivia events foster understanding, empathy, and respect for diverse cultures and experiences.

Hosting A DEI Trivia Event (Key Components)

I've seen DEI trivia events fall flat when not thought out carefully.

When planning your own, remember that the choice of trivia categories is critical.

These categories must reflect the diversity and interests of the team, promote equity, and be inclusive.

Best Trivia On Culture & History

I like trivia that dives into culture and history.

It's an engaging way to learn about the diverse backgrounds of our peers, and broadens our worldview.

Best Trivia On Workplace Inclusion

I appreciate trivia that address workplace inclusion.

These create awareness about biases and highlight inclusive practices.

Best Trivia On Pop Culture & Media Representation

Trivia on pop culture and media representation is always fun.

It subtly showcases diversity and sparks discussions on stereotyping and representation.

Best Trivia On Human Rights & Social Movements

I'm always intrigued by trivia focusing on human rights and social movements.

It helps enlighten participants about various struggles for justice and equality, promoting empathy and understanding.

These categories are only a starting point.

They could be expanded based on your team's interests and needs.

Best Diversity Equity Inclusion Trivia (Closing Thoughts)

I've had a blast with Water Cooler Trivia.

Their endearing human-robot grading system ensures fairness and quick results, recognizing the top 10 players without 'trivia shaming'.

They also give credit to the most hilarious wrong responses, and provide detailed scorecards, so it's not just about who won.

Water Cooler Trivia ensures that misspelled answers don't get in the way of your fun.

I believe a well-planned DEI trivia event can be an engaging, educational, and enjoyable experience.

It brings people together, facilitates conversations around diversity and inclusion, and most importantly, it's a lot of fun.

So why not try it out and bring some trivia excitement to your team?

Get started with Water Cooler Trivia today or request a demo.

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