Diversity Games For The Workplace (That Actually Engage Teams)

Written by:
Eli Robinson
July 24, 2023

Diversity games for the workplace can offer the following benefits:

  • Encourage employees to understand and appreciate each other's differences.
  • Create an inclusive work environment that fosters diversity.
  • Increase cultural competency, thereby promoting harmony and collaboration among employees.
  • Support engagement and interaction in a fun, non-threatening manner.

When I'm looking for the best diversity games for the workplace, I want to see:

  • Games that are designed to create an open dialogue.
  • Activities that promote mutual understanding and respect.
  • Games that are fun, engaging, and meaningful.
  • Options that encourage team-building and collaboration.

In this article, I'm going to guide you through some of the best diversity games available, explain how you can implement them in your own workspace, and share insights on their effectiveness.

Cultural Diversity Training Games: 5 Options

1 - Cultural Trivia

For me, cultural trivia is a winner.

This game encourages participants to share something unique about their cultural background.

It's not just about learning facts but understanding the experiences and stories that shape us.

Water Cooler Trivia is well-equipped to craft cultural diversity trivia quizzes for your workplace.

2 - The Diversity Bingo

This game is excellent for breaking down stereotypes and encouraging employees to appreciate the diversity in their team.

Each employee gets a bingo card with different cultural traits, and the objective is to interact with team members to find those who identify with these traits.

You can use Bingo Baker to create a diversity bingo card.

3 - Picture Your Equality

Employees are given a drawing task where they illustrate what equality means to them.

The aim is to promote thoughtful conversation about equality and respect.

4 - The Common Ground Game

This activity encourages teams to discover shared interests, experiences or habits, emphasizing commonalities rather than differences.

5 - The Privilege Walk

A powerful, eye-opening game that helps employees understand the different privileges or disadvantages their colleagues might have experienced due to their cultural or social backgrounds.

The University of Warwick has a useful resource on how this activity works.

Diversity And Inclusion Games: Getting Started

To successfully implement these games, start by setting a safe, respectful environment. 

Emphasize the importance of open-mindedness, understanding, and respect.

Encourage participation, but never force anyone to reveal more than they're comfortable with.

Water Cooler Trivia is a great example of a game that promotes diversity and inclusivity.

This fun, engaging game offers a trivia quiz tailored to your team's interests and delivered straight to your inbox.

The trivia encourages dialogue about various subjects, leading to mutual understanding and shared laughs.

Get free four-week trial of Water Cooler Trivia today. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

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