5 Essential Pillars For A Strong Team to Build Employee Relations at Any Organization

Written by:
Collin Waldoch
August 28, 2020

To build a successful and productive team, you need to have strong employee relations. Fostering strong relationships across your team will encourage work as one cohesive unit. The key? Deploying a wide range of strategies to support the growth and development of your employee relations.

In this article, we’ll take a warp-speed tour through  five essential pillars of employee relations. Building cohesion doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time.  These pillars represent the groundwork, not the end stage. If you’re in a rush or bored already, here’s the summary in bullet point form:

  • Empathetic Leaders
  • Consistent Communication
  • Defined Objectives & Ambitions
  • Clear Roles & Assignments
  • Positive Team Culture

Feel like you’ve heard it all before? That’s great! You’re on the right track. We’re trying to hold a magnifying glass to each of these pillars and consider their importance in a workplace environment. et’s dive in and explore how you can boost employee relations.

Empathetic Leaders

It is difficult to lead someone you don’t understand. Being a team leader is all about empathy. When a team leader lacks empathy, this can demoralize colleagues and make them feel detached from senior management. Humanity aside, this is a drain on the goal of building a productive workforce.

Basically, don't do this. Talk in a normal voice to your teammates rather than shouting into a microphone.

Empathy  means understanding the feelings and perspectives of those around you. It’s tremendously important for a team leader. As a team leader, you need to understand the needs and desires of your colleagues. When you identify weaknesses among individual team members, work with them to find solutions from a place of empathy.

Consistent Communication

Keeping all team members informed about developments daily is going to help them to feel more organized and comfortable in their roles. This keeps the team at a synchronous rhythm, critical for high performance.

Our guess is it took some seriously consistent communication to make it here.

You can boost employee relations with consistent communication by holding daily “stand-ups”. This allows team members to ask questions about particular tasks and projects. Whether the briefings are in a physical workspace or hosted remotely, they ensure everyone is on the same page and working as one unit.

Defined Objectives & Ambitions

Does your team know what they’re striving for? What happens when they get there? How will they know when they’ve achieved those objectives? These are the questions your entire team should be able to answer pat. Setting defined objectives and ambitions will motivate your team and give them a purpose..

Establishing these defined objectives and ambitions will improve employee relations. Whether these are group targets or individual goals, clarity can motivate workers and encourage them to improve their performance

Clear Roles & Assignments

We cannot overemphasize the importance of keeping everyone on the same page. Every team member should have a solid understanding of their exact role and how their efforts will help the team get closer to the defined objectives. To improve employee relations, your workforce needs to be appropriately informed of their roles and assignments. Looking for advice from experts on how to build and structure a remote team? Or understand the difference between a virtual and remote team? Check out this helpful guide from our friends at Ganttic.

Positive Team Culture

Never underestimate the importance of positive team culture. If you want to improve employee relations, you need to create an environment where team members feel safe to fail and learn. This circles right back to having empathetic leaders who are ready to catch you when you fall. On top of that, we believe team bonding is crucial to improving employee relations.

Think a little harder.. and you'll surely get a perfect score.

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