343 Food Trivia Questions (From Sandwich Islands To Waffles & Strawberries)

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Eli Robinson
September 8, 2022

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343 Food Trivia Questions (From Sandwich Islands To Waffles & Strawberries)

  1. What is the colloquial term for a rotating tray often often placed on a table to aid in distributing food?  Answer: Lazy Susan
  2. What brand's name is a "syllabic abbreviation" of two states in which some of their original potato fields were located? The brand originally included the outlines of these states, but the logo has simplified over the years and they are now a brand within the Kraft Heinz snack food empire.  Answer: Ore-Ida
  3. What brand of chips has inspired an internet community to search for an individual chip that looks most like the Pope's hat?  Answer: Doritos
  4. The "Cutie" brand of produce primarily focuses on what miniature cousin of the orange?  Answer: Clementine
  5. The name "Chicago" is derived from a French rendering of the Native American word Shikaakwa, which is what type of food?  Answer: Onion
  6. What is the name of the Japanese snack food first sold in 1966 initially described as a "chocolate covered biscuit stick?" There are now additional flavored coatings such as almond, strawberry, milk, green tea, banana, and coconut.  Answer: Pocky
  7. What Nabisco-produced snack (cookie?) with mostly yellow packaging was named for a town near Boston?  Answer: Fig Newton
  8. What Chicago-based restaurant chain was founded in 1963 as "The Dog House" and featured Chicago-style foods such as hot dogs, Maxwell Street Polish, and Italian Beef?  Answer: Portillos
  9. The varicella-zoster virus causes skin outbreaks in children, and in 1995 the FDA approved a vaccine to prevents its infection. What's the common name for the disease this virus causes?  Answer: Chicken pox
  10. The 6th largest privately held company (by 2014 revenue) in the US is a famed manufacturer of both confectionaries and pet food. What is this celestially-named company?  Answer: Mars
  11. Announced in January 2018, Keurig Green Mountain plans on acquiring with another beverage company named after what flagship American soda brand?  Answer: Dr. Pepper
  12. In the 1986 film "Stand by Me," what candy is missing from the following quote? "If I could only have one food for the rest of my life? That's easy: _________. Cherry-flavored _________. No question about it."  Answer: Pez
  13. Sriracha is a type of popular hot sauce named for a city located in what country?  Answer: Thailand
  14. What is the only fruit with the seeds on the outside?  Answer: Strawberry
  15. What dish is well-described by Wikipedia as "a dish made from leavened batter or dough that is cooked between two plates that are patterned to give a characteristic size, shape and surface impression"?  Answer: Waffle
  16. What internationally known chef with the first name Ettore began his career in Cleveland before reaching a level of household fame known by few other chefs in history?  Answer: Chef Boyardee
  17. What Michigan-based fast food chain lost a March Madness bet on whether a 16 seed would upset a 1 seed and as a result is offering free "lunch boxes" on Monday, April 2, 2018?  Answer: Little Caesar's
  18. "Where's the beef?" is a catchphrase in the United States and Canada introduced in 1984 by what fast food chain? The phrase eventually entered popular culture as a multipurpose phrase questioning the substance of an idea.  Answer: Wendy's
  19. Within 5 years, when did California become the first U.S. state to legalize medical marijuana usage?  Answer: 1996 (1991-2001 accepted as correct)
  20. What is the name of the Pawnee fast food chain that attempts to buy Lot 48 to build a new restaurant location?  Answer: Paunch Burger
  21. Vermicast is the end result of processes including vermifiltration and vermicomposting, which are used in the breakdown of vegetation, foods, wastewater, and even sewage sludge. European nightcrawlers are a species of what type of animal used in these processes?  Answer: worm
  22. Known mainly for spreading a specific type of food, what Massachusetts-born 19th century man was also fond of spreading religion throughout the country on his journeys?  Answer: Johnny Appleseed
  23. What type of chemical will an ant will lay down to lead others to a food source?  Answer: pheromones
  24. What upscale retailer was founded in Austin in 1978 by John Mackey and Renee Lawson? The small store was initially called SaferWay, as a spoof of Safeway.  Answer: Whole Foods Market
  25. What's the six-letter name for the Vietnamese single-serving sandwich, usually served on a baguette, that typically features a fusion of meats and vegetables from native Vietnamese cuisine such as pork sausage, coriander leaf, cucumber, and picked carrots?  Answer: Bánh mì
  26. Grocer Joel Owsley Cheek started a coffee brand in 1892 and soon named the brand after a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee (the brand's largest customer). The brand was the highest-selling coffee in the United States for nearly 100 years and frequently incorporates its "good to the last drop" slogan into its logo. What brand is this?  Answer: Maxwell House
  27. A pestle is one half of a common pair of kitchen utensils used for grinding spices. What is the name of the pestle's bowl-like partner?  Answer: Mortar
  28. Lactobacillus delbrueckii and Streptococcus thermophilus are the two most common bacteria used for creating what grocery store staple which skyrocketed in popularity in the 2000s in the U.S.?  Answer: Yogurt
  29. What "P" bird had populations severely diminished in the 20th century due to DDT in their food supply before they made a surprising comeback in dense urban areas? In particular, NYC is home to dozens of these rare birds in part because the city's towering bridges are reminiscent of their traditional cliffside roosts.  Answer: Peregrine Falcon
  30. Typically only known by his title and last name, what famous cereal mascot technically has Horatio Magellan as his first and middle names?  Answer: Cap'n Crunch
  31. Of what famously frugal president have historians noted that "he was almost entirely indifferent to food except that he liked apples and hot coffee?"  Answer: Abraham Lincoln
  32. A staple of baking known for its malleability and thickness, what almond-based confection is commonly used in decorative cake competitions to create figurines or other complex designs?  Answer: Marzipan
  33. What common leafy green is native to Persia and is often associated with a specific cartoon character who made his maritime debut in 1929?  Answer: Spinach
  34. What round, green food is one of Brazil's most common pizza toppings? Though considered a vegetable nutritionally, this plant is botanically a fruit and it makes occasional appearances in carbonara sauces.  Answer: Green Peas
  35. In 1921, a health clinician in Minneapolis accidentally spilled a batch of bran gruel on a hot stove which soon crackled into a crisp flake. What household brand was birthed from this creation?  Answer: Wheaties
  36. What common term for a collective salute prior to imbibing originates from literally dropping a piece of food into one's glass?  Answer: Toasting
  37. Young & Rubicam Advertising Agency were the creators of the "Bet You Can't Eat Just One" slogan for what brand of salty snacks?  Answer: Lay's Potato Chips
  38. While Jerry and Elaine are waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant, Jerry dares Elaine to eat what food from a stranger's plate?  Answer: Egg Roll
  39. Fat Tire, a Belgian-style ale, is the flagship beer of what Colorado-based craft brewery that distributes their bottled beers nationally?  Answer: New Belgium
  40. What is the salted roe of a sturgeon called?  Answer: Caviar
  41. What Swiss chocolate bar brand features red text and a yellow mountain, which surreptitiously displays the sketching of a white bear within the yellow mountain?  Answer: Toblerone
  42. What famous donut shop in Portland, Oregon once served NyQuil- and Pepto Bismol-coated doughnuts before the FDA shut down the medicinal pastry operation?  Answer: Voodoo Doughnuts
  43. Mister Donut is a fast food franchise with 1,000+ locations. Although founded in the US, Mister Donut is now headquartered in what Asian country?  Answer: Japan
  44. The Chrysler Building and Empire State Building in New York are considered iconic representations of what 20th century artistic movement and architectural style?  Answer: Art Deco
  45. Although mofongo can trace its lineage to the African Fufu along with Spanish and Taíno influences, the dish is associated strongly with a single commonwealth. What territory is considered the homeland of this mixture of mashed plantains, chicharrón, olive oil, and garlic?  Answer: Puerto Rico
  46. What is the four letter word for the paste made from fermented soybeans and barley or rice malt which is commonly used in Japanese cooking? This term can also be used to describe a type of soup thickened with the paste.  Answer: Miso
  47. What "Market Hall" in Little Rock is considered a foundational piece of the revitalized River Market District and has housed a collection of food vendors since being refurbished in 2014?  Answer: Ottenheimer Market Hall
  48. What common breakfast food in Costa Rica gets its name from the coloring variations that make the rice look speckled like a rooster? The dish typically includes rice and beans paired with spices such as peppers or cilantro.  Answer: Gallo Pinto
  49. Name this mystery fruit. It's known as the "king of fruits" in some regions. It's known for its strong odor and thorn-covered rind. If you removed one letter from this fruit's name and repeated yourself, you'd have the name of a mega-successful 80s band.  Answer: Durian
  50. Blue Iris Flowers, Southern Maryland Seafood, and Union Meat Company all call what DC-building home? The building was first opened in 1873 and designed by German-born immigrant Adolf Cluss.  Answer: Eastern Market
  51. The vaccine for measles prevention is often called the MMR vaccine because it also prevents the mumps and what other disease?  Answer: Rubella
  52. What is the name of the smooth, creamy, seasoned soup of French origin that is typically based on a strained broth of crustaceans? The name is thought to come from the body of water between Spain and France below the Celtic Sea.  Answer: Bisque
  53. Three "orders" of architecture originated in Greece, and the names of these orders are also used to describe different types of columns. Corinthian is one of the three orders. With one guess, name either of the other two.  Answer: Ionic or Doric
  54. The International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago serves as a macabre dedication to the art of cutting people open, including a surgeon "Hall of Fame." Included in the museum's archives are letters and journals from what famous English statistician who is often considered the founder of modern nursing?  Answer: Florence Nightingale
  55. The 2.0 version of the Android operating system was nicknamed "Eclair" and the 2.3 version was nicknamed "Gingerbread." In between was the five-letter name of a cold dessert which exploded in popularity in the 2000s with self-serve toppings. What dessert is this?  Answer: Froyo
  56. Zuo Zongtang was a 19th century Qing dynasty statesman and leader, though he is best known in North America because the romanized version of his name is found on thousands of restaurant menus as what food item?  Answer: General Tso's Chicken
  57. Founded in Minnesota in 1891, what food processing company was known throughout the 20th century as the manufacturer of Spam? Today, the company owns and distributes brands such as Jennie-O and Skippy.  Answer: Hormel
  58. To honor a man who became more famous as the namesake for a popular food, Captain Cook gave what name to the islands now known as Hawaii?  Answer: Sandwich islands
  59. What Georgia city is known as the "sweet onion capital of the world?"  Answer: Vidalia
  60. The simple Italian salad known as a Caprese salad typically includes tomatoes, basil, and what variety of cheese?  Answer: Mozzarella
  61. What seafood-serving Boston restaurant located near Faneuil Hall is located in a building from the early 1700s, is listed as a National Historic Landmark and has a reasonable claim as the oldest restaurant in Boston?  Answer: Union Oyster House
  62. Although back, collar, and jowl all exist as cuts of this cured meat, the most popular is "streaky" which comes from the pork belly and is often served as a side dish during breakfast. What is this type of salt-cured pork with a name derived from the Old High German word for buttock?  Answer: Bacon
  63. There's a town in the Peloponnese region of Greece with a namesake food item known for its purple color and smooth meaty texture. What is this fruit?  Answer: Kalamata Olive
  64. A crepe-like batter that is cooked thin and stuffed with fillings such as potatoes, onions, and cheese typically forms part of the Southern Indian and Sri Lankan diets. What is the four-letter English name for this food?  Answer: Dosa
  65. City Island is an island in New York City with a population of ~4,000 residents and is known for its many seafood restaurants and New England-esque atmosphere of boating and fishing. City Island is technically part of which borough?  Answer: The Bronx
  66. Frank Wisner, the owner of Colorado's Cripple Creek Brewing, invented a dessert in 1893 after being inspired by the nearby snowy peaks. He named this two-item combo "the black cow." Today it is better known by what name?  Answer: Root Beer Float
  67. For Cyber Monday in the US in 2019, Google "baked" Pixel 4 phones inside the pizza boxes of what fast food chain as a limited promotion?  Answer: Dominos
  68. The Waldorf salad was named for the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in NYC where it was first created for a charity ball in 1896. What is the nut which is typically a key ingredient in the Waldorf salad?  Answer: Walnut
  69. Brazil is the world's largest coffee bean producer and has been for over 150 years. Many other top coffee-producing nations are in South America and Central America, but what Southeast Asia country is actually the second largest producer?  Answer: Vietnam
  70. Applegate, Columbus Craft Meats, Dinty Moore, Jennie-O and Skippy are all brands owned and managed by what food processing company founded in Austin, Minnesota in 1891?  Answer: Hormel
  71. Husband and wife team Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen designed the centerpiece of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in the 1980s. What is the common food that is part of their design?  Answer: Cherry (Spoonbridge and Cherry)
  72. Gran Parrilla del Plata, Nuestro Secreto, El Pobre Luis, and Caba√Īa Las Lilas are four of the 13 steakhouses featured as the best by Cond√© Nast in what South American CITY known for its tasty bovine? ¬†Answer: Buenos Aires
  73. Poutine, often referred to as Canada's national dish, consists of french fries, gravy, and which other ingredient?  Answer: Cheese curds
  74. The WFP is the food-assistance branch of the United Nations and it provides food assistance to over 90 million people across more than 80 countries each year. What do the initials WFP stand for?  Answer: World Food Programme
  75. In ecosystems, the way different animals eat each other can be represented in a chart. Different from a food chain, name this chart made up of all the food chains in an ecosystem.  Answer: Food Web
  76. After an aborted merger attempt with Uber, the food delivery company Grubhub agreed in June 2020 to be acquired by what other delivery-focused software company?  Answer: Just Eat Takeaway.com
  77. What common herb do some eaters complain tastes of soap? Some consumers of this plant in the family Apiaceae have a variation in their olfactory-receptor genes which brings out the soapy taste of this plant’s leaves.  Answer: Cilantro (coriander)
  78. What famous drink was introduced as "Brad's Drink" in New Bern, North Carolina in 1893 at a drugstore? The product was renamed five years later after the Greek "p" word for "digestion."  Answer: Pepsi Cola
  79. What American fast casual restaurant, formerly known as Boston Chicken, was founded in Newton, MA in 1984? While the company headquarters have since moved to Colorado, the chain sticks to its proud Boston namesake roots.  Answer: Boston Market
  80. If you're comparing Scotts, Vigoro, and Schultz in an aisle, you're almost certainly looking to buy what critical agricultural "ingredient" that is considered a crucial component of conventional food systems?  Answer: Fertilizer
  81. Used as either a bittering, flavoring, or stability agent, the plant Humulus lupulus has been increasingly used in beer during the 21st century. By what name is this species more commonly known?  Answer: Hops
  82. In September 2020, the food delivery company Rappi raised an additional $150 million to further fund its expansion in what continent?  Answer: South America
  83. A leafy vegetable native to the Mediterranean along with other cabbage species began appearing in northern Europe during the 5th century and a few hundred years later became closely associated with a major European city on the river Senne. Today, their name continues to reference that city. What is this vegetable?  Answer: Brussels Sprouts
  84. "The Dave Chang Show" is his podcast, Momofuku is his most famous family of restaurants, and NYC is where most of his restaurants are based. What is the name of his Netflix show?  Answer: Ugly Delicious
  85. Although it expanded to grapefruit growers in 1976, the cooperative Ocean Spray has primarily focused on what other fruit throughout its existence? The brand reached viral heights after a 2020 TikTok mashing up Fleetwood Mac, skateboarding, and Ocean Spray juice.  Answer: Cranberry
  86. The flu shot is recommended by the WHO and CDC for yearly vaccination for nearly all people over the age of six months. What animal's eggs are often used to produce this vaccine each year?  Answer: Hen (chicken)
  87. What beverage, which originated in New York City, is made of milk, carbonated water, and flavored syrup, and does not include either of the ingredients in its name?  Answer: Egg Cream
  88. The Reinheitsgebot is a series of regulations on the production of beer in what country?  Answer: Germany
  89. The famous slogan of "57 Varieties" created by H. J. Heinz was inspired by a saw that the food manufacturer saw advertising 21 styles of what piece of apparel? Even when Heinz first introduced the slogan it was already incorrect as his company was manufacturing more than 60 food product varieties.  Answer: Shoes
  90. The Nisga'a are a group of Indigenous people of Canada that reside in which of the nation's provinces? Traditionally. the Nisga'a had a cuisine driven by harvesting "beach food" year round, including razor clams, mussels, oysters, limpets, scallops, abalone, fish, and seaweed.  Answer: British Columbia
  91. Despite the companies merging only three years ago in 2017, PetSmart announced in October 2020 that it would be splitting from what online pet food and supply store?  Answer: Chewy
  92. What iconic food item, that is also used as a measure of a currency's purchasing power, was created in the Pittsburgh suburb Uniontown in 1967?  Answer: Big Mac
  93. What is the name of the oldest producer of chocolate in the U.S,? The company was founded in Boston in 1765 and is still in operation. Coincidentally, the company's name came from its founder's surname but it is still quite appropriate for the food industry.  Answer: The Baker Chocolate Company
  94. It's a type of beer intertwined with the history or porters. It's also a word in the dictionary that can mean bulky, brave, or resolute. What is it?  Answer: Stout
  95. Technically translating directly as "candy from milk," what is the name of the confection from Latin America prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a brown substance which is used as a dessert or topping?  Answer: Dulce de Leche
  96. Craisins are both a popular snack and a registered trademark. What fruit is used to make craisins?  Answer: Cranberries
  97. The condiment typically known as thousand island dressing and occasionally referred to on fast food menus as "special sauce" is in fact named for the Thousand Islands region which exists along the border of what TWO countries?  Answer: US and Canada
  98. Rice-A-Roni, Cap'n Crunch, and Life Cereals are all food brands that PepsiCo acquired as part of their 2001 purchase of what company?  Answer: Quaker Oats Company
  99. Often considered the most significant piece of federal legislation regarding food safety since the 1930s, in what year did President Obama sign the Food Safety Modernization Act into law?  Answer: 2011
  100. What alcoholic spirit is found in all three of these cocktails: Gimlet, Aviation, and Tom Collins?  Answer: Gin
  101. Anna Kendrick sings of "bags of Tostitos with salsa and queso" in a Frito-Lay ad that parodies what song from "The Sound of Music?"  Answer: My Favorite Things
  102. The orange-and-blue packaging of what Nestle candy bar proclaims that it is "crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery?"  Answer: Butterfinger
  103. Heineken has featured prominently in the 2000s as a major sponsor of the UEFA Champions League which is an athletic competition in what sport?  Answer: Soccer
  104. What is the eight-letter, hyphenated term that refers to the usage of a drug for indications other than the indications that the FDA has explicitly approved?  Answer: Off-label
  105. Considered a loan word from Greek, what is the difficult-to-spell name of the dip or sauce made of strained yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, and other seasonings? It is most often served cold as part of an appetizer.  Answer: Tzatziki
  106. Introduced in 1927, what powdered drink mix is the official state soft drink of Nebraska, where it was invented?  Answer: Kool-Aid
  107. American Cone and Pretzel Company was the initial name of what snack brand founded in 1917 in Philadelphia that has been owned by Frito-Lay since the 1960s?  Answer: Rold Gold
  108. The headquarters of the FDA in Maryland are located on a campus named after what type of tree in the Quercus subgenus?  Answer: White oak
  109. As defined by chef Auguste Escoffier, the five "mother sauces" of French cooking are béchamel, espagnole, tomate, velouté, and what fifth sauce, which is commonly featured in Eggs Benedict?  Answer: Hollandaise
  110. Delavan, Wisconsin -- not South America -- is the location of the factory that produces what brand of rectangular chocolate mint candies?  Answer: Andes
  111. The Delaware-based company RAPA is considered the largest manufacturer of what food mush that is traditionally a combination of pork scraps, cornmeal, wheat flour, and spices?  Answer: Scrapple
  112. Prior to the 1990s, due to ethical concerns, fewer than 25% of all drugs prescribed in the U.S. for WHAT GROUP of people were tested for safety or efficacy in their population? This was due to ethical concerns around testing, and this was not somewhat resolved until 1997 when incentives were granted that gave pharmaceutical manufacturers a six-month patent extension if they explicitly trialed this group while drug testing.  Answer: Children
  113. The FDA's first commissioner, Harvey Washington Wiley, began serving in 1907, and was appointed by what President?  Answer: Theodore Roosevelt
  114. The field workers for the FDA are often known as "Investigators" but they have a more technical name abbreviated as CSOs. What does this initialism stand for? These are the folks that inspect production facilities, illnesses, and review cases of medical devices or drugs.  Answer: Consumer Safety Officers
  115. What candy, which is produced in Austria and Connecticut, has a name that is an abbreviation for the German word for peppermint?  Answer: PEZ
  116. What is the FDA designation that expedites the development and review of drugs that treat serious or life-threatening conditions?  Answer: Breakthrough therapy
  117. What American chain localizes its fare with offerings such as Turkish coffee in the Republic of Georgia and versions of its signature product stuffed with kimchi in South Korea and topped with fish flakes in China?  Answer: Dunkin' Donuts
  118. Toblerone got its name from founder Theodor Tobler and "torrone," the Italian word for what crackly confection found in each bar?  Answer: Nougat
  119. "The truth is, we're not that dumb, and we're not that smart" was a quote from Donald Keough, the president of what drink manufacturer after conspiracies arose about a purposely inferior product the company had released to drive up demand for their original product?  Answer: Coca-Cola
  120. Sometimes called "the green fairy," what anise-flavored spirit is used as a rinse in a classic New Orleans Sazerac cocktail?  Answer: Absinthe
  121. New Haven's Frank Pepe frequently tops lists of the best restaurants in the U.S. for what food?  Answer: Pizza
  122. From 2012 to late 2013, Walmart offered a mail subscription service in which customers would receive five to eight food samples each month to try new items. What was the "G" name of this service?  Answer: Goodies
  123. The Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 passed unanimously by the Senate and extended the authority to levy fees to companies with applications for drug approvals. It also created what program that allows for expedited assessments of a promising treatment?  Answer: Priority review
  124. Lindt expanded their chocolate empire in the 1990s with the acquisition of what California-based chocolate company founded by and named after an Italian immigrant?  Answer: Ghirardelli
  125. The FDA started regulating the manufacturing process of microwave ovens the same year in which Bangladesh separated from Pakistan. In what DECADE did both of these events occur?  Answer: 1970s
  126. Similar to a Manhattan but with Scotch whiskey instead of bourbon or rye, what classic cocktail is named after a Scottish hero of the 17th century?  Answer: Rob Roy
  127. Edward Boyd's idea to create advertisements showing black Americans as normal, middle-class citizens (rather than racist stereotypes) was considered revolutionary in the 1940s. At what company was Boyd working when he actioned this plan?  Answer: Pepsi
  128. The most common DNA test used for paternity testing is performed by collecting buccal cells, which are found in what specific body part?  Answer: Cheek
  129. What casual steakhouse chain has its corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, despite having the Lone Star State in its name?  Answer: Texas Roadhouse
  130. Although the term is often used by cosmetic companies, the FDA has explicitly said that what 13-letter portmanteau has no legal meaning? Generally speaking, this word describes a combination of a drug and a cosmetic.  Answer: Cosmeceutical
  131. North Carolina's Piedmont region has historically been known for the growth of what crop, with modern companies such as Phillip Morris, Reynolds American, and Lorillard still having a heavy presence within the state?  Answer: Tobacco
  132. The simple rum and Coke cocktail is also known by what two-word name that contains the name of an island nation?  Answer: Cuba Libre
  133. In 2012, what fast-food chain promoted a new line of menu items using QR codes made from lemons and avocados, along with their slogan "Live Mas?"  Answer: Taco Bell
  134. Although MCI was once known as one of the largest long-distance phone providers in America, the "M" in the name once stood for what 9-letter word more often associated with reheating food?  Answer: microwave
  135. The eye of an owl appears in the logo of what snack food brand, which makes Ridgies potato chips and Cheez Doodles cheese snacks?  Answer: Wise
  136. In the Squamish history of the Great Flood, Chiyakmesh is given food and guided to a wife by what legendary creature that shares a name with a Ford convertible?  Answer: Thunderbird
  137. Because of its oblong shape, Chicago's giant metal "Cloud Gate" sculpture is nicknamed for what staple food?  Answer: Bean
  138. Long before "Animal House," Harvard's entire 1818 sophomore class was expelled for engaging in what sort of battle?  Answer: Food Fight
  139. According to FDA regulations, what unit of volume of ice cream must weigh at least 4.5 pounds to be called "ice cream?"  Answer: gallon
  140. FDA issued new regulations in 2011 concerning the use of the labels "Broad Spectrum" and "Water Resistant" for what over-the-counter product?  Answer: sunscreen
  141. Vernon Rudolph bought a sweet yeast-raised recipe from a New Orleans chef, rented a building in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and started a company in 1937. Fast forward almost 100 years later, and the alliterative company started by Rudolph is still headquartered in North Carolina featuring a classic red-and-green logo. What is this company?  Answer: Krispy Kreme
  142. Horseradish was the first commercially packaged and sold foodstuff by what Pittsburgh-based company?  Answer: Heinz
  143. Originating in the American Northeast and with a city-specific name, what style of pizza is classified as a "tomato pie?" The dish is circular with a thin crust and has cheese and other toppings laid down before the tomato sauce.  Answer: Trenton Style
  144. According to the USDA, a can of "fruit cocktail" must be comprised of 25-45% pears, 6-16% pineapple, 6-20% grapes, 2-6% cherries, and, as its largest proportion, 30-50% of what fruit?  Answer: Peaches
  145. In contrast to THC, what three letters are used to refer to the chemical compound in cannabis that is the non-psychoactive portion of the plant, which has been shown to have some relaxing and pain-relieving properties?  Answer: CBD
  146. Approved by the FDA in January 2021, Cabenuva, a combination of the drugs cabotegravir and rilpivirine, treats individuals with what viral infection?  Answer: HIV
  147. Sam Walton started Wal-Mart in what US state? It is also the home state for Dillard’s Department Stores and Tyson Foods.  Answer: Arkansas
  148. In ruminant animals, the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum are the four compartments of what organ, which helps the animals ferment their food before digestion?  Answer: Stomach
  149. The FDA’s ability to test drug safety was strengthened by amendments in 1962 sponsored by representative Oren Harris and what senator from Tennessee? Known for his fight against organized crime, he was the also the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate in 1956.  Answer: Estes Kefauver
  150. What is the name of the road in the Society Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia that was a creek used as a public sewer before it was filled in after the Revolutionary War to create a curving street that became a food distribution market?  Answer: Dock Street
  151. Before its name was shortened in 1930, the FDA's full name was the Food, Drug, and what Administration, which highlighted its work ensuring the safety of chemicals put on crops?  Answer: Insecticide
  152. According to Sec. 135.110 of the FDA's Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, ice cream is considered to be frozen custard if its weight is made up more than 1.4% by what ingredient?  Answer: Egg Yolk
  153. According to FDA, what no-no is defined as "violations involving improperly labeled or deceptively packaged products?"  Answer: misbranding
  154. Made with milk, butter, flour, eggs, and sugar and traditionally eaten on Easter, paska is what type of food?  Answer: bread
  155. Declared by medical device manufacturers in each market where they plan to sell a new product, the intellectual-property acronym FTO stands for "freedom to" WHAT?  Answer: operate
  156. The FDA's drug division had its hands full in the early 20th century exposing fraudulent "medicines" as hoaxes. One notable victory shut down the manufacture of what famous fake that capitalized on the popularity of Marie Curie and claimed its product contained radioactive material that could cure cancer?  Answer: Radol
  157. When commercially produced, what is the dairy product that must contain no less than 18% milkfat before bulking agents are added and must have a total acidity of no less than 0.5%? Cr√®me fra√ģche is one type of this dairy product. ¬†Answer: Sour cream
  158. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, what successful PepsiCo subsidiary makes and sells corn and potato chips? Their name is in part as a combination of a discount brand of tortilla strips that come in chili cheese, and a potato chip that comes in a yellow bag and has a number of flavor varieties.  Answer: Frito Lay
  159. First used during the American Revolutionary War, what three-letter acronym describes food that is prepared to be directly consumed by soldiers on the battlefield? Its acronym partially resembles a scan you might get at the hospital.  Answer: MRE
  160. What chocolate-flavored coffee drink gets its name from a city in Yemen that was once a center of the coffee trade?  Answer: mocha
  161. What monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19, developed by Vir Biosciences and GlaxoSmithKline, did the FDA approve for emergency use on May 26, 2021?  Answer: sotrovimab
  162. What popular cereal brand was introduced in 1941, and released its popular ‚ÄúHoney Nut‚ÄĚ spin-off in 1979? ¬†Answer: Cheerios
  163. What Sacramento museum, the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi, was founded in 1885? It shares its ‚ÄúC‚ÄĚ name with the last name with a fictional female character used to sell¬†food¬†and recipes. ¬†Answer: Crocker
  164. What food conglomerate owns diverse brands such as Buitoni Italian foods, DiGiornio frozen pizza, and Carnation evaporated milk? They are probably known by name mostly for their sweets, including Toll House cookies and various chocolate candies.  Answer: Nestle
  165. Often appended with "tea" to distinguish it from a culture of bacteria and yeast, what is the fermented, slightly effervescent, sweetened tea drink that is often consumed for purported health benefits? Although its origins are not fully known, it is believed to have originated in China.  Answer: Kombucha
  166. Although the agency was not known as such back then, the FDA's regulatory function began with the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act, signed into law by what President?  Answer: Theodore Roosevelt
  167. What pop superstar teamed up with Oreo to offer her "little monster" fans a themed pink cookie with green filling, released as a limited edition in January 2021?  Answer: Lady Gaga
  168. From 1862 to 1927, the FDA incorporated what scientific study of the properties and behavior of matter into its name? This ‚ÄúC‚ÄĚ word can also be used to describe how people get along. ¬†Answer: chemistry
  169. What multinational food conglomerate, based in Battle Creek, Michigan, makes Corn and Frosted Flakes, in addition to Eggo and Pringles and more? It was created while John and his brother W.K. were working at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in the 19th Century.  Answer: Kellogg's
  170. Unsurprisingly, the main psychoactive part of cannabis is THC. But less known is what THC stands for: tetra_____cannabinol. What five letters fill in the blank?  Answer: Hydro
  171. What brand of salad dressings, sauces, cookies, and other packaged foods is named after the man who won a Best Actor Oscar for starring in "The Color of Money?"  Answer: Newman's Own
  172. The home stadium for the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as the collegiate Pittsburgh Panthers, located on Art Rooney Avenue, is named after what food processing conglomerate with regional origins? Named after founder Henry, they are known for their many varieties of food products.  Answer: Heinz Field
  173. Personifying the chain's claim that you can "have it your way," the Subservient Chicken was a long-running promotional gimmick used by what fast-food chain?  Answer: Burger King
  174. What privately held corporation, founded in 1911 in Tacoma, WA, is a conglomerate that has not only its namesake bars popular around the world, but also ‚ÄúM&M‚Äôs‚ÄĚ, pet¬†food, and animal care services? ¬†Answer: Mars
  175. Hennessy and Remy Martin are based in what French town?  Answer: Cognac
  176. Governor Andy Beshear is attempting to promote economic development in his state with a program called ‚ÄúTeam ______‚ÄĚ. Fill in the blank, a state that is home to Humana and Yum¬†Foods. ¬†Answer: Kentucky
  177. The Food And Drug Administration is based in a Maryland city known as ______ Spring. Fill in the one word blank, also a metal with chemical symbol Ag on the periodic table of elements.  Answer: Silver
  178. Traditionally held in Munich, what is the world’s largest Volksfest, a 16 to 18 day celebration in late September featuring parades, food, and music?  Answer: Oktoberfest
  179. Under Senator Chuck Schumer's 2021 Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, regulatory authority over cannabis will move to agencies like the FDA and ATF instead of what Department of Justice agency?  Answer: Drug Enforcement Administration
  180. What double-Z word means the muscular enlargement in a bird's digestive tract that grinds food, often with the help of stones the bird has swallowed?  Answer: gizzard
  181. Similar to a Heath bar, what Hershey's candy bar brand consists of a thin slab of butter toffee covered in milk chocolate?  Answer: Skor
  182. What ‚ÄúM‚Ä̬†food¬†conglomerate, based in Chicago, Illinois, owns Cadbury, Chips Ahoy, and Oreo among others? Formerly known as Kraft¬†Foods, it got its name from combining the Latin words for ‚Äúworld‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúdelicious.‚ÄĚ ¬†Answer: Mondelez International
  183. What conglomerate, headquartered in London, creates popular food brands like PureLeaf, Klondike, and Ben & Jerry's?  Answer: Unilever
  184. The FDA headquarters building in Silver Spring, MD, is known as the White ______ Campus. Fill in the one word blank, a common three word ‚ÄúO‚ÄĚ tree name. ¬†Answer: White Oak Campus
  185. Through the Public Health Service Act, the FDA is responsible for regulating things outside of food and drugs, such as what lights that are optically amplified by radiation?  Answer: Lasers
  186. The Australian version of the United States‚Äô ‚ÄúBurger King‚ÄĚ, founded in 1971, is known as ‚Äú______ Jack‚Äôs.‚ÄĚ Fill in the one word blank, a term for needing or displaying the need for¬†food. ¬†Answer: Hungry
  187. Lebowski's Grill slings fast food inside an Austin establishment dedicated to what non-culinary activity?  Answer: Bowling
  188. Blue and Gold became sub-brands of Camel and Marlboro after the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act prevented manufacturers from using what deceptive L-word?  Answer: Lights
  189. The Tendergrill is a grilled-chicken sandwich offered by what "royal" fast-food chain whose slogan was once "Have It Your Way?"  Answer: Burger King
  190. First proposed by J.J. Thomson in 1904, a model of the atom in which electrons were embedded in a large positively-charged mass, with no nucleus, was popularly known by what alliterative food nickname?  Answer: plum pudding
  191. Now owned by ConAgra foods, what brand of cake mixes, pie fillings, and other sweet treats, is named after a man who was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1880?  Answer: Duncan Hines
  192. John Torode and Gregg Wallace got an earful when they eliminated a contestant from what BBC cooking competition for a chicken rendang that wasn't "crispy" enough?  Answer: MasterChef
  193. A mixture of lemonade and iced tea is an Arnold Palmer. Spike it with vodka and it becomes a drink named after what golfer who won PGA Tour Rookie of the Year in 1991?  Answer: John Daly
  194. Introduced in 1962, Sonny the Cuckoo Bird is the mascot for what chocolaty General Mills cereal brand?  Answer: Cocoa Puffs
  195. More than 20 years after starting his "Counter Intelligence" column, the LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold became the first Pulitzer winner for criticism in what field?  Answer: Food
  196. Somewhere between a coffee and a dessert, an ‚Äėaffogato‚Äô contains espresso poured over what other star ingredient? ¬†Answer: Gelato
  197. In 2021 Joey Chestnut broke the record for most hot dogs consumed in 10 minutes (76) at the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating competition. He holds many other world records and is an active member of the MLE community. What does MLE stand for?  Answer: Major League Eating
  198. Which Belgian beer, named after a severe kind of alcohol withdrawal, has gained world fame with its warm light flavors and pink elephant logo? We're looking for two words.  Answer: Delirium Tremens
  199. The heat of Hatch green chiles varies from about 1,000 to 8,000 SHU, a chili pepper heat unit scale bearing what S-word last name of an American pharmacist?  Answer: Scoville
  200. There's nothing about putting lipstick on pigs in the FD&C Act, which stands for food, drugs, and what other stuff?  Answer: Cosmetic
  201. Also the name of a tool with a screw point for boring holes, what classic cocktail consists of gin, lime juice, and simple syrup?  Answer: gimlet
  202. What ‚ÄúM‚ÄĚ seafood¬†company, based in Norway and formerly known as Marine Harvest ASA, is the world‚Äôs largest producer of Atlantic salmon? While spelled differently, it sounds like a four-lettered Hawaiian island. ¬†Answer: Mowi
  203. What grocery chain, the largest in the UK, got its start in 1919 when founder Jack Cohen returned from World War I to sell surplus goods at a stall in East London?  Answer: Tesco
  204. What fermented milk drink gets its name from the grains that resemble its texture? It got its start in Russia before becoming more popular as a digestive aid around the world.  Answer: Kefir
  205. In the Indonesian dish nasi goreng, "goreng" means "fried" and "nasi" means what staple food?  Answer: Rice
  206. Often served as a breakfast food in Japan alongside soy sauce, onion, and karashi mustard, natto is made by fermenting what legumes?  Answer: soybean
  207. With a title that refers to a quote from Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," what 1930 novel by Somerset Maugham has sweet food and a type of beer in its title?  Answer: Cakes and Ale
  208. The African grey variety of what tropical bird will selflessly help each other find food?  Answer: Parrot
  209. What Food Network reality competition, that started in 2011, features teams designing displays based on what fall holiday? Appropriately, celebrities such as Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, serve as guest judges.  Answer: Halloween Wars
  210. Chocolate, peanut butter, and nougat are the main ingredients of what quick-eatin' Reese's bar that's called a Hershey Sidekick in Canada?  Answer: Fast Break
  211. The fungus Rhizopus oligosporus is used as the "starter" to ferment soybeans, which take on a cake form as they become what traditional Javanese protein?  Answer: tempeh
  212. A company called Mycorrhiza Biotech's products include pine seedlings inoculated with the bianchetto variety of what fungus that is highly valuable to chefs?  Answer: truffle
  213. What popular fast food chicken franchise, owned by Yum!, was co-founded in 1952 by a well-known Colonel who obtained that honorific title from the US state referenced in the restaurant’s name?  Answer: Kentucky Fried Chicken
  214. The signature McDonalds breakfast sandwich, resembling a mass assembly version of an eggs Benedict, is the Egg ______. Introduced in 1972, its name is a one-word combination of the McDonalds brand and a small, domed cake made of batter. Fill in the blank.  Answer: Egg McMuffin
  215. What ‚ÄúO‚ÄĚ science involves the production of leafy greens, alliums, and other¬†food¬†plants? ¬†Answer: Olericulture
  216. What¬†food¬†item is used the official nickname of NASA‚Äôs round red, white and blue insignia and is the main component of the traditional Canadian dish, rago√Ľt de boulettes? ¬†Answer: The √Ę‚ā¨ŇďMeatball√Ę‚ā¨¬Ě
  217. Laid-back Floridian vibes were the inspiration for what soft drink brand, whose logo includes a pair of lizards facing in opposite directions?  Answer: SoBe
  218. What fast¬†food¬†restaurant, whose original mascot was named Speedee, opened as a ‚ÄúBar-B-Q‚ÄĚ by brothers Dick and Maurice in San Bernardino, California in 1940? ¬†Answer: McDonald√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘs
  219. What is the name of the fluorescent-green, orange-flavored Hi-C variety that debuted in 1986 as a tie-in to the animated series "The Real Ghostbusters?"  Answer: Ecto Cooler
  220. What food item "stands alone" at the end of the classic children's song "The Farmer in the Dell?"  Answer: Cheese
  221. Now made by Ferrara Candy Company, what brand consists of sweet-and-sour candy powder poured into the mouth from a package that looks like a colorful drinking straw wrapper?  Answer: Pixy Stix
  222. A brand of candy owned by Mendelez, featuring little people sized pieces that start sour and become sweet, are the Sour ______ Kids. Fill in the one word blank, a ‚ÄúP‚ÄĚ word associated with Cabbage dolls of the 1980s, whom the candy may be named after. ¬†Answer: Sour Patch Kids
  223. What dog¬†food¬†brand introduced by General¬†Foods in 1959 ‚ÄúMakes the gravy your dog is craving‚ÄĚ, according to one of its 1987 commercials? ¬†Answer: Gravy Train
  224. "Welcome to Flavortown" is a catchphrase of what Columbus native who has hosted the Food Network show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" since 2006?  Answer: Guy Fieri
  225. What ‚ÄúN‚Ä̬†food¬†brand, founded in 1978 in Massachusetts, is the most popular brand of tofu in the United States? They were acquired by Pulmuone¬†Foods in 2016. ¬†Answer: Nasoya
  226. What cereal in an orange box is advertised as ‚Äúpeanut butter cups, for breakfast?‚ÄĚ ¬†Answer: Reese's Puffs
  227. San Francisco, CA is home to a vendor building home to produce, cheese, coffee, and prepared¬†food¬†known as the ______ Building. Fill in the one word ‚ÄúF‚ÄĚ blank, a term for a ship designed to carry passengers or goods over short distances. ¬†Answer: Ferry Building
  228. What vanilla sandwich cookie with an elongated shape is made by Keebler and is partially named after the capital of Austria?  Answer: Vienna Fingers
  229. Four chefs prepare a three-course meal using unlikely ingredients from a mystery basket, with one chef eliminated after each course, in what Food Network reality show?  Answer: Chopped
  230. In 2016, General Mills's Monster Cereals held a mock election, with what cocoa-flavored cereal beating out Boo Berry and Franken Berry to win the most votes?  Answer: Count Chocula
  231. Oregon is a popular fishing spot for what ‚ÄúD‚ÄĚ crab species, Metacarcinus magister, that grows to 20 cm across the carapace and is a popular seafood¬†order? ¬†Answer: Dungeness Crab
  232. What wholesale and retail market in Southwark, London, is one of the biggest and oldest food market in the city? Its name is used in the United States for administrative divisions, most famously of New York City.  Answer: Borough Market
  233. Born a Border Collie mixed breed, what was the name of Jimmy Carter‚Äôs presidential pooch who shared its name with a cornmeal-based breakfast¬†food¬†colloquially called ‚Äúhominy‚ÄĚ in the southern United States? ¬†Answer: Grits
  234. Batad and Banaue are two of the prominent Terraces of the Phillipine Cordilleras, dedicated to the irrigation and production of what food stuff?  Answer: Rice
  235. What ‚ÄúA‚ÄĚ fish, also known as longfin tuna, is of the order Perciformes and is one of the most sought after¬†food¬†fishes in the world? ¬†Answer: Albacore
  236. A subsidiary of Nestle, what frozen pizza brand has a name that means "of the day" in Italian?  Answer: DiGiorno
  237. Lola Bistro, B Spot Burgers, and Mabel's BBQ are among the Cleveland restaurants in the empire of what chrome-domed Food Network star chef?  Answer: Michael Symon
  238. One of the most iconic food advertising slogans of all time is "They're magically delicious," which General Mills has used to promote what marshmallow-studded cereal?  Answer: Lucky Charms
  239. What small, common forage fish, of the family Engraulidae, can be found in marine and fresh water? They are an acquired taste as far as food fish go, sometimes eaten out of a can, or served on a pizza.  Answer: Anchovy
  240. Also the owner of brands such as Jimmy Dean and Hillshire Farms, what company produces approximately 20% of America's beef, pork, and chicken, according to the company's website?  Answer: Tyson
  241. The 2-1-1 Texas shelter, food and disaster services line is run by what middle-of-the-alphabet state agency that also runs Medicaid and SNAP?  Answer: Health and Human Services
  242. What is the name of Costco's in-house brand, which offers food products including olive oil, maple syrup, chocolate-covered almonds, frozen shrimp, and many others?  Answer: Kirkland
  243. Back before they rebranded to Honey Smacks and got a frog, Kellogg's Sugar Smacks had a mascot that worked what creepy circus profession?  Answer: a clown
  244. Produced in the United Kingdom but popular in the United States, what brand that comes in a tin describes itself as "curiously strong mints?"  Answer: Altoids
  245. The popular reality show "The Great British Bake-Off" must be referred to in the US as "The Great British Baking Show" because what General Mills food brand owns the trademark to the phrase "Bake-Off?"  Answer: Pillsbury
  246. An analogy often used to teach beginners to ski is "French fries" -- meaning keep the skis parallel to each other -- and what other fast food that means point the skis together in a wedge shape?  Answer: Pizza
  247. The word ‚Äúcompanion‚ÄĚ derives from the Old French ‚Äúcompaignon‚ÄĚ which refers to the sharing of what¬†food? ¬†Answer: Bread
  248. "Seasoned boneless pork dipped in a tangy BBQ sauce, topped with slivered onions and dill pickles, all served on a toasted homestyle bun" is how McDonald's describes what limited-availability menu item?  Answer: McRib
  249. The podcast of comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster, during which they ask their guests for their favorite foods across the courses of a meal, is called Off ______. Fill in the one word blank, which would be a good place to look for options on your favorite foods.  Answer: Off Menu
  250. Ossetra and Sevruga are noted varieties of which delicacy?  Answer: Caviar
  251. Gin is traditionally flavored with the berry-like cones of which tree?  Answer: Juniper
  252. Which type of pasta that is in the form of small cases of dough typically containing a savory filling takes its name from the Italian for ‚Äúturnip?‚ÄĚ ¬†Answer: Ravioli
  253. No lie: Burger Kings in Russia briefly launched a cryptocurrency named after what signature burger?   Answer: Whopper
  254. What fad diet popular in the 2000s, which prohibits white bread, white potatoes, and white rice, was invented by Miami-area doctor Arthur Agatston?  Answer: South Beach
  255. To better fit in with the city's natural Southwestern colors, what fast-food chain uses turquoise in place of its traditional "golden arches" yellow in Sedona, Arizona?  Answer: McDonald's
  256. In 1936, what popular food brand debuted its first Wienermobile, a 13-foot-long vehicle shaped like a giant hot dog on wheels, as a way to promote its products?  Answer: Oscar Mayer
  257. What Starbucks instant coffee brand has a three-letter name that is also a preposition frequently seen on travel itineraries?  Answer: Via
  258. The name of which fruit preserve comes from the Portuguese for ‚Äúquince?‚ÄĚ This preserve is the favorite¬†food¬†of a children‚Äôs character from Darkest Peru. ¬†Answer: Marmalade
  259. French President Charles de Gaulle is quoted as saying ‚ÄúHow can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of ___?‚ÄĚ Give the¬†foodstuff that completes this quote. ¬†Answer: Cheese
  260. Commonly eaten in Spain and Portugal and known for being served cold, gazpacho, which is made with raw, blended vegetables, is a type of what dish?  Answer: Soup
  261. Eve’s pudding is a traditional British dessert comprising sponge cake and which fruit?  Answer: Apple
  262. Created in the 1980s to represent all the difficulties of getting a pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, The Noid is a red-suited villain who appears in advertising for what restaurant chain?  Answer: Domino's
  263. First created by Ernest Hemingway himself is this milky green drink of many names: "Hemingway's Champagne", the Hemingway, or "Death in the Afternoon". The cocktail contains a flute of champagne and a jigger of what strong anise-flavored spirit?  Answer: Absinthe
  264. A cannabis cookbook by the editors of Munchies, Vice.com's food section, is called "___ Appétit." What punny four-letter word goes in the blank?  Answer: Bong
  265. For Valentine's Day, the Cupid's Message variety of what candy brand offers tiny sentiments like "LUV U" and "SMILE" in addition to the single letter that usually appears on each piece?  Answer: M&Ms
  266. What company was formed in 2012 through a merger that combined a company famous for cheese with a company famous for ketchup? The resulting company is now the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world.  Answer: Kraft Heinz
  267. Yeast extracts, which are used as food additives or flavorings, consist of the cell contents of yeast without which structural layer? This structural layer is absent from animal cells.  Answer: Cell wall
  268. Gimme a break! What Hershey wafer-and-chocolate product has been offered in more than 300 flavors in Japan, including adzuki (red bean), wasabi, matcha, and soy sauce?  Answer: KitKat
  269. Alternating layers of ladyfingers soaked in a coffee-liqueur combo with mascarpone cheese and chocolate gets you what uplifting Italian dessert?  Answer: Tiramisu
  270. The Kerry biopharmaceutical brand is leader in what ‚ÄúN‚ÄĚ concept as it applies to cells? It is the scientific analysis of how¬†food¬†provides cells with life. ¬†Answer: Nutrition
  271. In the 1990s, Wendy Kaufman read letters from actual customers during the commercials for what "S" bottled juice brand? (Hint: She was known as Wendy, the ______ Lady.)  Answer: Snapple
  272. What Food Network star and Top Chef Masters finalist is the chef-owner of Bottega restaurant in Yountville and Coqueta in San Francisco?  Answer: Michael Chiarello
  273. Fred Hervey purchased three Kay's Food Stores in El Paso, rebranded them, and grew it into what massive convenience store chain that's now headquartered in Tucson?  Answer: Circle K
  274. What chocolaty drink powder was featured in the decoded message from Little Orphan Annie in the 1983 film, "A Christmas Story?"  Answer: Ovaltine
  275. Since 1876, the monastery that produces Chimay also produces what food item?  Answer: Cheese
  276. What ‚ÄúR‚ÄĚ Cracker brand, owned and distributed by Mondelez International, is a lightly salted cracker disk with little holes in it? It shares its name with the ______-Carlton Hotel. ¬†Answer: Ritz
  277. The original flavors of Pop Tarts, which hit store shelves in 1964, were Apple Currant, Blueberry ,Cinnamon Sugar, and what other flavor?  Answer: Strawberry
  278. Orlando-based Darden Concepts is a restaurant group whose popular brands include LongHorn Steakhouse and what Italian chain where "we're all family here?"  Answer: Olive Garden
  279. Located near San Diego in Ramona, CA, the summit of Mt. Woodson is named after its resemblance to what singular snack food item? The snack food is a thin slice of tuber that has been deep fried or baked into being crunchy.  Answer: Potato Chip Rock
  280. It might be surprising to learn that the human tongue has about 8,000 taste ______ covering its surface and helping people taste their¬†food. Fill in the one word ‚ÄúB‚ÄĚ blank, also the term for growths on plants that develop into a new leaf or flower. ¬†Answer: Taste Buds
  281. A museum of rocks and minerals, in the Portland metro area in Hillsboro, Oregon, is the ______ Northwest Museum. Fill in the one word ‚ÄúR‚ÄĚ blank, also a swamp grass widely cultivated as¬†food¬†source, especially in Asian cuisine. ¬†Answer: Rice Northwest Museum Of Rocks & Minerals
  282. What ‚ÄúP‚ÄĚ Italian eggplant dish is made with fried, sliced eggplant layered with cheese and tomato sauce? ¬†Answer: Parmigiana
  283. Which expensive spice is made from the dried stigmas of an eponymous species of crocus?  Answer: Saffron
  284. Popular with vegans, which term beginning with A describes brine from canned beans whipped and used as an egg-white substitute?  Answer: Aquafaba
  285. First introduced in 2017 and noted for its sour flavor profile, what chocolate variety shares its name with a precious gem?  Answer: Ruby chocolate
  286. Named after the horticulturist who first grew it, the Cox’s Orange Pippin is what type of fruit?  Answer: Apple
  287. Which fruit, known as pomme d’amour in France, was wrongly thought in Medieval times to be poisonous?  Answer: Tomato
  288. What word of Romanian origin refers to the highly seasoned smoked beef, typically served in thin slices, that is associated with Jewish cuisine?  Answer: Pastrami
  289. Literally meaning ‚Äėeverything in its place‚Äô, which 3-word French term describes the measuring and preparation of ingredients prior to cooking? ¬†Answer: Mise en place
  290. Callinectes sapidus, a food crab native to the western Atlantic Ocean, is distinguished by what color on its shell?  Answer: Blue Crab
  291. Used in five-spice powder, or with cinnamon and nutmeg in desserts, which spice gets its name from the French word for 'nail'? Incidentally, this spice can also be used around the home as a natural ant-repellent.  Answer: Cloves
  292. What ‚ÄúK‚ÄĚ Company, founded in Cincinnati, OH in 1883, runs a series of grocery and departmental stores across the United States? These include their own namesake grocery stores (with licensed store brand¬†food¬†products), Ralphs, and¬†Food¬†4 Less. ¬†Answer: The Kroger Company
  293. "How to Be a Domestic Goddess" and "At My Table" are among the books by what British food writer, whose private library in London includes a collection of more than 6,000 cookbooks?  Answer: Nigella Lawson
  294. They only used it as a garnish for their salad bar, but which chain restaurant was once the biggest buyer of kale in the United States?  Answer: Pizza Hut
  295. According to the National Gardening Association, far and away the most common food grown in home gardens is what Caprese salad ingredient?  Answer: Tomatoes
  296. Legend has it a Maine sea captain invented the breakfast¬†food¬†you‚Äôd order as a ‚ÄúMunchkin‚ÄĚ if you‚Äôre at Dunkin‚Äô. What‚Äôs the generic name for the bite-sized baked good? ¬†Answer: Donut hole
  297. Born and raised in Over-the-Rhine, Ronald Howes got the idea for his ‚ÄúKiddie Kuisine‚ÄĚ invention after watching street vendors use heat lamps to keep their¬†food¬†piping hot. What name did he give the classic children‚Äôs cooking toy? ¬†Answer: Easy-Bake Oven
  298. Geese and other waterfowl can develop a deformity called ‚Äúangel wing‚ÄĚ if they become malnourished. Which¬†food¬†commonly given to them by humans is thought to contribute to the condition? ¬†Answer: Bread
  299. In 1937 Ken Digneau won $100 for naming what¬†food¬†product? It is generally believed the name comes from the words ‚Äúspiced ham‚ÄĚ, but this has never been confirmed by Hormel¬†Foods who make the product. ¬†Answer: SPAM
  300. Which Paula Deen-approved food that's made using the fat and protein of churned cream is sold as long, skinny sticks on the East Coast, but as short, fat sticks on the West Coast?  Answer: Butter
  301. The name makes it sound like a combination of seasonings, but it’s actually just one. Made from drying pimento berries, what’s the name for the ingredient that tastes like a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pepper, and juniper?  Answer: Allspice
  302. With well over 50 million downloads, it is one of the most popular science podcasts around. Which show hosted by Allie Ward has episodes entitled ‚ÄúFood¬†Anthropology‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúMolecular Neurobiology‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúPotterology‚ÄĚ? ¬†Answer: Ologies
  303. Known for its sweet and grassy flavor, which 6-letter ingredient beginning with P adds a green color to Asian desserts?  Answer: Pandan
  304. Which fast-food chain’s original chicken seasoning recipe is purported to be a top-secret blend of 11 herbs and spices?  Answer: KFC
  305. If you’re at a location in France, Germany, or several other European countries, which fast food place lets you order a beer with your Quarter Pounder?  Answer: McDonald's
  306. Before you zap Jimmy Dean's bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit in the microwave, the instructions say to shroud it with what non-included item?  Answer: Paper Towel
  307. The so-called California¬†Food¬†Revolution helped drive the popularity of artisan products, like fancy cheese and imported ingredients. One supermarket chain, run by a family of Italian¬†foodies, really helped bring gourmet¬†food¬†and drink to the forefront. Today, there‚Äôs just one grocery location left‚ÄĒyou can visit it on Folsom Blvd. What‚Äôs the name of the store (and the siblings who ran it for more than 70 years)? ¬†Answer: Corti Brothers Grocery
  308. In Japan, only qualified chefs who have trained for at least three years are allowed to prepare the dish "fugu". This is because fugu is made from what poisonous animal, thus can be fatal if incorrectly prepared?  Answer: Pufferfish
  309. Stollen, also known as Weihnachtsstollen, is a classic German fruit bread that is traditionally eaten during which annual festivities?  Answer: Christmas
  310. What General Mills snack food, whose core flavors include Original, Nacho Cheese, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Caramel, dubs itself "America's #1 Finger Hat?"  Answer: Bugles
  311. Chametz are foods with leavening agents that are forbidden on which Jewish holiday that celebrates the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt?  Answer: Passover
  312. What ‚Äúp‚ÄĚ is a method of preserving¬†food¬†by immersion in vinegar? ¬†Answer: Pickling
  313. You have acetic acid to thank for the tangy, almost sour, taste of Salt & ______ potato chips.  Answer: Vinegar
  314. Which Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch triangular chip means ‚Äúlittle golden things‚ÄĚ in Spanish? ¬†Answer: Doritos
  315. Mostly seen on a certain Chicago dish, sport peppers most likely got their name from being served during games of which sport?  Answer: Baseball
  316. The confection lokum, primarily made of a gel comprising starch and sugar, is better known by what two-word name referring to its country of origin?  Answer: Turkish delight
  317. Which type of whale is also called the ‚Äútoothless whale‚ÄĚ because their mouths are specially designed to filter¬†food¬†out of seawater? ¬†Answer: Baleen
  318. What four-letter word beginning with ‚ÄúC‚ÄĚ refers to a traditional Welsh soup, commonly comprised of lamb, leeks, and other seasonal vegetables. The dish was traditionally eaten with wooden spoons. ¬†Answer: Cawl
  319. An animal science professor at the University of Nebraska is credited with developing the process behind restructured meats after he was approached by the National Pork Producers Council to create a new product. Examples of restructured meats include Dino Nuggets and what fast food sandwich that has attracted a cult following since its introduction in 1981?  Answer: McRib
  320. If you want to eat breakfast in fashion, try sitting in one of Arne Jacobsen's famous chairs, designed for the Royal Copenhagen Hotel in 1958. The stylish chair has what name, after a common food?  Answer: Egg chair
  321. What term is used to describe a fermented milk drink that’s sort of like very runny yogurt? (Hint: It almost sounds like a Sutherland but it’s not pronounced or spelled quite the same way)  Answer: Kefir
  322. Every summer, thousands of people come to Rockland for the annual crustacean celebration of which of Maine’s prized seafood exports?  Answer: Lobster
  323. What food manufacturing company headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan, uses several animal mascots to sell its cereals, such as Newton the Owl, Tony the Tiger, and a rooster named Cornelius?  Answer: The Kellogg Company (Kellogg's)
  324. Hoppin' John is a traditional New Year's Day dish, as it's thought to bring a prosperous year. A common recipe for Hoppin' John would call for rice, onion, bacon, and what legume that would make will.i.am's mouth water?  Answer: Black-eyed peas
  325. In 2022, Owanmi, a Minneapolis-area Indigenous cuisine restaurant founded by Lakota chef Sean Sherman, won an award for best new restaurant at what's known as the "Oscars of Food." What's the name of these awards, which also bestowed an award for Best American cookbook to Sherman in 2018?  Answer: James Beard Awards
  326. What Indian "T" dish of marinated and roasted chicken gets its name from the type of clay oven it is traditionally cooked in?  Answer: Tandoori Chicken
  327. Each year, which 17-day end-of-the-summer event is held at Cal Expo and features musical performances, a carnival, sports competitions, agriculture showcases, and plenty of food?  Answer: California State Fair
  328. Which federal agency in the U.S. is tasked with reviewing and approving medical devices, which includes putting them into one of three classification categories based on how invasive they are and how much influence they could have on a patient’s health?  Answer: Food and Drug Administration
  329. What ice cream brand and amusement park staple was born in the 1980s when Curt Jones used his knowledge of cryogenic technology to create ice cream "beads?"  Answer: Dippin' Dots
  330. "Nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate." In an episode of Seinfeld, Jerry says this in reference to what iconic duotone baked foodstuff found primarily in the bakeries of New York City?  Answer: Black and White cookie
  331. Nabisco, Annie’s, and Keebler all offer their own take on which sweet cracker that’s great for s’mores and, according to its inventor, suppressing your carnal desires?  Answer: Graham
  332. Which brand name known for instant coffee sounds very French, but is actually a portmanteau of a place where you would order a cup to go and the Switzerland-based food conglomerate that owns it?  Answer: Nescafé
  333. Home to a Great Pyramid of the non-Egyptian variety, which city in Puebla, Mexico gives its name to a wooden-capped brand of hot sauce?  Answer: Cholula
  334. Packaging and advertising for Nestle's global food brand, La Laitière, features a woman from an iconic Johannes Vermeer painting. At the time of the painting, the woman would have been known as a kitchen-maid. What beverage is she holding?  Answer: Milk
  335. Which thick and creamy soup made from crustacean broth has a French name that literally means 'crayfish soup'?  Answer: Bisque
  336. The jury is still out on whether it is a food, a drink, or simply an ingredient, but the Victorian era Brits may have indicated their opinion by referring to what "B" product as "Beef Tea"?  Answer: Broth
  337. GMP is an acronym for ______ Manufacturing Practice. It’s basically a set of guidelines to ensure quality control, especially for products like medication and food.  Answer: Good
  338. What¬†foodstuff precedes ‚Äúbear‚ÄĚ in the name of an arboreal mammal, also known as the kinkajou? ¬†Answer: Honey
  339. Starring Michael Keaton as titular business mogul Ray Kroc, the 2016 film "The Founder" portrays the origin story of what golden-arches fast-food chain?  Answer: McDonald's
  340. What nine-letter word, which literally translates as "half moon," is the name for both a shape of filled pasta and a knife with a curved blade that might be used to chop herbs?  Answer: Mezzaluna
  341. What colorful and spherical cereal is known for denying their mascot the pleasure of eating it? Three of its current flavors are lemony lemon, orangey orange, and grapity purple. Silly names.  Answer: Trix
  342. The Asian Lantern Festival is being held this fall and features giant luminous handcrafted sculptures plus themed food and entertainment. What place hosts the festival?  Answer: Pittsburgh Zoo
  343. According to U.S. News and World Report, Wageningen University is the #1 Agricultural Studies school. Wageningen is located in the "food valley" of what European country?  Answer: Netherlands

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