25 Fun Trivia Categories Ideas [Tried & Tested]

Written by:
Collin Waldoch
November 9, 2023

Picking fun trivia categories for your next quiz is a serious task.

The stakes are high. If you pick the wrong trivia categories, you will never get entrusted with hosting a trivia night again.

Are you...

  • Tired of repetitive and predictable trivia categories?
  • Struggling to find categories that appeal to a diverse audience?
  • Looking for unique themes to keep your participants engaged and entertained?

As an experienced quiz master and event organizer, I’ve hosted numerous successful trivia nights.

My expertise lies in crafting categories that are not only fun but also challenge the intellect and spark lively discussions.

This article is for:

  • Trivia enthusiasts seeking innovative and diverse category ideas.
  • Event planners and hosts looking for creative themes to keep their audience engaged.
  • Teachers or team leaders who want to add an educational yet fun twist to their events.

Remember the last time you played trivia and wished for something more exciting than the usual history or sports questions?

We've all been there!

That's why I've put together this unique list, ensuring your next trivia night is as entertaining as it is enlightening.

To save yourself from the embarrassment of reading out cringe-worthy and yawn-inducing trivia questions, you need to go into the trivia night fully equipped.

Let's dive into the world of fun trivia categories together and make your next event a hit!

How To Pick Fun Trivia Categories

Before you start thinking about the quirky trivia categories that will make your quiz stand out, there are some ground rules to follow.

We have all seen or played trivia quizzes where the questions were either far too easy, or so obscure and confusing that no one could get them right.

While it's tempting to go for obscure questions that no one else is thinking of, you need to make sure they are still fun.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid anything too niche.

Unless your group has a specific unifying interest, it's best to avoid niche trivia.

Nobody likes a smart aleck, especially when they're making others feel intellectually inferior.

You also want to make sure your trivia categories are well balanced.

You don't want all of your questions to focus on a single topic.

This will quickly get dreary.

A good mix of topics is key to keeping everyone engaged.

In every group, there is always someone that's hard to please.

Think about how you can create a trivia quiz for everyone.

You may want to ask the group for their input ahead of the quiz.

They can brainstorm some ideas and you can pick out the best ones.

20 Fun Categories For Trivia

We're always on the look out for the next best piece of trivia.

1 - Infamous Bank Robbers

If your group is interested in true crime, this is a great trivia category idea.

You could focus on infamous bank robbers throughout history and their biggest heists.

2 - Movie Musicals

This is a fun trivia category for movie lovers.

You could focus on well-known musicals or delve into more obscure films.

3 - The Beatles

For music lovers, this is a great trivia category.

You could focus on the band's history, their music, or their influence on popular culture.

4 - Fashion Through The Ages

This is a fun trivia category for fashionistas.

You could focus on specific designers, decades, or styles.

5 - Superheroes

A mix of Marvel and DC Comics trivia questions will satisfy fans.

You could focus on the comics, the movies, or the characters themselves.

6 - Urban Legends

This is a great trivia category for people who love a good mystery.

You could focus on the various urban legends throughout history and their origins.

7 - Fast Food Chains

This is a fun trivia category for those that are passionate about food.

You could focus on the founding of these chains, their logo designs, or their slogans.

8 - Famous Sports Personalities

This is a good trivia category for sports fans.

You could focus on athletes, coaches, or broadcasters.

9 - Literature Classics

For those that love to read, this is a great trivia category.

You could focus on specific authors, genres, or time periods.

10 - Famous Duos

This is a fun trivia category for those that love to dissect relationships.

You could focus on real-life celebrity couples, fictional duos, or historical figures.

11 - TV Sitcoms

This is a good trivia category for those who love television.

You could come up with questions on characters from the most popular sitcoms of all time.

12 - Nostalgic Board Games

This is a fun trivia category for people who love to play games and reminisce.

You could focus on classic board games, arcade cabinets, or even video game consoles.

13 - Art History

This is a great trivia category for art lovers.

You could focus on specific movements, artists, or time periods.

14 - The Academy Awards

This is a fun trivia category for movie buffs.

You could focus on the history of the awards, the nominees, or the winners.

Yes, everyone already knows who slapped Chris Rock. You can leave that one out.

15 - National Parks

A great way to satisfy nature lovers and adventurers alike.

You could focus on the history of national parks, their locations, or the wildlife within them.

16 - Historic Battles

This is a great trivia category for history buffs.

You could focus on specific wars, battles, or generals.

Nobody said crafting the perfect trivia quiz was easy!

17 - Old School Toys

This is a fun trivia category for those that love to reminisce.

You could focus on classic toys, old commercials, or even toy companies.

18 - Classic Video Games

For gamers and retro aficionados alike, this is a great trivia category.

You could focus on video game consoles, popular games, or even the history of arcade cabinets.

19 - Celebrity Birthdays

This is a good trivia category for those that love to keep up with celebrities.

You could ask questions about celebrity birthdays by month, famous people born in certain years, or specific details about their lives.

20 - Major Holidays

A fun trivia category for those that love to celebrate during the holiday season.

You could focus on the history of specific holidays, traditions, or food.

Best Random Trivia Categories: 5 Honorable Mentions

1 - Flags of the World

I've always had a fascination with flags. The colors, the symbolism - it feels like each one tells a little story about a country. My favorite challenge is trying to guess a country just from its flag before the answer is revealed.

2 - Animals A to Z

As a kid, I was obsessed with those giant animal encyclopedias. I'd flip through the pages for hours, learning about creatures both real and mythical. Trivia about animals is awesome  because there's always some bizarre fact I never knew – like, did you know a  flamingo can only eat upside down?

3 - Advertising Jingles and Slogans

Those cheesy ad jingles get stuck in my head way too easily! But they're a part of growing up, right? It's always weirdly satisfying when someone can finish a jingle you start or figure out that obscure slogan.

4 - World Geography

Maps were like my escape when I was younger. I'd trace the rivers, mountain ranges, and imagine what it would be like to visit those places. Geography trivia makes me feel a bit closer to actually traveling the world, one fact at a time.

5 - Internet Culture & Memes

Memes are my guilty pleasure. Sometimes it feels like the internet has its own weird language, and if you're not keeping up, you miss out on some hilarious inside jokes.  Nothing's funnier than seeing a perfectly placed meme in a conversation.

What are the best topics for trivia?

The best trivia ideas strike the perfect balance. Start with a solid base of pop culture – movies, music, TV, and those viral internet moments everyone's buzzing about.

Then, add a sprinkle of the unexpected with quirky historical facts, mind-blowing science tidbits, and a dash of local flavor tailored to your town or region.

Don't be afraid to get creative with your trivia ideas!

Questions about outdated technology (remember floppy disks?) or the surprisingly catchy jingles from old commercials can lead to hilarious debates and a good dose of nostalgia.

For a truly unique twist, delve into the world of obscure board games or even strange food trends from around the world.

The key with great trivia ideas is variety and surprise.

Keep your players guessing, spark lively discussions, and above all, make it fun!

How To Find Unique Trivia Categories

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