How To Build Team Culture Remotely (7 Original Ideas)

Written by:
Eli Robinson
April 9, 2023

Do you want to know how to build team culture remotely? Consider the following tips:

  • Set up remote trivia quizzes
  • Schedule regular video meetings
  • Prioritize team communication
  • Encourage team bonding activities
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion
  • Recognize and reward achievements
  • Implement mentorship programs

Let’s break these down in more detail.

How To Build Team Culture Remotely (Try Trivia Quizzes)

Incorporating trivia quizzes into your virtual gatherings can provide some lighthearted fun. Trivia quizzes can help promote healthy competition and foster camaraderie as team members work together to answer questions and learn from each other. If you want to set up a trivia quiz for your next remote meetup, you should consider using Water Cooler Trivia.

Rather than spending hours surfing the internet for trivia questions that participants haven’t heard a million times before, you can use Water Cooler Trivia to streamline the entire process. Using Water Cooler Trivia, you can pick the trivia categories and leave all the heavy lifting to our team of trivia nerds. They will craft the perfect trivia quiz for your next remote gathering.

How To Build Remote Team Culture (6 Other Ideas)

1 - Schedule regular video meetings

You can establish a routine of virtual face-to-face meetings with team members. This can help to create a sense of team unity. Video meetings enable you to build personal connections and allow team members to put faces to names, which is essential for building trust and rapport.

2 - Prioritize communication

Communication is the key to any successful team, especially in a remote setting. With this in mind, you should encourage open and honest dialogue by providing multiple communication channels, such as instant messaging, email, and video calls. As a team leader, you should consider organizing regular check-ins and feedback sessions with employees.

3 - Encourage team bonding activities

You can organize virtual team building exercises, such as trivia quizzes, to help your employees connect and foster stronger relationships. Alongside trivia quizzes, you can set up a range of other activities, including virtual escape rooms and virtual scavenger hunts.

4 - Embrace diversity and inclusion

A diverse and inclusive team is more likely to be innovative, creative, and successful. You should aim to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and heard. You can encourage team members to share their unique perspectives and learn from each other.

5 - Recognize and reward achievements

Taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate team accomplishments is crucial for maintaining motivation and boosting morale. You should implement a system for recognizing achievements. This could involve shout-outs during meetings or a dedicated channel for sharing successes.

6 - Implement mentorship programs

Develping a program that pairs experienced team members with new hires or junior employees can help create a supportive environment - which fosters both personal and professional growth. This also strengthens team cohesion and collaboration.

Building Team Culture Remotely (Try Water Cooler Trivia)

Building a strong team culture remotely may seem challenging - but it is possible with the right strategies and tools in your corner. Water Cooler Trivia is a must-have platform for remote teams in need of a little extra something to bring employees together and boost team communication. Are you ready to put your trivia knowledge to the test?

Try Water Cooler Trivia today or request a demo.

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