How To Manage A Small Law Firm (Team Building Activities)

Written by:
Collin Waldoch
January 18, 2021

We know there are dozens of online resources to teach you how to manage a small law firm. It’s a challenge, but we’re not here to write about the nitty-gritty of payroll and benefits. 

Instead, we’re focused on perhaps the biggest challenge arising from small law firm management: building an effective team of practitioners.

Team building activities for lawyers can play a crucial role in facilitating bonding, re-energizing your team, and supporting cross-practice collaboration.

In this article, we’ll explore how team building activities can transform a firm. A stronger and tighter team could be the missing piece of your team’s puzzle. We know firsthand that partner relationships could be strengthened through a series of bonding activities.

Basically what it looks like when your law firm uses Water Cooler Trivia.

Short on time? No worries, here’s four reasons why we believe team building activities are vital to the effective management of a small law firm:

  • Attorneys can be motivated by having a shared goal.
  • A team mindset could boost morale across the firm.
  • Hidden talents and skillsets could be revealed.
  • Bonding is fundamental to the business of law.

Let’s dive in.

Attorneys can be motivated by having a shared goal.

It’s common to see practice silos creating barriers in law firms. Encouraging attorneys from different areas of the firm to collaborate in team building activities will give people a chance to get to know each other. If you want the firm to work as a cohesive unit, activities that require cross-team collaboration are going to be beneficial in helping you to achieve this.

A team mindset could boost morale across the firm.

When you enter the office each day, there’s no better feeling than knowing you’re going to be amongst people you trust and know well. It adds a level of familiarity to the environment. This can put all employees at ease, making them feel comfortable in the working environment. If you are trying to boost morale across the firm, pick an activity that will achieve this goal.

I'll be honest, we don't think any of these books are related to the legal profession.

Hidden talents and skillsets could be revealed.

Team building activities should be about celebrating workforce talent. In some cases, you will uncover hidden talents and skillsets that could potentially be utilized in the firm. There is always a chance you might discover a shared interest among partners who do not typically work together in the office. You want to foster these bonds to create meaningful relationships.

Bonding is fundamental to the business of law.

Do you want your law firm to expand and grow? If you want this to happen, you must first recognize the importance of bonding in the workplace. Your ambitions for the firm must be shared with and understood by every partner. The easiest way to get everybody on the same page is to bring the entire team closer together through team building activities.

We’re biased of course, but we think Water Cooler Trivia is the perfect team building exercise for law firms. Why not take it for a test drive today? If looking for more ideas, head to our robust list of 20 remote team-building activities.