Best Microsoft Teams Apps (5 Must-Have Integrations)

Written by:
Collin Waldoch
April 14, 2021

The best apps for Microsoft Teams have the ability to enhance the way users interact and collaborate on projects and elevate the platform’s experience. Of course, Teams itself has many capabilities, but third-party developers have created integrations to meet additional needs.

We know the app catalog is growing quickly, so we’ve compiled a shortlist of our 5 favorite Microsoft Teams apps. Each of these should take under 60 seconds to set-up and figure out if it’s a long-term fit for your team. And if we missed any of your favorites? Send us a note! We’d be more than happy to extend this list.

Water Cooler Trivia

There's normally color than this, but we've gotta stay consistent with blog image designs, right?

This integration sparks conversations among team members and celebrates winners with a weekly trivia quiz sent at the same time each week. Your team can customize the timing, categories, and even difficulty of each quiz.

After all, who doesn’t love a trivia quiz? This app provides lighthearted relief to boost morale. Here you can find it in the Teams app catalog.

The results! Coming whenever you schedule them.


Do you often find yourself having to explain complex ideas and concepts to the rest of your team? Freehand could come in handy. This is an application developed by InVision - the company known for helping others to create more effective graphic design workflows.

Are you really collaborating if you aren't using a whiteboard?

Using Freehand’s application on Microsoft Teams, you can access an unlimited number of whiteboards to illustrate your ideas. Users are given the ability to sketch, edit, and draw in real-time - taking collaborative to a completely new level. If your team is involved in user experience or interface design, you can create complex wireframes using Freehand.


You can use Hypercontext to turn Microsoft Teams conversation into agendas. This app can easily allow you to see what's on deck for your team's next meeting along with helping you checklist-ify the meeting with agendas that update throughout the discussion. In addition, these agendas will show up within the Teams call which gives "impactful meeting" actual meaning rather than being an oxymoron.


We hate to say it, but conference calls are never going to go out of style.

RingCentral provides team messaging and video conferencing facilities inside Microsoft Teams. This integration brings enterprise-communication capabilities into Microsoft Teams and is particularly useful for large organizations. During chats, team members can drag and drop files into the messaging pane to share - all without leaving the Teams app. 


Wrike is a project management application designed to help teams accomplish more in a shorter space of time. On Microsoft Teams, the Wrike integration enables users to create and manage tasks. Team leaders can keep track of where the colleagues are on a project at any given moment. Task previews can be posted into messages with other team members to add context to specific conversations.
Do you have access to the best Microsoft Teams apps?