10 Ways to Play Online Trivia With Co-Workers in 2023

Written by:
Eli Robinson
January 4, 2023

Online trivia with co-workers is the perfect way to increase the connectivity, camaraderie, and fun amongst everyone you work with. Whether you are an entry-level data analyst or the Chief People Officer, we're excited that you agree with us that trivia at your office is something you're considering. We know that offices have never been more disconnected, and online trivia with your co-workers can help bridge these gaps. 

We’ve gathered 10 ways to play online trivia games with co-workers and we'll break them down for you in this short guide. The good news: it has never been easier to set up virtual trivia games for everyone to play.

Online Trivia With Co-Workers - Why Does It Matter?

After the pandemic, offices have been looking for all sorts of solutions to increase connectivity amongst their employees. While activities like Zoom happy hours and virtual escape rooms may have been appealing for a few months, getting people interested and excited about participating has become nearly impossible.

While you may not think of online trivia as a way to combat these trends, thousands and thousands of companies are finding that its global appeal is perfect to get your team excited to participate.

How do you play trivia virtually with co-workers?

Let’s cut to the chase and show off ten different options.

1 - Water Cooler Trivia

Water Cooler Trivia has become the go-to tool trivia fun amongst co-workers with over 1,000 companies playing their games every single week. Each week, at a time of your choosing, a trivia game is released via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams to everyone in your group -- quickly becoming your team's favorite weekly ritual. The weekly quizzes, created brand new each week by trivia experts, are designed to be fun, accessible, and as a big step to make the water cooler go virtual. There are weekly results as well as a leaderboard, so you can keep track of how people are doing over time. Best of all, the games are able to be played whenever your co-workers are avialable, so you don't have to sweat about making them attend an event they don't want to.

You simply won't believe just how much trivia quizzes naturally spark conversations and anecdotes. Your co-workers will absolutely love chatting with each other about that week's questions and answers as well as who did well on that week's quiz. It's honestly the easiest one-stop shop for workplace connectivity we've seen since the trust fall became popular in the early 90s!

2 - Course Horse Virtual Trivia Night

If you're looking for someone to host a virtual trivia game for your office online, then our favorite option is certainly Course Horse. Since the pandemic, they have focused intently on crafting bespoke experiences for companies looking to stay connected. Their trivia games are so fun and frankly some of the more affordable offerings on the web. You tell them how many people are going to play and what type of questions you're looking for, and they'll blow away your expectations.

3 - Sporcle

It's not even a question, Sporcle has long been the king of internet trivia games of all shapes and sizes. If you're looking for something quick and easy to do with your team, we recommend simply picking out a quiz or two and sending it out to your team. Have them report back their results and maybe the winner gets to pick the next game? For a curated hosted experience, we highly recommend their private events offering for either a vitrual game or perhaps an in-person trivia night.

4 - Luna Park

Let's say you were really looking to blow it out with just an awesome one-time live online trivia event for your company, there's no doubt that the best choice would be Luna Park. Yes, there one-time games are very pricey at $600/each, however, you will not regret the expense as your team will absolutely adore feeling like they are on a real game show. They have nearly perfect reviews from the over 10,000 people who have tried their trivia. Other than the cost, the downside is of course that it is a one hour event. Your team may love it, but they'll likely be disappointed when there's no trivia the next week!

5 - Kahoot

Kahoot is proving to be a go-to tool for offices looking to host an interactive experience. They certainly don't offer any out-of-the-box trivia games, so someone at your company will have to do some lifting to create and host the game. But the platform is nearly perfect once the content is created.

6 - Garden Streets

Another fantastic option for a hosted virtual trivia event is Garden Streets. The majority of offerings from their company are in the virtual class space, but their trivia games are straightforward and solid. Plus, they're certainly on the cheaper side relative to more premium options like Luna Park.

7 - Trivvy

You'll have a host. And real humans in a video chat room. And probably your brains will be pink, not blue.

Trivvy's another one of our favorite ways to throw an awesome hosted trivia event for your office.  Their all-on-one screen platform includes trivia, a live stream of your host, and breakout video chat rooms for each team, and their professional quizmasters ensure that everyone's have a blast, from trivia newbies to your company's trivia champion.

8 - Online Jeopardy

Any Jeopardy fans at your office? (I mean, that's basically a rhetorical question.) The popular TV game show has been transformed into a digital trivia game that can be played on the official Jeopardy website. The website is remarkably easy to navigate. Using Zoom, co-workers can share their device screens, allowing everyone to play along and take part.

9 - Random Trivia Generator

Random Trivia Generator is one of those websites that just has an unlimited number of questions for your company to enjoy. Sometimes all you're looking for is just a bunch of questions for people to answer. We would imagine that Sporcle would likely be the place for that, but this is a fantastic alternative. There’s something for everyone here. Using their filtering system, you can always search for trivia questions by a specific topic. 

10 - Game Monk

Sometimes all you're looking for is a quick hit of trivia right in your Slack. That's exactly what Game Monk does well. Once you add the app to your Slack, you can conjure up a quick trivia game whenever you want! Plus, it's completely free of charge. We know the folks behind the game, and they're awesome. Give it a try.

What is the best trivia app for the office?

There’s a reason we built Water Cooler Trivia: we couldn’t find any flexible, low-price trivia options with super high-quality questions elsewhere. And we really believe that fun in the office is exactly what's needed for connectivity in our post-pandemic world.

Water Cooler Trivia has everything you need to spark lighthearted conversations via online trivia with your co-workers. Did we mention that Water Cooler Trivia offers a free four-week trial? Get started with a free four-week trial of Water Cooler Trivia today!