25 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions (For The Dining Table)

Written by:
Eli Robinson
August 14, 2022

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25 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions (For The Dining Table)

  1. What autumn holiday was described by writer O. Henry as "the one day that is purely American?"  Answer: Thanksgiving
  2. What landmark NYC event began as a way to celebrate Christmas and as a retail expansion in 1924 before shifting earlier in the annual calendar by 1927?  Answer: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  3. Used as a punishment in the 2018 film "The Secret Life of Bees" and as a critical plot point in 1992's "My Cousin Vinny," what dish of boiled cornmeal came from a Native American Muskogee tribe's recipe in the 16th century?  Answer: Grits
  4. In 2011, an online petition was started to protest what oft-decried rock band from providing the halftime entertainment of a Thanksgiving NFL game in Detroit? More than 50,000 people signed the petition. The band's name is also a football-related term.  Answer: Nickelback
  5. There is a Native American tribe that viewed owls as a protective symbol from danger. This tribe share its name with the setting of the TV show "Parks and Recreation." What is this tribe?  Answer: Pawnee
  6. What year was the celebration that is most commonly considered to be the first Thanksgiving?  Answer: 1621
  7. How many days did the first Thanksgiving celebration last?  Answer: 3
  8. Under which president did Thanksgiving become an annual holiday?  Answer: Abraham Lincoln
  9. In what decade did both the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and America’s Thanksgiving Parade start?  Answer: 1920's
  10. Which president was the first to give a turkey a presidential pardon?  Answer: Ronald Reagan
  11. What is the wobbly red piece of flesh on top of the beak of a turkey?  Answer: A snood
  12. What state raises the most turkeys?  Answer: Minnesota
  13. In what century were the first pumpkin pies as we know them made?  Answer: 17th century
  14.  Thanksgiving in the USA is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, but when is Canada’s Thanksgiving?  Answer: The second Monday of October
  15. How do both Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and America’s Thanksgiving Parade conclude?  Answer: With the arrival of Santa Claus
  16. What are turkey chicks called?  Answer: Pults or turkeylings
  17. Rory and Lorelai work to squeeze in four holiday dinners in "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving," an episode from what TV series?  Answer: Gilmore Girls
  18. A Mr. Bean Christmas special bit inspired a "Friends" Thanksgiving gag of what sandwich-lovin' character getting his head stuck in a turkey?  Answer: Joey
  19. Eating a bucket of KFC will make you just as sleepy as a big ol' helping of Thanksgiving turkey, since most poultry contains about the same amount of what T-word amino acid?  Answer: Tryptophan
  20. Way before Plymouth, Spanish explorers celebrated a Thanksgiving feast with the Timicua, near the eventual site of the Castillo de San Marcos in what Atlantic Coast state?  Answer: Florida
  21. According to the Lydia Child poem "Thanksgiving Day," it's just "over the river, and through the wood" to reach the house of what relative?  Answer: Grandfather
  22. Don't say turkey: Vaccinium macrocarpon is the scientific name of what Thanksgiving staple?  Answer: Cranberry
  23. Filmed on Thanksgiving by Martin Scorsese, "The Last Waltz" is a classic concert film about what classic rock band with about the most generic name ever?  Answer: The Band
  24. What president officially made Thanksgiving a US national holiday, marking the last Thursday in November on everybody’s calendar? This president had particular pressure to bring the country together for a friendly dinner.  Answer: Abraham Lincoln
  25. "The One With the Embryos," "The One With All the Thanksgivings," and "The One After Vegas" are notable episode titles from what long-running sitcom?  Answer: Friends

What makes Thanksgiving trivia so engaging?

For one, it's a holiday that everyone can relate to.

Thanksgiving is a time when friends and family come together to feast on delicious food and share memories.

It's also a time to reflect on what we're grateful for.

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