Virtual Birthday Party Ideas (10 Options)

Written by:
Collin Waldoch
February 20, 2022

Are you searching for the best virtual birthday party ideas? Don't panic, we've got you covered. If you cannot organize an in-person party and want to make someone's day special from a distance, there is no shortage of fun virtual games to play. The only limit is your imagination. Our ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas (How To Get Started)

With the right line-up of fun party games, it isn't hard to organize an engaging (and memorable) virtual birthday party for a friend or family member. You can find dozens of exciting birthday party games to play on Zoom. Our 10 ideas for virtual birthday gatherings are equally fun on other special occasions.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas (10 Options)

1 - Water Cooler Trivia

Water Cooler Trivia is a must-have game for a virtual birthday party. The quizzes, hand-written by trivia pros, are sent to the inboxes of each participant. Group leaders can customize the quiz length, difficulty, and categories. If you want to break the ice and set the tone for the party, this is the platform for you.

We can provide you with customized trivia quizzes designed to intrigue your party guests by playing to their unique interests. When you have access to Water Cooler Trivia, a fun virtual birthday party activity is just a few clicks away.

Go party like it's your birthday...

2 - Virtual Masquerade

You can ask all virtual birthday party guests to arrive on the Zoom call wearing a DIY mask. This brings an element of surprise to the Zoom call. Inevitably, some masks will make guests laugh. To kickstart their creativity, you can send basic craft kits to each guest - enabling them to make bright and colorful masks.

3 - Virtual Roast Guest Of Honor

Does the special guest have a sense of humor? Ask virtual guests to send compliments, embarrassing stories, and kind words about the guest of honor prior to your Zoom call. You can then open up the floor to enable everyone to share their anecdotes about the special guest. This is a great game to play with close friends.

4 - The Great Birthday Bake-Off

Any fans of The Great British Bake-Off? Send each guest a list of ingredients for a virtual baking competition. You can host the competition via Zoom. While each guest waits for their delights to finish cooking, you can host a few rounds of trivia to pass the time. The special guest can rate all of the entries on appearance and creativity.

Go ahead, cake my day.

5 - Virtual Wine Tasting

If the special guest loves a glass of wine, why not host a wine tasting session via Zoom? Each guest can play the role of a professional wine taster. Ask each guest to bring along a bottle of their favorite drink. You can then compare different types of wines from around the world together on a video call.

6 - Virtual Cupcake Decorating Session

Does the special guest love baking and decorating cakes? This is a great activity for a virtual birthday party. You can send each guest a cupcake kit, including a range of decorations, in advance of the Zoom birthday party. On the Zoom call, everyone can unpack their cupcake kits and unleash their creativity in the kitchen.

7 - Virtual Comedy Hour

Why not bring some laughs to the virtual party? You can ask each guest to prepare a joke or funny story for the birthday party. This is a great icebreaker activity to help set the tone for the virtual party and put everyone at ease.

8 - TikTok Dance Party

Can you memorize any TikTok dance routines? You can ask your guests to learn a short dance routine from TikTok before the Zoom call. On the Zoom call, willing participants can showcase their TikTok dance routines. To mix things up, you could even have a panel of judges to rate each dance routine.

9 - Virtual Aquarium Visit

Is the guest of honor an aquarium enthusiast? You can host a live video feed between your Zoom meetup and a real-life aquarium. Virtual attendees can take a tour around the aquarium in real-time. If you're unable to book an in-person tour at an aquarium, you can pay a virtual visit with a fun online tool.

10 - Virtual Taboo

Virtual taboo is one of the most popular games to play on Zoom. Everyone on the Zoom call needs to guess the word you are describing - but there is a list of associated words that you cannot say. It's always fun to watch participants offer creative clues as they try to unravel these mindboggling word puzzles.

Zoom Birthday Party Ideas (Top Pick)

With Water Cooler Trivia in your corner, you won't have to worry about having any party tricks up your sleeve. We'll do all the hard work for you. Our team is in the business of building highly engaging trivia quizzes that appeal to your unique interests. Our trivia platform is jam-packed with original quizzes.

A virtual birthday party is not complete without a fun trivia game. We'll help you build personalized trivia quizzes that cater to the interests of your guests in advance of the Zoom virtual birthday party. The whole process is automated and asynchronous, allowing you to focus on other aspects of party preparation.

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