16 Virtual Team Engagement Ideas [Tried & Tested]

Written by:
Eli Robinson
February 15, 2024

Virtual team engagement ideas have become more crucial than ever as businesses continue to embrace remote work.

As teams are scattered across cities, countries, or even continents, the challenge to keep everyone connected, motivated, and involved has never been more real.

  • Frustrated with the same repetitive virtual meetings?
  • Struggling to maintain team morale and camaraderie?
  • Searching for activities that don't just feel like another item on the to-do list?

With a background in team management and countless hours researching and testing virtual engagement strategies, I've identified solutions that not only work but are also genuinely enjoyable. Here's what we'll cover tailored for:

  • Team Leads: Innovative methods to reinvigorate your team dynamics.
  • HR Professionals: Strategies to integrate fun engagement into ongoing training.
  • Remote Workers: Tips on creating an inclusive virtual environment.

A united team is a successful team. I've come up with 16 virtual team engagement ideas that are actually fun! Today, we’ll take a look at: 

  1. Virtual Trivia Quizzes
  2. "Escape The Office" Virtual Escape Room
  3. Virtual Coffee Break or Virtual Pantry
  4. "MasterChef" Cooking Challenge
  5. Home Office "Cribs" Tour
  6. Skill Swap Workshop
  7. Lunchtime Zumba Session
  8. Collaborative Playlist Creation
  9. Virtual Art and Craft Session
  10. Online Karaoke Night
  11. Creative Writing Prompts Exchange
  12. Virtual Book Club
  13. Online Game Tournaments
  14. Team Wellness Session
  15. Watch Party
  16. "Show and Tell" But There's A Little Twist

Let’s go ahead and jump right into it!

I've Tried & Tested 11 Ideas For Virtual Team Engagement

Virtual Trivia Quizzes

When it comes to virtual team engagement games, Water Cooler Trivia is a must-have.

All you have to do is choose the schedule and we'll write the questions and provide the results.

It doesn't get more straightforward and "hands-off" than that!

Water Cooler Trivia offers a free four-week trial with no credit card required.

We currently have 1,200 groups playing every week. We've sent 25,187 quizzes out this week alone.

"Escape The Office" Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms can be insanely fun bonding activities, and this remains true when it comes to virtual escape rooms. 

Take a break from work and strengthen your puzzle-solving skills and teamwork by trying out a virtual escape room. 

There is a huge variety of virtual escape rooms out there which can be played either through Zoom or other platforms created specifically for the game. 

From murder mystery to Harry Potter themes, there is sure to be an escape room that appeals to you and your team!

Virtual Coffee Break or Virtual Pantry

One of the most common ways that friendships can form in the workplace is through conversations over coffee or in the break room. 

What many people don’t realize is that this is something that can take place in the virtual workplace, too – it will just need a bit more pre-planning. 

A virtual coffee break can be set up in a variety of different ways depending on your schedules and preferred online platforms. 

Setting up a couple of spontaneous Zoom calls during the workday for a bit of casual catching up is a great form of virtual engagement! 

"MasterChef" Cooking Challenge

Another great opportunity for virtual team engagement is a ‘Masterchef’ cooking challenge. Either work individually or assign teams to compete in a cooking challenge following a certain theme or task! 

You can either take an online cooking class or create some creative cooking tasks of your own. 

The best part about this challenge? It will give you delicious food to enjoy during your lunch break!

Home Office "Cribs" Tour

When working from home, one of the most exciting parts can be setting up your perfect at-home office spaces. 

Many people pride themselves on their home office set-ups. So, why not give everyone an opportunity to show them off? 

Opening the Zoom call (or hosting a dedicated call) to allow people to give home office tours can be a great way to get to know everyone and their personal style. You’ll also get a chance to show off your own home office! 

Skill Swap Workshop

Skill swap workshops are an extremely productive and rewarding team engagement idea that will not only help coworkers get to know each other, but also facilitate the sharing of valuable skills. 

Whether it’s learning the basics of a new language, knitting, crochet, or drawing – there’s no limit to what skills you might learn! 

Setting up a quick Zoom call during the workday for a skill workshop can be a great virtual team engagement opportunity. You will also get the chance to show off any unique skills that you may have yourself! 

Lunchtime Zumba Session

If you want to get a bit of exercise during your workday, a lunchtime Zumba session can be a great way to do just that.

Not only are Zumba sessions a great way to get your blood pumping, but dancing to the upbeat music can be incredibly fun!

There is a huge range of online Zumba classes out there to choose from, so pick one and set up a Zoom call – it’s time to break a sweat! 

Collaborative Playlist Creation

There is nothing more motivating on a workday than a great playlist in the background. 

Why not create a collaborative playlist so that everyone can share their unique music taste? This can be a great way to add a bit of extra entertainment to your workday and discover new music. 

The most efficient way to go about this is taking advantage of the Spotify collaborative playlist feature – simply create a team playlist and share it with the group. Crank up the volume and let the music flow! 

Virtual Art and Craft Session

Arts and crafts can be super fun, rewarding, and a great way to get your creative juices flowing. 

Setting up a virtual arts and crafts session is a unique engagement idea to give your team a break during the workday; you’ll even have an awesome creation to display at home at the end of it! 

There is a huge range of virtual art and craft ideas out there, so why not put it to a group vote and tackle a project together over Zoom? 

Online Karaoke Night

If you’re looking for a great way to bond with coworkers after the work day has finished, consider an online karaoke night! 

This can be a whole lot of fun and is a great opportunity to put that collaborative music playlist to good use. 

Virtual karaoke nights can be hosted either on Zoom or on one of the many online karaoke platforms out there. 

Creative Writing Prompts Exchange

For a more creative virtual engagement opportunity, you can host a team creative writing prompt exchange. 

Send in a range of creative writing prompts, then take away a prompt of your own and write a short story or poem based around it. 

Hearing the pieces of creative writing that stem from these prompts can be incredibly entertaining – and who knows? You may just uncover some hidden writing talent!

Virtual Book Club

Establish a relaxed space for sharing thoughts on literature.

A designated book each month offers common ground for conversation, encouraging discussion and connections outside of work-related topics.

Online Game Tournaments

Organize a company-wide tournament in a popular online multiplayer game. Why not set up a blast from the past with a quick game of Mario Kart? Schedule rounds through the week and create a space for employees to unwind with lighthearted competition.

Team Wellness Session

Many resources exist for guided sessions that can be done as a group at the start of the workday.

From guided meditation to mindful yoga flows, there is plenty of activities to consider.

This promotes healthier habits and the practice of stress management in a shared experience.

Watch Party

Coordinate a movie night or stream the premiere of a popular show through services like Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party), Scener, or Watch2Gether.

It simulates being in the same room  as coworkers despite geographic distances.

"Show and Tell" But There's A Little Twist

Instead of sharing a childhood item, ask everyone to show off something in their workspace with a funny or unusual backstory.

Random objects left around the office to collect dust often have an interesting backstory behind them.

If you're feeling nosey and want to know the story behind the stuffed giraffe that always makes an appearance on your co-worker's Zoom screen, now is your chance to ask!

Virtual Team Engagement Activities: Closing Thoughts

We hope this list of virtual team engagement activities has given you some inspiration.

Why not kickstart your virtual team engagement efforts with a quick game of virtual trivia using Water Cooler Trivia? With the initial free trial, it's a no-brainer.

Get started with Water Cooler Trivia today or request a demo.

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