Can I change the timing of only next week’s quiz?

What if your office will be closed one of the days you usually do your quiz? You can change the timing of only the next week’s quiz. 

[For major holidays, we will send out an email reminding you to do this!] 

Note: you must be a captain to change your group’s timing.

Start by going to your group’s settings.

Click Timing:

At the top, you will see the heading “Current” with information about the status of your group’s next quiz: 

To change the timing of next week’s quiz, click the small blue Change button:

Next, there will be a dropdown of a time and day. Select when you want next week’s quiz to be sent out:

Repeat that process for when Responses will be due and Results will be sent out. 

Make sure to press “Update current schedule” to save your changes to your next week’s quiz.

You are all set! The next week’s quiz will reflect those updated settings. 

Not the answer you needed? No worries, just contact us and we'll get you sorted.