Can I customize my trivia quizzes?

Yes! With a Custom Quiz, you select the topics your team is interested in. We'll pull from our thousands of curated questions and send unique questions each time!

Custom quizzes are a combination of random trivia questions from our database of expertly written questions. These have no theme and are a series of questions about a variety of topics. The main benefit of the Custom quiz is that it is more customizable than the WCT quiz and has settings that are more ideal for international teams. 

What can you customize with our custom quizzes:

  1. Categories: You can select of the following eight categories which you do and don’t want questions of: Sports & Games, Science & Tech, Social Studies, Word Play, Pop Culture, Fine Arts, Current Events, and Miscellaneous. 

Quizzes are automatically set to all of those topics so to customize which you’d like, you can click on the check box next to the category to remove them. Those you have checked are what will be in your quizzes: 

  1. Difficulty level: There are four difficulty levels from easiest to hardest. 

Our default level is at the second easiest level. But you can always base it on how well your team is doing. If you see your group is getting mostly 10s each week, you can always make your quiz harder. Try it out for a week, and if it’s not right, you can always switch back!

  1. Excluding U.S.-based questions. As an American company, we have a good amount of trivia that centers on U.S. centric topics. But we love that people play our game from all over the world, so we have a feature where you can exclude those questions from your team’s quizzes. 

  1. Number of questions: You can have anywhere from 5 - 25 questions depending on what amount of trivia your team is looking to complete each week. We generally recommend 10 questions, but it’s up to you how many you want! 


Bonus: One last bonus feature to share is one you can do on both the WCT quiz and Custom quiz is our Personalized question category. You can choose any category of your choice and we will add one question per week to your quiz on that category. We have a list of options including Business, Food, Movies (and more!) but you can also type in any category that you think your group would enjoy! 


Not the answer you needed? No worries, just contact us and we'll get you sorted.