How can I see who is winning?

Want to keep track of whose been crushing weekly trivia? Planning to reward the winners? Check out your group’s leaderboard to see whose the trivia champ! 

[You can access this when in the app by clicking on the star icon on the left hand side] 

This is where you can find out all sorts of information about who has been crushing it at trivia! This is what you will see:

The Leaderboard will include information about: 

→ Who has placed in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and how many times 

→ How many Victory Points those players have

                     -Victory Points are based on how many times each player has scored in the top 3

                     -They are scored like this: 

                                                     1st Place: 3 points  2nd Place: 2 points  3rd Place: 1 point

→ Total number of correct answers 

What time period are these results from?

Our leaderboard automatically resets every quarter, but that doesn’t mean you lose access to past quarter’s data! To see the results from a different time period, click on the gray box next to the clock icon on your leaderboard:

There will be a drop down menu of options to choose from:

You can see the top winners from the last 4 weeks, the last quarter, the current quarter, last year, this year, all time, or choose any time period you’d like! 

Custom Timing of Leaderboard: 

On the dropdown menu, click “Custom” and a calendar will pop up. You select the date range when you want to see results from, and our leaderboard will calculate top scorers for just that period of time! 

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