How do I control timing of quizzes?

When do you want to receive your quiz each week? When do you want the results sent out? On this page, you have complete control! 

Note: you must be a captain to change your group’s timing.

Start by going to your group’s settings. Click on Timing: 

Scroll down to where it says Future:

→ You can select the day of week and time of day to send out the quiz. 

→ You can select the day and time to send a reminder.

→ You can select the day and time for results to be due. [This is when the quiz is officially closed. No one can submit their results past this time.]

→ You can select day and time to send out results.

→ You can select how often to receive the quiz (we highly recommend weekly!) 

Make sure to press “Save future schedule” to save your changes.

These will be your default settings. The quiz, reminder, and results will be sent out at that time every week.

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