How do I join an existing Water Cooler Trivia group?

As of now, all Water Cooler Trivia groups are private. What that means is that participating in your group's existing competition will require you to be invited by someone who's already in the group. No need to fear, getting an invite is incredibly straightforward. Simply ask someone already in the group to send you the "shareable link" needed to join them. If they need a refresher as to where the link is found in their account, you can send them to this page here.

In the instance that you don't know any group that's already playing Water Cooler Trivia, you'll need to create your own group, which you can do here. We have a four week free trial, so you'll be able to play for a month before deciding whether or not to subscribe. In the meantime, you'll be able to invite people to join your game.

Not the answer you needed? No worries, just contact us and we'll get you sorted.