How do I make changes to payment method or subscription?

To access all things billing, go to your group's subscription page or click on this icon:

From there, you can start a subscription, edit a subscription (change to a different level), edit billing information, add a new payment method, find an invoice, or cancel your subscription. 

Here you will see these options: 

Clicking “Update Subscription” will bring you to make changes to your subscription. Want to move up to a larger tier? Looking to switch to an annual subscription? This is where to go to make those changes! 

Click “Edit Billing Details” if you want to update your billing email (which is where all invoices and billing related emails will be sent) or the billing address associated with your payment method. 

Click on “Billing History” to:

→ Add a new payment method

→ Make changes to your billing information

→ Access and download all prior invoices 

Lastly, to stop the trivia from coming, you can go to “Cancel Subscription”. 

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