How do teams work in Water Cooler Trivia?

Over the years, we have learned that having everyone in your organization play trivia by themselves can be a bit of a drag. The reality is that the same people usually win repeatedly, which can become demotivating for everyone else who wants to have a good time and stay connected to everyone else.

Therefore, Water Cooler Trivia allows for your organization to play our games as a team of people competing against other teams.

How do I add create teams?

Water Cooler offers two different ways to create equally sized teams:

1) You can randomly assign people to teams by pressing the "Create Random Teams" button on the "People" tab of the Roster page

2) You can assign people to teams to maximize fairness amongst the teams by pressing the "Create Balanced Teams" button on the "People" tab of the Roster page. We look at the last month of quiz performance and assign people in a manner that maximizes the chances that any team has a chance to win.

Note 1: You will need to have all the previous teams deleted if you want to use our team assignment feature.

Note 2: If you have 7 or fewer people on your roster, you will be unable to create teams automatically.

Note 3: We will attempt to create teams of four. If your roster size isn't even divisible by four, then we will do our best by making teams of 3, 4, and 5.

What if I want to create teams manually?

Head to your group's roster. Then click the "Teams" tab at the top where you can add, edit, and delete teams. Then go to the People" tab and, you'll see a dropdown toward the right of each player's row under the "Team" heading. You can always click on that dropdown for a person and add / change / or delete them from any team.

How do I delete teams?

If you want to delete a team manually, you can go to the "Teams" tab on the Roster page and simply press the trashcan icon next to any team you want to delete. Also, you can delete all the teams at once by pressing the "Delete All Teams" button on the "People" tab on the Roster page.

How does team scoring work?

Our default scoring for teams is the average of all team members' scores with any non-submitters counting as a 0.

(If your group was created before October 2022, your group may still be on the old scoring system which was sum of the top 3 scorers for your team. If you'd like to change to the average, email us at [email protected] and we'll switch you over.)

What happens when teams tie?

The winning team is the one that had the highest-scoring individual.

Are we playing against other teams or competing within our team?

We want to prioritize competition between the teams each week, so we do our best to highlight how your team did against the others. That being said, your results will also include your performance amongst your team in the instance that you want to compete amongst yourselves.

Not the answer you needed? No worries, just contact us and we'll get you sorted.