Should I be on the WCT Quiz or Custom Quiz?

Did you know we offered two different types of quizzes?

This article will walk through them both so you know which one is right for your team! 

WCT Quiz

Our WCT Quiz is our signature handcrafted themed quiz designed to maximize the “water-coolerness” of the material. Each week we put together a new quiz based on what is going on that week. Our goal here is to get your team talking about that week’s notable (and trivial) moments! 

Some examples of past themes are: 

→ World Cup

→ Chinese New Year

→ Fashion Week

If you are an American-based team, we highly recommend sticking with our WCT Quiz. We say that because the questions tend to be U.S.-centric. 

Custom Quiz

With a Custom Quiz, you select the topics your team is interested in. We'll pull from our thousands of curated questions and send unique questions each time!

Custom quizzes are a combination of random trivia questions from our database of expertly written questions. These have no theme and are a series of questions about a variety of topics. The main benefit of the Custom quiz is that it is more customizable than the WCT quiz and has settings options that are more ideal for international teams.

Not the answer you needed? No worries, just contact us and we'll get you sorted.