A July 4th Junction

July 2, 2024

There are three categories of winners for this week's game: Random drawing, funniest answer, and favorite answer.

The total prize amount for the week is $1,000.

The cumulative number of submitters from the three winners' groups was 25, so each person takes home $40.00.

Random Drawing

The winner of the random drawing is Carly S. of Berlin Packaging!

Carly was one of fourteen members of the Berlin Packaging group to submit a quiz this week.

All 14 players win a prize!

Funniest Wrong Answer

The funniest wrong answer belonged to Matthew A. of DESIGN+BUILD.

The question was "While the saying goes that it’s reinvented unnecessarily all the time, what round simple machine component actually first burst onto the scene in Lower Mesopotamia in approximately the fourth millennium BCE?"

And Matthew's answer was "Ball Bearing"

First of all, we can't really imagine anyone missing this question. However, if you were to miss it, we really like the idea of ball bearings existing in 4th m. BCE Mesopotamia. So good.

Matthew was one of five members of the DESIGN + BUILD group to submit a quiz this week.

All 5 players win a prize!

Favorite Answer

Our team's favorite answer came from Brendan S. of 1848 Ventures Organization.

The question was "Dazzling limerick time! Caesar and Trajan all dressed in their sandals / Ready to put behind all their scandals / Found paraffin suppliers / Made a few key hires / And opened a store that sold ______ ______"

And Brendan's answer was "Roman candles!  Oh my gosh i was like, salad tong handles? Busts of vandals? Took waaaay too long for candles to occur to me."

Brendan, my friend. You just know how to make a group of trivia writers' days. Yes! That's exactly what we were going for. It's not classic trivia, but it was a really fun poetry puzzle for all our players to work through!

Brendan was one of six members of the 1848 Ventures Organization group to submit a quiz this week.

All 6 players win a prize!