A March Mystery

March 26, 2024

There are three categories of winners for this week's game: Random drawing, funniest answer, and best answer.

The total prize amount for the week is $1,000.

The cumulative number of submitters from the three winners' groups was 34, so each person takes home $29.41.

Random Drawing

The winner of the random drawing is Sally G. of KKH Marketing!

Sally was one of nine members of the KKH Marketing group to submit a quiz this week.

All 9 players win a prize!

Funniest Wrong Answer

The funniest wrong answer belonged to Jessica Z. of Spidr Design.

The question was "Featuring a bunch of "fruit" flavors and a hopped up mascot, what kid-focused cereal launched in 1954 as just a sugar-coated version of Kix?"

And Jessica's answer was "You had fun cereal? My mom didn't let me have sugar cereal - I have no idea."

Jessica was one of eight members of the Spidr Design group to submit a quiz this week.

All 8 players win a prize!

Favorite Answer

Our team's favorite answer came from Amber B. of NTT Data.

The question was "The Social Security Administration's top five names for U.S. girls in the 1980s included Jennifer, Amanda, Ashley, and Sarah at numbers 2-5. At the top of the list is what name shared by stars of "7th Heaven," "Dark Angel," and "Newlyweds: Nick and ___"?"

And Amber's answer was "it's me... Jessica... i'm in here!" This, of course, is a reference to the 2002 Rob Schneider classic The Hot Chick.

Jessica was one of seventeen members of the NTT Data group to submit a quiz this week.

All 17 players win a prize!