Fantastic Voyages

May 21, 2024

There are three categories of winners for this week's game: Random drawing, funniest answer, and favorite answer.

The total prize amount for the week is $1,000.

The cumulative number of submitters from the three winners' groups was 19, so each person takes home $52.63.

Random Drawing

The winner of the random drawing is Nicole R. of Point Foundation!

Nicole was one of five members of the Point Foundation group to submit a quiz this week.

All 5 players win a prize!

Funniest Wrong Answer

The funniest wrong answer belonged to Pam S. of Cox Automotive.

The question was "Remembered as the captain of the first global circumnavigation, Ferdinand Magellan actually died mid-trip. However, before dying he gave us the name of which ocean from the Portuguese word for "peaceful"?"

And Pam's answer was "Well it certainly wasn't the Dead Sea"

Pam was one of nine members of the Cox Automotive group to submit a quiz this week.

All 9 players win a prize!

Favorite Answer

Our team's favorite answer came from Kourtney B. of BlueVoyant ServiceNow Engineering.

The question was "Clear your head with a game of swimming pool tag before answering this one. “Book of the Marvels of the World'' is a 13th century travelog written down by Rustichello da Pisa chronicling the travels of what Venetian merchant?"

And Kourtney's answer was "Marco? (Waits patiently for Water Cooler Trivia to say "Polo!")"

We're here for you Kourtney. POLO!

Kourtney was one of five members of the BlueVoyant ServiceNow Engineering group to submit a quiz this week.

All five players win a prize!