Father's Day 2024

June 11, 2024

There are three categories of winners for this week's game: Random drawing, funniest answer, and favorite answer.

The total prize amount for the week is $1,000.

The cumulative number of submitters from the three winners' groups was __, so each person takes home $___.

Random Drawing

The winner of the random drawing is Anne W. of County of York 7!

Anne was one of twelve members of the County of York 7 group to submit a quiz this week.

All 12 players win a prize!

Funniest Wrong Answer

The funniest wrong answer belonged to Esther A. of Tegrit.

The question was "TikTok Radio is on channel 4, Underground Garage is on channel 21, and The Howard Stern Show is on channel 100. What radio subscription service would you need to tune into these?"

And Esther's answer was "That one that starts out free when you get a new car, then you forget to cancel it and get charged and you're crabby about it."

Esther, not only do you forget to cancel but apparently it is so hard to cancel that people have taken to recording their phone calls with them trying to cancel for the internet's entertainment purposes!

Esther was one of thirty members of the Swagelok group to submit a quiz this week.

All 30 players win a prize!

Favorite Answer

Our team's favorite answer came from Adam C. of GrayHair Software.

The question was "No matter how long you play, or how many you shoot, the aliens in what landmark 1978 arcade game just keep coming and coming in five neat rows of eleven?"

And Adam's answer was "Space invaders (aka my wasted youth)"

Adam, we wanted to make sure that your youth wasn't all for naught! So we're sending you and your co-workers some prizes to make things feel better!

Adam was one of five members of the GrayHair Software group to submit a quiz this week.

All 5 players win a prize!