Mother's Day 2024

May 8th, 2024

There are three categories of winners for this week's game: Random drawing, funniest answer, and favorite answer.

The total prize amount for the week is $1,000.

The cumulative number of submitters from the three winners' groups was 68, so each person takes home $14.71.

Random Drawing

The winner of the random drawing is Karsten T. of Bain New York!

Karsten was one of eighteen members of the Bain New York group to submit a quiz this week.

All 18 players win a prize!

Funniest Wrong Answer

The funniest wrong answer belonged to Jessica S. of Encompass Mental Health.

The question was "Contrary to rock and rollers’ beliefs, Frank Zappa is not the mother of invention. Rather, popular wisdom says that what nine-letter word is the driving force for most new innovations that are introduced to society?"

And Jessica's answer was "SharkTank"

Well if you are a fan of the show, you may think this is true!

Jessica was one of ten members of the Encompass Mental Health group to submit a quiz this week.

All 10 players win a prize!

Favorite Answer

Our team's favorite answer came from Danny B. of NAM Advisors Client Services.

The question was "Two nun questions in one quiz?!? What term, perhaps borrowed from the largest of the Great Lakes, describes the head of a convent and if popular media is to be believed, a lady you really don’t want to be on the wrong side of?"

And Danny's answer was "Mother Superior - love the Great Lakes hint to give this Midwestern Jew a chance..."

Well anyone who compliments us is clearly way ahead in the prize winning game. Plus, we love when people are able to reason out the answers. Mazel tov Danny.

Danny was one of forty members of the NAM Advisors Client Services group to submit a quiz this week.

All 40 players win a prize!