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How it works

Quizzes come weekly

Hand-written by trivia pros
Submit based on your team’s schedule
Guessing and misspelling is A-OK
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Results spark conversations

How did Rishab know that?
What makes the HR Team so brainy?
What did Aditya write that made the graders chuckle?
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Customize for your team

Choose when the quiz comes. . .
. . .and how long it's open for responses
Adjust the quiz difficulty and length
Handpick categories relevant for your team
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Trivia brings people together

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“My team's been using Water Cooler Trivia for more than two years now. While we were in the office, it was really fun to discuss the results each week and celebrate the winners. Now that we are all remote, the fact that the quiz results still give us something to talk about each week over Slack that isn't work-related is super appreciated.”

Joshua, Data Scientist, New York City
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"Trivia has been a great little highlight to the week! I enjoy the quiz each week, quickly followed by the realization of how little trivia I know. I love learning my coworkers' quantities of useless knowledge!"

Ned, Product Manager, Colorado
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