224 Beer Trivia Questions (Ranked From Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
July 7, 2024
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Beer trivia questions are perfect for parties, social gatherings, pub quizzes or as a way to learn more about this popular beverage.

From the history of beer and the brewing process to trivia questions about brands and taste, there's something for everyone.

Straight off the bat, here is one to get you started:

Question: In general, the basic ingredients of beer are water, a starch source (such as malted barley), flavoring (such as hops), and what other critical ingredient?

Answer: Yeast

Pretty ease, right?

Don't worry, it gets more difficult.

Much more difficult.

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224 Beer Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated For 2024)

  1. Bixi, Bold Dog, Lo Rez, Saint Errant, and Half Acre are all names of what type of company located in Chicago? They are all part of an industry that has exploded in popularity across the U.S. in the 2010s.

    Answer: Brewery

  2. Flathead Lake, Red Lodge, Bozeman, Harvest Moon, and Blackfoot River are all names of what type of company located in Montana? They are all part of an industry that has exploded in popularity across the US in the 2010s.

    Answer: Breweries

  3. Which yeast byproduct makes beer bubbly (or carbonated, if you want to get technical)?

    Answer: Carbon Dioxide

  4. Tooheys, Victoria Bitter, and Coopers are all popular "bevvies" from which Southern Hemisphere country?

    Answer: Australia

  5. What beer, the flagship brand of the Boston Beer Company, was named after a U.S. Founding Father who led pro-American and anti-British propaganda efforts and was the cousin of future president John?

    Answer: Samuel Adams

  6. Beers in which country must adhere to Reinheitsgebot or the “purity law” by having a limited number of ingredients?

    Answer: Germany

  7. The wise owl on the label could tell you: Hatachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale is brewed in cedar casks previously used to brew what rice-based alcoholic drink?

    Answer: Sake

  8. In 2012, Anheuser-Busch released a 137-calorie variety of Bud Light in a translucent blue glass bottle under what name which includes a metallic element whose Periodic Table symbol is Pt?

    Answer: Bud Light Platinum

  9. Because a Czech company owns rights to the full name in Europe, the American beer sold as "Bud" in Europe is sold under what longer name in North America?

    Answer: Budweiser

  10. First introduced in 1933, Clydesdale horses have been famously advertised in association with which Anheuser-Busch brand? Their appearance in Super Bowl TV ads has been a long-standing tradition since 1986.

    Answer: Budweiser

  11. In 1810 citizens of Munich gathered at Theresienwiese to celebrate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig. Festivities were held at the same time and place the next year (and almost every year since), becoming what annual beer-related event?

    Answer: Oktoberfest

  12. What beer brand's trademarked color-changing label alerts a consumer when a can or bottle is "as cold as the Rockies?"

    Answer: Coors

  13. In general, the basic ingredients of beer are water, a starch source (such as malted barley), flavoring (such as hops), and what other critical raise-able ingredient?

    Answer: Yeast

  14. In July 2021, Usain Bolt did a promotion allowing bar patrons to open a "running tab" to get a free pour of the Ultra version of what American beer brand?

    Answer: Michelob

  15. In 1935, Richmond was the debut spot for the canned version of what alcohol preferred by Homer Simpson?

    Answer: Beer

  16. A Moscow Mule consists of vodka, ginger beer, and lime served chilled in a copper mug. What liquor could be subbed in to make a Kentucky Mule?

    Answer: Bourbon

  17. What “B” is a slang term for a 22-ounce beer bottle, or an airplane specifically made for dropping explosive objects?

    Answer: Bomber

  18. If you’re at a location in France, Germany, or several other European countries, which fast food place lets you order a beer with your Quarter Pounder?

    Answer: McDonald's

  19. The logo of which beer company features the number "1759" (the year of it was founded) and a cláirseach, a type of Celtic harp featured on the British, Irish, and Canadian coats of arms?

    Answer: Guiness

  20. It's a type of beer intertwined with the history or porters. It's also a word in the dictionary that can mean bulky, brave, or resolute. What is it?

    Answer: Stout

  21. What pale lager is produced by the Mexican brewery Cerveceria Modelo and owned by the Belgian company AB InBev? It shares its name with the outermost layer of the Sun.

    Answer: Corona

  22. Besides Reese's Pieces, what titular movie alien gets tipsy on a few too many cans of beer he discovers in Elliott and Gertie's refrigerator?

    Answer: E.T.

  23. What Mexican beer brand has run the same holiday commercial, in which a palm tree is wrapped with Christmas lights, every year since 1990?

    Answer: Corona

  24. Used as either a bittering, flavoring, or stability agent, the plant Humulus lupulus has been increasingly used in beer during the 21st century. By what name is this species more commonly known?

    Answer: Hops

  25. Traditionally made from clay and having a lid, what large mug for drinking beer from gets its name from the German word for "stone"?

    Answer: Stein

  26. Checking the ABV percentage on your beer will give you an idea of how strong it is. What measurement does the acronym ABV stand for?

    Answer: Alcohol by Volume

  27. Traditional Japanese beers like Sapporo and Asahi are unusual in that about a third of their grains come from what crop, added to more typical grains like barley?

    Answer: Rice

  28. 3 Stars, Bluejacket, Mad Fox, and Schnell are all names of what type of company located in DC? They are all part of an industry that has exploded in popularity across the US in the 2010s.

    Answer: Breweries

  29. What two word Belgian-style witbier, brewed by MillerCoors with a colorfully astronomical name, shares its name with a doo-wop standard recorded by the Marcels, among many other artists?

    Answer: Blue Moon

  30. 50/50 shot here: Sagres is a brand of Heineken beer that is sold around the world and named after a town in what Iberian peninsula nation?

    Answer: Portugal

  31. The oldest still-operating brewery in the world has been producing alcoholic beverages since 1040. The company is named for its home region Weihenstephan, located in what country?

    Answer: Germany

  32. There's an expression in English often referring to hangovers that originally comes from a Scottish belief that placing a few follicles from a canine on a rabid bite can be a treatment. What is this expression which shares its name with a brewery in Portland?

    Answer: Hair of the Dog

  33. What there-word nickname, referring to the colors of both army and police uniform, was used for constables recruited into the Royal Irish Constabulary as reinforcements during the Irish War of Independence? The singular of this nickname is a cocktail comprising pale beer and dark beer, usually called a “half and half” in Ireland.

    Answer: Black and Tans

  34. Milk stout differs from regular stout by the inclusion of what sugar derived from, you guessed it, milk?

    Answer: Lactose

  35. Sahti, a style of farmhouse ale filtered through juniper twigs in a tun called a kuurna, is a traditional beer from what Nordic country?

    Answer: Finland

  36. Based on a true story, the 2015 film "Kidnapping Mr. Heineken" starred what "Silence of the Lambs" Oscar-winner as Freddy Heineken?

    Answer: Anthony Hopkins

  37. Heineken owns Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery, the parent company of what beer repped by "The Most Interesting Man in the World"?

    Answer: Dos Equis

  38. What fictional beverage do the characters in "Harry Potter" drink when they visit places like "The Three Broomsticks" and "The Hog's Head Pub?"

    Answer: Butterbeer

  39. Where in Michigan can you take a “beercation” and drink your way across the Beer City Ale Trail?

    Answer: Grand Rapids

  40. When hunting down "the most interesting man in the world," what brand was looking for a Hemingway-esque spokesperson?

    Answer: Dos Equis

  41. Henieken Tarwebok is a discontinued bock beer that was previously produced by its namesake brewer. Bock is a term for a beer that is a strong lager with origins in what country?

    Answer: Germany

  42. During what month is the typical start date of the famed German beer festival "Oktoberfest"?

    Answer: September

  43. Three monosyllabic creatures collectively and repeatedly uttered the name "Budweiser" in a famous 1995 Super Bowl commercial. What type of animals were these pseudo-mascots?

    Answer: Frogs

  44. Two and half pints of beer fit in the very tall glass, about 91 cm in height, which is named for what other measure of length?

    Answer: Yard

  45. Now owned by Heineken, the Al Ahram Brewery was nationalized during the 1960s tenure of President Nasser in what African country?

    Answer: Egypt

  46. What “C” Danish beer company, founded in Copenhagen by J.C. Jacobsen in 1847, makes a namesake pilsner with green lettering on the label? It kind of sounds like a city that Jung or Sagan would live in.

    Answer: Carlsberg

  47. A popular brand of beer in Queensland Australia sports four of them on the label, and the labels of Mexico's Dos Equis (naturally) have two. What letter is this?

    Answer: X

  48. What “Y” beer company is the oldest operating brewing company in the US, originating in Pottsville, PA in 1829? Their products include an Original Black and Tan, as well as FLIGHT.

    Answer: Yuengling

  49. Heineken is famous globally for the green bottles in which it has exported its beer for many years. Prior to 2013, the company sold beers in its home Dutch market in a different color bottle. What color was that now-discontinued bottle?

    Answer: Brown

  50. Buzz Beer is the alcoholic beverage brand of choice of the show’s title character and his Cleveland-based friends Oswald Lee Harvey and Lewis Kiniski on what mid-‘90s ABC sitcom starring the later host of “The Price Is Right?”

    Answer: The Drew Carey Show

  51. Harpoon in Boston, Sand Creek in Wisconsin, and O'Fallon in Missouri all have a chocolate-flavored product which is what type of beer?

    Answer: Stout

  52. James Bond drank his first on-screen Heineken in what 2012 film that won Adele a Best Original Song Oscar?

    Answer: Skyfall

  53. If an overzealous beer enthusiast asked you to pour them 10 pints of lager, how much lager would they be receiving in quarts?

    Answer: 5

  54. What style of beer, known for its "hoppy" character, was named for the country that imported it from Britain in the early to mid-1800s? The hops acted as a preservative on the voyage.

    Answer: India Pale Ale

  55. Though zymology spreads out to all sorts of stuff, "Zymurgy Magazine" caters to home hobbyists playing around with yeast to produce what potable stuff?

    Answer: Beer

  56. What is the style of beer developed in London the early 18th century that uses brown malt? The style was named for people known for carrying objects, as this style of beer was very popular with this profession.

    Answer: Porter

  57. Opened in 1864, Heineken's first brewery was named for what needle-hiding things that Van Gogh and Monet were fond of painting?

    Answer: Haystacks

  58. Lift Bridge, Boom Island, and Canal Park are all Minnesota companies that focus on the production of what?

    Answer: Craft beer

  59. Since the 1970s, most Heineken beer has been brewed at the company's main brewery in what small town in the Netherlands with less than 10,000 residents?

    Answer: Zoeterwoude

  60. As of 2012, Heineken acquired this popular tequila-flavored beer called what? It comes in a variety of fun flavors, including lime, mojito, and original.

    Answer: Desperados

  61. Beer Nuts do not contain any beer, but their name suggests they're the perfect snack to accompany a cold one. What kind of nut, salted and coated in corn syrup, is used to make Beer Nuts?

    Answer: Peanuts

  62. Hallertau is the largest continuous hop-planting region in the world. In what country does it lie?

    Answer: Germany

  63. A malt-forward, English-style pale ale called Mmmhops is the flagship beer of a brewery launched by three musicians who share what last name?

    Answer: Hanson

  64. “I Don’t Always…” and “…But when I do…” are two of the fragmented phrases that are typically seen in memes featuring Jonathan Goldsmith portraying “The most interesting man in the world” with what branded beer sitting in front of him?

    Answer: Dos Equis

  65. The Heineken Company owns a number of global beer brands, including what Singapore-made beer with a big cat in its logo?

    Answer: Tiger Beer

  66. What beer brand, known as a blue-collar Milwaukee lager and a cheap beer for college students and hipsters, was licensed for sale in Chinese markets in the early 2010s? In China, the price of a typical bottle skyrocketed to $44 and the company claims the beer itself is different, a special brew of German malts and aged in oak whiskey barrels.

    Answer: Pabst Blue Ribbon

  67. What Tampa, Florida theme park, which first opened in 1959, was originally developed as a marketing vehicle for the owner's beer business, and featured stables housing some of the world's most famous Clydesdales?

    Answer: Busch Gardens

  68. What American beer brand, probably best known today for its merger with Anheuser, is an economy pale lager that was introduced in 1955 as a “Bavarian Beer?” Available in regular and Light varieties, it is the second-best selling beer in its brand.

    Answer: Busch Beer

  69. Several brands have logos so iconic that they can be recognized internationally. What symbol on the Heineken logo earned the company this status?

    Answer: Star

  70. The beer-making cylindrical container with a bulging center typically made of wooden staves and metal hoops is known as a barrel (of course) or what other four-letter word? This other name for this container comes from the French and Spanish words for helmet.

    Answer: Cask

  71. The most notable brewery in literature might be the abandoned, rusted-over operation once run by Miss Havisham, the eccentric woman young Pip meets in what 1860 novel by Charles Dickens?

    Answer: Great Expectations

  72. What two-word beer brand, now manufactured by Anheuser-Busch, was started by the Latrobe Brewing Company of Western Pennsylvania in 1939? In a green bottle or can, with a horse on the label, it claims to be “Extra Pale.”

    Answer: Rolling Rock

  73. Inside each can of Guinness beer is a plastic widget containing what type of gas?

    Answer: Nitrogen

  74. An occasional sponsor of the national bobsled team, what colorfully named Jamaican lager is also brewed in The Netherlands by Heineken?

    Answer: Red Stripe

  75. Leinenkugel, New Glarus, and Steven's Point are all established breweries in what STATE which is also home to one much-larger and much-more-famous brewer?

    Answer: Wisconsin

  76. What "venomous" drink, popular in the UK, is made from equal parts cider and lager?

    Answer: Snakebite

  77. Ask the people at Pabst: The "Nastro Azzurro" on Peroni beer labels just means what specific kind of award?

    Answer: Blue Ribbon

  78. Torpedo, Hazy Little Thing, Pale Ale, and Hoptimum are all beers brewed by the seventh-largest brewer in the U.S. that was founded in Chico, California in 1979. What is the name of this geographic-sounding brewery?

    Answer: Sierra Nevada

  79. Fat Tire, a Belgian-style ale, is the flagship beer of what Colorado-based craft brewery that distributes their bottled beers nationally?

    Answer: New Belgium

  80. Although more well-known for the wineries in the central region of the state, what state is also home to all of the following breweries? Starr Hill Brewery, Three Notch'd Brewing Company, New District Brewing Company, Blue Mountain Brewery, Devils Backbone.

    Answer: Virginia

  81. Kentucky-based Falls City Brewing Company capitalized on the 1977 political climate by releasing “Billy Beer.” The beer was named after and heavily promoted by the brother of what sitting U.S. president?

    Answer: Jimmy Carter

  82. Kriek is a Belgian beer made by fermenting lambic with the sour "Morello" variety of what fruit?

    Answer: Cherries

  83. Canada's three largest brewers (Molson, Labatt, and Sleeman) have all been acquired or merged with multinational corporations in the 2000s. As a result, what mammalian-named company is the largest fully Canadian-owned brewer as of 2015? The brand has 4% market share nationwide.

    Answer: Moosehead

  84. Darker stout beers such as Guinness are often infused with a different compound than carbon dioxide, the common addition to most beers. This style, creating a smoother finish and extracting additional flavor, made its way to the world of coffee in 2015 according to "Men's Journal". What is this 5-letter style of brewing coffee?

    Answer: Nitro

  85. What brand of dark rum has trademarked the Dark 'n' Stormy? Technically, any ginger beer drink made with another rum can't be called a Dark 'n' Stormy.

    Answer: Gosling's

  86. "I Am Canadian" was the slogan for what beer brand from 1994 until 1998 and between 2000 and 2005? The campaign was retired shortly after a merger with Coors in 2005.

    Answer: Molson Canadian

  87. Great for drinking on the beach, what Jamaican beer anagrams to DESERT RIP?

    Answer: Red Stripe

  88. Despite its name, Victoria Bitter is actually a lager. It's also one of the oldest and best-selling beer brands from what country, where it's been brewed since 1854?

    Answer: Australia

  89. A Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail is a bar staple in many countries, including England and Bermuda. To make it, one mixes rum with what kind of spiced carbonated beverage? Hint: We're looking for TWO words here.

    Answer: Ginger Beer

  90. Framboise is a Belgian style of lambic beer fermented with what fruit that also goes in Chambord?

    Answer: Raspberry

  91. The oldest beer brand from a certain American brewer is advertised on its packaging as "The Champagne of Beers." What is this beer? Note, we're looking for the specific beer, not just the brewer.

    Answer: Miller High Life

  92. Tiger Beer is a popular brand of beer owned and distributed by Heineken but founded in what Asian city-state? The brand is considered one of the ten most valuable brands in its homeland.

    Answer: Singapore

  93. Some of the earliest human writings contain references to beer: the "Code" of what Babylonian king, written in the 18th century BCE, includes rules for brewers and beer parlors?

    Answer: Hammurabi

  94. Think of the word that means "a small, pond-like body of water that is often connected to a larger body of water." Now translate that word into Spanish and use the diminutive form. What American beer brand do you have?

    Answer: Lagunitas

  95. Famously, Reinheitsgebot is the series of rules and regulations limiting the ingredients of beer in Germany and former states of the Holy Roman Empire. The best-known version of the law went into effect in 1516 in what landlocked German state?

    Answer: Bavaria

  96. Marzen was the beer traditionally drunk during Munich's Oktoberfest. In what month was it traditionally brewed?

    Answer: March

  97. What company was founded in 1888 by British businessman Cecil Rhodes and controls 35% of the global market for its main product? The company's initial financing was provided by the Rothschild Family.

    Answer: De Beers

  98. The official state quarter of Washington depicts what peak with a namesake beer that describes itself as "Mountain Fresh?"

    Answer: Rainier

  99. In May 2021, Heineken USA announced that it would be sponsoring its first NFL team as their exclusive import beer partner. What is this Florida-based team that plays its home games in Hard Rock Stadium?

    Answer: Miami Dolphins

  100. What three-lettered invention of Heineken is a green robotic cooler that can autonomously deliver beer to customers? Its name is a common shorthand for robots, and also for a software application that runs automated online tasks.

    Answer: BOT

  101. What cocktail is Reposado tequila mixed with ginger beer, lime juice, and creme de cassis? You will have a devil of a time drinking this Spanish-named beverage.

    Answer: El Diablo

  102. What beer company started a popular commercial in 1999, in which a group of guys called each other on the phone, energetically asking “Wassup?”

    Answer: Budweiser

  103. What start-of-the-alphabet brand of Pilsner, owned by Heineken International as of 2000, was founded in Seville and is Spain's largest producer of beer?

    Answer: Cruzcampo

  104. Since 1876, the monastery that produces Chimay also produces what food item?

    Answer: Cheese

  105. While the name “Budweiser” makes it sound like your beer came straight from Germany, the brew is actually all-American. Which Midwestern state is home to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery?

    Answer: Missouri

  106. You might just call it “OE800,” but what’s the full name of Miller’s malt liquor?

    Answer: Olde English 800

  107. Named after a founding father (who may have been a brewer himself), what’s the official beer of the Boston Red Sox?

    Answer: Samuel Adams

  108. Which brewery was America’s first brewpub, gave us Pumpkin Ale, and shares a name with a wild west showman and “Silence of the Lambs” villain?

    Answer: Buffalo Bill's

  109. Which brand claims it tacked its prize-winning status onto its name because it won “America’s Best” beer at a world’s fair in 1893?

    Answer: Pabst

  110. Since 1982, brew-enthusiasts have flocked to which state every fall for the Great American Beer Festival?

    Answer: Colorado

  111. What’s the term for a beer that’s light, dry, and—despite its name—contains no dairy?

    Answer: Cream ale

  112. Which American beer became a nationwide hit in the 1880s after its inventors came up with a way to refrigerate the bottles while they were being distributed across the country by train?

    Answer: Budweiser

  113. Milk pasteurization in the U.S. was still a few decades away in the 1870s, but that didn’t keep which American brewery from becoming the first to use the technique to pasteurize its beer?

    Answer: Budweiser

  114. Which beer container looks like a barrel and is a fixture at frat parties?

    Answer: Keg

  115. What’s the name of the Northwest League baseball team that plays at Ron Tonkin Field and has barley (in honor of beer brewing) as a mascot?

    Answer: Hillsboro Hops

  116. Barleywine doesn’t sound like a beer, but it’s actually a malty English ale with a high (6% to 8% by volume) content of what?

    Answer: Alcohol

  117. The Green Zone is "...your alcohol comfort zone, where drinking is part of your good time with friends and builds up the right atmosphere. Your Green Zone is respecting your limits." The Green Zone concept is promoted by what brewery that has been a long-time sponsor of the Danish National Football Team, and just so happens to have green bottles?

    Answer: Carlsberg

  118. Which somewhat nautical term is used to describe a cold, sweet beverage that’s classically made with vanilla ice cream and root beer?

    Answer: Float

  119. Which Bejing-based brewery makes the beer that has the honor of being the official brew that’s served at banquets in the Great Hall of the People?

    Answer: Yanjing

  120. What fungal microorganism, thanks to its associations with bread and beer, was likely the first organism "domesticated" by human beings?

    Answer: Yeast

  121. Winchester, Kentucky is the birthplace of what spread that combines dairy with booze, and is traditionally served with saltines?

    Answer: Beer Cheese

  122. Which beverage company based in Japan is rooted in a brewery business dating back to 1888 and has a unique modern-day offering of a frozen beer that it claims stays cold for a half hour?

    Answer: Kirin

  123. If you’re into craft brews, which Richmond “trail” can you take a stroll along to get a taste of the offerings at Mekong, Stone Brewing, Hardywood?

    Answer: Beer

  124. First established in 1895, name the branded American lager whose Light variety served as the official beer sponsor for the 2009 World Series of Poker and whose name sounds like it's a superior product in a famous Wisconsin city.

    Answer: Milwaukee's Best

  125. Respectively portrayed by Ryan Stiles and Diedrich Bader, Lewis and Oswald invented their own coffee and alcohol blended brew called Buzz Beer on what ‘90s sitcom that starred a comedian who hosted “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

    Answer: "The Drew Carey Show"

  126. Far from being beer, in an insurance context an IPA is the name for a health maintenance organization (HMO) that sees patients in-network for the HMO, but also sees patients that are not enrolled in the HMO. What does IPA stand for?

    Answer: Independent Practice Association

  127. What process, named for the English town where it was developed, refers to the addition of gypsum to the water used to make beer to bring out the taste of hops?

    Answer: Burtonisation

  128. Topping out at a staggering 67.5% AVB (Alcohol by Volume), "Snake Venom," the world's strongest beer, is made by what Scottish brewery?

    Answer: Brewmeister

  129. Which numbered amendment in the U.S. Constitution officially established the prohibition of the production, transport, and selling of any type of alcoholic beverage in the U.S.?

    Answer: 18th Amendment

  130. What style of beer is composed of a combination of old and new lambics, the Belgian beers fermented with wild yeasts?

    Answer: Gueuze

  131. Sir Hugh Beaver founded both a book of world records and a brewing company. What name do they share?

    Answer: Guinness

  132. In 1969, this National League team started in MLB as the Seattle Pilots until the organization relocated to their current Midwestern home city a season later. Name this team who are sometimes called "The Beermakers" by their fans.

    Answer: Milwaukee Brewers

  133. What American beer brand pretty aptly anagrams to BUSIER DEW?

    Answer: Budweiser

  134. A "howler" is a 32-ounce container which holds approximately two pints of beer. The name "howler" is a portmanteau of what two words?

    Answer: Half growler

  135. Don't stop till you get enough: The concept of individual "beer styles," marked by local practices and flavor profiles, was developed in the 70's by what man—who shares a name with a certain popstar from Indiana?

    Answer: Michael Jackson

  136. Fischer and Kronenbourg are two of the most significant breweries based around the city of Strasbourg in what French region? This region, which produces more beer than any other, is historically and culturally linked to neighboring Germany.

    Answer: Alsace

  137. Featuring an eponymous IPA, a series of "UFO" beers, and myriad seasonal beers, what Boston brewery was founded in 1986 and expanded to a second location in Vermont in 2000?

    Answer: Harpoon

  138. If you’re a brewer, you know that the IBU scale can tell you about a beer’s hops. What does IBU stand for?

    Answer: International Bitter Unit

  139. Taking a shot of whiskey and immediately chugging a beer is a "recipe" for what drink named because it was once served to workers ending their shifts?

    Answer: Boilermaker

  140. 1870 is a specific beer named for the year in which its brewer was founded in Europe. The beer is still produced today by what subsidiary of Heineken?

    Answer: Amstel

  141. The Alchemist, Lawson's Finest Liquids, and Hill Farmstead are all popular breweries known for limited-size batches of their highly reviewed beers. All of these breweries are found in what small state?

    Answer: Vermont

  142. In beermaking, what is the term for the person who prepares the barley for brewing? The results of their labors are also used in making whiskey and vinegar.

    Answer: Maltster

  143. The oldest brewery, established in 1040, is located in what country?

    Answer: Germany

  144. According to the Department of Energy, in 2021 Alaska ranked third in natural gas withdrawals, behind Texas and what Rust Belt state that churns out Rolling Rock beer?

    Answer: Pennsylvania

  145. What country debuted a new visitor center in 2023 dedicated to exploring 1,000 years of beer production, including breweries like Chimay and Duvel?

    Answer: Belgium

  146. Starr Hill, Three Notch'd, James River, and Devil's Backbone are all breweries and beer brands with home bases in what eastern U.S. state?

    Answer: Virginia

  147. As it was made in antiquity and the Middle Ages, beer was fermented with yeast that stayed on top of the beer and without much regard for temperature. Then there arose a style of beer made with yeasts that went to the bottom of the beer and was fermented at low temperatures. What is the name for this type of beer?

    Answer: Lager

  148. In 1873, Heineken hired a Dr. Elion who helped brew the first Heineken beer brand by developing a yeast for Bavarian bottom fermentation. Elion was a former student of what famous French chemist?

    Answer: Louis Pasteur

  149. Produced and sold in France by Heineken France is an Irish Red beer with what man's name in the brand's title?

    Answer: George Killian's Irish Red

  150. A no-longer-used Heineken slogan once said that "a better beer deserves a better WHAT?"

    Answer: Can

  151. Aptly, there's a golden hue to a certain Dogfish Head beer based on ingredients from the tomb of what rich, cursed ancient Phrygian king?

    Answer: Midas / King Midas

  152. What type of Canadian beer is made by freezing, then removing some of the frozen crystals (as its name suggests)?

    Answer: Ice Beer

  153. What word, French for "brewery," has come to mean a casual restaurant serving meals and a variety of drinks?

    Answer: Brasserie

  154. Four Peaks Brewing, Thunder Canyon Brewery, and Goldwater Brewing are all local beer makers in what U.S. state?

    Answer: Arizona

  155. Now synonymous with cans and bottles of beer, what hyphenated two-word term was first conceived by Coca-Cola in 1923?

    Answer: Six-pack

  156. Brew Free or Die is one of the year-round IPAs offered by a California brewery named for which constitutional amendment?

    Answer: 21st

  157. What two-word beer brand, first brewed in 1926 in Leuven, Belgium, has a first word that is reminiscent of Marlon Brando yelling in “A Streetcar Named Desire?”

    Answer: Stella Artois

  158. The legendary India Pale Ale was the solution that brought beer from India to Britain, aging it in order to survive what weather condition?

    Answer: Heat

  159. "Brew House Court" is the literal English translation of what Munich beer hall, originally opened in 1589 and by some accounts the most famous beer hall in the world?

    Answer: Hofbrauhaus

  160. Which Belgian beer, named after a severe kind of alcohol withdrawal, has gained world fame with its warm light flavors and pink elephant logo? We're looking for two words.

    Answer: Delirium Tremens

  161. Ninkasi was the goddess of beer to the citizens of Sumer, the ancient Mesopotamian civilization located in what modern day country?

    Answer: Iraq

  162. What Mexican beer cocktail is made by mixing beer and lime juice, often with the addition of Clamato, hot sauce, and a salt rim?

    Answer: Michelada

  163. Known also for their eponymous international chain of bars and pubs, "Punk IPA", "Hazy Jane", and "Elvis Juice" are some of the beers offered by which Scottish brewery?

    Answer: BrewDog

  164. Which term sounds like booze for astronauts, but actually refers to a beer that has a lot of fermentable sugars during the brewing process (usually more than 1.075 OG)?

    Answer: High-Gravity

  165. Passed in Bavaria in 1516, the Reinheitsgebot, aka German Beer Purity Law, lists only three ingredients for the manufacture of beer: water, barley, and hops. What eukaryotic fourth ingredient was added centuries later?

    Answer: Yeast

  166. What form of stout is higher in alcohol, darker in color, and more complex in flavor than a regular stout? It was first created in 18th century England for export to the court of Russian empress Catherine the Great.

    Answer: Imperial

  167. Castle Beer has long been recognized as the official beer brand of what country, where it sponsors, among other things, the national rugby team known as the Springboks?

    Answer: South Africa

  168. What hoppy, pale-colored style of lager beer is named for the city in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) where it originated?

    Answer: Pilsner

  169. The drinking game beer pong is also sometimes known by the name of what national capital city?

    Answer: Beirut

  170. Famed for beer, diamonds, and chocolate, it's hard to know what to like most about it. In 2011, which country elected Elio di Rupo as Prime Minister, making him the world's first openly gay male to be head of government in modern times?

    Answer: Belgium

  171. What diminutive adjective was typically applied to beer, popular at mealtimes in Medieval England, with a very low ABV?

    Answer: Small

  172. You might hear the word in Cornholio’s voice, but Beavis probably borrowed it from beerology. What do you call the circular cut out on a barrel or keg through which brew can flow (or not if you stop it up with a cork)?

    Answer: Bunghole

  173. What is the time of the Italian beer brand with a label featuring a man wearing a green hat that was purchased by Heineken in 1996 and continues to be one of the most popular Italian beer brands?

    Answer: Birra Moretti

  174. Lindemans Brewery of Belgium makes peach and raspberry flavors of the fruit variety of what L-word type of beer?

    Answer: Lambic

  175. Skopsko is a Heineken beer that is the most popular beer in what European country that was formerly part of Yugoslavia? The country had a public dispute with an area in Greece over naming rights for nearly two decades before being resolved by a mediator in 2019.

    Answer: North Macedonia

  176. Belgian lambics, Flanders red ale, and German Gose are all more specific variations of what style of beer notable for its distinct (and often non-alcoholic) taste?

    Answer: Sour beers

  177. What German word meaning "knock" is typically applied to Adolf Hitler's attempt to seize power in 1923, which famously began at one of Munich's popular beer halls?

    Answer: Putsch

  178. The highly carbonated pale ale that often has a fruity and/or spicy taste known as a "saison" is typically considered within what class of "F" beers?

    Answer: Farmhouse Ales

  179. Canned beer debuted in 1935 when Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company tried out the idea on 2,000 willing folks in the city of Richmond. After 91% of them gave it a thumbs up, it officially went into production in what state?

    Answer: Virginia

  180. Frank Wisner, the owner of Colorado's Cripple Creek Brewing, invented a dessert in 1893 after being inspired by the nearby snowy peaks. He named this two-item combo "the black cow." Today it is better known by what name?

    Answer: Root Beer Float

  181. In 1759, Arthur Guinness started brewing his namesake stout at a brewery named for what sainted apostle?

    Answer: Saint James

  182. Made from lager, lemonade, and grenadine, what French beer cocktail gets its name from the red-and-white flag of a teeny neighboring country?

    Answer: Monaco

  183. Which amber-brown, smooth lager has a pretty obvious name if you know that it literally means “dark” in German?

    Answer: Dunkel

  184. In 2014, two European countries checked in with a higher beer consumption per capita than Germany. Name one of them. If you're curious, the top spot had nearly double the consumption of U.S. citizens. (Hint: They are the 13th and 19th most populous countries in Europe.)

    Answer: Czech Republic and Austria

  185. In an early example of the relationship between beer and sports, in 1945 Narragansett Beer sponsored the first televised games of what American League baseball team?

    Answer: Boston Red Sox

  186. Which sweet, pink-red beer cocktail made with grenadine and maraschino cherries shares its name with a British royal who was the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II?

    Answer: Queen Mary

  187. What beer, considered Thailand's most popular, uses a lion as its logo and the inspiration for its namesake?

    Answer: Singha

  188. Helles Frozen Over and I Know Wit You Did Last Summer are a taste of the punnily-named beers at what Richmond brewery that might be named for a Smiths album?

    Answer: Strangeways Brewing

  189. Budweiser, Coors, and Heineken are examples of pilsners, so named after the town of Pilsen in what modern-day country?

    Answer: Czechia

  190. An annual festival in Cincinnati's Over the Rhine district is the oldest American celebration of what German-style dark lager?

    Answer: Bock

  191. What San Diego brewery often names its beers after locally found fish, like Wahoo, Manta Ray, and Sculpin?

    Answer: Ballast Point Brewing

  192. In 1777, Frederick the Great of Prussia tried to outlaw coffeehouses, hoping that the populace would return to drinking what other beverage instead?

    Answer: Beer

  193. Orval and Chimay are Belgian beers brewed by what order of Catholic monks that have nothing to do with Migos or Gucci Mane?

    Answer: Trappists

  194. Match a dark beer (usually Guinness Stout) with champagne and you get what cocktail that shares a name with a Grammy-winning song by Canadian singer Alannah Myles?

    Answer: Black Velvet

  195. Vinnie Cilurzo created what style of beer, characterized by its significant hoppiness and high AVB, while at Blind Pig Brewery before moving over to Russian River Brewing Company, where Pliny the Elder has become one of the best beers in the world?

    Answer: Double IPA

  196. A traditional "Chicago handshake" is a shot-and-a-beer combo that pairs Heileman's Old Style with what noxious Jeppson's liqueur?

    Answer: Malört

  197. Which saloon in Somerville is the place to go if you want some craft beer and a burger and/or a corned beef hash brisket sandwich?

    Answer: Olde Magoun's Saloon

  198. What Dutch word (pronounced more or less the same as its English equivalent) describes a strong version of the brown beer brewed by Belgian Trappists?

    Answer: Dubbel

  199. What type of beer is sometimes called a "dark lager," with Köstritzer being a well-known brewer of the style?

    Answer: Schwarzbier

  200. Referring to its dark color and decadent taste, a variety of stout beer is named for, but rarely actually includes, what sweet, dairy-based product?

    Answer: Chocolate

  201. In brewing, what is the name of the liquid left behind after a mixture of grains, water, and hops is heated? This contains the sugars that will be converted into alcohol.

    Answer: Wort

  202. What British beer style gets its name, quite aptly, from the practice of buying mild ale and aging it before selling it at a higher price?

    Answer: Old Ale

  203. Oregon brewery Ninkasi is named for the beer goddess of what ancient Mesopotamian culture, which also produced the Epic of Gilgamesh?

    Answer: Sumer

  204. With a population of about 180,000, what city in the western Czech Republic is the namesake of a pale lager-style beer?

    Answer: Plzen

  205. KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout), Devil Dancer, and Centennial IPA are a few of the offerings of which Michigan-based craft beer brand started by Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers in 1997?

    Answer: Founders Brewing Company

  206. What is the name of the "artsy" variety of hop that was first "released" in 2012 as the daughter of the bitter, earthy hop Simcoe? This new hop quickly became popular in IPAs throughout the U.S. because of its strong citrus, floral, and pine flavors.

    Answer: Mosaic

  207. Heineken produces what two-word Dutch style beer, which shares a name with a style of beer made in Belgium, although the Belgian beer is stronger, more acidic, and manufactured differently? The second word sounds like a bear or a hockey player from Boston.

    Answer: Oud Bruin

  208. What term refers to beers brewed at relatively high temperatures using yeasts that rise to the top of the brew? Historically, this term referred to a drink brewed without hops.

    Answer: Ale

  209. In the brewing process, wort contains the amino acids that provide what lucky, rich element to the yeast?

    Answer: Nitrogen

  210. Portland, Maine's Allagash Brewery crafts the delicious Allagash White, in what top-fermented Belgian style that might loosen you up for a good joke?

    Answer: Witbier

  211. Dennis, Earl, and Sigourney all walk into a bar. Dennis orders a Juicy Expat, Earl orders a Day Job, and Sigourney orders a Seafarer. They're all drinking beers from what Inglewood brewery?

    Answer: Three Weavers Brewing Company

  212. What beer, a Triple IPA made my Russian River Brewing, shares its name with a Roman philosopher and magistrate who an uncle with the same name?

    Answer: Pliny The Younger

  213. Brewed by Lion Breweries, Speight’s Original holds the honor of being the highest selling beer from which southern hemisphere country?

    Answer: New Zealand

  214. What type of lager is made by fermenting yeast at a warmer than normal temperature? Historically, it comes from Bavaria and is associated with the west coast of the U.S., where it was produced by brands like Anchor.

    Answer: Steam Beer

  215. A sommelier is a certified expert in wine. What is a certified expert in beer called?

    Answer: Cicerone

  216. The product an Ontario-based brewing company that was founded in 1847, what’s the name of the top-selling Canadian beer in the world?

    Answer: Labatt Blue

  217. With a title that refers to a quote from Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," what 1930 novel by Somerset Maugham has sweet food and a type of beer in its title?

    Answer: Cakes and Ale

  218. Before hops, beer makers bittered brews with a selection of herbs like mugwort and yarrow. What name did they give to this alternative flavoring blend?

    Answer: Gruit

  219. You’ll find plenty of Lambic beers like framboise brewing in Belgium, but which region of the country has been making the beer since at least the 13th century?

    Answer: Brussels

  220. European hop varieties Saaz, Halletaur, Tettnang, and Spalt, which are low in bitterness and high in aroma are known by what term? These four varieties of hops are all from Germany.

    Answer: Noble

  221. What beer company survived Prohibition by, among other things (including leasing space in their breweries to Harley-Davidson), selling cheese in tins?

    Answer: Pabst

  222. The brewery Heineken's most popular brand in terms of beer sold annually is unsurprisingly Heineken. What is the company's second most popular brand?

    Answer: Tecate

  223. What is the name of the process by which liquid wort is extracted from mash, leaving grain residue behind?

    Answer: Lautering

  224. What is the best-selling beer brand in the world? It is sold mostly in China.

    Answer: Snow

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