345 Business Trivia Questions (Ranked From Easiest to Hardest)

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January 4, 2024
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345 Business Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2024)

  1. Starring Michael Keaton as titular business mogul Ray Kroc, the 2016 film "The Founder" portrays the origin story of what golden-arches fast-food chain?

    Answer: McDonald's

  2. The “Top Of The Rock”, an observatory designed like an ocean-liner, is on top of what NYC skyscraper and center? It is named after a 19th and early 20th century business magnate, although it is probably better known as a home for NBC and for the show “30 Rock.”

    Answer: Rockefeller Center

  3. If you want to get a sense of your business’s fiscal health, a profit and ______ (P&L) statement can show you how much money you’re bringing in, how much is going out, and where all that money’s going.

    Answer: Loss

  4. In the C-Suite, the CEO is the Chief Executive Office, the COO is the Chief Operating Officer, and the CFO is the Chief ______ Officer.

    Answer: Financial

  5. While most mammals are in the pregnancy business what oft duck-billed “P” monotreme, ostensibly not a fan of Labor Day, actually lays eggs in lieu of the whole live birth thing?

    Answer: Platypus

  6. “Accounts receivable” is the money people owe your company, while “accounts ______” refers to the money that you owe to others.

    Answer: Payable

  7. The process of reducing the number of defects is typically known in manufacturing by the letters QC. What do those letters stand for?

    Answer: Quality Control

  8. Signifying the length of time a property has been listed, the real-estate abbreviation DOM stands for "days on" WHAT?

    Answer: Market

  9. A 401(k) is a type of tax-advantage defined-contribution account designed to help you save for what withdrawal from working life?

    Answer: Retirement

  10. Outside of its home city, the St. Louis Bread Company is more popularly known as what chain restaurant?

    Answer: Panera

  11. In the common business or science abbreviation "R&D," what does the letter R stand for?

    Answer: Research

  12. What six-letter hairstyle is popularly associated with the semi-ironic phrase "business in front, party in the back"?

    Answer: Mullet

  13. Pierre Omidyar founded which popular online auction company in 1995 out of San Jose, California?

    Answer: eBay

  14. No lie: Burger Kings in Russia briefly launched a cryptocurrency named after what signature burger?

    Answer: Whopper

  15. 2010 film "The Social Network" was directed by David Fincher, written by Aaron Sorkin, and adapted from the 2009 book "The Accidental Billionaires." The film follows the founding of Facebook, focusing on what current CEO of the company?

    Answer: Mark Zuckerberg

  16. Business guys having exercise bike heart attacks on "And Just Like That" and "Billions" caused an early 2022 stock dip for what P-word interactive fitness brand?

    Answer: Peloton

  17. Which S-word that comes before “proprietor” makes it sound like a business is being run by a pair of shoes, but actually means that it’s run by one person?

    Answer: Sole

  18. What is the "N" term for preferential hiring of relatives and friends even though others might be more qualified for a specific position?

    Answer: Nepotism

  19. He attended the University of Georgia and owned several agribusinesses before entering politics. He has served as the Secretary of State in his home state while in the midst of an extremely close governorship election. He received national attention when his state was one of the first to start the "re-opening" process during the COVID-19 pandemic. Who is this man?

    Answer: Brian Kemp

  20. What American company is the world's largest pharmaceutical company by revenues? With over $70 billion in 2017 revenues, the company features the stock ticker "JNJ."

    Answer: Johnson & Johnson

  21. What golden-arched company settled a lawsuit with former CEO Steve Easterbrook in December 2021 by forcing him to pay back his severance package of more than $100 million?

    Answer: McDonald's

  22. What “S” venture capital film, founded in 1972 by Donald Valentine in Menlo Park, CA, shares its name with a large tree species that is one of the redwood tree types.

    Answer: Sequoia Capital

  23. What “P” margin can be calculated by taking a company’s financial gain, dividing it by revenue, and then multiplying that result by 100 percent?

    Answer: Profit Margin

  24. If you work in supply chain management you’re probably familiar with the top software company in the business. What’s the name of the company that started in Germany in 1972 that’s especially well-known for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and more recently its cloud-based products?

    Answer: SAP

  25. Pete Townshend had nothing to do with monkeypox being declared a public health emergency by what, uh, international, uh, wellness, uh, consortium?

    Answer: World Health Organization / WHO

  26. A harbour adjacent to Sydney, Australia’s city centre, on the western outskirts of the city’s business district, is ______ Harbour. Fill in the one word “D” blank, a term of affection and the surname of the family that “Peter Pan” visits.

    Answer: Darling Harbour

  27. "There's only one ______." "Get Real. Get ______." and "It's ______ or Nothin'!" are all slogans for a toy brand owned by Hasbro in which the brand's name has been removed. What is this brand? This brand sells mostly foam-based products and its late-1980s Blast-a-Ball and Arrowstorm products arguably invented an entirely new category of toys.

    Answer: NERF

  28. What is the last name of the business tycoon behind the "No. 5" perfume?

    Answer: Chanel

  29. What company first introduced their Chromebook hardware in 2011? The product's low price point proved popular with teachers as a 2018 estimate indicated that over 60% of classroom mobile devices in the U.S. were Chromebooks.

    Answer: Google

  30. Canada Goose avoided 2021's supply chain issues by exporting all their goods from what very guessable country that manufactures them?

    Answer: Canada

  31. A ______ partner (LP) in your company doesn’t have voting rights and is not involved in the day-to-day side of the business’s operations. They’re also not liable for the full amount of your company’s debt (they’re only on the hook for however much they’ve invested).

    Answer: Limited

  32. Some of our favorite collective nouns for animals include a congregation of alligators, a business of ferrets, an ostentation of peacocks, and a gaggle of what other fowl?

    Answer: Geese

  33. In 2014, an image of which Muppet sipping tea spawned the “but that’s none of my business” meme?

    Answer: Kermit

  34. Fair Isaac Corporation came up with a way to calculate your creditworthiness, but you probably know the company as what four-letter acronym that's associated with your credit score?

    Answer: FICO

  35. Money back guaranteed if you don't like this question: What 3-letter network has made home shopping into a multi-billion dollar business? But wait, there's more! It's owned by Qurate Retail Group. HSN is its sister station. Lori Greiner is its "Queen." Operators standing by for your answer.

    Answer: QVC

  36. Reflecting its headquarters at Love Field in Dallas, as well as an old marketing campaign in which in-flight snacks were called "love bites" and "love potions," LUV is the stock-ticker symbol of what directionally named airline?

    Answer: Southwest

  37. May was a bad month for nationally recognized American brands adversely impacted by the coronavirus. Name either a retailer or automobile industry participant that declared bankruptcy in May 2020.

    Answer: Hertz, JC Penny, J Crew, Neiman Marcus, Tuesday Morning

  38. The Golden 1 Center is an indoor arena located on the site of the former Downtown Plaza shopping center that opened in 2016. The title sponsor Golden 1 is what type of business? We're looking for a two-word answer that starts with the letter "C."

    Answer: Credit Union

  39. What caregiver designation describes the holding company that controls one more subsidiary (or “child” you could say…)?

    Answer: Parent

  40. The digital yuan is giving Alipay a run for its money as the largest mobile payment network based in what country?

    Answer: China

  41. In 2000 Sara Blakely quit a job selling fax machines door-to-door and invested her life savings into what women's shapewear company which is famously bootstrapped (she took no money from outside investors and owns 100% of the business) and as of 2019 is valued at over $1 billion?

    Answer: Spanx

  42. That connects: in an August 2021 blog post, CEO Ryan Roslansky approved permanent remote work for employees of what business-oriented social network company?

    Answer: LinkedIn

  43. A Supercharger is a 480-volt DC fast-charging station built by what American vehicle manufacturer?

    Answer: Tesla

  44. Employees didn't cheer in 2013 when CEO Marissa Mayer banned remote work at what web services company?

    Answer: Yahoo

  45. The 2002 Eminem song "Business" is about Eminem's successful partnership with what rapper who went on to found Beats Electronics?

    Answer: Dr. Dre

  46. THINK was the company motto for more than 40 years, for the company often referred to as "Big Blue." What is this frequently-acronymed company?

    Answer: IBM

  47. Which F term describes the year as it pertains to figuring out your business’s annual budget and other finances? For example, looking at quarterly statements and getting your taxes in order.

    Answer: Fiscal

  48. One strategy for assessing business operations is using SWOT analysis, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, ______, and Threats.

    Answer: Opportunities

  49. "Family Business" is the subtitle of a 2021 animated film in what franchise whose 2017 original featured Alec Baldwin as the voice of the titular adult-talking infant?

    Answer: The Boss Baby

  50. The Forester and Outback were two of the top 25 best-selling cars in the U.S. in 2019. What Japanese company manufactures both of these models?

    Answer: Subaru

  51. What food manufacturing company headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan, uses several animal mascots to sell its cereals, such as Newton the Owl, Tony the Tiger, and a rooster named Cornelius?

    Answer: The Kellogg Company (Kellogg's)

  52. Although previously known for co-founding the photo-sharing website Flickr, Canadian businessman Stewart Butterfield has come to be known more widely as the co-founder and CEO of what team-messaging application?

    Answer: Slack

  53. What used car retailer, which has its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker KMX?

    Answer: CarMax

  54. Which word that starts with E is another term for the market value of a business? (Hint: It’s also the name of a rent-a-car company that has a market value of over $23 billion).

    Answer: Enterprise

  55. When the stock market index S&P 500 is referenced in the U.S., technically "S&P" no longer stands for anything. However, what did these two letters previously stand for?

    Answer: Standard and Poor's

  56. What food “d”elivery service was founded in 2013 in San Francisco by Tony Xu? It is the parent company of Caviar.

    Answer: DoorDash

  57. "I will bend the knee to Lord Stankey," said "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke during a hype reel after AT&T's acquisition of Warner Brothers and what premium cable channel?

    Answer: HBO

  58. The Supply Chain Council provides a model of the business practices that lead from production to consumer satisfaction, a model known by what 4 letter acronym? It sounds like a word from the first sentence of the Gettysburg Address, minus the “E”.

    Answer: SCOR

  59. Long before he played Ethan Hunt in the "Mission: Impossible" films, what actor played a teenager who gets into trouble while his parents are away in the 1983 film "Risky Business?"

    Answer: Tom Cruise

  60. Though its CEO has described fintech company Chime as a "transaction-based, process-based business model", in May 2021, California regulators ruled that the company had to stop referring to itself as what?

    Answer: A Bank

  61. What spin-off of “All In The Family”, starting in 1975, features Sherman Helmsley and Isabel Sanford as the titular African-American couple, moving into a white high rise building due to the success of the family dry cleaning business?

    Answer: The Jeffersons

  62. Broadway St in Cincinnati is home to a Casino based on what musical business franchise, often associated with a chain of cafes and its collection of music memorabilia? Bands associated with its titular genre include Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

    Answer: Hard Rock Casino

  63. If you want to go into real estate development, you could consider getting a business degree—for example, a Master of ______ in Real Estate (MSRE) would open up some doors, so to speak!

    Answer: Science

  64. What multinational financial services company, founded by its namesake investor in 1971 in San Francisco, offers banking and wealth management services, as well as a stock trading platform? It advertises its quality advice, with commercials stating “talk to Chuck.”

    Answer: Charles Schwab

  65. What private electronics accessory company based in Fort Collins, CO is most well-known for a series of mammalian named phone cases that are water-resistant, shock-resistant, and drop-resistant?

    Answer: OtterBox

  66. During a brainstorming session with Nike executives just before his star client committed to Nike as his apparel sponsor, Michael Jordan's agent David Falk came up with what iconic two-word brand name?

    Answer: Air Jordan

  67. GNI is the end-of-the-year tally of how much money a country’s people and businesses earned. The equation could look like: the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) + what its citizens earned abroad - how much the country had to pay out abroad. The amount used to be called gross national product (GDP). What does GNI stand for?

    Answer: Gross National Income

  68. Premiering in 1961 and revived in the 1990s in a production starring Matthew Broderick, what word fills in the blank in the title of the Frank Loesser musical, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really ___?"

    Answer: Trying

  69. This common manufacturing philosophy is the combination of a number and a Greek letter. Together, they refer to a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. Jack Welch made it central to his business strategy at General Electric in 1995. What is the two-word name of this technique?

    Answer: Six Sigma

  70. The following is the first line of the App Store description for what app? "Looking for inspiration? Whether you're designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on ______."

    Answer: Pinterest

  71. In the insurance business, what is the name for a person whose job it is to analyze statistics to calculate risks and price premiums accordingly?

    Answer: Actuary

  72. What prestigious private research university in Houston is named, not for a staple grain grown in paddies, but for the businessman whose fortune was used to found the university?

    Answer: Rice

  73. After Microsoft paid $26 billion for it in 2016, which business website might keep nagging Microsoft to update its resume?

    Answer: LinkedIn

  74. An important ratio that helps home buyers determine how much house they can afford, DTI stands for what, in real-estate parlance?

    Answer: Debt to Income

  75. Despite being American-born, Bob Dudley has been CEO of what British multinational oil and gas company since 2010?

    Answer: BP

  76. What fast-food chain famously sold out of chicken sandwiches in 2019 and announced they'd return on a Sunday to take a jab at rival Chick-Fil-A?

    Answer: Popeyes

  77. As of 2018, the two countries hogging the most slots of the ten largest banks by assets under management are the U.S. and what landlocked Euro country?

    Answer: Switzerland

  78. What giant Chinese technology and e-commerce company was named by founder Jack Ma after a character from the Arabian Nights fairy tales?

    Answer: Alibaba

  79. On January 3, 2021, what former businesswoman was found guilty of four of 11 charges for defrauding investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars while she was CEO of Theranos?

    Answer: Elizabeth Holmes

  80. Referring to efforts to verify identity, suitability, and risk in a business relationship, the fintech abbreviation KYC stands for "know your WHAT?"

    Answer: customer

  81. What website offers business a project management tool, and also shares its name with a day of the week?

    Answer: Monday.com

  82. What Korean company was engaged in a seven-year-long patent dispute with Apple that was settled for over $500 million in 2018?

    Answer: Samsung

  83. Which American technology giant started in 1911 when a New York businessman founded it as a holding company for people who made record-keeping systems (which explains its original name, the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company)?

    Answer: IBM

  84. The European internet company Skype was purchased by eBay in 2005 for $2.5 billion, but only six years later the video chat company was purchased by what other tech firm for a new purchase price of $8.5 billion?

    Answer: Microsoft

  85. Which term that you’d probably associate with a business deal refers to a type of protocol that two devices use to authenticate one another during communication?

    Answer: Handshake

  86. Named the World's Most Powerful Woman by Forbes Magazine in 2021, MacKenzie Scott's roughly $50 billion fortune is thanks to her 4% stake in which company, one of the "Big Five" tech companies, alongside Alphabet, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft?

    Answer: Amazon

  87. Ernie, Elmer, Buckets, Ma, and Doc are just some of the elves who help advertise the sweet treats of what food brand, which has been owned by Ferrero since 2019?

    Answer: Keebler

  88. Mehndi is a form of body art and temporary skin decoration that originated in ancient India and is still popular today in many countries on the Indian subcontinent. The practice uses a pasted made from the leaves of what plant?

    Answer: Henna

  89. What document can be defined as a statement of financial position, listing a company’s assets, liabilities, and equity? It can be used to determine financial return and a business’s capital structure.

    Answer: balance sheet

  90. ByteDance is a Chinese internet technology company headquartered in Beijing that is most famously the owner of what mega-popular social media platform?

    Answer: TikTok

  91. What billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist attended the University of Pretoria in his native South Africa before moving to Canada to attend Queen's University before finally transferring to the University of Pennsylvania where he earned dual bachelor's degrees in economics and physics?

    Answer: Elon Musk

  92. A co-_____(co-op for short) is a kind of business that isn’t owned by just a small group of people. Instead, lots of people—including consumers—can own a part of it.

    Answer: Operative

  93. What is the common five-word business rule or maxim that has been attributed to consumer-focused entrepreneurs such as H. Gordon Selfridge and John Wanamaker?

    Answer: The customer is always right

  94. The publicly-traded fast food operating company Yum! Brands is based in Louisville and famously owns KFC along with many other chain restaurants. Name one other chain owned by Yum.

    Answer: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, The Habit Burger Grill, and WingStreet

  95. "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness" is a 2020 true crime documentary series that details the life of "Joe Exotic" Maldonado-Passage. The series was produced by what Reed Hastings-led company?

    Answer: Netflix

  96. What DC-area restaurant chain, whose name sounds like a business communication, is famous for its Ted's Tarts, a homemade take on Pop-Tarts?

    Answer: Ted's Bulletin

  97. Founded in 1983 in Mountain View, CA, what accounting software was imagined as Quicken for small business owners?

    Answer: QuickBooks

  98. In 2011, Manish Chandra founded an online new and used clothing marketplace that trades on the NASDAQ under what four-letter Spice Girl stage name?

    Answer: Posh / (for Poshmark)

  99. Japanese-American businesswoman Frances Hashimoto combined two delicious desserts when she filled what Japanese sticky rice product with ice cream?

    Answer: Mochi

  100. Anne Wojcicki co-founded and currently is CEO of what privately genomics and biotechnology company that won Time Magazine's "Invention of the Year" award in in 2008 for offering the first at-home autosomal DNA test for ancestral purposes?

    Answer: 23andMe

  101. In January 2020, Amazon began construction of its second headquarters, known as HQ2, in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington County in what state?

    Answer: Virginia

  102. What baseball stadium in downtown San Diego is the current home of the San Diego Padres? It is a stadium alliteratively named for an animal supply company founded in 965 that owns PupBox.

    Answer: Petco Park

  103. The Big Five U.S. accounting firms became the Big Four in 2001, because Arthur Andersen botched their audit of what Texas company?

    Answer: Enron

  104. The world's largest technology-focused venture capital fund is the Vision Fund with over $100 billion in capital. The fund is owned and managed by what Japanese multinational conglomerate holding company?

    Answer: SoftBank

  105. What mythical term was first popularized in 2013 by venture capitalist Aileen Lee to describe a startup with a market valuation of more than $1 billion?

    Answer: Unicorn

  106. What is the name of the Austin-based software business founded by brothers David and Donald Yonce considered to be in the middle of the December 2020 Federal government hack?

    Answer: SolarWinds

  107. If your business offers a product or proprietary technology, which type of formal agreement can customers can pay for that gives them permission to use it while you still own the rights?

    Answer: License

  108. Featuring old signs from casinos and other businesses and named after the 10th element on the Periodic Table, what museum opened in 2012 in Las Vegas?

    Answer: The Neon Museum

  109. If you’re borrowing money to finance your business and you want to know how much interest you’ll pay on it in a year, look for the APR. What is APR an acronym for?

    Answer: Annual Percentage Rate

  110. The only African country to make it to the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup semi-finals more than once is what nation with enough business for three capital cities?

    Answer: South Africa

  111. The first compact disc was created in 1982 by Sony and what electronics brand that is known for originally selling lightbulbs and was founded by Gerard Philips?

    Answer: Philips

  112. Like and share: In June of 2021, what social media giant announced they were expanding the option to permanently work remotely to employees across all levels?

    Answer: Facebook

  113. The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that is owned and sold by what internet tech conglomerate?

    Answer: Facebook

  114. The only construction company on the Dow Jones is what corporation with its own trademarked shade of yellow and a stock ticker named for a domestic animal?

    Answer: Caterpillar / CAT

  115. Canopy, Supreme, and Aurora are all Canadian companies with a business largely built around what genus of plants?

    Answer: Cannabis

  116. Known for his Bad Boy record label, his own cable channel called REVOLT, and his own Sean John clothing line, what mononymous rapper topped Forbes’ list of “The World's 20 Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Artists” in 2014?

    Answer: Diddy

  117. What media streaming device's name translates to the number 6 in Japanese, a nod to this being the 6th company started by its founder, Anthony Wood?

    Answer: Roku

  118. What NYC-based fitness technology company raised around $75 million in its approximately four years in business before being acquired by Lululemon for $500 million in 2020?

    Answer: Mirror

  119. Both the tax preparation application TurboTax and the small business accounting program QuickBooks are products owned and sold by what publicly-traded company?

    Answer: Intuit

  120. The beverage company Keurig added what soda to its name in 2018, following the acquisition of that soda's parent company?

    Answer: Dr Pepper

  121. What is the "trashier" name for a "high yield bond" that is typically issued by companies with low credit ratings?

    Answer: Junk bonds

  122. Paul Allen, an American billionaire who passed away in 2018, was the owner of the Portland Trailblazers (NBA), Seattle Seahawks (NFL), and a part owner of the Seattle Sounders (MLS). Before entering the world of sports ownership, Allen was best known for co-founding what company?

    Answer: Microsoft

  123. What is the last name of the current head of the U.S. Small Business Administration? With first name Linda, she is also a co-founder of WWE.

    Answer: McMahon

  124. A self-confident businessman, what is the name of Jerry's father in Seinfeld?

    Answer: Morty

  125. In which year did BCG officially open for business in Kuala Lumpur? Hint: In the same year, a city founded by Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca hosted a global sporting event.

    Answer: 1992

  126. With alumni including Elon Musk and Sundar Pichai, what is the name of the University of Pennsylvania's renowned business school?

    Answer: Wharton School

  127. Which Autotrader product allows you to List your vehicles in outside markets. You select the DMAs where you can deliver and expand business reach and sales opportunities.

    Answer: Market Extension

  128. One of Lockheed Martin’s core businesses is to offer missiles and ________ Control. Fill in the one word blank, which The Doors asked to “Light My ______” in 1967.

    Answer: Fire Control

  129. Canada's vertical $10 banknote features a portrait of what successful Black businesswoman who was jailed, convicted and fined for defiantly refusing to leave a whites-only area of a movie theatre in 1946?

    Answer: Viola Desmond

  130. A company that helps businesses deploy open source PostgreSQL is ______ Data. Fill in the one word “C” blank, also an adjective used to describe making a sharp noise when bitten or crushed.

    Answer: Crunchy Data

  131. Name the company: Founded in 2003; Won a Codie award for "Best Business Intelligence Solution" in 2008; Acquired by Salesforce in 2019.

    Answer: Tableau

  132. Which “bullseye” term would you use to describe the customer market that your business is “zeroing in on?”

    Answer: Target

  133. What athleisure brand was once designed with a specific "muse" in mind: a 32-year-old woman named Ocean making $100,000 a year?

    Answer: Lululemon

  134. What Seattle-area-based software company has a contract with the Pentagon called Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, also known by the Star Wars-sounding name "JEDI?"

    Answer: Microsoft

  135. It sounds like a "Doctor Who" bad guy, but the LIBOR is just an interest-rate average based on rates of the top banks in what European capital city?

    Answer: London

  136. The emerging technology known as DeFi intends to place power into the hands of users without the need of Financial Institutions such as banks or exchanges. What is the full two-word name of DeFi?

    Answer: Decentralized Finance

  137. What Swiss watchmaking company is a contraction of the phrase “second watch”?

    Answer: Swatch

  138. What Tampa, Florida theme park, which first opened in 1959, was originally developed as a marketing vehicle for the owner's beer business, and featured stables housing some of the world's most famous Clydesdales?

    Answer: Busch Gardens

  139. What set of processes was introduced by Motorola employee Bill Smith in 1986 and solidified its spot in the business world after Jack Welch made it a central part of his strategy at General Electric in 1995?

    Answer: Six Sigma

  140. What economics-related term also has definitions that mean "a problem that causes a decrease in some ability" and "the amount by which a person or team is behind in a game or contest?"

    Answer: Deficit

  141. In November 2020, Amazon launched "Amazon Pharmacy" as a new Prime membership benefit. This new line of business is built in part on the technology of a 2018 acquisition. What was this alliterative pharmacy-technology company that Amazon acquired?

    Answer: PillPack

  142. The Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas is named after what business magnate who ran for president as an independent or third-party candidate in 1992 and 1996?

    Answer: H. Ross Perot

  143. Hours before SoftBank and its infamous Vision Fund released their earnings report in May 2020, a prominent board member announced he was departing the Japanese conglomerate's board. Who was this board member who is more famously known as a schoolteacher-turned-Alibaba founder?

    Answer: Jack Ma

  144. The primary securities exchange of the Nordic countries is the Nasdaq branch in what guessable capital city?

    Answer: Stockholm

  145. Crown Royal whiskey is produced in what country with QE2 on their $20 bill?

    Answer: Canada

  146. CoronaVac is the brand name of a COVID-19 vaccine produced by Sinovac Biotech, a company whose name reflects that it is based in what country?

    Answer: China

  147. Speaking of neutral: Cowa is a nature-friendly Bitcoin mining company, based out of what Alpine country that William Tell called home?

    Answer: Switzerland

  148. What numerical chapter of bankruptcy under U.S. bankruptcy code allows a company to reorganize?

    Answer: Chapter 11

  149. Although he was born in Ohio, this man moved to Savannah at the age of nine with his family and became associated with Geogria for much of his life as he founded, grew, bought, and sold multiple businesses, including the state's MLB baseball team. Who is this Co-Chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative?

    Answer: Ted Turner

  150. Named after Syrian-Saudi-Canadian businessman Wafic Rida Saïd, the Saïd Business School is the business school of which British university?

    Answer: University of Oxford

  151. If you’re trying to get the word out about your business, you might give a free sample of your product to a social media influencer and have them post about it. Then, you could reward that person or pay them based on how many customers their posts brings to you. Which A-term describes this kind of marketing strategy?

    Answer: Affiliate

  152. Maybe to dodge the hefty corporate taxes of Prop C, in 2022 PayPal ditched their corporate offices housed in what major West Coast U.S. city?

    Answer: San Francisco

  153. The Anglo-Persian Oil Company was founded in 1908 following the discovery of a large oil field in Masjed Soleiman, Iran. Now associated with Deepwater Horizon, by what name is this company known today?

    Answer: BP

  154. "There's No Business Like Show Business" is a song written by Irving Berlin for what classic Broadway musical about the life of sharpshooter Annie Oakley?

    Answer: Annie Get Your Gun

  155. What Canadian retail business, now a department store owner in modern day Canada, was a largely fur trading company that traded with Indigenous Canadians starting in the 17th century? It was named for a large bay that touches four provinces, discovered by Sir Henry in 1610.

    Answer: Hudson's Bay Company

  156. What “U” health insurance provider, founded in 1998 and based out of Minnesota, has a three-dimensional U-shaped shield with three curved lines as its logo?

    Answer: United Healthcare

  157. He worked as a Consultant, and Project Leader at BCG between 1979 and 1982 before leaving to start his own company. He eventually entered academia as a professor at Harvard Business School. His theory of "disruptive innovation", introduced in his book The Innovator's Dilemma, has been called the most influential business idea of the early 21st century. Who?

    Answer: Clayten Christensen

  158. In the world of appropriate ticker symbols, $CRM refers to which $200B San Francisco company that hosts an annual conference called Dreamforce?

    Answer: Salesforce

  159. Darren Woods is an American businessman that publicly endorsed the Paris climate accord and wrote a personal letter to Donald Trump urging him to keep the U.S. in the agreement. Somewhat counterintuitively, Woods is also the CEO of what company?

    Answer: ExxonMobil

  160. Headquartered in Dhahran, Aramco is a state-owned oil and natural gas corporation of what country?

    Answer: Saudi Arabia

  161. Which eyewear startup founded in 2010 began with an online-only business model and promised to donate one pair of glasses for every pair purchased?

    Answer: Warby Parker

  162. What luxury goods brand drew fire in 2020 for making a $2,390 yoga mat with its signature two-letter emblem on cowhide leather -- a material antithetical to many yogis who don't use animal products?

    Answer: Louis Vuitton

  163. Opening for business in 1893, what hotel located across from Chicago's Grant Park was declared the most haunted place in Illinois by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2016?

    Answer: Congress Plaza Hotel

  164. The FinTech world hoped for a late 2021 boom in SPACs, or special-purpose acquisition companies that also get referred to as "WHAT check" companies?

    Answer: Blank

  165. Take one letter away from the 1996 album with the singles "Wannabe" and "Say You'll Be There" and you get what four-letter NYSE stock ticker for Virgin Galactic?

    Answer: SPCE

  166. Composed for solo guitar by Francisco Tárrega in 1902, "Grand Valse" is used as the distinctive ringtone of what Nordic telecom?

    Answer: Nokia

  167. What kind of investor provides capital for a start-up business, in exchange or ownership equity? They probably get their incredibly positive name from taking a risky investment at an early stage.

    Answer: Angel Investor

  168. Which type of payment method has a name that might remind you of birthday parties and circus clowns, but refers to when a borrower pays most of the amount they borrowed at the end? (For example, they make monthly payments on interest only, then pay back the principal balance when the loan comes due).

    Answer: Balloon

  169. Most famous for its iconic trench coats, what British fashion company was founded in 1856 in Basingstoke, England?

    Answer: Burberry

  170. The Italian company Piaggio manufactures a vehicle under an iconic brand synonymous with their style of a painted, pressed steel unibody vehicle. The name is inspired by the Italian word for "wasp." What is this brand?

    Answer: Vespa

  171. Born and raised in the Texas-Arkansas border town of Texarkana, what U.S. businessman was the founder of Electronic Data Systems and later ran two of the most successful third party presidential campaigns in U.S. history?

    Answer: Ross Perot

  172. The Slack icon and the Olympic rings have all the same colors in common except what way coolest one?

    Answer: Black

  173. Although mostly known for being the largest for-profit genealogy company in the world, what is the name of the Levi, Utah based company that has also sold more than 20 million DNA kits to customers?

    Answer: Ancestry.com

  174. What big-box retail chain run by Eddie Lampert filed for Bankruptcy in 2018?

    Answer: Sears

  175. In 2016, the famous tech development company Bell Labs was bought by what Nordic cell phone empire?

    Answer: Nokia

  176. What famous drink was introduced as "Brad's Drink" in New Bern, North Carolina in 1893 at a drugstore? The product was renamed five years later after the Greek "p" word for "digestion."

    Answer: Pepsi Cola

  177. "Bad Blood" is a best-selling 2018 nonfiction book about what Silicon Valley company that was valued at $9 billion in 2014 and dissolved in 2018?

    Answer: Theranos

  178. The second season of the Bloomberg-produced podcast "Foundering" was released in 2021 and focused on the dramatic rise of the app TikTok. The prior year's first season focused on the rise and fall (and rise again?) of what company founded by Adam Neumann?

    Answer: WeWork

  179. Known widely as "il Commendatore" or "il Drake," what famous motor racing driver became a household name once his surname became attached to an automobile brand?

    Answer: Ferrari

  180. Bret Easton Ellis wrote what 2-word novel in 1991 about a serial killer and Manhattan businessman?

    Answer: American Psycho

  181. With an initial enrollment of 50 students and the name Business Training College, what is the name of the downtown Pittsburgh university that currently has over 3,000 undergraduate students and the Pioneers as their nickname?

    Answer: Point Park University

  182. What founder of the Roc Nation entertainment company once famously said the following? "I'm not a businessman; I'm a business, man."

    Answer: Jay Z

  183. Former J.P. Morgan Chase employee Bruno Iksil acquired what large mammalian nickname after losing the company a staggering $6.2 billion with a 2012 trade?

    Answer: London Whale

  184. What company is currently the longest running continuous sponsor of the Olympic Games?

    Answer: Coca-Cola

  185. What “B” term refers to a warehouse that is managed by the customs office or the government, allowing companies to store taxable goods for business purposes? It is a word also used to describe something that is securely joined to another thing, often by adhesive.

    Answer: Bonded Warehouse

  186. According to the Nikkei, Block's first investment in an Asian company is Kyash, a fintech startup based in what country?

    Answer: Japan

  187. What “H” toy brand features eggs that feature cute toys capable of movement on the inside? Its name is a one-word hybrid whose prefix recognizes that it comes out of the egg, and its suffix comes from the fact that the toys are creatures of some kind.

    Answer: Hatchimals

  188. What is the name for a type of rigid airship named for its German inventor that were first flown commercially in 1910 and carried tens of thousands of fare-paying passengers before World War I slowed down the airship business?

    Answer: Zeppelin

  189. As of fiscal year 2016, what was the fourth biggest management consulting firm in the world in terms of revenue? The company is a business unit of Marsh & McLennan.

    Answer: Olivery Wyman

  190. What company was founded in 1888 by British businessman Cecil Rhodes and controls 35% of the global market for its main product? The company's initial financing was provided by the Rothschild Family.

    Answer: De Beers

  191. How old was Steve Jobs when he passed away in 2011?


  192. The richest man in Georgia is the Chairman of what conglomerate that contains a cable television business, a media business, and an automotive-related business?

    Answer: Cox Enterprises

  193. The initial Boeing 777 was of the "777-200" variety and made its maiden flight on June 12, 1994 with United Airlines. What was the passenger capacity of this plane?


  194. Reflective of Dubai's shift away from an oil-based economy towards the information and tourist sectors, what is the alliterative name of the coastal central business district that was built with over 200 buildings in the 21st century?

    Answer: Business Bay

  195. When ranked by 2018 revenue, the largest oil and gas company in the world was based in Saudi Arabia. Second place on the list was based in what country?

    Answer: China

  196. When the country's oldest surviving African-American bank was founded by a businesswoman in 1903 in Richmond as St. Luke Penny Savings bank, she became the first female bank president in the U.S. Who was this woman?

    Answer: Maggie Walker

  197. Mellon Hall and several other buildings on the Harvard Business School campus are named for heads of what guessable cabinet department?

    Answer: Commerce

  198. With more than $140 million in funding raised as of April 2021, what is the London-based fintech company with a Plaid-like technology that declares "We build intelligent infrastructure that puts fintech at people's fingertips. Empowering businesses in every industry to create first-class financial experiences."?

    Answer: TrueLayer

  199. What Philadelphia-based coffee chain, whose name means "the dove" in French, is majority-owned by Chobani yogurt CEO Hamdi Ulukaya?

    Answer: La Colombe

  200. What “W” insurance company, whose name is a contraction of a three word phrase about career/home balance, is part of the Cameron Insurance Group? In addition to liability insurance, they also offer personal and business plans.

    Answer: Woligo Insurance

  201. What “L” drug testing company, founded in 1978 in North Carolina, offers 36 processing locations across the country? Its name implies the clinical nature of its business.

    Answer: Labcorp

  202. The company that manufactures AstroTurf, calling itself “The Surface Specialists” and the world’s biggest business dedicated to athletic surfaces, is ______group. Fill in the one word blank, an activity of physical exertion and skill often involving competition for entertainment.

    Answer: Sportgroup

  203. A new food truck and restaurant, as of 2021, in San Francisco has a name of what pork product repeated twice? They’re hoping its clever menu and savory selection will help further growth.

    Answer: Bacon Bacon

  204. What CEO made headlines in November 2021 by tweeting that he was thinking of selling 10% of his Tesla stock, and putting the decision up to a Twitter poll?

    Answer: Elon Musk

  205. A couple of German immigrants started a monocle business in Rochester, New York: those are the humble-ish beginnings of what contact lense-makin' juggernaut?

    Answer: Bausch + Lomb

  206. Howard Aiken received a PhD in Physics from Harvard in 1939, and in 1944 he installed the Harvard Mark I, a computer designed for what giant company in the computer field?

    Answer: International Business Machines

  207. What “C” term refers to the period when a home sale is considered final. For a lot of businesses, it’s a time around 5 PM.

    Answer: Closing

  208. A museum in Dover, DE that is dedicated to 19th and 20th century businessman E.R. Johnson, is particularly focused on what “V” invention made by his company, one of the leading phonographs and record players of the early 20th century?

    Answer: Victrola

  209. A startup company that offers affordable 401K plans to small and medium-sized businesses is ______ Interest. Fill in the one word “H” blank, a member of the species Homo Sapien.

    Answer: Human Interest

  210. Who was nicknamed "The Prophet of Spindletop" for his work in the Texas oil business? He leased the land on Sour Hill Mound to Anthony Lucas for drilling, resulting in the gusher that changed the oil industry.

    Answer: Patillo Higgins

  211. What German pharmaceutical company invented heroin in an effort to modify morphine to make it more palatable as a cough suppressant?

    Answer: Bayer

  212. Got an idea for a new product? Before you open a business, which key principle of startup would you use to confirm people want to buy what you want to sell?

    Answer: Market validation

  213. In 2012, President Barack Obama signed the JOBS Act (also known as the CROWDFUND Act) into law to help small businesses in the U.S. get funded. What does the acronym JOBS stand for?

    Answer: Jumpstart Our Busines Startups

  214. The ______ Principle states that starting a business actually gives entrepreneurs a chance to see other opportunities that they would not have known about (or been able to pursue) otherwise.

    Answer: Corridor

  215. If you want to make a business idea come to life, first you need to have an MVP—a very basic, but functional, version of your product that you can test out with potential investors and buyers. Not quite your “Most Valuable Player,” but what does MVP stand for?

    Answer: Minimum Viable Product

  216. If B2B means “business-to-business” (when businesses interact with each other) it makes sense that B2C means business-to-_____ (when businesses interact with end-users or customers).

    Answer: Consumer

  217. Which term describes a group of businesses built on the same property that make use of renewable resources and recycling?

    Answer: Eco-Industrial Park

  218. Zoho's a suite of web-based business tools includes a password manager that shares its name with which super-secure storage container that's usually guarded with a combination lock and found in banks (or perhaps hidden behind a painting in your office)?

    Answer: Vault

  219. Often expressed as a percentage, which “M” term refers to how much money your product has earned after you take your expenses into account?

    Answer: Margin

  220. Capital ______ (CAPEX) refers to how much money a company has to shell out to improve their business—for example, through buying or updating the equipment they use to make their product.

    Answer: Expenditure

  221. According to an analysis from Sports Business Journal, what was the cumulative attendance of all 272 regular season NFL games for the 2021 season?


  222. Thanks to its business-friendly corporate laws, Delaware is the official home to two-thirds of the companies on what magazine's annual list of largest U.S. corporations?

    Answer: Fortune

  223. General liability insurance is also called ______ general liability insurance (CGLI) because the policies cover a business rather than an individual.

    Answer: Commercial

  224. Shillito's was Cincinnati's first business of what type, followed later by stores like Lazarus and Abraham & Straus?

    Answer: Department Store

  225. Since a business ______ is basically a group of several connected industries and entities conveniently located in one place, it can easily foster entrepreneurial spirit. (Hint: It’s also referred to as “agglomeration” in broader economic terms).

    Answer: Cluster

  226. Which online insurance broker by Aon lets small businesses easily compare quotes from places like Liberty Mutual, Chubb, Progressive, and CNA to find the most cost-effective plan to—as its name suggests—safeguard their monetary assets?

    Answer: Coverwallet

  227. Which term describes a contractual agreement where one company has an established trademark or brand that they license to others to market and sell for profit as long as they pay them royalties and other fees?

    Answer: Franchise

  228. You might want to think about forming a Limited ______ Company (LLC) for your business—at least for the tax benefits.

    Answer: Liability

  229. A common myth says that a certain type of bird has a name in Mandarin that means "business goose." What bird--still quite appropriately--actually has a Mandarin name that means "standing goose?"

    Answer: Penguin

  230. Which beverage company based in Japan is rooted in a brewery business dating back to 1888 and has a unique modern-day offering of a frozen beer that it claims stays cold for a half hour?

    Answer: Kirin

  231. What midtown Sacramento district, centrally-located at K and 20th Streets, has been called “Sacramento’s answer to San Fransisco’s Castro” on account of its thriving LGBTQ community and businesses.

    Answer: Lavender Heights

  232. You’ll sometimes hear businesspeople warning each other not to “boil the ______”—that is, don’t take on a project that’s so big or hard that it’s doomed to fail and will waste a ton of time and money in the process?

    Answer: Ocean

  233. The name makes it sound like it’s cool and up on the times, but which popular Canadian accounting software for businesses has actually been around since 2003? (Hint: One of the founders, Mike McDermont, said he came up with the concept after he actually saved over an invoice he was filling out)

    Answer: Freshbooks

  234. The GMAT is an often-required standardized test for admission to graduate business schools in the United States. What does the letter "M" stand for in this initiatlism?

    Answer: Management

  235. The character simply named "Baby" had many famous commercials; in 2008's Super Bowl XLII the protagonist interrupted himself with a burp-up after saying "Check it, click, I just bought a stock. You just saw me buy a stock." What financial technology company was behind this famous campaign?

    Answer: E-Trade

  236. The Net ______ Score is a measure of customer satisfaction conducted by asking customers to rate their likelihood of recommending a product to a friend on a scale of 0 to 10. Ratings of 9 or 10 are known as ______s, while scores 6 and fewer are known as brand "detractors". This measure has been widely adopted by Fortune 500 companies. What word completes the blank?

    Answer: Promoter

  237. What e-commerce company, whose name is taken from the Japanese word for "optimism," has been called "the Amazon of Japan?" The company is also the current jersey sponsor of the NBA's Golden State Warriors.

    Answer: Rakuten

  238. In economics, what 9-letter word means simultaneously buying an asset in one market and selling the asset in another to take advantage of price differences between markets?

    Answer: Arbitrage

  239. "Pan Solo" is a California business's life-sized portrait of Han Solo in carbonite, made from what food?

    Answer: Bread

  240. As of 2018, the U.S. state with the least comprehensive requirements private business workers' compensation is unsurprisingly what state that prides itself on its individualism?

    Answer: Texas

  241. Consisting of thousands of mass-produced small satellites in "low Earth orbit," what is the name of the "satellite internet constellation" that is being constructed by Elon Musk's SpaceX to provide satellite internet access? Naturally, the devices are primarily powered by solar panels.

    Answer: Starlink

  242. Although founded in Vancouver, the beverage company known for distributing "cane sugar soda" drinks with user-submitted photography on the bottles has been based in Seattle for more than 20 years. What is this surname-named company? The company produces and bottles their own beverages.

    Answer: Jones Soda

  243. What micromobility company's name can also mean a U.S.-based music magazine or an adverse reaction of intoxication?

    Answer: Spin

  244. "West Texas Investors Club" was a television docu-series on CNBC that followed two self-made millionaires from oil-related businesses. One of these two men is famously the brother of what iconic actor?

    Answer: Matthew McConaughey

  245. What company (headquartered in Washington, not Alaska) traces its roots to a 1930s company started by Linious McGee to help support his fur trading business?

    Answer: Alaska Airlines

  246. There’s actually no legal definition for it, but a business can take out ______ person insurance on its most valuable employee—for example, a founder or CEO.

    Answer: Key

  247. What is the name of the grocery store concept with no checkout lines being rolled out by Amazon in 2018?

    Answer: Amazon Go

  248. French–Lebanese–Brazilian businessman Carlos Ghosn escaped Japan in the middle of the night on December 30, 2019 by flying to Beirut while possibly hiding in a large black audio equipment box. Ghosn was facing trial in Japan and claimed he "escaped injustice." He was facing false accounting charges related to his 17 years as the CEO of what auto manufacturer?

    Answer: Nissan

  249. In February 2018, a federal lawyer announced that a former engineer from what tech company was not wrongly fired after his controversial memo sparked an internet backlash and led to his own termination?

    Answer: Google

  250. Vernon Rudolph bought a sweet yeast-raised recipe from a New Orleans chef, rented a building in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and started a company in 1937. Fast forward almost 100 years later, and the alliterative company started by Rudolph is still headquartered in North Carolina featuring a classic red-and-green logo. What is this company?

    Answer: Krispy Kreme

  251. What Canadian company was founded "accidentally" by Tobias Lütke in 2004 while he was building an online shopping platform for snowboarding gear? For a period of time in 2020, the tech-based ecommerce platform was the most valuable public Canadian company by market capitalization.

    Answer: Shopify

  252. The musician and actor born Calvin Broadus launched a digital media business in 2015 named Mary Jane that was focused on news about marijuana. By what moniker is Broadus more generally known?

    Answer: Snoop Dogg

  253. What American businesswoman wrote a book encouraging women to "Lean In" to their work and stated the following? "A truly equal world would be one where women ran half our countries and companies and men ran half our homes."

    Answer: Sheryl Sandberg

  254. What was the name of the personal computer, one of the first aimed at individual business users to present a graphical user interface, that Steve Jobs named after his daughter?

    Answer: Lisa

  255. Founded in 1883, which Singaporean company celebrated its 100th year of business in 1983 with the launch of the isotonic sports drink 100plus?

    Answer: Fraser and Neave (F&N)

  256. Talk about a hub-and-spoke business model! Undertaker Isabelle Plumereau recently introduced Paris to a hearse made from what old-school, very green type of transportation?

    Answer: Bicycle

  257. What HGTV reality show featured Waco couple Chip and Joanna Gaines and their home renovation and redecoration business from 2013 to 2017?

    Answer: Fixer Upper

  258. There's a pair of words that can indicate either a Canadian whiskey brand or an American cola brand depending on the sequence of the two words. With one guess, name either brand.

    Answer: Crown Royal

  259. What was the name of the seven-letter brand of tablet computers designed for young children and first released in 1999? The device resembled a talking book and quickly became the best-selling toy in specialty stores.

    Answer: LeapPad

  260. Charles H. Taylor is one of six businessmen that founded a company in 1872 which has continued to exist until the present day in Boston. The company was purchased in 2013 by Boston Red Sox and Liverpool F.C. owner John W. Henry for $70 million. What is the company?

    Answer: The Boston Globe

  261. October 29, 1929 is a day in which the Dow Jones industrial average dropped 11% in a single day and is commonly known by what dark two-word phrase?

    Answer: Black Tuesday

  262. CEO Ed Bastian of what American airline company stated in a February television interview that his firm would be investing $1 billion in efforts to become carbon neutral over the course of a decade?

    Answer: Delta Airlines

  263. A 2021 Lil Nas X song, whose music video addresses the lawsuit Nike filed against his “Satan Shoes”, is about an “______ Baby.” Fill in the one word blank, an “I” word usually associated the economic strength of a particular business.

    Answer: Industry Baby

  264. Maker of devices such as Nintendo gaming consoles, iPhones, and Amazon Kindle, the Taiwanese manufacturer Hon Hai Technology Group is better known by what "sly" name?

    Answer: Foxconn

  265. Urban _____ is the rapid spread of a city’s businesses and housing into nearby land—usually with little to no planning.

    Answer: Sprawl

  266. Ding-dong! Which Amazon communication service for businesses lets you chat with folks in real-time using whichever method serves you best?

    Answer: Chime

  267. If you’re in the research and development phase of your brilliant idea and need funding, consider applying for support from the U.S. government’s Small Business ______ Research (SBIR) program.

    Answer: Innovation

  268. In January 2020, global payments company Visa acquired a financial technology startup for a price of more than $5 billion. The company provides the "plumbing" for linking bank accounts to payment apps so transfers can be easily sent over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The company shares its name with a clothing pattern. What is the company?

    Answer: Plaid

  269. Founded in 1884 in Leeds, the acronym M&S refers to what UK retail giant whose products include clothing, home accessories, flowers, and furniture?

    Answer: Marks & Spencer

  270. What public U.S. technology company had the 3rd highest Market Cap at the close of each quarter in 2017? The company's name is a portmanteau.

    Answer: Microsoft

  271. What technology company was founded in 1982, had a portmanteau name, was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2002, and briefly featured Apple CEO Tim Cook as a Vice President?

    Answer: Compaq

  272. What communications giant goes by the stock symbol T on the New York Stock Exchange?

    Answer: AT&T

  273. Unsurprisingly, the Sam M. Walton School of Business is a school within what larger university?

    Answer: University of Arkansas

  274. Aeroflot is the flag carrier (national airline) and largest airline in what country?

    Answer: Russia

  275. Since 1980, what has been the largest U.S. public company bankruptcy filing?

    Answer: Lehman Brothers

  276. What best-selling self-help book by Dale Carnegie, first published in 1936, helps people navigate business and social interactions with chapters like “Be A Leader”?

    Answer: How To Win Friends And Influence People

  277. B&I stands for Business and ______ Guarantees, a lending program that’s run by the USDA to benefit rural businesses.

    Answer: Industry

  278. Much like what an architect creates to plan how a house will be built, what document could you draft to demonstrate the steps you need to take to grow your business or meet specific goals?

    Answer: Blueprint

  279. What is the name of the San Francisco-based software company that focuses on customer service applications, was founded in a loft in Copenhagen, and went public in 2014 under a stock ticker starting with the letter Z?

    Answer: Zendesk

  280. What kind of security, which derives its value from an underlying asset or benchmark, began as a way to limit exchange-rate risk, but now encompasses a wide range of futures, forwards, options, and swaps?

    Answer: Derivative

  281. Which business concept is like business-to-business (B2B) but is where people provide goods and services to other people—for example, on eBay? (Hint: It’s shortened as C2C and there are two words that work for C—one is “customer”).

    Answer: Consumer

  282. There is a Utah-based survey software company that planned to go public in 2018 but was instead sold to tech giant SAP. Three years later the company was finally taken public by parent company SAP. What is this company founded by Ryan Smith?

    Answer: Qualtrics

  283. In January of 2018, Amazon, JP Morgan, and what third corporate behemoth announced a plan to work together on providing transparent healthcare plans to employees?

    Answer: Berkshire Hathaway

  284. What colorful poker term refers to a ginormous, high-performing company that would be considered a “safe bet"?

    Answer: Blue Chip

  285. With a tagline that claims to be "The Economy Explained," what is the name of the NPR podcast/radio show that launched in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and has continued for more than 1,000 episodes including spin-off launches such as "The Indicator?"

    Answer: Planet Money

  286. Although less famous than co-founder Jimmy Wales, Alaska native Larry Sanger was a co-founder of what famous internet property although he later quit and became publicly critical of the project?

    Answer: Wikipedia

  287. What is the name of the security company founded in 2006 by two Harvard Business School students who couldn't find a security company designed to help renters? The couple was interested in the field after multiple friends in Cambridge had experienced break-ins. By 2014, the company has raised more than $50 million in venture capital.

    Answer: Simplisafe

  288. Which C-term applies to the rate that you get when you divide the number of people who respond to your company’s call-to-action by the number of people who viewed it?

    Answer: Conversion

  289. Kevin Plank remains the CEO of what apparel company that he founded in 1996?

    Answer: Under Armour

  290. In 1968, the band X set up a recording company to manage their creative affairs. Later in 1977, a fan of the band, Y, set up his own company with a friend and named it with the same name as the recording company. Following a legal battle, a deal was reached that each company will stick to their respective businesses which were different. This was fine till 2003 when the Y's company, now much bigger, got into the "music business". Another legal battle ensued, and ended only in 2007. Y remained an admirer throughout, and is reported to have said, “My model for business is X. They were four guys who kept each other's negative tendencies in check. They balanced each other and the total was greater than the sum of the parts. That's how I see business: great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people." X and Y?

    Answer: X: The Beatles whose company was called Apple Records, Y: Steve Jobs (Their dispute reignited when Apple launched the iPod and iTunes)

  291. Defending his decision to call most employees back to the office in 2021, what JPMorgan Chase CEO said that remote work "doesn’t work for those who want to hustle?"

    Answer: Jamie Dimon

  292. Bearing the names of two 19th-century businessmen (one of whom also gives his name to the most populous city in a different state), which building in Portland is the tallest in Oregon?

    Answer: Wells Fargo Center

  293. Marginal cost refers to how much money your business would spend to make how many additional units of your product?

    Answer: one

  294. In 1996 what publicly-listed company had the largest market capitalization in the world? In 2016 they ranked between 7th and 10th biggest in the world by market capitalization. The CEO of this company featured on the TV show "30 Rock."

    Answer: General Electric

  295. Coming 273rd on Forbes’ 2021 rankings of the 500 largest corporations in the world, the multinational mining company BHP is the largest company in which sparsely populated country?

    Answer: Australia

  296. AMT is the stock ticker for what Boston-based Fortune 500 company that is both a real estate investment trust and owner-operator of wireless and broadcast communications infrastructure in several countries worldwide?

    Answer: American Tower

  297. Originally, which Nike co-founder and CEO wanted to change the name from Nike to Dimension 6?

    Answer: Phil Knight

  298. Which city that starts with M is the financial heart of the Philippines, with more than 62,000 registered businesses as of 2012?

    Answer: Makati

  299. What enterprise cloud-computing software company experienced a stock price rally in May 2022, based on reports that semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom was looking to acquire it?

    Answer: VMware

  300. Famous for being the world's first publicly traded company on the world's first stock exchange, what defunct company holds the record for the most valuable company ever? After adjusting for inflation, the value is more than $7 trillion in today's dollars.

    Answer: Dutch East India Trading Company

  301. The fourth-largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the U.S. by 2016 revenue is headquartered in Atlanta. What COLOR is the only non-white color in the brand's logo?

    Answer: Orange (Home Depot)

  302. Social Media platform TikTok was originally owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, however it was only launched worldwide on iOS and Android after merging with which other Chinese app in 2018?

    Answer: Musical.ly

  303. Although it spun off as an independent company in 1993, Allstate was founded in 1931 as part of what major American corporation?

    Answer: Sears, Roebuck and Co.

  304. For the 2008 Summer Olympic games, Budweiser was the official international beer and what other brand was the official domestic beer?

    Answer: Tsingtao

  305. Mice named Sniff and Scurry are two of the main characters in what motivational business fable book by Dr. Spencer Johnson?

    Answer: Who Moved My Cheese?

  306. Which type of costs are not directly related to making your product but that you still need to pay for to keep the business up and running? (Hint: They can be fixed [e.g., rent], variable [e.g., shipping fees], or sem-variable [e.g., utilities]

    Answer: Overhead

  307. What is the seven-letter name of the cloud-based business phone system that was founded in 2002 and is named after a physical feature on a digital phone?

    Answer: Dialpad

  308. When it purchased Postal Telegraph, Inc. in 1943, what company nearly completed its total monopoly over the telegraph industry?

    Answer: Western Union

  309. In 2012, Brad Pitt became the first male spokesperson for what perfume whose formula was created by French-Russian chemist Ernest Beaux in 1921?

    Answer: Chanel No. 5

  310. First coined and explained by 19th-century mathematician William Forster Lloyd, what is the "tragic" term in economics which describes a situation where individual users act independently according to self-interest and ultimately deplete a resource through uncoordinated action?

    Answer: Tragedy of the Commons

  311. With a valuation north of $1 billion and more than $700 million raised in venture capital, what is the four-letter company that offers business credit cards to technology companies and brands itself as "the financial OS for the next generation of business"?

    Answer: Brex

  312. Businesses can save money on liability insurance by getting a policy with SIR. No, that’s not a person. What is SIR an acronym for?

    Answer: Self-insured retention

  313. Which web3 commerce platform for businesses wanting to create their own NFT marketplace is named after a minty, citrusy, alcoholic drink?

    Answer: Mojito

  314. Steve Jobs' biological father grew up in what Middle Eastern country?

    Answer: Syria

  315. Brand ______ refers to the value a brand’s name gives a product beyond what the product actually does by design. Basically, it’s the "coolness factor" a consumer perceives getting when they own a brand-name product.

    Answer: Equity

  316. The business school professor and executive Michael Porter is often associated with the concept of value-based healthcare after releasing a book in 2006 with Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg on the topic. However, Porter is more often associated with his famous "Five ______" of business strategy. What word fill's the blank?

    Answer: Forces

  317. What notorious Boston sports fan, formerly of ESPN, sold his most recent venture to Spotify in early 2020 to bolster their podcast business?

    Answer: Bill Simmons

  318. The Alto computer released in 1973 was the first to feature a GUI (graphical user interface). Although Apple's far more successful Macintosh system brought the GUI to wider acclaim, what was the company that released the Alto?

    Answer: Xerox

  319. Sometimes referred to by their initials BTO for short, what hyphenated rock group had a top-20 hit with their 1973 song "Takin' Care of Business?"

    Answer: Bachman-Turner Overdrive

  320. Commonly nicknamed “Black Wall Street” due to the thriving African American business within the area, what district in Tulsa, Oklahoma was burned to the ground during the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre?

    Answer: Greenwood

  321. Hair accessory giant Scunci, known for their hair ties, elastics, scrunchies, and headbands, is a division of what parent company?

    Answer: Conair

  322. In 2009, Coca-Cola unveiled a new slogan called “______ Happiness.” Fill in the one word blank, which implies that the can of of Coca-Cola is synonymous with happiness, and you need to drink it.

    Answer: Open Happiness

  323. What French personal care company, founded in 1909 and the largest cosmetic company in the world, insists that you should buy their products “because you’re worth it?”

    Answer: L'oreal

  324. What loan company, co-founded by Dan Gilbert in 1985, is associated with the ownership history of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and can be seen running advertisements for their “Rocket Loans?”

    Answer: Quicken

  325. What 2019 Guy Ritchie film stars Matthew McConaughey as an American trying to sell off his cannabis business in London?

    Answer: The Gentlemen

  326. Generally considered a rough proxy for whether the rewards of an investment justify the risk, Nobel Prize winner Bill Sharpe created the eponymous ratio which divides investment return by what denominator?

    Answer: Standard deviation

  327. What’s the protective name of Berkshire Hathaway’s general liability insurance for specific industries, with aggregate limits up to $6 million and premium discounts for businesses?

    Answer: Guard

  328. Beating out Australia, India, and Turkey, what north hemisphere country is the world’s largest grower of lentils and produces more than half of the world’s total lentil exports?

    Answer: Canada

  329. Thomas Piketty proposes progressive wealth taxes as a way to reduce income inequality in what 2013 book that was translated into English the following year?

    Answer: Capital

  330. She made her fortune by developing and marketing cosmetics and hair care products for black women. She's also listed as the first female self-made millionaire in America in the Guinness Book of World Records. Who is this woman?

    Answer: Madam C. J. Walker

  331. Founded in 1974 by Ann and Dennis Ratner in West Springfield, Virginia, what unisex hair salon became the largest privately-held salon chain in the United States by the mid 2010s? The chain entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2020 in part due to suspended operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Answer: Hair Cuttery

  332. What magazine founded in 1979 bills itself as "the only major brand dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies"?

    Answer: Inc.

  333. How inventive: the Franklin Resources investment firm trades on the New York Stock Exchange under what apt three-letter ticker?

    Answer: BEN

  334. Which global fintech and SaaS company, founded in Ireland in 2009, gives businesses the ability to process online payments in more than 100 currencies, or in-person with a physical card reader they can hook up to a smartphone that connects with Terminal (its POS)?

    Answer: Stripe

  335. What is the four-word formal title of the UK position currently held by Rishi Sunak, roughly equivalent to the United States Secretary of the Treasury?

    Answer: Chancellor of the Exchequer

  336. What national Petroleum and Chemical Corporation is the biggest oil company in the world? In its home country it is called Sinopec.

    Answer: China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation

  337. Which stock exchange was formed 2000 by the merger of Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels stock exchanges?

    Answer: Euronext

  338. Also known as a corporate charter, what’s the name of the official certificate you’d file in your state to legally form your business entity that contains all the essential info (like your name and address) as well as key information about stocks and liability?

    Answer: Articles of Incorporation

  339. The founders of Nike started the business as distributors for what "Tiger" footwear brand from Japan?

    Answer: Onitsuka

  340. At the height of Frank Lloyd Wright's career in 1927, he surprised contemporaries by designing what type of retail outlet? The design was part of his utopian city concept and although intended for Buffalo, NY the structure was eventually built in Cloquet, MN where it remains in business.

    Answer: Gas Station

  341. Which term applies when you take over a fledgling business and sell off whatever it has (like property) to make money rather than trying to save it?

    Answer: Asset Stripping

  342. According to the ______ Doctrine (or Clause), the jurisdiction over an investment comes down to whichever country that investment is located in.

    Answer: Calvo

  343. What is the largest publicly-traded truck stop in the United States, and also the parent company for the restaurant chain Quaker Steak & Lube?

    Answer: TA Travel Centers

  344. A photo of him wearing a "Monkey Business Crew" shirt with Donna Rice tanked the 1988 presidential campaign of what Colorado senator?

    Answer: Gary Hart

  345. American business "e"xecutive and philanthropist Joseph Deitch founded what Prize Foundation in 2018 to empower individuals and organizations that benefit the human experience?

    Answer: Elevate

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