119 Car Trivia Questions (Ranked from Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
January 4, 2024
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Cars are an integral part of modern life, allowing us to travel quickly and easily from one place to another. They have come a long way since the first gasoline-powered automobile was invented in the late 19th century. Today, cars are equipped with a wide range of features and technologies that make them more efficient, safer, and more comfortable to drive. However, not everyone is aware of the interesting trivia and facts surrounding the car industry. Here are a few examples of car trivia questions that might test your knowledge:

  • Who invented the first gasoline-powered car?
  • What is the most popular car model in the world?
  • What is the name of the first car to travel over 100 miles per hour?
  • How long did it take for the Ford Model T to be produced on assembly line?
  • What was the first car to be mass-produced?

These are just a few examples of the many fascinating facts and trivia related to the car industry. Whether you're a car enthusiast or just someone who is curious about how these vehicles work, these questions can be a fun and interesting way to learn more about one of the most important inventions of the modern era.

119 Car Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2024)

  1. Several metropolitan areas in the US have highway sections during peak times designated as "HOV lanes." What does HOV stand for?

    Answer: High-occupancy vehicle

  2. What famed musician born William Bruce Bailey uses a stage name one letter away from a part of an automobile?

    Answer: Axl Rose

  3. What is the nickname of retired professional golfer Jack Nicklaus? Its origin goes back to the mascot of his high school in Upper Arlington, Ohio and it is incorporated into his brand's logo.

    Answer: The Golden Bear

  4. What adjective for less-than-full-size cars eventually had "sub" added to the front of the word and occasionally even has "micro" attached out front?

    Answer: Compact

  5. First manufactured in 1982, what was the first American-produced Japanese car? The vehicle rolled off the assembly line at the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio and became the best-selling Japanese car in the United States for 15 straight years.

    Answer: Honda Accord

  6. The Sentra, Altima, and Pathfinder are all car models made by what maker?

    Answer: Nissan

  7. "Cars" was the final Pixar film to be released on VHS and also the first to be released on what post-DVD high-resolution technology?

    Answer: Blu Ray

  8. What Japanese automaker uses the expression "Zoom-Zoom" which describes the "emotion of motion" it claims is inherent in its cars? Obviously, the word later became more associated with a videotechnology company.

    Answer: Mazda

  9. What filmmaker won Best Director for the 2008 film "The Hurt Locker" while simultaneously defeating her ex-husband James Cameron in the category?

    Answer: Kathryn Bigelow

  10. In the 1980s film "Knight Rider," what was the name of David Hasselhoff's talking car?

    Answer: Kitt

  11. What famous filmmaker behind "Patton" and "The Godfather" received his middle name because of the car company that sponsored the radio show where his father worked?

    Answer: Francis Ford Coppola

  12. By dollar value, what big-ticket consumer item is the UK's largest import (hint: it could probably give everything else a run for its money as the largest import by weight too!)?

    Answer: Cars

  13. In the "Alternate Side" episode of Seinfeld, what is the 3-letter name of the character that moves the cars from one side of the street to the other to avoid parking tickets?

    Answer: Sid

  14. Within 4 years, what year was the first cell phone sold, for roughly $4,000? Car phones were invented in the 1940's, but we are looking for the first one aimed to be sold to consumers to use outside of cars.

    Answer: 1984

  15. The world's first road made specifically for cars was paved in which of New York City's five boroughs?

    Answer: Queens

  16. Higher octane gas leads to less premature ignition which in turn reduces the rattling noise in cars most commonly known by what "K" term?

    Answer: Knocking

  17. According to Motoring Research, what car series was the most popular in the world with over one million new registrations in 2018? Second place was the Toyota Corolla and third place was the Honda Civic.

    Answer: Ford F-Series

  18. The LeSabre, Century, and Roadmaster are all automobile models from what brand? This brand was the first manufacturer to start General Motors.

    Answer: Buick

  19. The first internal combustion engine suitable for use in transportation applications was named for its German inventor who had what four-letter palindrome last name?

    Answer: Otto

  20. In May 2003, the fastest known speeding ticket in US history was handed out, with a Swedish sports car allegedly going 242 MPH in a 75 MPH zone. Fittingly, in what state did this occur? I suppose everything's bigger, and everything's faster there.

    Answer: Texas

  21. What internationally-recognized car brand, commissioned in 1934 by the country's notorious leader, translates in English to "People's car?"

    Answer: Volkswagen

  22. The Accent, Santa Fe, and Palisade are all car models manufactured by what international automotive company?

    Answer: Hyundai

  23. According to the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles in 2018, China was the world's largest manufacturer of motor vehicles with 28 million produced. Next up was the United States with 11 million vehicles. What Asian country was in third place with nearly 10 million vehicles produced?

    Answer: Japan

  24. Known widely as "il Commendatore" or "il Drake," what famous motor racing driver became a household name once his surname became attached to an automobile brand?

    Answer: Ferrari

  25. The Forester and Outback were two of the top 25 best-selling cars in the U.S. in 2019. What Japanese company manufactures both of these models?

    Answer: Subaru

  26. What is the seven-letter branded software standard created by Apple that enables a car radio or touchscreen to be a display and a controller for an iOS device?

    Answer: CarPlay

  27. What is the name of the American truck company that manufactured its first truck in 1907, inspired the name of a Pixar character in the movie "Cars," and was purchased by Volvo in 2000?

    Answer: Mack Trucks

  28. What Midwestern city was the home of the Studebaker car manufacturer? This city was also featured in the 2019 news cycle due to its presidential hopeful "Mayor Pete."

    Answer: South Bend, Indiana

  29. The used car shopping website TrueCar released data in 2014 with the share of cars sold in each U.S. state that are a truck (pickups and SUVs) vs. a car (cars, small crossovers, wagons). The leading state had over 75% of its sold vehicles counted as a "truck" by this definition. What state was that?

    Answer: Alaska

  30. Founded in 1914 and owned by FIAT since 1993, what is the name of the Italian Italian luxury car manufacturer that features a trident as its emblem?

    Answer: Maserati

  31. Although the technology has existed for at least 50 years, in the 2000s was the first time that efficacy and output increased enough in LED lights to be used in applications such as car headlights. What does LED stand for?

    Answer: Light emitting diode

  32. An automobile factory totaling 1.5 million square feet located in Newark, Delaware produced more than 7 million cars before its 2008 closure. Which of the "Big Three" automobile manufacturers owned and operated the plant while in operation?

    Answer: Chrysler

  33. Described on its own website as "Trucker's Disneyland," the "World's Largest Truckstop" includes eight restaurants, a chiropractor, and a barbershop. The complex is located off of I-80 near Walcott in what state?

    Answer: Iowa

  34. Invented by John McAdam, the material macadam was one of the early mixtures that was used in creating what transit-related thing? These things are seen every day by the majority of the world's population.

    Answer: Roads

  35. Alaska is home to the largest mountain in the United States, coming in at over 20,000 feet high. This mountain is also the namesake for a line of GMC trucks and SUVs. What is the mountain called?

    Answer: Denali

  36. What is the common term for the weekly Sunday tradition in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, and other cities in which streets are blocked off to cars to allow runners, walkers, skaters, and cyclists to exercise more safely and comfortably?

    Answer: Ciclovía

  37. What is the two-word name for a drag racing vehicle that features a tilt-up fiberglass automotive body and an engine placed in front of the driver rather than behind the driver?

    Answer: Funny Car

  38. What word completes the title of the 2017 game "Super Mario ______" for the Nintendo Switch? The word in question is also a vehicle manufactured by Honda and the English name of a Greek epic poem.

    Answer: Odyssey

  39. I-90, the longest interstate highway in the United States, has its termini in Boston and what west coast city (which is NOT its state's capital)?

    Answer: Seattle

  40. The first compulsory car insurance program was introduced with the Road Traffic Act 1930 in what country?

    Answer: United Kingdom

  41. The first main use case for the QR code system was for the manufacturing of what type of product in Japan?

    Answer: Automobiles

  42. Stephen King's titular evil, possessed car "Christine" was what muscular Plymouth model?

    Answer: Fury

  43. For their golden anniversary, Cadillac introduced what car model named for a mythical city?

    Answer: Eldorado

  44. In one of The Simpsons' most famous episodes, Lyle Lanley sings a monorail song in which he claims there's nothing on Earth like a genuine, bonafide monorail with how many cars?

    Answer: Six

  45. Spanning more than 1,800 miles, the World Solar Challenge is an every-other-year car race for solar-powered vehicles across what country?

    Answer: Australia

  46. The squat, futuristic 1956 Predictor was the not-so-apt name of the final concept model produced by what Detroit luxury automaker?

    Answer: Packard

  47. To make the TIE Fighter sound extra terrifying, legendary sound designer Ben Burtt combined the sound of cars on wet pavement with the sound of what formidable animal?

    Answer: Elephant

  48. A hybrid remote-office work model was announced in March 2021 by what Big Three U.S. automaker currently run by CEO Jim Farley?

    Answer: Ford

  49. Released by Psyonix in 2015, what video game and esport can best be described as "soccer, but with flying cars"?

    Answer: Rocket League

  50. What is the name of the 3D imaging company, which is used to capture and display 3D representations of cars, that was acquired by Cox Automotive in 2020?

    Answer: Fyusion

  51. Also known as "lean manufacturing," just-in-time manufacturing is a hyperefficient process pioneered by what Japanese automaker in the 1960s?

    Answer: Toyota

  52. What “x”tremely useful software owned by Cox Automotive allows for car dealers to have direct insight into the cars they sell, allowing for prompt service appointments among other features?

    Answer: xtime

  53. What “M” auction house, founded in Kissimmee, Florida in 1988, specializes in collector and classic cars, named after founder Dana?

    Answer: Mecum

  54. In 1968, Elliot Handler came up with what brand of toy cars as a competition to Matchbox? They are a two-word brand that starts with “H”, modeled as highly modified and fantastical, as opposed to realistic car toys.

    Answer: Hot Wheels

  55. Howard Ashman and Alan Mencken played themselves when "Under the Sea" won Best Original Song at the 89th Oscars over what other "Little Mermaid" song of theirs?

    Answer: Kiss the Girl

  56. A miniature villain stalks a suburban home to the tune of Darth Vader's famously imposing theme song in a 2011 Super Bowl Commercial for what car manufacturer?

    Answer: Volkswagen

  57. In the spring of 1954 in Seattle, a strange mass delusion broke out as people began reporting damage in unprecedented numbers to what part of their cars? The craze led to theories of cosmic rays, sand fleas, and nuclear weapon testing among other hypotheses.

    Answer: Windshield

  58. What “C” cybersecurity company based out of Israel offers cybersecurity protection for the computer systems inside of cars? In 2021, the company was acquired by LG.

    Answer: Cybellum

  59. Variously featuring a brontosaurus or T.Rex in its logo, what is the six-letter name of the fictional company whose gas stations appear in Pixar's "Toy Story" and "Cars" franchises?

    Answer: Dinoco

  60. Established on November 11, 1926 and stretching 2,448 miles across the United States, what famous highway is also known as the Will Rogers Memorial Highway?

    Answer: Route 66

  61. What 1962 Rachel Carson book addressed the environmental effects of pesticides? its two word title implied that poisoning the environment could stop plant growth entirely.

    Answer: Silent Spring

  62. Located in Lake Huron named "Michilimackinac" by Odawas, on what Michigan island are cars banned with the exception of select emergency vehicles?

    Answer: Mackinac Island

  63. CARS and the really-difficult-to-turn-into-an-acronym Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems are two sections of what standardized post-grad admission test?

    Answer: MCAT/ Medical College Admission Test

  64. Featuring guests like Barack Obama and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the passenger seat and Jerry Seinfeld behind the wheel, the series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" appears on what streaming service?

    Answer: Netflix

  65. The Cavallino Rampante, or "prancing horse," is a symbol on the logo of what Italian automaker, whose models include the Roma and the Testarossa?

    Answer: Ferrari

  66. What “A” term refers to the rate at which velocity changes over time, and the direction in which that change is acting? In terms of cars, it is used to refer to the act of increasing speed.

    Answer: Acceleration

  67. Regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time, what 1981 arcade game features the titular amphibian trying to cross a road without getting squashed by cars, and a river without getting eaten by predators?

    Answer: Frogger

  68. A reference to a nickname for the Ford Model T, what is the name of the vintage automobile voiced by actress Katherine Helmond in Pixar's "Cars" franchise?

    Answer: Lizzie

  69. What Ford vehicle, belonging to Starsky, did Starsky and Hutch use most during the TV series that bore their names?

    Answer: Ford Gran Torino

  70. What former "Tonight Show" host is famous for his car collection, which was itself the focus of a six-season CNBC reality series starting in 2014?

    Answer: Jay Leno

  71. This question makes me tired: the four strokes of a gasoline engine are intake, compression, combustion, and what "E" stroke also known as "outlet?"

    Answer: Exhaust

  72. In a famous parody of the Christmas carol "Jingle Bells," what famous fictional car that belongs to a superhero has "lost a wheel" while "the Joker got away?"

    Answer: Batmobile

  73. Which British manufacturer of luxury cars was founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in 1913?

    Answer: Aston Martin

  74. 1988's "Fast Car" and 1996's "Give Me One Reason" are the two Billboard U.S. top-ten hits by what folk-rock singer-songwriter?

    Answer: Tracy Chapman

  75. Benny the Cab is an animated taxi who ferries the title character around Toontown in what 1988 film that mixes live action with animation?

    Answer: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  76. A hallmark of '70s automobile design was a small fixed window found behind the rear side window in cars with vinyl roofs. Without being too much of a diva, tell me what type of music inspired its name.

    Answer: Opera

  77. In 2006, which Disney Pixar animated film did Hollywood star, racecar driver, and salad dressing philanthropist Paul Newman lend his voice to?

    Answer: Cars

  78. A company once known as "Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili," or "Lombardian Car Factory," is now better known by what two-word name, which incorporates an initialism of the company's earlier name?

    Answer: Alfa Romeo

  79. With almost no roads or rail systems, traveling across which island usually requires a dog sled, boat, or airplane? (Hint: If you make it to the capital city of Nuuk, you'll find cars and busses).

    Answer: Greenland

  80. Although it's officially a self-titled album, the 1977 debut studio album by what former Genesis frontman is sometimes known as "Car" in reference to its cover art?

    Answer: Peter Gabriel

  81. Doc Brown transforms a Delorean into a time machine, enabling Marty McFly to meet younger versions of his parents in the 1950s, in what classic 1985 film?

    Answer: Back to the Future

  82. What 1980s TV series starred David Hasselhoff as a crime fighter assisted by a talking, self-aware sports car named K.I.T.T.?

    Answer: Knight Rider

  83. Fuoco, corso, and scuderia are a few shades of what ROY G. BIV color that about 85% of pre-2000 Ferraris came in?

    Answer: Red

  84. Anti-lock ______ system (ABS) is what keeps your car’s wheels from locking up if you have to come to a quick stop (the tech also helps planes keep from skidding on the runway).

    Answer: Brake

  85. The Roman god of commerce, liquid element #80 on the periodic table, and a now defunct brand of the Ford Motor Company that was around from 1938 - 2011 all share what name?

    Answer: mercury you forgot some really cool cars

  86. If you’re looking up a car you’re thinking about buying in the Kelley Blue Book and you think you’ll want to negotiate the cost, it’ll help to know that MSRP is an acronym for what?

    Answer: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

  87. Axle ______ (also called “wheel hop”) describes when the axle rotates a little with the wheels and then snaps back with what feels like a bounce?

    Answer: Tramp

  88. What popular Honda model, which debuted in the 1970s, has a palindromic name that reflects its design as a car for citizens and cities?

    Answer: Civic

  89. In the US, the metal part of a car that covers the engine is called a hood; in the UK, this part goes by the name of what piece of headgear?

    Answer: Bonnet

  90. What Japanese automaker of the Miata and the CX-5 introduced the repetitive "Zoom Zoom" tagline in its U.S. advertising starting in 2000?

    Answer: Mazda

  91. According to Car and Driver, what five-letter word specifically means a closed two-door car with less than 33 cubic feet of rear interior space?

    Answer: Coupe

  92. The huge fins and grill, not to mention the additional sirens and sci-fi hardware, made the 1959 Cadillac Meteor-Miller modified for what 1984 film instantly iconic?

    Answer: Ghostbusters

  93. What TWO car brands--neither of which still produces automobiles under their original names--were named for Ohio-born automotive industry pioneer Ransom E. Olds?

    Answer: Oldsmobile, REO

  94. A blue shell power-up, when launched, seeks out the driver in first place and explodes, making it a feared item in what Nintendo racing game series?

    Answer: Mario Kart

  95. Winner of three Oscars, including Best Picture, what 2021 film's title refers to people whose parents are Deaf?

    Answer: CODA

  96. Winner of the Best Foreign Film Oscar and nominated for Best Picture, "Drive My Car" is a 2021 film directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi that was made in what country?

    Answer: Japan

  97. What was the name of the unsuccessful division and brand of automobile made by Ford which had been named after the son of company founder Henry Ford?

    Answer: Edsel

  98. What’s the name of the French brand of luxury sports cars that includes the Veyron, Chiron, and Divo?

    Answer: Bugatti

  99. Carrie Underwood sings about keying the side of a four-wheel-drive car and carving her name into the leather seats in what hit 2005 song about a two-timing guy?

    Answer: Before He Cheats

  100. Which former division of General Motors gave us the Firebird (1967), Grand Prix (1962), and Trans Am (1969)?

    Answer: Pontiac

  101. Featuring 36 silk-screen paintings and 13 drawings in the artist's signature colorful pop style, "Cars" is a series of artworks commissioned by Mercedes-Benz in the 1980s from what artist?

    Answer: Andy Warhol

  102. What German automaker's brand name comes from the Latin for "listen," itself a translation of the last name of founder August Horch?

    Answer: Audi

  103. In 1968, Plymouth paid Warner Bros. big money so could make a muscle car named after which speedy “Looney Toons” character? (They even give it a “beep beep!” horn, too).

    Answer: Road Runner

  104. In 2008, which over 100-year-old American automaker sold its former UK brands Jaguar and Land Rover to India’s Tata Motors?

    Answer: Ford

  105. Although the origin of the name is an Italian acronym, what auto brand's name is also a four-letter word that can mean "an authoritative or arbitrary order?"

    Answer: Fiat

  106. Known for its multi-story auto "vending machines," what Arizona-based online retailer's name is a combo of a type of automobile and a concept from Buddhism?

    Answer: Carvana

  107. In November 2022, San Francisco residents voted to permanently ban cars from John F. Kennedy Drive in what city park, which runs from Haight-Asbury to the sea?

    Answer: Golden Gate Park

  108. A 1971 Nissan ______ 2000 GT-R appears in a few scenes of "Fast Five." The GT-R stands for Gran Turismo–Racing, and the S-word that correctly fills in the blank was the first model to be given that label.

    Answer: Skyline

  109. The Silhouette minivan and the Alero compact were the last cars produced under what former General Motors brand?

    Answer: Oldsmobile

  110. A sleekly designed side view of a leaping African antelope is included in the emblem of what Chevrolet sedan model?

    Answer: Impala

  111. A sleek black convertible known as the Regalia is the car Noctis Lucis Caelum and his friends use to travel across Eos in the fifteenth installment of what alliterative video game franchise?

    Answer: Final Fantasy

  112. Legend has it that Chevrolet marketing officials once defined what model's name as "a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs?"

    Answer: Camaro

  113. What’s the name for the cover on the center of a car’s wheel (Hint: It’s technically the smaller part of the larger wheel cover, which is usually decorative in nature)

    Answer: Hubcap

  114. What hydrocarbon, whose molecules have eight carbon atoms, is added to gasoline to prevent engine knock?

    Answer: Octane

  115. The Pixar movie Cars debuted in 2006 at Lowe's Motor Speedway, a legendary NASCAR track home to the Coca-Cola 500, in what state?

    Answer: North Carolina

  116. Styled as "Dear John" letters to inanimate objects, what campaign did Lime Scooters start in April 2022 to encourage commuters to ditch their automobiles for more sustainable alternatives?

    Answer: #BreakUpWithCars

  117. Which American “hypercar” maker based in Texas “makes fast cars faster” with mods like Venom and Exorcist?

    Answer: Hennessey

  118. The car company Holden, which is now owned by General Motors, began in 1948 in which southern hemisphere country?

    Answer: Australia

  119. The Duragno, Charger, and Neon are just a few vehicles made by which Stellantis brand that’s headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan?

    Answer: Dodge

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