106 Dallas Trivia Questions (Ranked from Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
May 6, 2024
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Dallas, the third-largest city in the state of Texas and the ninth-largest in the United States, is known for its rich history, culture, and iconic landmarks such as Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum. The city is also a major center for business, finance, and technology, as well as being renowned for its sports teams, particularly the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks.

Dallas was founded in 1841 by a group of settlers led by John Neely Bryan and was named after George Mifflin Dallas, the 11th Vice President of the United States. The city quickly developed into a major center of trade, with the growth of the cotton and oil industries. Dallas is also home to several major universities and research institutions, making it a major center for education and innovation.

Dallas is also known for its diverse population, with a large number of immigrants from Mexico, Vietnam, and India, as well as African American and Hispanic communities. This diversity is reflected in the city's food, music, and art, making it a vibrant and exciting place to visit or live. The city's museums, gardens, and festivals also attract visitors from around the world.

106 Dallas Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2024)

  1. Reflecting its headquarters at Love Field in Dallas, as well as an old marketing campaign in which in-flight snacks were called "love bites" and "love potions," LUV is the stock-ticker symbol of what directionally named airline?

    Answer: Southwest

  2. DAL is the airport code for which (affectionate! adoring! arduous!) Dallas airport?

    Answer: Love Field

  3. Through the first 10 seasons of Shark Tank, what Dallas Mavericks owner and prominent venture capitalist had made the highest number of deals on the show, totaling 151 deals?

    Answer: Mark Cuban

  4. The original was invented across the border in Juarez's Kentucky Club, but the "frozen" version of what drink is credited to Dallas restaurateur Mariano Martinez?

    Answer: Margarita

  5. Formed in Dallas in 1989, what country girl group dropped "Dixie" from its name in 2020, citing the negative connotations of the word?

    Answer: The Chicks

  6. The Mustangs are the sports teams of what Dallas higher-education institution whose name reflects its founding by a Protestant Christian sect?

    Answer: Southern Methodist University

  7. Located just to the north of downtown and containing the green space Fairfax park, what is the name of the most expensive real estate suburb in Dallas?

    Answer: Highland Park

  8. Dallas typist Bette Nesmith Graham might be best known for being the mother of The Monkees' Michael Nesmith, but she also invented what error-correcting office item in 1956?

    Answer: Liquid Paper

  9. Founded and headquartered at Dallas's Love Field, a heart is aptly part of the logo of what U.S. airline?

    Answer: Southwest Airlines

  10. Which East Dallas neighborhood is known for its nightlife (there are over 50 clubs), street art, and the Undermain Theatre?

    Answer: Deep Ellume

  11. Who famously died in the basement garage of the Dallas Municipal Building on November 24, 1963?

    Answer: Lee Harvey Oswald

  12. Serving as the largest hub for American Airlines, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is identified by the International Air Transport Association by what three-letter airport code?

    Answer: DFW

  13. The "Sixth Floor Museum" at the former Texas School Book Depository is a popular tourist spot overlooking what Dallas plaza?

    Answer: Dealey Plaza

  14. Not sponsored by 3M, Posty Fest is an Arlington, Texas music festival put on by what local rapper?

    Answer: Post Malone

  15. Located in Parker, Texas, the Southfork Ranch is a conference and event center where tourists can visit the set of what TV drama that aired from 1978 to 1991?

    Answer: Dallas

  16. Bird scooters can be found on the campus of what Dallas, Texas university whose sports teams are called the Mustangs?

    Answer: Southern Methodist University

  17. From 2004 to 2016, what San Diego native, now a commentator on "The NFL Today," played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?

    Answer: Tony Romo

  18. The annual football showdown between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma at Dallas's Cotton Bowl Stadium is named for what river?

    Answer: Red River

  19. Each year in January, Dallas holds one of the biggest events in the country to celebrate the life of which minister and civil rights activist?

    Answer: Martin Luther King Jr.

  20. Which Dallas-born actress and singer has the record for the most Instagram followers by both an American, and a woman?

    Answer: Selena Gomez

  21. Born in Dallas in 1965, what was the name of the ventriloquist who won America’s Got Talent in 2007 and has been headlining at hotels in Las Vegas since?

    Answer: Terry Fator

  22. Which ESPN personality has admitted he cannot stand the Dallas Cowboys, citing issues with the team’s fan base as the source of his problem?

    Answer: Stephen A. Smith

  23. With the surname Raymond, but commonly known by just his first name, which famous singer was born October 14, 1978 in Dallas?

    Answer: Usher

  24. The Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas is named after what business magnate who ran for president as an independent or third-party candidate in 1992 and 1996?

    Answer: H. Ross Perot

  25. In which Dallas neighborhood near Oak Lawn with an aquatic/reptilian name will you find Rosewood Mansion?

    Answer: Turtle Creek

  26. Long before she married Bill, which philanthropist and computer scientist (born and raised in Dallas) first “clicked” with an Apple II computer when she was a student at St. Monica Catholic School?

    Answer: Melinda Gates

  27. Named in Forbes magazine's Top 10 Most Powerful Women every year since 2010, which Dallas-born former computer scientist only received about 2% of her former husband's roughly $100 billion wealth when they divorced in 2021?

    Answer: Melinda French Gates

  28. Copart is an online automotive auction company with a global base in 11 countries. It is headquartered in what Texas city, home to the Nasher Sculpture Center?

    Answer: Dallas, Texas

  29. Home to the Cotton Bowl and nicknamed "Jerry's World," what NFL team plays home games at AT&T Stadium?

    Answer: Dallas Cowboys

  30. From the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Tanner and Josh became known as "the Texas guys" while traveling around the world on Season 27 of what CBS competition reality show?

    Answer: The Amazing Race

  31. Prior to their move to Dallas in the 1993-1994 NHL season, the Dallas Stars were the North Stars and played home games in Bloomington in what U.S. state?

    Answer: Minnesota

  32. In 2016, the Dallas Cowboys moved their practice facility to The Star in Frisco. Previously, the team had practiced at Valley Ranch in which "I" city within Dallas county, formerly home to the now demolished Texas Stadium?

    Answer: Irving

  33. Which north Dallas neighborhood is home to some of the city’s richest residents on Strait Lane, Hillcrest High School, and the NorthPark mall?

    Answer: Preston Hollow

  34. Kristin Shepard proved to be the answer to the question that gripped America in 1980, when she was revealed to be the character who shot what villain of the show Dallas?

    Answer: J. R. Ewing

  35. The Thunderducks are the mascot of which community college campus in Dallas?

    Answer: Richland

  36. Which luxury hotel on Commerce Street was built by the founder of Anheuser-Busch in 1911 and is a Dallas Landmark?

    Answer: Adolphus

  37. It’s come a long way from its days as a warehouse district! Today, which neighborhood northwest of Downtown is home to many art galleries and showrooms (not surprising, given its name)?

    Answer: Design District

  38. If you want to see Dallas from above, which tower (also known as “The Ball”) has an observation deck (the “GeO-Deck”) that gives you a 360-view of the city?

    Answer: Reunion

  39. There are three enclaves surrounded by Dallas: Highland Park, University Park—and what’s the third?

    Answer: Cockrell Hill

  40. Renamed the Santander Tower last year, what was the appreciative name of the 50-story skyscraper at 1601 Elm Street from 1982 until 2022?

    Answer: Thanksgiving Tower

  41. In 1989, which football player and later failed politician (in 2022) was traded by the Dallas Cowboys to the Minnesota Vikings for four players and many draft picks, thus letting the Cowboys build their dynasty team of the 1990s?

    Answer: Herschel Walker

  42. At the 2012 Dallas State Fair, which potato chip brand made world record history when it cooked up a 1,325-pound chili pie made from its corn chips?

    Answer: Frito-Lay

  43. Since 2014, whose chicken (at two locations—Oak Lawn or North Dallas) can you get with a side of flaky biscuits, mac and cheese, and homemade dipping sauces like buffalo, chipotle mayo, and ranch?

    Answer: Mike's

  44. Whether it’s your first time or you’re getting back in the saddle, which animal (a loyal steed, indeed) can you take for a trail ride at Ascend Camp and Retreat Center?

    Answer: Horse

  45. As the name suggests, which cemetery in the Convention Center District is the final resting place of many people who were instrumental in the founding of Dallas? (Hint: It actually combines what was once the Masonic Cemetery, the Odd Fellow's Cemetery, the Jewish Cemetery, and the City Cemetery into one graveyard)

    Answer: Pioneer Park

  46. In 1909, one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in the history of Texas swept through which town near Dallas-Fort Wayne and killed at least 10 people?

    Answer: Grand Prairie

  47. Adlene Harrison briefly held the role of acting mayor of Dallas after the resignation of Wes Wise, but who was the first female elected as the mayor of Dallas?

    Answer: Annette Strauss

  48. From its name, you might have thought they made pianos and guitars. What Dallas-based company claims to be the world's largest analog semiconductor supplier?

    Answer: Texas Instruments

  49. According to the internet, he once won a game of Connect Four in three moves. Cordell Walker, a former dolphin trainer turned Dallas-based member of the Texas Rangers, was played on TV for eight year by what martial arts expert?

    Answer: Chuck Norris

  50. What Oscar-winning movie tells the story of Texan Ron Woodroof, who helped distribute smuggled pharmaceuticals to AIDS patients throughout Texas and the USA in the 1980s?

    Answer: Dallas Buyers Club

  51. Designed by Welton Becket and erected in 1978, which Dallas tower currently has 259 color-changing LEDs around the hall at the top of its structure?

    Answer: Reunion Tower

  52. "Grill like a gaucho" is a slogan used by what churrascaria steakhouse chain whose corporate headquarters are located in Dallas?

    Answer: Texas de Brazil

  53. In what is now West Dallas, in 1855 a group of French, Belgian, and Swiss immigrants formed what they planned to be a utopian socialist colony. It didn't turn out that way; the colony dissolved after only two years. What was the colony called?

    Answer: La Reunion

  54. Trammell and Margaret Crow created an art collection that became the basis for a museum dedicated to the art of what continent? After the Crows' death, their children donated their entire collection to the University of Texas at Dallas.

    Answer: Asia

  55. Dallas is a sister city to what French city located win the Burgundy region? The city is usually associated with a condiment.

    Answer: Dijon

  56. Dallas has sister city relationships with seven different cities from around the world. However, only one of them is a country’s capital city. With four letters in it, and it being in Europe, which capital city is it?

    Answer: Riga

  57. Due to its collection of works by artists such as Ribera, Murillo, Goya, and El Greco, the Meadows Museum in Dallas is nicknamed the "Prado on the Prairie" — the Prado being the national art museum of which country?

    Answer: Spain

  58. The rivalry between Dallas and Fort Worth extends all the way back to 1873, when a Dallas lawyer wrote in the newspaper that Fort Worth was so quiet, he saw which animal sleeping on Main Street without being disturbed?

    Answer: Panther

  59. Although he lives in Retroville, which “boy genius” was originally invented and animated in Dallas, Texas?

    Answer: Jimmy Neutron

  60. It is well known that six flags have flown over the state of Texas. What flag was flying when Dallas was incorporated?

    Answer: American

  61. After being in the first graduating class at the Virginia Military Institute and serving in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, what doctor was the first mayor of Dallas after the state gave the town its charter?

    Answer: Pryor

  62. Dallas' Fair Park displays one of the world's largest collections of art, buildings, and sculptures dedicated to which art style, popular in the 1920s and '30s?

    Answer: Art Deco

  63. When DeMarcus Ware became the all-time leader for sacks with the Dallas Cowboys in 2013, who’s record did he beat?

    Answer: Harvey Martin

  64. Which golf course found on North Montclair Avenue was rated by Golf Digest as the best golf course in the Dallas area?

    Answer: Stevens Park

  65. Who was the first general manager of the Dallas Cowboys when they were created as an NFL expansion team in 1960?

    Answer: Tex Schramm

  66. Which Cowboys player, who played for the team between 2005-2013, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2023?

    Answer: DeMarcus Ware

  67. In 2023, the city of Dallas partnered with what government agency in a study to determine where "heat islands" were in the city?

    Answer: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  68. What outlaw that grew up in West Dallas was head of a gang known for bank robberies, and along with his girlfriend was believed to have killed nine people before being mowed down by law enforcement in Bienville Parish, Louisiana on May 23, 1934?

    Answer: Clyde Barrow

  69. In college football, the 2023 ServPro First Responders Bowl will be held on December 26 in which city?

    Answer: Dallas

  70. Lasting for 14 seasons in its original run, the vast ranch land of Southfork is the central setting of what CBS soap opera that’s best known for its cliffhanging “Who Shot J.R.?” episode?

    Answer: “Dallas”

  71. Which three-time Cy Young award winning pitcher was born in Dallas on March 19, 1988?

    Answer: Clayton Kershaw

  72. Brrr! Before becoming the world's first convenience store, a store in Dallas (the first of what would later be called 7-Elevens) sold what commodity?

    Answer: Ice

  73. A public artwork, "We Are the Music, and the Music Is Us,' created by Basque artist Casto Solano and located in Kiest Park, celebrates the musical legacy of two brothers with what last name?

    Answer: Vaughan

  74. What is the name of the "immersive" interactive art museum located at 1511 Elm Street in downtown Dallas?

    Answer: Sweet Tooth Hotel

  75. Which golfer, winner of the 2015 U.S. Open and U.S. Masters, was born in Dallas on July 7, 1993?

    Answer: Jordan Spieth

  76. Jack Kilby demonstrated the first functional integrated circuit in a Dallas lab in September 1958 while working for what company?

    Answer: Texas Instruments

  77. A pair of well known acting brothers were born in Dallas on November 18, 1968 and September 21, 1971. What is their family name?

    Answer: Wilson

  78. What now-defunct airline was headquartered in Kansas City from the 1940s until the 1970s, and nearly moved to Dallas before Missouri officials moved to keep it in state by relocating it to St. Louis?

    Answer: Trans World Airlines (TWA)

  79. What iconic magenta-purple-green dino beloved by ‘90s kids was essentially birthed in Dallas because that’s where he was brought to life from the mind of creator, Sheryl Leach?

    Answer: Barney

  80. What delicious three-word dessert’s origins trace back as early as Mrs. George Clay submitting her tasty recipe to The Dallas Morning News in 1957 – and NOT back to a baker in Berlin inventing this coconut and pecan-layered treat?

    Answer: German Chocolate Cake

  81. What cake, a recipe for which first appeared in a Dallas newspaper in 1957, was named for its primary ingredient and not for its country of origin?

    Answer: German chocolate cake

  82. Which neighborhood in Dallas has a name that sounds like a crooked arbor and is home to Frankford Church?

    Answer: Bent Tree

  83. Dallas is named in honor of former vice president George M. Dallas who served in the role from 1845 to 1849 under which one-term President?

    Answer: James K. Polk

  84. Playing for the team from 1981 to 1992, which player is second in total points for the Dallas Mavericks behind Dirk Nowitzki?

    Answer: Rolando Blackman

  85. The North American Cold Wave of February 2021 hammered most of the Midwest and south with extreme cold temperatures. In fact, it reached a recorded low of -2 Fahrenheit in Dallas, Texas on February 16th, 2021, causing power outages and frozen pipes. What term is used to describe this weather system that originates near the north pole and causes these frigid conditions when it occurs?

    Answer: Polar vortex

  86. What Texas city boasts the largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the Southwest?

    Answer: Dallas

  87. Which neighborhood with a colorful avian name is home to the Dallas Executive Airport, the Golf Club of Dallas, and Boulder Park Trail?

    Answer: Red Bird

  88. Flooding in Texas is most likely along an escarpment, a long geographic slope, running from Del Rio on the U.S.-Mexico border to Dallas-Fort Worth. What's the name of this escarpment, which comes from the Spanish word for features you might look for in the upper story of a house?

    Answer: Balcones Escarpment

  89. Securing the trophy with a triple overtime victory in Game 6, the Dallas Stars won the 1999 Stanley Cup in the NHL defeating which Eastern Conference team in the finals?

    Answer: Buffalo Sabres

  90. In June 1980, the hottest day ever was recorded in Dallas. To the nearest degree Fahrenheit, what was the temperature? Three degrees either way accepted

    Answer: 113

  91. What performing arts venue was the first building in Dallas to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places? The building is the last remnant of Theater Row, the city's historic entertainment center.

    Answer: Majestic Theater

  92. Also the nickname of both real-life assassin Ilich Ramírez Sánchez and a fictional assassin created by Frederick Forsyth, what African/Eurasian cousin of the coyote names the MLR team from Dallas? (MLR being Major League Rugby, North America's top-level rugby competition)

    Answer: Jackal

  93. From 1831-1833, George M. Dallas, the man who the city is named after, served as a U.S. Senator representing which state, his birthplace?

    Answer: Pennsylvania

  94. What chain of breakfast cafes has over 190 worldwide locations, began at the intersection of two streets in downtown Chicago, and is now headquartered in Dallas? The chain features a black-and-white logo.

    Answer: Corner Bakery Cafe

  95. Born in Las Vegas in 1988, which athlete started out playing football at the University of Oklahoma, got drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and named was Rookie of the Year in 2011, spent seven seasons as a running back in the NFL, was named Offensive Player of the Year in 2014, then returned to his alma mater as a coach in 2020?

    Answer: DeMarco Murray

  96. Dallas's City Hall building and its Fountain Place skyscraper were both designed by what Chinese American architect also responsible for the Louvre pyramid?

    Answer: I. M. Pei

  97. His acting credits include The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fight Club and Glee. Which tasty-sounding musician was born in Dallas in 1947 with the name Marvin Lee Aday?

    Answer: Meat Loaf

  98. Once involved in a significant moment in American history, in which city will I find Parkland Memorial Hospital?

    Answer: Dallas

  99. Along with its status as the first hotel to use elevator music, Dallas' Statler Hilton hotel was the first hotel to have which device in every room?

    Answer: Televisions

  100. Also seen within the Texan city’s official flag, what golden shape is depicted on the official seal of Dallas?

    Answer: Star

  101. What is the name of the black Shetland pony that is the mascot of Southern Methodist University (SMU)?

    Answer: Peruna

  102. Which Main Street skyscraper used to be known as the Busch Building, is 17 stories tall, and is on the National Register of Historic Places as well as a Dallas Landmark?

    Answer: Kirby

  103. What directionally named ranch is the fictional compound called home by the Ewing family on the 1980s TV drama "Dallas?"

    Answer: Southfork Ranch

  104. Which Dallas Cowboys linebacker, elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2023, is the only player to win Super Bowl MVP from a losing team?

    Answer: Chuck Howley

  105. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, how many cities in Texas have a population that is higher than Dallas? Please note the population of Fort Worth is not counted.

    Answer: Two

  106. A horse race for fillies held annually at Santa Anita Park was named after a racehorse owned by Mrs. William Hawn of Dallas. Mrs. Shawn's horse, in turn, was named after what Texas weather phenomenon characterized by a fast-moving cold front?

    Answer: Blue Norther

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