55 Funny Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest To Hardest (2024 List)

Updated Date:
January 4, 2024
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Who said that trivia questions had to be serious? Not us here at Water Cooler Trivia! This list of funny trivia questions can go a long way to making you laugh.

Whether you're looking to host a humorous trivia game or simply enjoy comical trivia yourself, this is the quiz for you.

To make things more fun for you, we've listed all the questions from easiest to hardest. So if you want a real challenge, keep scrolling down!

55 Funny Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2024)

  1. The answer is under your desk: vandalism and littering led Singapore to ban the import and sale of which chewy confectionary in 1992?

    Answer: Gum

  2. Presumably they all saw it as a wise choice - what animal is used as a mascot by Tripadvisor, Duolingo, and Hooters?

    Answer: Owl

  3. You get a book! You get a book! You get a book! For 15 years, starting in 1996, what daytime talk show megastar's book club recommended a total of 70 books leading to total sales of over 55 million copies?

    Answer: Oprah Winfrey

  4. It might amuse your bouche, but theobromine is the main reason dogs shouldn't ingest what tasty dessert?

    Answer: Chocolate

  5. In baseball shorthand, it's a strikeout. On the periodic table, it's potassium. In a text, it can be a quick response to, like, whatever. What's that letter?

    Answer: K

  6. Founded in 1922 by a retired, uh, agricultural professional, what insurance company didn't adopt their "Like a Good Neighbor" slogan until 1971?

    Answer: State Farm

  7. If you slice a breakfast ball over the cabbage and get a fried egg in the bunker, you're not eating an eclectic brunch course. What sport are you playing and almost certainly not making a par?

    Answer: Golf

  8. Any Beef 'n Cheddar fans out there? What fast food chain that uses a cowboy hat as a logo, has over 3,000 locations, and pays Ving Rhames to remind you that they "have the meats?"

    Answer: Arby's

  9. In May 2003, the fastest known speeding ticket in US history was handed out, with a Swedish sports car allegedly going 242 MPH in a 75 MPH zone. Fittingly, in what state did this occur? I suppose everything's bigger, and everything's faster there.

    Answer: Texas

  10. What sparkly word can either be used to describe a person looking to service your shoes at a train station or what you may be left with if you lose a fist fight fairly decisively?

    Answer: Shiner

  11. The three artists who painted The Last Supper, The School of Athens, and The Creation of Adam, and the sculptor who is best known for a bronze statue of David, all lend their first names to what group of four fictional characters?

    Answer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donnatello)

  12. Typically only known by his title and last name, what famous cereal mascot technically has Horatio Magellan as his first and middle names?

    Answer: Cap'n Crunch

  13. In 1963, Gloria Steinem strapped on a fluffy tail and ginormous ears to work as a server for an article she wrote about a namesake Big Apple gentlemen's club launched by what magazine that really does have great articles?

    Answer: Playboy Magazine

  14. Director Nick Cassavetes wanted someone "not handsome" for the male lead, which somehow led him to cast Ryan Gosling opposite Rachel McAdams in his 2004 rom-com, "The WHAT"?

    Answer: Notebook

  15. Laugh if you want to: the five-hole is the space between the legs of a hockey player at what position?

    Answer: Goaltender / Goalie

  16. Money back guaranteed if you don't like this question: What 3-letter network has made home shopping into a multi-billion dollar business? But wait, there's more! It's owned by Qurate Retail Group. HSN is its sister station. Lori Greiner is its "Queen." Operators standing by for your answer.

    Answer: QVC

  17. Combining a Star Wars character, red cups popular with fraternities, arias in operas, and Alex Honnold's daring rock climbing style would get you a group of WHAT?

    Answer: Solos

  18. For those interested in formality, you probably prefer the term "parking enforcement officer" or PEO. But the rest of us can thank The Beatles' "Lovely Rita" for the popularization of what other term for people who inspect but hardly ever dust off parking meters?

    Answer: Maids

  19. If the Biblical character who was swallowed by a whale was the namesake of a raised area of land smaller than a mountain, that location would maybe the be namesake of what actor, co-star of "The Wolf Of Wall Street?"

    Answer: Jonah Hill

  20. What's blowing up, Doc? Exploding cigars, pianos, and watermelons are some of the unorthodox tactics used in a cartoon pitting Yosemite Sam in a mayoral race against what wascal?

    Answer: Bugs Bunny

  21. In 1986, New Zealander A.J. Hackett took a (literal) leap from Greenhithe Bridge in Auckland and shortly thereafter founded the commercial industry around what thrill-seeking activity?

    Answer: Bungee jumping

  22. In the movie "Legally Blonde," protagonist Elle Woods wins the case for her client by pointing out a flaw in the story of a perjuring witness. What hairstyle fills in the blank of Elle's famous following quote: "Isn't the first cardinal rule of ______ maintenance that you're forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours...at the risk of deactivating the immonium thygocolate?"

    Answer: Perm

  23. There's an expression in English often referring to hangovers that originally comes from a Scottish belief that placing a few follicles from a canine on a rabid bite can be a treatment. What is this expression which shares its name with a brewery in Portland?

    Answer: Hair of the Dog

  24. At the end of "(500) Days of Summer," the protagonist gets over his break-up with Summer and meets a pretty gal named for what, uh, time span?

    Answer: Autumn

  25. Despite theoretical and practical demonstrations that an underhand style (colloquially known as "granny-style") typically produces better results, the fear of ridicule is frequently cited as a key reason why NBA players continue to shoot what type of shot in a traditional overhand style?

    Answer: Free throw

  26. What chart-topping male singer describes his stage name as a combination of his childhood nickname and the missing word from the following explanation? "I didn't have [any] pizzazz, and a lot of girls say I'm out of this world, so I was like I guess I'm from ______."

    Answer: Bruno Mars

  27. New Zealanders like to think of themselves as inventive and creative people, but these attributes don't seem to apply to the naming of geographical features. What word precedes "Island" to name the less southern of New Zealand's two main land masses?

    Answer: North

  28. In one of SNL's most famous sketches ever, instead of aspirin or ibuprofen Bruce Dickinson prescribes "more cowbell" to cure what F-word condition otherwise known as pyrexia?

    Answer: Fever

  29. Before he was elected President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy starred on the TV show "Servant of the People" as a normal guy suddenly promoted to what very high Ukrainian government position?

    Answer: President of Ukraine

  30. Silly British English. When it comes to currency, they use the term pounds. So, when it comes to bodily weight, they use what metric which equals 14 pounds?

    Answer: Stone

  31. In his obituary in 1991, the New York Times said "English was too skimpy for his rich imagination." and that "his meter was irresistible." Who is this children's author?

    Answer: Dr. Seuss

  32. French President Charles de Gaulle is quoted as saying "How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of ______?" Give the foodstuff that completes this quote.

    Answer: Cheese

  33. Unfortunately, "Ah-woooooo!!!!!" isn't the house motto of what wolf-friendly "Game of Thrones" clan with super bad taste in friends? (Hint: If you use their name as an adjective, it means "severe or bare in appearance or outline.")

    Answer: Stark

  34. Before all the bachelorette parties took over, there was a picture perfect last minute play known as the Music City Miracle giving what city's NFL team a wild card playoff win over Buffalo in 2000?

    Answer: Nashville

  35. "Hold my closer, tiny dancer" are some of the most misheard song lyrics of all time, with some believing that Elton John, in lieu of a diminutive terpsichorean, actually was referring to what television actor from "Taxi" and "Who's the Boss?"

    Answer: Tony Danza

  36. No, not that Son of Sam: in June, it was announced that the Denver Broncos were going to be sold for the everyday low price of $4.65 billion to a group led by Arkansas-based retail chain chairman Rob...WHO?

    Answer: Walton

  37. It's the only country in the world whose common English name contains all five vowels exactly once. It rhymes with "the answer you seek." I'm talking about what African nation with a June 25 Independence Day?

    Answer: Mozambique

  38. The origin for a phrase in English meaning when a show "reaches a point at which far-fetched events are included merely for the sake of novelty, indicative of a decline in quality" comes from a 1977 episode of "Happy Days" when The Fonz jumps over what animal while on water skis?

    Answer: Shark

  39. Name this mystery fruit. It's known as the "king of fruits" in some regions. It's known for its strong odor and thorn-covered rind. If you removed one letter from this fruit's name and repeated yourself, you'd have the name of a mega-successful 80s band.

    Answer: Durian

  40. Known for marketing ploys like using coffin shaped boxes, the largest fast food chain founded in New Zealand is called Hell. They specialize in what kind of food, whose invention is usually credited to Italian Raffaele Esposito?

    Answer: Pizza

  41. Standing with legs slightly apart and knees slightly bent, the dancer then bends their left elbow to enable them to place their left hand behind their head. They then outstretch their right arm inline with their right shoulder, hand flat in a vertical position. The dancer then rotates around the waist in a 180 degree sweep, pulling back three times as you move your arm to the left, and then in one motion swing your right arm back to the right. Those are the kinda complicated instructions to what disco dance you can do right in your front yard?

    Answer: The Sprinkler

  42. What two-word soccer term is used to describe when a goalkeeper and their defense is able to prevent the other team from scoring the entire match? Around the house, you may hear this term after someone has laundered the bed linens.

    Answer: Clean Sheet

  43. Although the term was initially coined on the London Stock Exchange in the 18th century for a stockbroker who defaulted on his debts, it's now commonly used to refer to office-holders headed out the door. What is this fowl two-word term?

    Answer: Lame duck

  44. What well-known artist famously severed part of Vincent Van Gogh's left ear? Note: although there has been speculation in recent years that it was *actually* Paul Gauguin, we are going to stick with the most commonly-accepted perpetrator by art historians.

    Answer: Vincent Van Gogh

  45. What 1989 hit song was contemporaneously acclaimed by history teachers who claimed that the track was an inadvertently effective educational aid?

    Answer: We Didn't Start the Fire

  46. Round Mound of Rebound was a college nickname for what NBA All-Star whose name anagrams to SKY REACH BALLER?

    Answer: Charles Barkley

  47. 52 years after paradise was originally paved to make way for a parking lot, the "Brandi Carlile and Friends" set at the Newport Folk Festival welcomed the first public performance in 20 years from what folk legend?

    Answer: Joni Mitchell

  48. The Cowboy and The Spaceman was a rejected title for what movie that eventually won an Academy Award for Special Achievement?

    Answer: Toy Story

  49. Mayim Bialik, in her new role as part-time Jeopardy! host, has made quite the stir while deciding to break with tradition and refer to the first round of the game as what two-word term?

    Answer: Single Jeopardy

  50. Bryan Mills' wife gets, uh, ganked during a family vacation to Istanbul in what 2012 sequel with a very special set of skills in grabbing moviegoers' money?

    Answer: Taken 2

  51. Make no mistake about it, the fault line between New Zealand's North and South Island that separates the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates shares its name with which animated resident of Jellystone Park?

    Answer: Boo Boo

  52. What is the only letter in SCRABBLE that has a score of five? (Hint: You won't find the letter anywhere in this question!)

    Answer: K

  53. According to a 2019 ranking by CNN, the two most famous paintings in the world were both painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Don't overcomplicate it, and just tell us what Italian "V" city he hailed from.

    Answer: Vinci

  54. A hallmark of '70s automobile design was a small fixed window found behind the rear side window in cars with vinyl roofs. Without being too much of a diva, tell me what type of music inspired its name.

    Answer: Opera

  55. February, don't put that in your mouth!! According to Social Security data from 2021, what was the most popular baby name that shares a name with one of the 12 months of the year?

    Answer: August

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