34 Indiana Trivia Questions (Ranked from Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
January 24, 2023

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Welcome to our page of Indiana trivia questions! Indiana is a state known for its rich history, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks, making it a fascinating destination for trivia enthusiasts. Our selection of questions covers a wide range of topics including the state's history, culture, geography, and landmarks. Whether you're a native of Indiana or just a curious learner, our trivia questions will help you discover new and exciting information about this great state.

For those interested in the history of Indiana, our trivia questions will take you through the state's past, from its early days as a territory to the present. We also cover the state's famous landmarks such as the Indiana Dunes National Park, the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, and the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. Culture enthusiasts can learn about the state's diverse cultural heritage, traditional customs, and local art forms.

Indiana's geography and wildlife are also an important part of the state's identity, and our questions cover information about the state's natural wonders like the Hoosier National Forest, the Tippecanoe River and the unique wildlife such as the White-tailed deer and the state bird, the Northern Cardinal.

Our trivia questions are designed to be challenging yet entertaining, making them perfect for individuals, families, or groups of friends. Whether you're looking for a fun way to pass the time or you want to test your knowledge of Indiana, our trivia questions are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

34 Indiana Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2023)

  1. “Hammer And Rails” is a podcast on the SB Nation network, dedicated to sports fans of what “P” University located in West Lafayette, Indiana? The school’s mascot is the Boilermakers, and noteworthy alumni include former NFL quarterback Drew Brees, and many astronauts including Neil Armstrong.

    Answer: Purdue University

  2. On May 3, 2022, incumbent Todd Young was the only Republican candidate in the U.S. Senate primary election in which state?

    Answer: Indiana

  3. What Boston Celtics legend, who played for the team from 1979 to 1992, had a nickname that reflected his Indiana origins -- "The Hick from French Lick?"

    Answer: Larry Bird

  4. Born in Wilmington, DE in 1984, actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza is most well-known for her role as the curmudgeonly April Ludgate on what Indiana-based comedy?

    Answer: Parks and Recreation

  5. Robert Indiana's most famous work of art, a sculpture with versions in Philadelphia and other cities, is a bright red, blue, and green rendition of what four-letter word?

    Answer: love

  6. Ask Jack Bauer: the Indianapolis 500 and Monaco Grand Prix make up two-thirds of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, along with a grueling race in Le Mans that lasts for how many hours?

    Answer: 24

  7. Famously the mayor of South Bend, Indiana from 2012 to 2020, what failed 2020 Presidential candidate is now the United States Secretary of Transportation?

    Answer: Pete Buttigieg

  8. As defined by the U.S. census, the Midwest region includes two subdivisions. One of these includes Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and what other state?

    Answer: Michigan

  9. Matt and Ross Duffer are the directors and producers for what Netflix television series set in 1980s Indiana?

    Answer: Stranger Things

  10. Although the NFL's Colts now play in Indianapolis, from 1953 to 1984 they were based in what East Coast city known for its history in horse breeding?

    Answer: Baltimore

  11. The nine stars on the flag of the city of Richmond, Virginia rep states that used to be part of the Virginia Commonwealth. Of those nine, name either one that starts with the letter "I."

    Answer: il

  12. If you wanted to travel through three adjacent U.S. states that all started with the same letter, you would have to travel through which three states?

    Answer: Indiana Illinois Iowa

  13. Since 2016, the tallest building in Indianapolis has been known by what official name? This is also the name of the tallest building in San Francisco and the name of an enterprise software company.

    Answer: Salesforce Tower

  14. The third largest non-governmental cemetery in the United States is located in Indianapolis. What is the name of this somber place?

    Answer: Crown Hill Cemetery

  15. Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky. Which other capital of a U.S. state is closest in distance to Frankfort? We're using "as the crow flies" or haversine distance, rather than driving distance. And we're looking for the city, not the state.

    Answer: Indianapolis

  16. Meaning "valley of paradise" in Spanish, what is the name of both a college and town in Indiana, and a major seaport on the Pacific coastline of Chile?

    Answer: Valparaiso

  17. What “C” term refers to an intact male horse that is four years of age or younger? It is also the name of a member of the NFL franchise based out Indianapolis.

    Answer: Colt

  18. In the 1888 US presidential election, Benjamin Harrison beat Grover Cleveland despite losing the popular vote, in large part thanks to winning two swing states, New York and what Hoosier state?

    Answer: Indiana

  19. In Illinois and Indiana in the late 1880s, a female serial killer murdered at least 14 people she’d lured by placing marriage ads in local papers. Dubbed “Hell’s Belle,” she only stopped killing when she died in a fire in 1908—or did she? What was the name of the murderous mistress who some historians believe faked her death?

    Answer: Belle Gunness

  20. New York City and Oklahoma City are the most populous cities in their respective states. Indianapolis is the most populous in Indiana. There is one other state whose most populous city contains the name of the state? What state is it?

    Answer: Virginia

  21. Shared with a U.S. state, what surname was adopted by the artist born Robert Clark? He is perhaps best known for his pop art image “LOVE.”

    Answer: Indiana

  22. Which American grocery store chain with a big bird name has stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland?

    Answer: Giant Eagle

  23. The University of Cambridge offered the first degree in computer science but what Midwestern university had the country’s first computer science department? The school is located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

    Answer: Purdue University

  24. North Carolina’s General Assembly of 1987 officially adopted what drink as its state beverage and is also the traditional celebratory beverage of Indianapolis 500 winners?

    Answer: Milk

  25. Abraham Lincoln was famously born in Kentucky and lived much of his adult life in Illinois. However, he spent most of his childhood and early teenage years in what third state?

    Answer: Indiana

  26. What Midwestern city was the home of the Studebaker car manufacturer? This city was also featured in the 2019 news cycle due to its presidential hopeful "Mayor Pete."

    Answer: South Bend, Indiana

  27. What famed American science fiction author's "Memorial Library" is located in Indianapolis, the city in which he was born in 1922?

    Answer: Kurt Vonnegut

  28. The largest circulated newspapers of New Jersey, Indiana, Minnesota all contain what four-letter word in their names?

    Answer: Star (The Star-Ledger in New Jersey, the Indianapolis Star in Indiana, and the Star Tribune in Minnesota)

  29. There is only one U.S. state with four syllables in its name that borders zero other states with exactly four syllables. What is this state?

    Answer: Indiana

  30. At over 5 inches, in what month of the year does Indianapolis receive its heaviest precipitation?

    Answer: May

  31. Son of the Lithuanian legend and Basketball Hall of Famer Arvydas, this center/power forward for the Indiana Pacers was selected as an All Star for the 2021 NBA regular season.

    Answer: Domantas Sabonis

  32. What “S” NFL coach became the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021, after being offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts?

    Answer: Nick Sirianni

  33. Author John Green set his tearjerking 2012 bestseller, "The Fault in Our Stars," in what state capital that is also Green's hometown?

    Answer: Indianapolis

  34. Which American president had such distinct blue eyes and such a cold, stone-faced demeanor that he was popularly known as the "human iceberg?" This man served one term as a US Senator from Indiana and one term as US President.

    Answer: Benjamin Harrison

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