36 Liability Insurance Trivia Questions (Ranked from Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
May 6, 2024
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Liability insurance is a type of insurance that protects individuals and businesses from claims of negligence or wrongdoing. This type of insurance is essential for any organization or individual who wants to protect their assets and ensure that they are not held responsible for any harm or damage caused to others. Liability insurance covers a wide range of potential incidents and can help protect against lawsuits, settlements, and other related expenses.

While it's not the trivia category that may first comes to mind, there's a lot to uncover!

36 Liability Insurance Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2024)

  1. A 1995 storm known as the Mayfest Storm thunderstorm escalated dramatically and caused almost $2 billion of damage in Texas when it deposited 18 inches of what type of precipitation on the citizens of Palo Pinto and Parker Counties?

    Answer: Hail

  2. What kind of liability insurance would be a handy thing to have in the event of a catastrophic loss raining down on you, so to speak, and your other insurance has run dry?

    Answer: Umbrella

  3. Liability insurance is offered by what insurance company, which has a buck for a mascot and is “The” company associated with its Connecticut city?

    Answer: The Hartford

  4. In the insurance business, what is the name for a person whose job it is to analyze statistics to calculate risks and price premiums accordingly?

    Answer: Actuary

  5. What is the seven-letter term for a life insurance policy provides fixed payments over a fixed period rather than a lump sum?

    Answer: Annuity

  6. Liability insurance is available from what “T” insurance website, whose logo is a green metal cap with a closed end, used to protect the finger and to push the needle while sewing?

    Answer: Thimble

  7. A 1889 public viewing of an accidentally electrocuted worker from what company (now known for money transfers) led to New York's law requiring utilities to be buried underground?

    Answer: Western Union

  8. A general liability insurance policy may protect you in the event that something untrue and damaging to your reputation is published—the legal term for which is what?

    Answer: Libel

  9. Professional liability insurance is most often known in the U.S. as E&O which stands for what share of words?

    Answer: Errors and omissions

  10. Which type of liability insurance protects your customer’s data in the event of a hack?

    Answer: Cyber

  11. What numerical chapter of bankruptcy under U.S. bankruptcy code allows a company to reorganize?

    Answer: Chapter 11

  12. What sweet substance is guilty of a January 15, 1919 "flood" in which 21 people and several horses were killed in the North End?

    Answer: Molasses

  13. Modern property insurance today is typically considered to have been created due to what 1666 European event?

    Answer: Great Fire of London

  14. Because it is home to major offices of companies such as Aetna and Travelers, a city in what STATE is often nicknamed "Insurance Capital of the World"?

    Answer: Connecticut

  15. Liability insurance is available from what modern insurance company, known for its humorous commercials and characters, founded by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green with headquarters in Mayfield, Ohio?

    Answer: Progressive

  16. Liability insurance is offered by what California based Insurance Group, owned by the Zurich Insurance Group? They have recently run a series of commercials in which JK Simmons presents exhibits of unusual insurance cases.

    Answer: Farmers Insurance

  17. Which liability insurance company that’s great for freelancers has a name that might conjure up an image of a bouncy, spring-loaded childhood toy?

    Answer: Pogo

  18. In four states, employer's liability insurance is not included as part of worker's compensation coverage. In these states—North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming —employers have to purchase specific employer's liability policies. What one-word term is used to describe these states?

    Answer: Monopolistic

  19. Which American insurance carrier based in New Jersey with a Naval name has been providing professional liability insurance for especially high-risk businesses since 1974?

    Answer: Admiral Insurance Group

  20. Which kind of liability insurance is extra protection on top of your policy, and shares a name with a handheld device for staying dry in the rain?

    Answer: Umbrella

  21. If it turns out your business is contributing to polluting the Earth in some way, what kind of liability insurance policy can help cover the costs of remediation?

    Answer: Environmental

  22. A&E isn't just a cable television network! In the insurance world, it refers to liability insurance for what professionals?

    Answer: Architects & Engineers

  23. Striking the Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana in mid-to-late August 1992 and causing dozens of fatalities along with over $20 billion in damages was what male-named hurricane?

    Answer: Andrew

  24. Unsurprisingly, what nation had more than 50% of all liability insurance premiums written in 2013? Although the nation has probably dipped to less than 50% of the global share at this point, it is still the largest liability insurance claimholder in the world.

    Answer: United States

  25. What “A” term is used in liability insurance to describe the total amount of claims that a company will pay within a specified time period?

    Answer: Aggregate Limit Of Indemnity

  26. In what country was the first employer's liability insurance law enacted in 1871, which allowed employees who were injured on the job to sue their employers? The second act of this nature was Britain's Employer Liability Act of 1880, which allowed employees to sue without having to prove that their employer was negligent.

    Answer: Germany

  27. Workers’ compensation laws were first introduced and implemented in the 1880s by what "Iron Chancellor" of Germany?

    Answer: Otto von Bismarck

  28. When discussing liability insurance incidents, there's a particular type of case in which an individual is obliged to pay for the losses or damages incurred by a different person in the event of an accident. What is this "i" case?

    Answer: Indemnification

  29. Businesses can save money on liability insurance by getting a policy with SIR. No, that’s not a person. What is SIR an acronym for?

    Answer: Self-insured retention

  30. In 1886, the Endicott & Macomber Agency of Boston wrote the first Employer’s Liability Insurance policy for the Gender and Paeschke Manufacturing Company. In what Midwestern "M" city was the Gender and Paeschke Manufacturing Company located?

    Answer: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  31. The first employer’s liability insurance in New York was written for Otis Brothers & Company. What modern convenience did the company manufacture?

    Answer: Elevators

  32. What kind of liability insurance might you want to get for your business in the event that an employee or customer gets hurt while they’re on your property?

    Answer: Premises

  33. What’s the protective name of Berkshire Hathaway’s general liability insurance for specific industries, with aggregate limits up to $6 million and premium discounts for businesses?

    Answer: Guard

  34. Liability insurance written after the event creating liability has happened is called what? Although uncommon, these policies can be written when the costs arising from the event are uncertain.

    Answer: Backdated

  35. Also the name of a citrus soda, what S-word company offers a cloud-based platform for creating liability insurance products?

    Answer: Slice

  36. What “H” insurance company, an Anglo-Bermudan provider of liability insurance founded in 1901, has a red fleur de lis as its logo?

    Answer: Hiscox

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