143 London Trivia Questions (Ranked from Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
May 8, 2024
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London, the capital of England, is a city rich in history, culture, and landmarks. Known for its iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye, it's no surprise that London is one of the most visited cities in the world. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, our list of London trivia questions is the perfect way to explore the city and learn more about its many wonders.

Our list of trivia questions covers a wide range of topics, including the city's history, landmarks, food, and entertainment. You'll find questions about the origin of London's name, the oldest building in the city, famous museums and galleries, traditional British dishes that originated in London, and much more. With our trivia questions, you'll be able to explore the city like never before and gain a deeper understanding of what makes London such a special place.

So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the city! Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or just someone looking for a fun way to learn more about London, our trivia questions are sure to provide you with an enjoyable and informative experience. Don't hesitate - start exploring London today and discover all the fascinating facts and trivia this city has to offer!

143 London Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2024)

  1. Perhaps the most famous train platform in the world isn’t even real!?! At King’s Cross station in London, you’ll find a sign for Platform 9¾ that was where Harry Potter and his friends embarked for what school?

    Answer: Hogwarts

  2. The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind. What’s the name of the P.L. Travers-created nanny who arrives via umbrella at the Banks family home, 17 Cherry Tree Lane, London?

    Answer: Mary Poppins

  3. Cooked up by the minds behind "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," "The First Shadow" is the subtitle of a London stage prequel to what Hawkins, Indiana-set Netflix spookshow?

    Answer: Stranger Things

  4. As any pedant will tell you, it is technically the name of the bell. But what is the common name of Parliament’s large clock tower in London officially known as Elizabeth Tower?

    Answer: Big Ben

  5. First coined by Julia Burchill in a 1992 article in the London-based magazine Modern Review, what member of the British royal family was often nicknamed “The People’s Princess”?

    Answer: Princess Diana

  6. Having a tournament there each July, what sport is commonly associated with the London suburb of Wimbledon?

    Answer: Tennis

  7. New York Fashion week, held in February and September annually, is one of the "Big 4" global fashion weeks. Name one other city that hosts a "Big 4" Fashion Week.

    Answer: Paris

  8. Outshining tooch, booch, flawsome, and drekitude, the best Tyra-ism from “Top Model” is smize, meaning to smile with what body part?

    Answer: Eye

  9. The Olympic Games were last held in London in what year? It was also the year of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, celebrating 60 years on the throne.

    Answer: 2012

  10. Transporting more than 80 million passengers in a typical year, what London airport is the busiest in the UK?

    Answer: Heathrow Airport

  11. Named after the inventor George who first constructed it at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, what carnival attraction could you visit this summer at the London Eye, the Singapore Flyer, or the Ain Dubai?

    Answer: Ferris Wheel

  12. The Sun and the Daily Mirror are popular tabloids that are both based out of what European capital city?

    Answer: London

  13. Sandwiched between London and Paris on the annual Fashion Week schedule is what metropolis in the Po Valley?

    Answer: Milan

  14. What major park in Central London, the largest of the four Royal Parks, shares a name with an evil alter ego from a Robert Louis Stevenson novel?

    Answer: Hyde Park

  15. IRL, it spans the Thames just south of the Monument to the Great Fire of London. In Fergie’s 2006 bop, it’s falling down every time you come around. What is it?

    Answer: London Bridge

  16. Have you ever watched a VHS tape while rewinding it? If you did that and saw the Banks family decide to stay in California instead of moving to New York, Geoffrey Butler ditch his London plans, and Will undecide his college strategy, you’d be watching the flipped-turned-upside down finale of what sitcom?

    Answer: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

  17. Formerly known as ZenPayroll, what payroll software company is headquartered in San Francisco, and was founded in 2012 by Joshua Reeves, Tomer London and Edward Kim?

    Answer: Gusto

  18. Now named the O2 Arena and is the world’s eighth largest building by usable volume, what was the original name of dome-shaped exhibition arena built in Southe East London to commemorate of the incoming year 2000?

    Answer: The Millennium Dome

  19. What oil and gas company started out as a little London business you might expect to be run by someone named Sally on the shore, if the rhyme is to be believed. Its name is a big clue, so what did they sell before they got into the petroleum biz?

    Answer: Shell Oil Company

  20. Based on a Charles Dickens novel, what classic stage musical with an exclamation point in its name features a title character who runs away to London from a workhouse where he is poorly treated?

    Answer: Oliver!

  21. Hilcorp took over Alaska's massive Prudhoe Bay oil fields in 2019, after a sale by what massive London-based multinational oil and gas company?

    Answer: BP

  22. London’s sister-founded So Syncd dating app matches users based on their results from which popular personality test that’s known by its acronym, MBTI?

    Answer: Myers–Briggs Type Indicator

  23. What 72 story skyscraper on London Bridge street, designed by Renzo Piano, shares its name with a broken piece of glass with sharp edges?

    Answer: The Shard

  24. With a collection focused on design and decorative arts, what London museum, the V&A for short, is named after a British Queen and her Prince Consort?

    Answer: Victoria & Albert Museum

  25. Serving Edgware Road, Piccadilly Circus, and many other stations, what is the name of the brown line of the London Underground?

    Answer: Bakerloo

  26. "The Whitechapel Murderer" and "Leather Apron" are two alternative monikers used to refer to what famous London serial killer?

    Answer: Jack the Ripper

  27. What “A” thoroughfare that crosses through the Camden and Westminster regions of London gives its name to a popular Beatles album?

    Answer: Abbey Road

  28. If you have a train ticket and you look down and see "Mind the Gap" written on the tiled floor of a subway station, you are most likely riding the train in what European capital?

    Answer: London

  29. What arch in London was designed by John Nash in 1828 as the state entrance to Buckingham Palace? It gets its name from the material used in its construction, sometimes used in kitchen countertops.

    Answer: Marble Arch

  30. The London skyscraper located at 20 Fenchurch Street, which is home to the Sky Garden, is known by what communications-related nickname due to its shape?

    Answer: The Walkie-Talkie

  31. On July 12, 1962, the Rolling Stones made their public debut by performing their first-ever concert in what city?

    Answer: London

  32. What two-word newspaper is a British daily middle-market periodical, published in London as a tabloid, and the UK’s highest circulating paper? Founded in 1896 by the Harmsworth family, its name sounds like it should be delivered regularly by the postman.

    Answer: Daily Mail

  33. What famous “T” square in Westminster, London was established in the early 19th century, surrounding the historical Charing Cross area?

    Answer: Trafalgar Square

  34. The branch of London’s Tate museum, located in Bankside and with a large collection of international contemporary art, has what associated name? It’s a word meaning relating to the present or recent times.

    Answer: Tate Modern

  35. Kensington Gardens in London is home to a free-entry art gallery with what “S” name, a four-syllable word that also means resembling a snake?

    Answer: Serpentine Gallery

  36. On a standard UK Monopoly board, what wealthy region in the West End of London is worth £400, making it the most expensive base property in the game?

    Answer: Mayfair

  37. "This Wall Is A Designated Graffiti Area" reads part of the graffiti in the rear of London's Cargo Club, unofficially designated by what anonymous, irrepressible street artist?

    Answer: Banksy

  38. The Sherlock Holmes Museum in London is located at what iconic address, familiar to readers of Doyle's classic detective stories?

    Answer: 221B Baker Street

  39. In what city was the world's first underground railway built? It opened in 1863 and was a huge success, carrying 38,000 passengers on the first day.

    Answer: London

  40. The first known mortality tables were published in England in 1693 by what man more famously associated with a recurring comet?

    Answer: Sir Edmund Halley

  41. Sometimes called the Millenium Wheel, what paid tourist attraction in London with a biological name is a cantilevered observation wheel that allows people to see the city from high in the sky?

    Answer: London Eye

  42. What world capital city is served by multiple airports, including those whose IATA codes are LHR, LGW, and LTN?

    Answer: London

  43. After noticing how the James River reminded him of the Thames, William Byrd II named Richmond after a town that’s now part of which major city in England?

    Answer: London

  44. A group of which black birds are kept captive at the Tower of London? According to superstition, the disappearance of these birds from the Tower will result in the fall of the Crown.

    Answer: Ravens

  45. Before achieving worldwide stardom as a rock and roll front man, which singer couldn’t get any satisfaction in studying accounting at the London School of Economics?

    Answer: Mick Jagger

  46. Named for a building material, what street in London's East End is famous for its many curry houses and is the namesake of a 2003 novel by Monica Ali?

    Answer: Brick Lane

  47. What “H” palace in London began construction in 1514 for Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, chief minister of King Henry VIII?

    Answer: Hampton Court Palace

  48. What is the style of beer developed in London the early 18th century that uses brown malt? The style was named for people known for carrying objects, as this style of beer was very popular with this profession.

    Answer: Porter

  49. According to British writer Samuel Johnson, "when a man is tired of London, he is tired of" what four-letter word?

    Answer: Life

  50. What Cathedral on Ludgate Hill in London is the seat of the Bishop of London, and the mother church of the Diocese of London? It is named for the Christian apostle who was blinded by Jesus on the road to Damascus, converting him to Jesus’ way.

    Answer: St. Paul's Cathedral

  51. Covering an area of approximately 42,000 square feet, the world’s largest Nike store is located in which capital city?

    Answer: London

  52. What supersonic airliner, which could travel between New York's JFK Airport and London's Heathrow in less than three hours, was retired in 2003?

    Answer: Concorde

  53. London, Manchester, and Stockton-on-Tees all opened bridges in the year 2000 named for what M-word?

    Answer: Millennium

  54. In the middle of London's Trafalgar Square lies a 51-meter column topped with a sandstone statue of what British Vice-Admiral, who died during his victory over the French and the Spanish in the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar?

    Answer: Horatio Nelson

  55. Ira Aldridge was an African-American actor who made his fame after moving to London in 1824, largely for appearing in stage works by what Bard of Elizabethan theater?

    Answer: William Shakespeare

  56. The preserved body of Athena the owl is on display at a London museum to what bird-named founder of modern nursing?

    Answer: Florence Nightingale

  57. What river in England, known by some as the River Isis, gets its name from a Proto-Celtic word possibly meaning “dark”?

    Answer: River Thames

  58. Which institution, one of the largest of its kind in the world, is located at 96 Euston Road? Prior to 1973, this institution was part of the British Museum.

    Answer: British Library

  59. What fictional London street, whose shops stock everything a Hogwarts student needs, is located behind the Leaky Cauldron pub?

    Answer: Diagon Alley

  60. What conglomerate, headquartered in London, creates popular food brands like PureLeaf, Klondike, and Ben & Jerry's?

    Answer: Unilever

  61. Modern property insurance today is typically considered to have been created due to what 1666 European event?

    Answer: Great Fire of London

  62. What edifice, often blue and now iconic as Doctor Who's mode of transportation, was used by police from the 1930s until the late 1960s and early 1970s, when the use of radios caused them to be phased out?

    Answer: Police box

  63. Formerly named Empire Stadium, what stadium located in London is known as “the cathedral of football”, according to Pelé?

    Answer: Wembley Stadium

  64. Designed by starchitect Renzo Piano, The Shard is a 72-story skyscraper known for its needle-like shape, in what world capital city?

    Answer: London

  65. London's Royal Opera House is also referred to by what two-word name, which is also the name of the neighborhood in which the venue is located?

    Answer: Covent Garden

  66. Debuting in London's West End in 1986 and on Broadway in 1988, what Andrew Lloyd Webber musical features the songs "All I Ask of You" and "The Music of the Night?"

    Answer: The Phantom of the Opera

  67. Although the term was initially coined on the London Stock Exchange in the 18th century for a stockbroker who defaulted on his debts, it's now commonly used to refer to officeholders headed out the door. What is this fowl two-word term?

    Answer: Lame duck

  68. Linking Sacramento and West Sacramento is what 738-foot-long landmark with the same name as a far more famous structure in London, England?

    Answer: Tower Bridge

  69. Though it sounds like an alright bodice ripper, the Capitulation of Alexandria was the deal that allowed what phat multilingual granodiorite stele to make its way to London's British Museum?

    Answer: Rosetta Stone

  70. Between 1924 and 1926, Fort moved to what European capital to live near a national museum where he could regularly browse its historical archives?

    Answer: London

  71. With more than $140 million in funding raised as of April 2021, what is the London-based fintech company with a Plaid-like technology that declares "We build intelligent infrastructure that puts fintech at people's fingertips. Empowering businesses in every industry to create first-class financial experiences."?

    Answer: TrueLayer

  72. What objects of great value, historically worn by the British monarchy at coronation, are stored in the Tower of London? The two-word term has become synonymous with great value.

    Answer: Crown Jewels

  73. What palace in London is the local residence and administrative headquarters for the monarch of the UK? It shares a name with the surname of the man named Lindsey who was in Fleetwood Mac.

    Answer: Buckingham Palace

  74. Also called a hackney carriage, what color are London’s official taxi cabs?

    Answer: Black

  75. The British daily newspaper based in London, founded in 1785 as The Daily Universal Register, goes by what one word “T” name, not to be confused with a shorthand nickname of a popular newspaper based out of New York, USA?

    Answer: The Times

  76. During the 2020 lockdowns, the Knightsbridge, London location of Harvey Nichols department store displayed what two-word Ebenezer Scrooge-y message in lights in its windows?

    Answer: Bah Humbug

  77. Built by Cadillac Fairview in 1985, Masonville Place is a mall located in what Ontarian city which shares its name with the largest city in the United Kingdom?

    Answer: London

  78. What “B” Fountain is located in the center of Chicago’s Grant Park, and shares its name with the London palace where the King lives?

    Answer: Buckingham Fountain

  79. What 1967 film stars Sidney Poitier as an educator in London's East End grappling with social and racial issues at his inner-city school?

    Answer: To Sir, With Love

  80. In 1965, Singapore joined the United Nations and which other political association of states headquartered in London?

    Answer: Commonwealth

  81. Venetian artist Giovanni Antonio Canal, who is known for his paintings of Venice, Rome and London, is better known by which mononym?

    Answer: Canaletto

  82. "How to Be a Domestic Goddess" and "At My Table" are among the books by what British food writer, whose private library in London includes a collection of more than 6,000 cookbooks?

    Answer: Nigella Lawson

  83. Before taking on the role of Vision, which London-born actor was the voice of JARVIS in “Iron Man” and “Avengers?”

    Answer: Paul Bettany

  84. The British pub chain Fuller's has teamed up with Lime to offer e-bikes and scooters to employees of the chain based in what world capital city?

    Answer: London

  85. Wembley Stadium in London was rebuilt and opened in 2007. However, the project numerous delays and financial bailouts. Which Australian construction company was tasked with building this new stadium?

    Answer: Multiplex

  86. Which VC firm based in London and founded by Bjorn Stray and Tellef Thorleifsson in 1996 has backed companies like Spotify, Klarna, and Trustpilot?

    Answer: Northzone ventures

  87. Don't do a double take: what Sacramento architectural landmark shares a name with the iconic structure seen here, built in London between 1886 and 1894?

    Answer: Tower Bridge

  88. Which Sacramento swimmer was a part of the 4x200m relay team for the USA, who won the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics?

    Answer: Alyssa Anderson

  89. The multinational oil and gas company BP has its global headquarters in which capital city?

    Answer: London

  90. If your inner child is calling you to visit Regent Street in London, it’s probably because that’s the location of the world’s oldest and biggest toy story which is called what? (Hint: It was originally called Noah’s Ark, but it now is named after the man who founded it in 1760).

    Answer: Hamleys

  91. January 30, 1972 is known as Bloody Sunday, when British troops opened fire on Catholic demonstrators in which Northern Irish city?

    Answer: Londonderry

  92. With shorter lines than you'd expect, what UNESCO World Heritage Site in southwest London claims "we house the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world"?

    Answer: Kew Gardens

  93. Featuring historic characters including Calpurnia, Claudius and Cicero, what Shakespearean tragedy was one of the first plays performed at the Globe Theatre when the performance venue first opened in 1599 in London?

    Answer: “Julius Caesar”

  94. In March 2012, Virgin Media won the exclusive contract to provide Wi-Fi access within what transportation network?

    Answer: London Underground

  95. What wholesale and retail market in Southwark, London, is one of the biggest and oldest food market in the city? Its name is used in the United States for administrative divisions, most famously of New York City.

    Answer: Borough Market

  96. What “S” hotel, located on the Strand in London, was the first luxury hotel in Britain, and opened in 1889 by Richard Carte? It is also the name of a region in the Western Alps, split between France and Italy, and the titular “Truffle” in a Beatles song.

    Answer: Savoy Hotel

  97. Joining Alcatraz, The Tower of London, and Robben Island as one of the most famous historical prisons in the world is Kilmainham Gaol, which was decommissioned in 1924 by what country that had recently secured independence from the United Kingdom?

    Answer: Ireland

  98. With reference to the iconic London Tube map, what color is associated with the Central Line of the London Tube?

    Answer: Red

  99. Since they moved from London in 2005, the world headquarters for the International Cricket Council have been located in what city?

    Answer: Dubai

  100. "Who killing them in the UK? Everybody gonna say 'You, K!'" raps Kanye West in a featured appearance of what 2008 song by London-born rapper Estelle?

    Answer: American Boy

  101. What is the three-letter name of the internationally renowned botanic gardens in south-west London that was founded in 1840?

    Answer: Kew

  102. London's last remaining Victorian sewage lamp is located on Carting Lane, which has thereby acquired what pungent nickname?

    Answer: Farting Lane

  103. Germany is the largest net contributor to what international organization whose general assembly first met in London in 1946?

    Answer: United Nations

  104. Harry Potter fans visiting London can take photos at Platform 9-3/4 and visit the corresponding gift shop at what London railway station?

    Answer: King's Cross

  105. The largest in the UK, what grocery chain got its start in 1919 when founder Jack Cohen returned from World War I to sell surplus goods at a stall in East London?

    Answer: Tesco

  106. The official flag of the city of London features a red Saint George’s Cross and what symbol in the top left corner?

    Answer: sword

  107. South London drag queen Tia Kofi, whose name is a play on the question "tea or coffee," competed on the second season of what country's edition of "RuPaul's Drag Race?"

    Answer: United Kingdom

  108. What was the last name of the 17th-century entrepreneur "of London" whose namesake coffee house provided a reliable meeting place for sailors and merchants, and which led to the establishment of a longstanding insurance market and journal?

    Answer: Lloyd

  109. Although well-known for founding the colony of Pennsylvania and leading both the planning and development of Philadelphia, William Penn was in fact born in what European city?

    Answer: London

  110. What two-digit number is commonly given to the x-ray diffraction image taken by Ray Gosling under the supervision of Rosalind Franklin in 1952 in London which was instrumental in discovering the structure of DNA?

    Answer: 51

  111. What last name appears before the popular stock market indexes owned by the London Stock Exchange Group, one of which measures the 3,000 largest publicly held American companies, and another of which measures that index's 2,000 smallest companies?

    Answer: Russell

  112. The card used to pay for public transport in London is named after which aquatic animal?

    Answer: Oyster

  113. Hannah Mary Rothschild has been Chair of the Board for what famous London art museum since December 2014? The museum is in Trafalgar Square within Westminster.

    Answer: The National Gallery

  114. A few London boroughs have Royal status, including the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. Which London borough gained this status most recently, just in 2012?

    Answer: Greenwich

  115. British physician John Snow is considered the father of epidemiology for his groundbreaking tracing the spread of what disease in 1850s London?

    Answer: Cholera

  116. What severe 1952 event, resulting from a bizarre anticyclone and causing 10,000-12,000 deaths, prompted the passing of the 1956 Clean Air Act in the United Kingdom a few years later?

    Answer: The Great Smog of London

  117. Which 1981 comedy horror movie written and directed by John Landis was the first movie to win an Oscar for Best Makeup?

    Answer: An American Werewolf in London

  118. The typeface (font) used by the London Underground transit system was designed by Edward Johnston, the man who is typically considered the modern father of what visual art related to writing?

    Answer: Calligraphy

  119. What “J” sultanate was in control of Singapore in 1819 when the British negotiated for their crown colony there? The name comes from a Persian word meaning “jewel.”

    Answer: Johor

  120. The "golden triangle" is an unofficial group of universities located in southeast England which is occasionally referred to by what portmanteau that combines the names of all three of its cities? As a hint so you can focus on portmanteau-building, the cities are Cambridge, London, and Oxford.

    Answer: Loxbridge

  121. Although not as well-known as Sotheby's or Christie's, what is the name of the "B" auction house that was founded in London in 1793 and has a particularly strong reputation in the areas of Asian art and automobiles?

    Answer: Bonham's

  122. Revenue Cutter Service School of Instruction was the old name of the New London service academy for which U.S. armed forces branch?

    Answer: Coast Guard

  123. Also the portrayer of God in an episode of "Absolutely Fabulous," what loyal-sounding singer named her 2014 studio album, her 20th, "Give My Love to London?"

    Answer: Marianne Faithfull

  124. Valerie Adams was awarded the silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics ceremony, but was upgraded to the gold after the competition's initial winner, an athlete from what Eastern European country, failed two drug tests?

    Answer: Belarus

  125. Deeper Insights, Five AI, and Beyond Analysis are some of the top AI companies in what international city?

    Answer: London

  126. The "big three" art auction houses are Sotheby's, Christie's, and what London house with no relation to a Dutch electronics company?

    Answer: Phillips

  127. Which federal UK university established in 1836 includes Royal Holloway, Birbeck, Queen Mary and King's College among others?

    Answer: University of London

  128. The Palace of Westminster is home to what iconic piece of architectural technology, completed in 1859 and designed by Augustus Pugin?

    Answer: Big Ben

  129. Disney Cruise Line was first incorporated in 1996 and the company's first vessel was domiciled in London. What is the name of this first ship?

    Answer: Disney Magic

  130. It's hard to get a decent Cuban sandwich at London Stadium, the home pitch of what Heineken-sponsored English Premier team sometimes known as "The Irons"?

    Answer: West Ham United FC

  131. What “S” startup company, which started in London and Tel Aviv, offers security across all aspects of cloud computing? The four-letter company has a cartoon Doberman as its logo.

    Answer: Snyk

  132. What 2019 Guy Ritchie film stars Matthew McConaughey as an American trying to sell off his cannabis business in London?

    Answer: The Gentlemen

  133. Founded in the United Kingdom in 1855, which real estate agency based in London is a global leader in the industry? (Hint: Its U.S. locations have been operating since 1954)

    Answer: Savills

  134. What school was founded by four men and women in 1895 (one of whom was writer George Bernard Shaw)? Starting in 2008, this public research university began awarding degrees in its own name rather than awarding degrees of the University of London.

    Answer: London School of Economics

  135. Which is the only station of the London Underground to share its name with a station of the Paris Métro? This station is on the Circle line and the District line in Zone 1.

    Answer: Temple

  136. In medieval London a savory new term emerged for brothels, stemming from the fact that they were once bathhouses where one could sit in hot water for long periods of time. What was the term?

    Answer: Stews

  137. What is the five-letter name of the London-based company that provides software for virtual events and raised *three* rounds of venture capital in 2020 totaling more than $170 million? The company grew from 5,000 to over 3 million users during the year.

    Answer: Hopin

  138. Founded in London in 2015 by Nikolay Stroronsky and Vlad Yatsenko, what app allows you to manage all your savings and investments? Its name is the first several letters of a word synonymous with insurrection.

    Answer: Revolut

  139. Wooden dolls (usually with no arms or joints) in medieval and Tudor-era England were called what "B" saint's name "Babies," after the fair in London where they were sold?

    Answer: Bartholomew

  140. Which alliterative insurance provider in the UK started out as a humble coffee house in England where folks would meet to catch up on shipping news and plan tier voyages?

    Answer: Lloyd's of London

  141. The iconic score for Star Wars Episode IV was recorded in 1977 by John Williams, and the Symphony Irchestra of which city?

    Answer: London

  142. Which district in the West End of London gives its name to a group of intellectuals, artists and writers, including John Maynard Keynes and Virginia Woolf, who were active in the first half of the 20th century? Of them it was said that "they lived in squares, painted in circles and loved in triangles."

    Answer: Bloomsbury

  143. Gin, lemon juice, Cointreau, Kina Lillet or Cocchi Americano, and a splash of absinthe are the ingredients to the "#2" version of what cocktail, associated with London's Savoy Hotel (and not any nearby graveyards)?

    Answer: Corpse Reviver

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