28 Maryland Trivia Questions (Ranked from Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
January 24, 2023
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Welcome to our page of Maryland trivia questions! Maryland is a state known for its rich history, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks, making it a fascinating destination for trivia enthusiasts. Our selection of questions covers a wide range of topics including the state's history, culture, geography, and landmarks. Whether you're a native of Maryland or just a curious learner, our trivia questions will help you discover new and exciting information about this great state.

For those interested in the history of Maryland, our trivia questions will take you through the state's past, from its early days as one of the original 13 colonies to the present. We also cover the state's famous landmarks such as the Chesapeake Bay, the Antietam National Battlefield and the National Aquarium. Culture enthusiasts can learn about the state's diverse cultural heritage, traditional customs, and local art forms.

Maryland's geography and wildlife are also an important part of the state's identity, and our questions cover information about the state's natural wonders like the Assateague Island National Seashore, the Patapsco Valley State Park and the unique wildlife such as the Diamondback Terrapin and the state bird, the Baltimore Oriole.

Our trivia questions are designed to be challenging yet entertaining, making them perfect for individuals, families, or groups of friends. Whether you're looking for a fun way to pass the time or you want to test your knowledge of Maryland, our trivia questions are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

28 Maryland Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2023)

  1. Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby are among the well-to-do female stars of a Bravo reality show, starting in 2016, set in what Maryland city? It shares its name with name with a famous “P” river that connects to Washington, D.C.

    Answer: Potomac

  2. What athletic and fitness apparel company began in the late 1990s by launching their Heatgear and Coldgear products? Their 2003 commercial with the tagline "Protect This House" raised their profile another level, and in 2004 they became the official outfitter of Maryland athletics. By 2010, they were a billion dollar brand.

    Answer: Under Armour

  3. There's a small city in Delaware with under 500 residents that lies directly above the popular vacation destination of Ocean City, Maryland. What is this "island" which is technically actually a narrow peninsula?

    Answer: Fenwick Island

  4. "Naval Support Facility Thurmont" in Maryland's Catoctin Mountain Park is the official name of what presidential retreat?

    Answer: Camp David

  5. The podcast 'Serial' popularized the trial and conviction of what man, who was granted a new trial by a Maryland appeals court in March 2018?

    Answer: Adnan Syed

  6. Although the NFL's Colts now play in Indianapolis, from 1953 to 1984 they were based in what East Coast city known for its history in horse breeding?

    Answer: Baltimore

  7. In an 1848 open letter to Marylander Thomas Auld, what prominent abolitionist wrote to his former owner that "I intend to make use of you as a weapon with which to assail the system of slavery?"

    Answer: Frederick Douglass

  8. On March 16, 2018, the UMBC Retrievers men's basketball team became the first 16 seed in the NCAA March Madness tournament to defeat a No. 1 seed (Virginia Cavaliers). What do the letters UMBC stand for?

    Answer: University of Maryland Baltimore Country

  9. Abraham Lincoln suspended what writ, which gives individuals the right to a trial, on several occasions in the Civil War, including to quell rebellion in Maryland after the Baltimore Riots in 1861?

    Answer: Habeas Corpus

  10. Fittingly for an Orioles fan, Elaine initially hails from what state?

    Answer: Maryland

  11. One of the most celebrated American musicians of all time, what "CC" man grew up in Baltimore, and later became a jazz singer, dancer, bandleader and actor? He mixed jazz and vaudeville during his career and led one of the U.S.'s most popular "big bands" from the early 1930s to the late 1940s.

    Answer: Cab Calloway

  12. Using 2015 population data, Delaware is the sixth-most densely populated U.S. state. Name either the fifth- or seventh-most densely populated U.S. state.

    Answer: Maryland (fifth) and New York (seventh)

  13. Lockheed Martin is headquartered in what Maryland city? This “B” city shares its name with a videogame company known for Fallout and Elder Scrolls games.

    Answer: Bethesda

  14. The Food And Drug Administration is based in a Maryland city known as ______ Spring. Fill in the one word blank, also a metal with chemical symbol Ag on the periodic table of elements.

    Answer: Silver

  15. Which immortal cell line is named after an African-American woman who died in Baltimore, Maryland in 1951?

    Answer: HeLa

  16. Named for its founder, what private research university in Baltimore, Maryland has the number-one ranked public health program in America, according to U.S. News?

    Answer: Johns Hopkins

  17. What “C” American telecom company, founded by Patrick Nettles in Hanover, Maryland in 1992, is a massive player in optical connectivity?

    Answer: Ciena

  18. Which American grocery store chain with a big bird name has stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland?

    Answer: Giant Eagle

  19. "The Little Town Too Big for One State" is the nickname of what town, which is made up of municipalities on both sides of the Maryland-Delaware border--as its name suggests?

    Answer: Delmar

  20. Lockheed Martin is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, which is also the location of the main campus of what federal agency abbreviated NIH?

    Answer: National Institutes of Health

  21. What “A” vice president of Richard Nixon, a former Maryland governor who served as VP from 1969-1973, was forced to resign due to charges of income tax evasion?

    Answer: Spiro Agnew

  22. Located at 38°27' N, what is the common name of the surveyed line which forms the north-south border between Delaware and Maryland? The name combines a geographical feature with a common prefix.

    Answer: Transpeninsular Line

  23. Although Lockheed Martin's headquarters are located in Bethesda, Maryland, its space HQ is found in what city approximately 1,600 miles west of Bethesda?

    Answer: Denver

  24. Altamira, Bullock's, Scott's, Audubon's, and the Spot-breasted are all specific species of what type of bird, the official state bird of Maryland?

    Answer: "Oriole

  25. The headquarters of the FDA in Maryland are located on a campus named after what type of tree in the Quercus subgenus?

    Answer: White oak

  26. Blue Iris Flowers, Southern Maryland Seafood, and Union Meat Company all call what DC-building home? The building was first opened in 1873 and designed by German-born immigrant Adolf Cluss.

    Answer: Eastern Market

  27. Which cybersecurity company founded by a team of former NSA employees in 2015 is based in Maryland and calls itself “the managed security platform for the 99%?”

    Answer: Huntress

  28. Adam Jones, Boog Powell, and Roberto Alomar all played for which of Baltimore's professional sports teams?

    Answer: Orioles

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