122 Michigan Trivia Questions (Ranked from Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
January 24, 2023

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Are you looking to test your knowledge of Michigan? Or perhaps you're a trivia enthusiast searching for a new challenge?

Look no further than Michigan trivia questions! Known as the "Great Lakes State," Michigan is located in the midwestern region of the United States and is known for its beautiful natural resources, such as the Great Lakes and the Upper Peninsula. From its rich history and industrial heritage to its picturesque natural scenery, there's no shortage of fascinating facts to learn about this state. Michigan played a vital role in the automotive industry, with companies like Ford, General Motors and Chrysler having their roots in the state.

Michigan also has a strong agricultural industry, particularly in the production of cherries, blueberries, and apples. With a diverse range of activities from skiing and snowmobiling in the winter to boating and fishing in the summer, Michigan offers something for everyone. Whether you're a history buff, a trivia enthusiast, or just looking to learn something new, Michigan trivia questions offer a fun and educational way to explore all that this state has to offer.

122 Michigan Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2023)

  1. The largest island in Lake Superior, offering camping to residents of Keweenaw County, Michigan, is Isle ______. Fill in the one word blank, also the blank for the 2006 James Bond film "Casino ______."

    Answer: Isle Royale

  2. N Michigan Avenue in Chicago is home to what large neo-Gothic Tower, built in 1925? It gets its “T” name from the popular Chicago newspaper and media company that used to have its offices in the building.

    Answer: Tribune Tower

  3. What food manufacturing company headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan, uses several animal mascots to sell its cereals, such as Newton the Owl, Tony the Tiger, and a rooster named Cornelius?

    Answer: The Kellogg Company (Kellogg's)

  4. freep.com is the website of what paper that has been a Michigan institution since 1835?

    Answer: the Detroit Free Press

  5. In 1902, the Michigan Wolverines pitched a 49-0 shutout against Stanford in the first college football bowl game ever played. Originally known as the Tournament East-West Football Game, name the annual bowl game which occurs each year on New Year’s Day at Tournament Park in Pasadena, California.

    Answer: Rose Bowl

  6. If you walked due east from the tip of Navy Pier, you'd walk into Lake Michigan. If you could walk on water and continue walking east, your first step on land would be in what US state?

    Answer: Michigan

  7. "Mr. Tiger" was the nickname of what Hall of Fame right fielder who played 22 seasons for Detroit and is considered one of the greatest players ever to wear a Tigers uniform?

    Answer: Al Kaline

  8. An amusement park in Muskegon, Michigan is "Michigan’s ______." Fill in the one word “A” blank, an unusual and exciting activity, as well a genre of movie and video game.

    Answer: Michigan's Adventure

  9. The United States’ first outdoor pedestrian mall opened in 1959 in what Michigan city? (Hint: The ending syllable within its name is synonymous with a place where animals are kept for the viewing public.)

    Answer: Kalamazoo

  10. Muskegon, MI is home to “snurfing” which is often considered an early version of what popular winter sport?

    Answer: Snowboarding

  11. What Michigan city hosts the weeklong National Cherry Festival each July?

    Answer: Traverse City

  12. Aside from an eagle, which two species of deer are featured on the Michigan coat of arms? We're looking for BOTH answers here.

    Answer: elk, moose

  13. If you’re traveling along M-575 through Cedar Lake, you may come across a curious double-decker version of which kind of old-timey, exterior toilet facility? (The structure is roadside but you’ll have to look harder to find an explanation of how—or why—someone might use the top half).

    Answer: Outhouse

  14. What is the trademarked term that describes a section of Michigan Avenue running from the Chicago River to Oak Street?

    Answer: The Magnificent Mile

  15. The city of Dearborn, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, is home to the country's largest community per capita who follow what religion?

    Answer: Islam

  16. What street is the Art Institute of Chicago located on?

    Answer: South Michigan Avenue

  17. North Michigan Avenue in Chicago is home to what “central” 100-floor skyscraper, funded by a life insurance company which got its name from a president of the Continental Progress with an alleged big signature?

    Answer: John Hancock Center

  18. As seen in an 1852 issue of “Michigan Farmer,” water, Epsom salts, sugar, tartaric acid, milk, an egg, and something of tartar are the impossibly gross ingredients in the earliest known recipe for what soda flavor?

    Answer: Cream

  19. Which city in Wexford County shares its name with a luxury car and is also known as Chestnut City USA because of all the chestnut trees (which have somehow managed to survive blights)?

    Answer: Cadillac

  20. Buick incorporated in 1903 and moved from Detroit to what hard-edged city on the way to Saginaw?

    Answer: Flint

  21. Political activist and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is from what now-infamous Michigan city?

    Answer: Flint

  22. As defined by the U.S. census, the Midwest region includes two subdivisions. One of these includes Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and what other state?

    Answer: Michigan

  23. What is the second most popularly spoken language in Michigan, behind English?

    Answer: Spanish

  24. Grand Rapids Township, Michigan is home to a botanical garden and art museum known as the Frederik Meijer Gardens & ______ Park. Fill in the one word “S” blank, a branch of visual arts that operates in three dimensions.

    Answer: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Garden

  25. The Michigan–Ohio War was an 1830s boundary dispute between Ohio and the territory of Michigan. The dispute hinged on ownership of a strip of land named for what current Ohio city? The conflict ended without any lives lost, and Michigan was given more Upper Peninsula land in exchange for Ohio maintaining ownership of the strip.

    Answer: Toledo

  26. Which Michigan city in Washtenaw County with a unique “Y” name that comes from a Greek warrior gets to claim “location of the first Domino’s Pizza” as its fame?

    Answer: Ypsilanti

  27. Alcona, Delta, Huron, Mason, and Washtenaw are five of the 83 that Michigan has in total. What way of dividing up a state are these places examples of?

    Answer: Counties

  28. If you've got a pair of tickets to see a sports game at the stadium unofficially known as "The Big House" (capacity 107,601), what team are you almost certainly there to watch?

    Answer: University of Michigan

  29. The Capitol in Lansing features 19 custom-designed chandeliers composed of copper, iron, and pewter weighing nearly 1,000 lbs each. What renowned jewelry maker made these fixtures?

    Answer: Tiffany's

  30. GRR is the angry-sounding airport code for which city in Michigan that used to be known as "Furniture City of the United States?"

    Answer: Grand Rapids

  31. What city, the sixth largest in Michigan by population, was named for the wives of the village's founders and the stands of bur oak trees within city limits?

    Answer: Ann Arbor

  32. Which is the oldest university in Michigan?

    Answer: University of Michigan

  33. What “P” Rocks are the name of the National Lakeshore on the south of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? The name implies the rocks are visual recreations of other images.

    Answer: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

  34. What former Michigan Wolverine won the Heisman Trophy in 1991 and became the Super Bowl XXXI MVP after helping the Green Bay Packers defeat the New England Patriots in the 1997 namesake NFL championship game?

    Answer: Desmond Howard

  35. In 1963, a quartet composed of Levi Stubbs, Abdul "Duke" Fakir, Renaldo "Obie" Benson and Lawrence Payton joined the Motown roster under what band name?

    Answer: Four Tops

  36. As of the 2010 US Census, what historic furniture-manufacturing center was the 2nd most populous city in Michigan?

    Answer: Grand Rapids

  37. In addition to the US flag, three more nations flags’ have flown above Michigan. Name all three.

    Answer: Spain France and England

  38. John F. Kennedy first announced the idea for what organization in the midst of the 1960 presidential campaign on the steps of the University of Michigan in a late-night speech? Kennedy formally established the program in March 1961.

    Answer: Peace Corps

  39. A demonym is a word that identifies a group of people in relation to a particular place, such as Chicagoan or Michigander. What is the official demonym for someone from Austin?

    Answer: Austinite

  40. What current Michigan football coach has also coached Stanford University and the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL? In 2013, he lost the Super Bowl against his brother, the current head coach of the Baltimore Ravens.

    Answer: Jim Harbaugh

  41. What multinational food conglomerate, based in Battle Creek, Michigan, makes Corn and Frosted Flakes, in addition to Eggo and Pringles and more? It was created while John and his brother W.K. were working at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in the 19th Century.

    Answer: Kellogg's

  42. What 20th-century political scientist and University of Michigan professor wrote such books as “Political Representation In France”, “Dynamics Of Party Support”, and the “American Social Attitudes Data Sourcebook?” His last name is the same as a shoe company that makes Chuck Taylors.

    Answer: Philip Converse

  43. When General Motors tried to dispute Cadillac Fairview's name, they were told "Cadillac" was public domain since it's the surname of the founder of what guessable U.S. city?

    Answer: Detroit

  44. A National Lakeshore located near Empire, Michigan, known for the Dune Climb and for the beach at Platte River Point, is Sleeping ______ Dunes National Lakeshore. Fill in the one word blank, an ursine animal you don’t want to encounter while visiting.

    Answer: Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

  45. Located in Lake Huron named "Michilimackinac" by Odawas, on what Michigan island are cars banned with the exception of select emergency vehicles?

    Answer: Mackinac Island

  46. In what Michigan city can one find the Big Red Lighthouse and the world's largest pickle factory?

    Answer: Holland

  47. Fill in the blank: The Michigan coat of arms features a blue shield with the Latin word "tuebor". Fittingly, this word means "I will _______."

    Answer: defend

  48. In the Big Band Era, Glenn Miller and his orchestra had a 1942 number-one hit called "(I've Got a Gal in) ___." What city in southern Michigan goes in the blank?

    Answer: Kalamazoo

  49. In Michigan folklore, what creepy canine-esque character has been described as seven feet tall with glistening eyes of blue or yellow and a terrifying, humanoid howl?

    Answer: Dogman

  50. Following a group of fifth graders from Niles, Michigan discovering their state did not have an official reptile, the painted species of what animal was named Michigan’s state reptile in 1995?

    Answer: Turtle

  51. According to U.S. News, the top-ranked social work program in America can be found in Ann Arbor, at the flagship campus of what public university?

    Answer: University of Michigan

  52. More than three-quarters of residents of what Midwestern metropolis identify as Black -- the highest percentage of any city in America, according to the 2020 Census?

    Answer: Detroit

  53. A ski resort in Weldon Township, MI is ______ Mountain. Fill in the one word “C” blank, a rock structure that forms a lattice in all directions, and a “Dark” one was subject of a 1982 Muppets fantasy film.

    Answer: Crystal Mountain

  54. Fill in the blank: In Latin, Michigan's state motto is "Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice." In English, this translates to "If you seek a pleasant _______, look about you." Hint: This word is almost an island.

    Answer: Peninsula

  55. What “S” team name is given to athletic programs at Michigan State University? They got their name from residents of a Doric Greek city-state that flourished in the late BC time period.

    Answer: Spartans

  56. Warren Dunes State Park is located along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan in Berrien County, and is named after large sand dunes that sit alongside lakeshore beaches. It is located in what “S” city in Michigan, also the last name of Mark Twain character Tom?

    Answer: Sawyer, Michigan

  57. Eminem plays "B-Rabbit," an aspiring rapper living in Warren, Michigan, in what 2002 film that also starred Mekhi Phifer and Brittany Murphy?

    Answer: 8 Mile

  58. What finger would you most-likely be pointing to if you were using your hand to show that you were from Alpena, Michigan?

    Answer: Index Finger

  59. A zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan is the John ______ Zoological Garden. Fill in the one word “B” blank, also a term for a spherical object that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game.

    Answer: John Ball Zoological Garden

  60. A national forest in Manistique, Michigan is the ______ National Forest. Fill in the one word “H” blank, a precolonial Native American leader and co-founder of the Iroquois Confederacy, also the subject of an 1855 “Song” poem by Longfellow.

    Answer: Hiawatha National Forest

  61. Born and raised in Detroit, her days at the University Liggett School and the Seville Hotel (which her father ran) inspired some of her most memorable SNL characters. You know her as Roseanne Roseannadanna or Emily Litella, but what was the comedienne's real name?

    Answer: Gilda Radner

  62. No matter where you are in Michigan you’ll never be more than 6 miles from a body of which natural resource?

    Answer: Water

  63. In Palms Book State Park you can tour a freshwater spring that fills with 10,000 gallons of water every minute and is always at a cool 45 degrees F. In English, it’s “The Big Spring” or “Mirror of Heaven,” but what’s the spring’s real name in Ojibwe?

    Answer: Kitch-iti-kipi

  64. J.W. Westcott II, a boat that sails out of Detroit, is the only “floating zip code” or “floating post office” in the U.S. because it delivers what to ships while they’re at sea?

    Answer: Mail

  65. Which U.S.-based medical technology company headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan created the Mako™ Robotic Arm?

    Answer: Stryker

  66. What’s the name of Michigan’s NBA team that plays at Little Caesars Arena and has a mascot named Hooper?

    Answer: Detroit Pistons

  67. Which United Shore Professional Baseball League team in Detroit has a double-U name inspired by a magical single-horned creature?

    Answer: Utica Unicorns

  68. Isle Royale National Park, whose isolation makes it perfect for studying animal behavior, boasts the world's longest study of predator-prey relationships, going back fifty years. Name either the species of predator or the species of prey involved in this longtime study.

    Answer: Wolves, moose

  69. Which city is the capital of Michigan as well as the home to Potter Park Zoo and the Impression 5 Science Center?

    Answer: Lansing

  70. Which city in Huron County has a name that sounds like a tree-chopping tool that’s misbehaving?

    Answer: Bad Axe

  71. The lakes might get all the attention, but Michigan does have more than 300 mountains. At 1,979.238 feet above sea level, which mountain in Baraga County is the highest point in the state?

    Answer: Mount Arvon

  72. Which Michigan city west of Detroit that starts with L is home to Schoolcraft College, the Orsen Everitt House, and the Rosedale Gardens Historic District?

    Answer: Livonia

  73. In 1997, a group of school kids successfully convinced Michigan to make the white-tailed variety of which forest critter the official state animal?

    Answer: Deer

  74. Native Americans may have actually given the name “Michigan” to which natural wonder before the state got the name? (In other words, the state was named after it—not the other way around)

    Answer: Lake

  75. Which Michigan city with a regal arbor name has been designated with “Tree City USA” status every year since the honor started in the 1970s?

    Answer: Royal Oak

  76. There are three islands on the eastern side of the Straits of Mackinac: Two of them, Mackinac and Bois Blanc, are inhabited. The third is uninhabited (by humans, anyway!). What's its circular name?

    Answer: Round

  77. Who is the current and 49th governor of Michigan?

    Answer: Gretchen Whitmer

  78. Which lake separates Michigan from Ontario? (Hint: It may not be great but it is part of the Great Lake System because it connects Lake Heron to Lake Erie)

    Answer: St. Clair

  79. Which type of landform that starts with P is Michigan made up of? (Hint: There are two of them: the Upper and Lower)

    Answer: Peninsula

  80. The St. Marys River is the main inlet and the St. Clair River is the main outlet of which Great Lake? (Hint: It’s the second-largest).

    Answer: Huron

  81. One of Michigan’s several state nicknames comes from the shape of one of its peninsulas, which resembles what winter-weather hand covering?

    Answer: Mitten

  82. The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House is a historic landmark in Grosse Pointe Shores. It’s more of a mansion than a simple house, which is no surprise considering Edsel was the son of which automotive tycoon?

    Answer: Henry Ford

  83. The 2022 U.S. baby formula shortage was exacerbated by the shutdown in February of a Sturgis, Michigan plant owned by what producer of the Similac brand?

    Answer: Abbott

  84. There are several bridges you can take to get from Michigan to Canada. Which bridge that connects Detroit to Windsor, Ontario is the busiest such international crossing in North America?

    Answer: Ambassador

  85. Which city in Ottawa County is home to a light-up musical water fountain on Dewey Hill that puts on shows celebrating holidays and even you’re favorite Disney sing-a-long?

    Answer: Grand Haven

  86. Which city in northeastern Michigan is home to the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the world’s largest cement plant (Lafarge), and Starlite Beach?

    Answer: Alpena

  87. Which city in Wayne County is home to the Jefferson Barns Community Vitality Center, the Mike Modano Ice Arena, and the Nankin Mills Nature Center?

    Answer: Westland

  88. The Duragno, Charger, and Neon are just a few vehicles made by which Stellantis brand that’s headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan?

    Answer: Dodge

  89. At which of the state’s institutes of higher education will you find the most powerful laser in the United States? (Bonus fact: The HERCULES Petawatt Laser fires a pulse with an intensity that’s like taking all the sunlight hitting Earth and focusing it onto one grain of sand)

    Answer: University of Michigan

  90. What is the name of the suspension bridge that connects the two major peninsulas of Michigan?

    Answer: Mackinac Bridge

  91. As part of the compromise ending the Toledo War, Michigan picked up most of what landmass just across the Straits of Mackinac?

    Answer: Upper Peninsula

  92. Inducted in 2021, what defensive back, who played for the Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers between 1998 and 2015, is the most recent Michigan Wolverines alum to join the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

    Answer: Charles Woodson

  93. General Motors donated one of their first publicly used self-driving vehicles to a museum named after what man? The car is a modified pre-production Chevrolet Bolt EV, and it was the first autonomous car in the Michigan museum’s collection.

    Answer: Henry Ford

  94. With more than 100,000 people watching the game, 2010’s The Big Chill at the Big House between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University holds the Guinness world record for the largest confirmed number of attendees at a match of which sport?

    Answer: Hockey

  95. In 2016, which midwestern university's football team became the first to wear the Nike "Jumpman" logo on their uniforms? Hail!

    Answer: Michigan

  96. Which big lake at Manitou Beach may not be a Great one, but it’s far from bad despite its sinful name?

    Answer: Devils Lake

  97. What future US president was the center for national championship teams at the University of Michigan, in 1932 and 1933?

    Answer: Gerald Ford

  98. What unfortunately-named Michigan town 15 miles northwest of Ann Arbor offers guests the temporary designation as "Mayor for the Day" in exchange for $100? One alleged origin story for the town's unusual name is a translation of "So beautifully bright!" as the area was described by two German visitors in the 1800s.

    Answer: Hell

  99. The bloodiest battle ever fought in Michigan was during the War of 1812 against Britain. This battle was named after what river? The body of water shares its name with a dried snack.

    Answer: River Raisin Massacre

  100. How many US Presidents have been primarily affiliated with Michigan?

    Answer: One

  101. Chris Webber, who played for the Sacramento Kings from 1998-2005, played college basketball at which school?

    Answer: The University of Michigan

  102. Who is the only member of the University of Michigan's famous "Fab Five" basketball team that eventually won an NBA Finals?

    Answer: Juwan Howard

  103. Since January 14, 2019, Michigan-native Jon Husted has held what political office in Ohio?

    Answer: Lieutenant Governor

  104. What “B” University of Michigan wide receiver was drafted in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals? He was part of a trio of 1,000 yard receivers with Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, in 2008.

    Answer: Steve Breaston

  105. What Michigan-based fast food chain lost a March Madness bet on whether a 16 seed would upset a 1 seed and as a result is offering free "lunch boxes" on Monday, April 2, 2018?

    Answer: Little Caesar's

  106. Which American grocery store chain based in Michigan was the first to do the “supercenter” or “hypermarket” retail concept when it hit the scene in 1962?

    Answer: Meijer

  107. It’s not spelled the same way as Will Smith’s LA home, but which village in Antrim County still offers plenty of opportunities for some “fresh” air with the Shanty Creek Resorts, Glacial Hills Pathway, and over 300 miles of snowboarding?

    Answer: Bellaire

  108. Due to a whistling sound when walked upon, the Michigan beaches of Grand Haven have what musical nickname?

    Answer: Singing Sand

  109. What Best Director winner for "The Hurt Locker" also directed the 2017 film "Detroit," about the 1967 riots that took place in the city?

    Answer: Kathryn Bigelow

  110. Starting the first Friday after Labor Day, in which Michigan county will you find concerts, a demolition derby, rodeos, and tractor pulls at the state’s most popular fairgrounds?

    Answer: Allegan

  111. HealthMedia, Inc. was founded by what prominent Michigan politician? The company was eventually sold to Johnson & Johnson for $200 million.

    Answer: Rick Snyder

  112. Sanders Candy and Dessert Shops dates back to 1875 in Detroit. The shop gained popularity in part due to a single dessert, which featured an airy pastry shell, vanilla ice cream, and some warmer-than-average chocolate sauce. What is the name of this treat?

    Answer: Hot fudge cream puff

  113. Detroit was founded in 1701 when a fort was established by a man with a last name that later became a car brand. This brand is the second oldest in the U.S. (after Buick). What is the brand?

    Answer: Cadillac

  114. The School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan is named after what man, born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1913?

    Answer: Gerald Ford

  115. What two-level theatre was built in Detroit in 1927, features stylings of Spanish Revival architecture, is located across the street from Ford Field and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985?

    Answer: Gem Theatre

  116. KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout), Devil Dancer, and Centennial IPA are a few of the offerings of which Michigan-based craft beer brand started by Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers in 1997?

    Answer: Founders Brewing Company

  117. The city of Grand Rapids, Michigan is served by an airport named after what U.S. President?

    Answer: Gerald Ford

  118. According to information from the NCES, the two largest endowments for public universities are located in Texas (University of Texas System, and Texas A&M System). What state is home to the public university with the next largest endowment? The state's capital city is about 1,300 miles from Texas' capital.

    Answer: Michigan

  119. Sharing its name with a book from the Old Testament, what 1977 Toni Morrison novel has a first part that is set in an unnamed town in Michigan?

    Answer: Song of Solomon

  120. Congress granted Michigan the Upper Peninsula after a dispute over shoreline with what neighboring state?

    Answer: Ohio (Wisconsin was only part of a territory at the time)

  121. Although formally titled "The Report of the Senate Parks Commission. The Improvement of the Park System fo the District of Columbia," the 1902 plan for the park system near the National Mall in D.C. is often named for what Senator from Michigan?

    Answer: McMillan Plan

  122. What “l”arge financial planning company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan acquired Aimvest Technologies in 2021? Its name sounds like it operates throughout your whole existence.

    Answer: LifeWorks

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