158 Sacramento, CA Trivia Questions (Ranked from Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
March 27, 2024
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Sacramento, the capital city of California, is a vibrant and diverse community with a rich history and culture. From its early days as a gold rush town to its current role as the center of state politics, Sacramento has played an important role in the development of California and the United States. The city is also known for its delicious farm-to-fork cuisine, vibrant arts and music scene and an abundance of parks and outdoor activities. However, not everyone is aware of the interesting trivia and facts surrounding Sacramento, CA. Here are a few examples of Sacramento, CA trivia questions that might test your knowledge:

  • What is the nickname of Sacramento?
  • What is the name of the train station located in Sacramento?
  • What is the name of the famous tower located in Old Sacramento?
  • What is the name of the street that is considered the oldest street in Sacramento?
  • What is the name of the river that runs through Sacramento?

These are just a few examples of the many fascinating facts and trivia related to Sacramento, CA. Whether you're a local resident or just someone who is curious about the city, these questions can be a fun and interesting way to learn more about the history, culture, and landmarks of Sacramento.

158 Sacramento, CA Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2024)

  1. Sacramento County is home to what reservoir and lake in the Sierra Nevada foothills, which shares its name with a prison in a Johnny Cash song?

    Answer: Folsom Lake

  2. Located in Sacramento since 1910, the Blue Diamond Growers is the world’s largest producer of what nut whose tree is native to Iran and whose most common varieties include Nonpareils, Mission and California?

    Answer: Almond

  3. Sacramento brought back AAA baseball in 2000 with what team that plays out of Sutter Health Park? We're looking for two words here.

    Answer: River cats

  4. Hagan Community Park in the town near Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, is home to a museum to what “S” vessel, driver by vapor created by heated water?

    Answer: Sacramento Valley Live Steamers

  5. One of the more expensive suburbs in the city, what suburb of Sacramento has a common igneous rock in its name?

    Answer: Granite Bay

  6. The U.S.'s oldest public art museum west of the Mississippi River is in Sacramento. What is its name?

    Answer: The Crocker Art Museum

  7. The Golden 1 Center is an indoor arena located on the site of the former Downtown Plaza shopping center that opened in 2016. The title sponsor Golden 1 is what type of business? We're looking for a two-word answer that starts with the letter "C."

    Answer: Credit Union

  8. What is the name of the international retail music franchise that was founded and based in Sacramento from 1960 until its bankruptcy in 2006?

    Answer: Tower Records

  9. What is the apian name of the sports teams of Sacramento State University?

    Answer: Hornets

  10. What “H” community park, located in Sacramento suburb Rancho Cordova, CA, has athletic fields and an aquatic center?

    Answer: Hagan Community Center

  11. The name makes it sound like a place to play Pac-Man, but which Sacramento neighborhood is home to Cal Expo and Papa Murphy’s?

    Answer: Arden Arcade

  12. Pat Morita punched in and punched out as a data entry clerk in Sacramento decades before getting an Oscar nod for waxing on and waxing off in what 1984 franchise starting film?

    Answer: The Karate Kid

  13. Sacramento hosts Eppie's Great Race, a triathlon that swaps out swimming with a ride in what palindromic watercraft?

    Answer: Kayak

  14. In 1986 Arnold Schwarzenegger married Maria Shriver, a member of what famous American family?

    Answer: The Kennedy's

  15. What Sacramento museum, the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi, was founded in 1885? It shares its “C” name with the last name with a fictional female character used to sell food and recipes.

    Answer: Crocker

  16. Founded in 1986, Front Street in Sacramento is home to a California Museum, formerly bearing the name Towe, that displays what items? Karl Benz is one of the people linked to the history of its invention.

    Answer: Automobile

  17. Which politician who later became president was the last California governor to permanently live in Sacramento? (Hint: He was elected governor in 1967 after pivoting from his acting career).

    Answer: Ronald Reagan

  18. Sacramento has 12 sister cities, including Ashkelon that’s located in what Middle Eastern country whose official flag depicts the Star of David?

    Answer: Israel

  19. In what "S" named California city was the American rock band Dance Gavin Dance formed in 2005?

    Answer: Sacramento

  20. Sacramento mixed martial artist Christian "The Hungarian Nightmare" Wellisch fought for the crown in KOTC, a California-based MMA league that stands for "WHAT of the Cage"?

    Answer: King

  21. What is the name of the 275-acre Sacramento park that is situated at the intersection of the American River and Sacramento River?

    Answer: Discovery Park

  22. In Sacramento, CA, the official reception area for the California government is a renovated mansion formerly owned by what successful 19th century merchant and namesake of a university in nearby Palo Alto?

    Answer: Leland Stanford

  23. First held in 1974, Sacramento is home to the Eppie's Great Race – also known as the “World’s Oldest Triathalon”. Unlike most triathons, the Eppie's Great Race consists of running 5.82 miles, cycling 12.5 miles and trekking 6.10 miles in what palidromic aquatic transport which derives from the Greenlandic word “qanaq”?

    Answer: Kayak

  24. The Sacramento city flag has two blue areas representing which two rivers running through the city? We’re looking for both answers here.

    Answer: Sacramento and American

  25. What “P” beach is part of the River Bend Park in the American River Parkway in Sacramento? Its name is a word that can mean Heaven or just an idyllic location.

    Answer: Paradise Beach

  26. The so-called California Food Revolution helped drive the popularity of artisan products, like fancy cheese and imported ingredients. One supermarket chain, run by a family of Italian foodies, really helped bring gourmet food and drink to the forefront. Today, there’s just one grocery location left—you can visit it on Folsom Blvd. What’s the name of the store (and the siblings who ran it for more than 70 years)?

    Answer: Corti Brothers Grocery

  27. In which Sacramento neighborhood can you visit the Jibboom Street Bridge, La Superior market, and Sleep Train Arena?

    Answer: Natomas

  28. As its title states, in a 2004 Karen Joy Fowler nove, a Sacramento and Davis book club make their way through the works of what author, from "Pride and Prejudice" to "Northanger Abbey"?

    Answer: Jane Austen

  29. Alhambra Blvd in Sacramento is home to what city park, built in 1871 to attract customers to the Sacramento Street Railway Company? It shares its name with the surname of the 25th president of the United States, serving from 1897 to 1901 before his assassination.

    Answer: McKinley Park

  30. Painted as part of "Wide Open Walls," the Shepard Fairey mural in Sacramento of Johnny Cash features the legendary singer staring in the direction of what prison where he recorded a 1968 live album?

    Answer: Folsom Prison

  31. From 1997 until 2009, Sacramento was the home of a WNBA team (the 2005 league champions!) with what regal name?

    Answer: Sacramento Monarchs

  32. Who was the first African American mayor of Sacramento? He was a former NBA player and served two terms as mayor.

    Answer: Kevin Johnson

  33. What’s the name of the “mini city” in Rancho Cordova that was built to teach kids about stranger danger and why they always have to look both ways before crossing the street?

    Answer: Safetyville

  34. When it was first founded by Timothy Busfield in the 1980s, it was a touring children’s theater troupe. Today, which theatre on Capitol Ave offers not just live performances but one of the most popular theater schools as well?

    Answer: B Street

  35. After a devastating flood in 1850, Sacramento became known for constructing which kind of structure with the goal of preventing such a disaster from happening again? (Unfortunately, it was destroyed about a month later during a big storm)

    Answer: Levee

  36. Paying homage to New York’s "Big Apple" and acknowledging the number of canneries of this fruit, one the nicknames of Sacramento is the Big WHAT?

    Answer: Tomato

  37. From April 1860 to October 1861, Sacramento's B.F. Hastings building served as the western terminus of what historic service, whose eastern end began at St. Joseph, Missouri?

    Answer: Pony Express

  38. A city park, also referred to as a plaza, between I and J Streets in downtown Sacramento, is named for what American labor organizer and civil rights leader, who helped form the United Farm Workers?

    Answer: Cesar Chavez

  39. What’s the Viking-inspired name of the “family fun center” with locations in Sacramento and Victorville where you can ride the “Sky Screamer,” “Swedish Scrambler,” and “Norway Flyer?”

    Answer: Scandia

  40. Having started publishing in 1851, and being the oldest U.S. newspaper until it closed in 1994, what was the name of Sacramento’s first newspaper?

    Answer: Sacramento Union

  41. Born in Sacramento, Adrienne Barbeau became famous for her role in the Broadway Musical “Grease” playing which character?

    Answer: Rizzo

  42. What is the "T" fog that is a thick ground fog common in the San Joaquin Valley and Sacramento Valley during late fall through early spring?

    Answer: Tule fog

  43. The Cal Expo in Sacramento is home to a franchise of what aquatic theme park, owned by Palace Entertainment and a former subsidiary of Six Flags? Check out the Dragon’s Den or Cliffhanger.

    Answer: Raging Waters

  44. Sacramento-born actor Sam Elliott went a little bit further east as the patriarch of the dysfunctional Bennett family on what cowboy-ish Netflix show with Ashton Kutcher?

    Answer: The Ranch

  45. Both filmed and set in Sacramento, a 2017 coming-of-age film earned five Oscar nominations: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Director. What is this two-word film that is not about a former U.S. First Lady?

    Answer: Lady Bird

  46. A Discovery Kingdom, a 135-acre animal theme park in Vallejo, CA, located between San Francisco and Sacramento, is owned by what theme park company with a more famous California theme park in Southern California’s Valencia?

    Answer: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

  47. The Sacramento River Cats is a professional AAA baseball team that, since 2015, has been affiliated with what California major league team?

    Answer: Giants

  48. Which famous American author in his book “Roughing it” said “Sacramento it is fiery summer always, and you can gather roses, and eat strawberries and ice cream, and wear white linen clothes, and pant and perspire, at eight or nine o'clock in the morning”?

    Answer: Mark Twain

  49. Two people met and, uh, small fiery particles flew in "Dear John" and "The Notebook," books by what author on the Sacramento Walk of Fame?

    Answer: Nicholas Sparks

  50. Immediately before they relocated to Sacramento in 1985, the Kings played home games in what Midwest city that's pretty used to regal sports teams?

    Answer: Kansas City

  51. Located at 111 I Street in Sacramento is a museum that features the "Sierra Scene" and also an object named "Gov. Stanford." What type of object is Gov. Stanford?

    Answer: Locomotive

  52. Spending most of his pro career with the San Francisco Giants, MLB Hall of Famer Willie Mays was famously nicknamed “The Say Hey” what?

    Answer: Kid

  53. TRACC is a department run by Sacramento City College designed to prepare students (via certificate and degree programs) for work in what industry?

    Answer: Railroads

  54. A mainstay for the city for decades, Sacramento State University was founded in which year? We'll accept five years either way.

    Answer: 1947

  55. Sacramento artist Adrian Tomine is best known for his moody work on the comic "Optic Nerve" and illustrations for what magazine named for the residents of a city almost 3,000 miles away from Sac-Town?

    Answer: New Yorker

  56. With nearly 17,000 employees in the area, which health care company is the largest employer in Sacramento?

    Answer: Kaiser Permanente

  57. John McCrea, Vince DiFiore, Xan McCurdy, Daniel McCallum, and Todd Rope form which Sacramento-native band with a confectionery name that’s known for hits like “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” and “Never There?”

    Answer: Cake

  58. Although a staple of the holiday, candy corn is also often considered a polarizing sweet and is even considered "Halloween's most contentious sweet" by Vox. In the vast majority of tri-colored pieces of candy corn, what color is the middle section of the sweet?

    Answer: Orange

  59. Linking Sacramento and West Sacramento is what 738-foot-long landmark with the same name as a far more famous structure in London, England?

    Answer: Tower Bridge

  60. The final Sacramento Music Festival was held in 2017 after more than 40 years of being held annually on Memorial Day weekend. Attendance peaked in the 1980s with more than 80,000 attendees. At the time, the festival had what more-festive name?

    Answer: Old Sacramento Dixieland Jazz Jubilee

  61. Luke Walton, Dave Joerger, and George Karl are the three men who have most recently held what job title in Sacramento?

    Answer: Coach of the Kings

  62. For a period of time, what famous actor lived in the Riverlake community of Pocket-Greenhaven with his wife Nicole Mitchell who was a Sacramento native?

    Answer: Eddie Murphy

  63. What species is Herkimer, the oldest resident of the Sacramento Zoo?

    Answer: Desert Tortoise

  64. What Sacramento sports team that plays in the Golden 1 Center came into existence as the Seagrams of Rochester, New York in 1923?

    Answer: Sacramento Kings

  65. What hard-to-Google band founded in Sacramento, California by lead singer Nic Offer is also known as "Chk Chk Chk"?

    Answer: !!!

  66. Located about 15 miles west of Sacramento, what University of California campus has the top-ranked veterinary medicine program in America, according to US News?

    Answer: Davis

  67. What “J” Botanical Garden in the Sacramento suburb of Carmichael, CA is home to a collection of camellias, rhododendrons, and other varieties of flowers?

    Answer: Jensen Botanical Garden

  68. What is the original name of the stadium that was renamed the Power Balance Pavilion and the Sleep Train Arena, which was home court for the Sacramento Kings?

    Answer: ARCO Arena

  69. William Land Regional Park in Sacramento, CA is home to what “R” type of garden named after the WPA? Its name is that of a hard, common, naturally occurring object, and also Dwayne Johnson’s nickname.

    Answer: WPA Rock Garden

  70. What region in California between the Sierra Nevada and Coast ranges, including Bakersfield, Fresno, Stockton, Modesto, and Sacramento, produces 8% of American crop value on just 1% of American farmland and provides over half of the fruit, vegetables, and nuts produced in America?

    Answer: Central Valley

  71. On September 5, 1975, an attempt on the life of which president was made by a member of the Manson Family cult in Capitol Park, Sacramento?

    Answer: Gerald Ford

  72. Each year, which 17-day end-of-the-summer event is held at Cal Expo and features musical performances, a carnival, sports competitions, agriculture showcases, and plenty of food?

    Answer: California State Fair

  73. Which neighborhood in North Sacramento is just south of Oak Knoll and has a name that sounds like a “berry” big, fancy house?

    Answer: Strawberry Manor

  74. Which historic Sacramento neighborhood sounds poor but was actually one of the richest parts of the city when it was established in the 1840s? (The name actually comes from the city’s only hill, which was once mounted by poor citizens trying to escape floods).

    Answer: Poverty Ridge

  75. In McKinley Park, you’ll find a garden in memory of Fredrick N. Evans that features which type of flower?

    Answer: Rose

  76. If you visit the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento during the wintertime, you can take a train ride inspired by which 2004 computer-animated adventure starring Tom Hanks?

    Answer: The Polar Express

  77. The motto of Sacramento is Urbs Indomita—that’s Latin for a city that’s not easily defeated, which you could describe using which adjective that starts with I?

    Answer: Indomitable

  78. In which Sacramento park will you find the International World Peace Rose Garden?

    Answer: Capitol Park

  79. What midtown Sacramento district centrally located at K and 20th Streets has been called “Sacramento’s answer to San Fransisco’s Castro” on account of its thriving LGBTQ community and businesses.

    Answer: Lavender Heights

  80. What is the address of the Caiifornia State Capitol building in Sacramento?

    Answer: 1315 10th Street

  81. Of the three rivers that flow through the Sacramento area, which one is the longest in the state of California? It originates in the Klamath Mountains of Northern California and flows into and out of Shasta Lake before reaching Sacramento, where it converges with another river.

    Answer: Sacramento

  82. Sacramento is home to a film festival celebrating the cinema of what European country? In 2023, it was held June 9-11 at the Tower Theater.

    Answer: France

  83. The NBA's Cincinnati Royals changed their name upon moving to Kansas City in 1972, before later moving farther west to what city, where they still play?

    Answer: Sacramento

  84. What is the name of the paddlewheel riverboat permanently moored on the Sacramento river next to Old Sacramento? Built in 1927 to run between Sacramento and San Francisco, it is now a hotel and restaurant.

    Answer: Delta King

  85. Which state historic park is at the location of Sutter’s Mill in Sacramento, where the California Gold Rush started in 1848?

    Answer: Marshall Gold Discovery

  86. What Spanish explorer and cavalryman named the Sacramento River ("Río del Santísimo Sacramento" — "River of the Blessed Sacrament") in 1808? This man was the son of another noted Spanish expeditionary leader, who founded San Jose, California in 1777.

    Answer: Gabriel Moraga

  87. Commonly attributed with founding the city, Sacramento pioneer John Sutter was born in 1803 in which modern-day country?

    Answer: Germany

  88. Which former NFL cornerback who played for the New York Giants and St Louis Rams was born in Sacramento on April 15, 1971?

    Answer: Jason Sehorn

  89. What number U.S. Congressional district In California covers western Sacramento as well as areas in Lemon Hill and Parkway?

    Answer: 6th District

  90. What is the oldest continually serving restaurant in Sacramento? In 2013, the restaurant won the James Beard Foundation's America's Classics Award.

    Answer: Frank Fat's

  91. Don't do a double take! What Sacramento architectural landmark shares a name with an iconic structure built in London between 1886 and 1894?

    Answer: Tower Bridge

  92. Sacramento architect Edwin Kado looked toward what kind of ancient Mesopotamian structure for inspiration for his 1997 office building on the shores of the Sacramento River?

    Answer: Ziggurat

  93. Which Sacramento swimmer was a part of the 4x200m relay team for the USA, who won the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics?

    Answer: Alyssa Anderson

  94. John Keating's Old City Plaza, including a central plaza and circular walkways, now bears the name of what labor leader and civil rights activist?

    Answer: Cesar Chavez

  95. Rudoph Herold designed Sacramento's Beaux-Arts Capitol Building and what historic building at J St. and 12th St., whose large central ballroom is popular for weddings?

    Answer: Masonic Temple

  96. In May 2023, due reports of a proposed new arena getting voted down at a referendum, which NHL team could be moving to Sacramento?

    Answer: Arizona Coyotes

  97. Boasting two championship golf courses, what golf course consistently voted one of the best in Sacramento was opened in 1932?

    Answer: Haggin Oaks

  98. Born in Sacramento in August 1987, Sesugh Uhaa is a professional wrestler who performs in the WWE under what ring name? His first name is the same first name as Rocky Balboa’s turned friend, and his surname is the same as the surname of the host of America’s got Talent.

    Answer: Apollo Crews

  99. What Sacramento native created what was the first discount securities brokerage, which opened its first branch in Sacramento in 1975?

    Answer: Charles Schwab

  100. Following his efforts to protect the city from flooding, who was elected Sacramento's first mayor in 1850?

    Answer: Hardin Bigelow

  101. In 1967 ServPro was founded by Ted and Doris Isaacson as a painting business in what California city?

    Answer: Sacramento

  102. What building can be found at 1526 H Street in Sacramento?

    Answer: California Governor’s Mansion

  103. The seal of the Country of Sacramento has a picture of the State Capitol Dome, a gold miner, and a rider for what communication service?

    Answer: Pony Express

  104. On what day of the week during the second week of the month does the Sacramento Art Walk take place?

    Answer: Saturday

  105. What famous labor leader and co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association was among the first honorees enshrined into the Sacramento-based California Hall of Fame in 2006?

    Answer: César Chávez

  106. In which decade did Sacramento Zoo first open?

    Answer: 1920s

  107. Found in Sacramento County, what is the five-digit Zip Code for Courtland?

    Answer: 95615

  108. "Let me serenade the streets of L.A / From Oakland to Sac-town, the Bay Area and back down." That's some questionable geography from the lyrics of what classic 2Pac hit?

    Answer: California Love

  109. Sacramento native Jessica Chastain was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role as a CIA analyst tracking down Osama bin Laden in what 2012 film?

    Answer: Zero Dark Thirty

  110. North of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and drained by the Sacramento River, the Sacramento Valley contains parts of ten California Counties. Unsurprisingly, Sacramento is the most populous city in the region by a wide margin. With more than 170,000 residents, what is the "mammalian" second-most populous city in the region?

    Answer: Elk Grove

  111. Winning the title in 2014, what is the name of Sacramento soccer team in the USL, which is a division II professional behind Major League Soccer?

    Answer: Sacramento Republic FC

  112. What Sacramento mayor elected in 2016 was previously President pro Tempore of the California Senate and majority leader of the California State Senate from 2008 to 2014?

    Answer: Darrell Steinberg

  113. Though born in Germany, what actor known for his roles in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Roots" was raised in Sacramento, CA, and has been honored on the Sacramento Walk of Stars?

    Answer: LeVar Burton

  114. He won a record 26 Academy Awards, and was the first person to receive a star on the Anaheim Walk of Stars, but whose other claim to fame was creating the "Scoopy Bee" mascot used by The Sacramento Bee?

    Answer: Walt Disney

  115. The Sacramento Bee is the flagship newspaper of what company, the second largest news publisher in the U.S.? It has the same name as its founder, who started the paper in 1857.

    Answer: The McClatchy Company

  116. The Sacramento Kings moved to the city in 1985, after playing for the previous decade (from 1975-1985) in which city?

    Answer: Kansas City

  117. What California city was the state's capital before the government seat was moved to Sacramento in 1869?

    Answer: San Francisco

  118. Born and raised in River Park, which actress wrote and starred in “Frances Ha” (some of which was filmed in Sacramento)?

    Answer: Greta Gerwig

  119. Born in Sacramento one week after "September" of 1962, Robert Brookins was an American musician (as a singer as well, he was known to "Sing a Song") whose "Devotion" to music saw him become a "Shining Star" with which triply elemental funk/soul band, some of whose songs titles are quoted in this question?

    Answer: Earth, Wind & Fire

  120. Each year, a French-inspired “course des serveuses et garçons de café” is held as part of Sacramento’s Bastille Day celebrations. It’s a race of which type of person that brings you your food in a restaurant?

    Answer: Waiter

  121. In what East Sacramento neighborhood did Ronald Regan live for most of the time while he was governor of California? Filled with architecturally splendid houses, it once included the terminus of a streetcar line.

    Answer: Fab forties

  122. Chris Webber, who played for the Sacramento Kings from 1998-2005, played college basketball at which school?

    Answer: The University of Michigan

  123. In 1985, a 38-year-old Sacramento man named Hugh Scrutton was killed by what nicknamed serial killer in the U.S.?

    Answer: The Unabomber

  124. Florin Road in Sacramento is a home to a variety of multicultural art, murals, and education, in a museum named for what 19th-century American escaped slave, essayist, and civil rights activist? This author of “Ain’t I A Woman?” had a last name that meant the state of being in accordance with fact.

    Answer: Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum

  125. Former player and assistant general manager of the Sacramento Kings Peja Stojakovic was born in which ex-Yugoslav country?

    Answer: Croatia

  126. The Sacramento Kings are the oldest franchise in the NBA. In what New York city did they get their start in 1923 as the Seagrams?

    Answer: Rochester

  127. Of cities in California with populations over 500,00, which is the most northerly? This city is away from the coast, located around two rivers.

    Answer: Sacramento

  128. The Sac State Hornets athletic teams are part of what NCAA Division I conference that somehow is headquartered in Utah instead of Montana?

    Answer: Big Sky Conference

  129. Just prior to Sacramento being chosen as the state capital in 1854, what city served as California's capital for thirteen months in 1853 and 1854?

    Answer: Benicia

  130. Sutter Hospital, located near Sutter's Fort, was created in 1921 by a group of 17 physicians (in addition to local civic leaders) in reaction to the failures of the city's healthcare systems during what medical crisis?

    Answer: Influenza outbreak

  131. What sort of facility will I find at 828 I Street in Sacramento?

    Answer: Library

  132. The first ever foreign language newspaper in Sacramento started printing in 1856. What language was it in?

    Answer: Chinese

  133. What Sacramento-born U.S. Supreme Court Justice, who retired in 2018, authored the decision in the landmark case Obergefell v. Hodges?

    Answer: Anthony Kennedy

  134. The Sacramento County seal is adorned with how many white stars as a nod to when California joined the Union?

    Answer: 31

  135. Who was the first Black police commissioner for Sacramento, who stepped down from the role in late 2021 and retired after 34 years in law-enforcement?

    Answer: Daniel Hahn

  136. The only one of Sacramento’s sister cities that is found in the Southern Hemisphere is a city called Hamilton. In which country is it found in?

    Answer: New Zealand

  137. At one point, it was a proposed site for the California State Capitol, but that plan was abandoned in 1857. Fifteen years later, designer John Keating was hired to create a plan for the site. Today it occupies exactly one city block. What is it?

    Answer: Cesar Chavez Park

  138. A museum in Old Sacramento State Historic Park interprets the role of what “iron horse” in connecting California to the rest of the United States? Its American father is believed to be John Stevens, who demonstrated it in 1826.

    Answer: railroad

  139. What “H” Estates in the Sacramento suburb of Clarksburg, CA is a vineyard and winery that opened in 1868?

    Answer: Heringer Estates

  140. Since 2016, the Sacramento Kings have been owned by what TIBCO Software founder and first person of Indian-descent to own an NBA team?

    Answer: Vivek Ranadivé

  141. Maintained by the County of Sacramento and featuring mile markers every half-mile, what is the name of the 32-mile paved pathway that runs from just north of downtown Sacramento to Beal's Point at Folsom Lake? It is considered one of the longest purpose-built paved bike trails in the country.

    Answer: The Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail (or American River Bike Trail)

  142. Also the name of a Bruce Springsteen song, what 1989 Clint Eastwood movie features scenes shot in San Francisco's Capital Mall area?

    Answer: Pink Cadillac

  143. The transcontinental railroad began construction in Sacramento in 1861 and was financed by the "Big Four": Mark Hopkins, Charles Crocker, Collis P. Huntington, and what governor of Calilfornia? This person later becmae a U.S. Senator.

    Answer: Leland Stanford

  144. Outside of Silverado Building Materials and Nursery in Sacramento stands a 25-foot-tall wooden statue of what actor’s likeness who played the gun-slinging Jake in the 1985 western film “Silverado”?

    Answer: Kevin Costner

  145. What “C” Park on Grant Ave in unincorporated Sacramento, CA, has five ballfields and six tennis courts? Its name is the same as the last name of the 1930s songwriter Hoagy who appeared in “The Best Years Of Our Lives.”

    Answer: Carmichael Park

  146. Which trail with a triple-L name sounds like it could be straight outta Scotland, but you’ll actually find it in Tahoe National Forest?

    Answer: Loch Levens Lakes

  147. In which historic Sacramento neighborhood will you find the Julius Asher House, the Ella K. McClatchy Library, and Huber Market?

    Answer: Newton Booth

  148. Which Alternative metal band was formed in Sacramento in 1988? They have had successful albums such as ‘White Pony’ and ‘Gore’

    Answer: The Deftones

  149. "The Year of Magical Thinking" and "Slouching Toward Bethlehem" are works by what Pulitzer-nominated, Sacramento-raised journalist?

    Answer: Joan Didion

  150. Which northern California river that starts in the Sierra Nevada and has a birdly name is a tributary of the Sacramento River?

    Answer: Feather

  151. Which famous actress, known for playing a titular character in a Marvel Cinematic Film, was born Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers in Sacramento on October 1, 1989?

    Answer: Brie Larson

  152. The Sacramento Public Safety Center, where citizens can go deal with police, can be found on which street in Sacramento?

    Answer: Freeport Boulevard

  153. The daughter of portraitist Gilbert Stuart, Jane Stuart created a painting found in the California Senate chamber of what early U.S. president?

    Answer: George Washington

  154. Mark Spitz swam for Sacramento's Arden Hills Swim Club between the ages of 6 to 14 - he went on to win seven Gold medals at the Olympics in which CITY?

    Answer: Munich

  155. Which historic landmark building across from the State Capitol on L Street was once a hotel that, despite its name, wasn’t just a hub for politicians?

    Answer: The Senator

  156. Built in 1992, the Wells Fargo Center is the tallest building in Sacramento, standing at a height of 430 feet. Standing only 26 feet shorter and built in 2008, what is the second-tallest building in California's capital?

    Answer: U.S. Bank Tower

  157. To the nearest 10,000, according to the U.S. Census in 2020, what is the population of Sacramento City? 10,000 either way will be accepted.

    Answer: 520,000

  158. In 1963, 5,000 spectators welcomed the "Taipei Victory" into the Port of Sacramento. In part the crowd was present because it was the first time since 1934's "Harpoon" that a boat with WHAT specific capability had docked in the city?

    Answer: Ocean-going

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