105 Seinfeld Trivia Questions (Ranked Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
April 8, 2024
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Seinfeld trivia questions and answers can bring back a lot of nostalgia for those who watched the show during its nine seasons on NBC.

The question is, how much do you know about Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer's misadventures?

Test your knowledge with these 124 trivia questions.

Straight off the bat, here is a warm-up question to get you started:

Question: Of Seinfeld's four main performers, who is the only actor/actress to not win an Emmy for their performance?

Answer: Jason Alexander

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105 Seinfeld Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated For 2024)

  1. Kramer, George, Elaine, and Jerry spent nine seasons on what NBC “show about nothing” that gave us classic lines like “Yada, yada, yada” and “No soup for you”?

    Answer: Seinfeld

  2. "A quick bread made of batter containing egg and baked in a pan having cupcake molds" is Merriam-Webster's definition of what baked good? On "Seinfeld," Elaine launched a failed venture to sell only the tops of these things.

    Answer: Muffin

  3. Jerry learns he has a library fine for a book he checked out in 1971 and never returned in a Season 3 episode of what sitcom?

    Answer: Seinfeld

  4. What surprising license plate does Kramer receive from the Department of Motor Vehicles?

    Answer: ASSMAN

  5. Although only one of his sketches ever aired, Larry David's time as a writer for what show ended up being critical as its where he met Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

    Answer: Saturday Night Live

  6. Actor Len Lesser played a character named Leo on Seinfeld (keeping up with the "L" alliteration). Leo was what relation to the show's protagonist?

    Answer: Uncle

  7. In the Season 4 episode "The Handicap Spot," the group of friends on Seinfeld travel to a mall to buy what type of engagement gift for their friend "The Drake?"

    Answer: Big-screen TV

  8. In Season 9 episode "the Apology," which of Seinfeld's characters discovers that a co-worker can't stand their germs but can tolerate everyone else's?

    Answer: Elaine

  9. Seen in episodes such as "The Wallet" in which the namesake object goes missing, what is the name of Jerry's father in the show Seinfeld?

    Answer: Morty

  10. In Season 9 episode "The Dealership," Jerry plans to buy a Saab convertible from what car salesman who is also an on-again-off-again boyfriend of Elaine's?

    Answer: David Puddy

  11. In Season 9 episode "The Bookstore," Jerry learns that a relative of his is a shoplifter. Who is this relative?

    Answer: Uncle Leo

  12. "Nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate." In an episode of "Seinfeld," Jerry says this in reference to what iconic duotone baked foodstuff found primarily in the bakeries of New York City?

    Answer: Black and White cookie

  13. In Season 4 episode of Seinfeld "The Pick," while Jerry is trying to convince his girlfriend that he was simply scratching his nose, Kramer is spending time as an underwear model for what brand?

    Answer: Calvin Klein

  14. Seinfeld premiered on NBC in the same year that the first full episode of The Simpsons debuted on FOX. What was this year? Responses accepted if within two of the correct year.

    Answer: 1989 (1987 - 1991 accepted)

  15. The famous actual puffy shirt used in "The Puffy Shirt" episode lives in what iconic American museum?

    Answer: The Smithsonian

  16. Which of the 4 main Seinfeld characters was not in the show's first episode?

    Answer: Elaine

  17. What Looney Tunes character rests atop the titular confectionary tool the "Pez Dispenser" episode?

    Answer: Tweety Bird

  18. While Jerry and Elaine are waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant, Jerry dares Elaine to eat what food from a stranger's plate?

    Answer: Egg Roll

  19. Larry David met Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the set of what famed NBC comedy show?

    Answer: Saturday Night Live

  20. Seinfeld won an award from the American Academy of Dermatology for promoting skin care awareness in a season nine episode. By what nickname did Jerry refer to the doctor in this episode?

    Answer: Pimple Popper MD

  21. The costume designers for Seinfeld purposely made the clothes for one character one size too small in order to make them seem uncool. Which character is this?

    Answer: George

  22. In "The Bubble Boy," George and his then-girlfriend Susan play what card game with the titular enclosed child?

    Answer: Trivial Pursuit

  23. A self-confident businessman, what is the name of Jerry's father in Seinfeld?

    Answer: Morty

  24. What Borat director was also a staff writer for 5 seasons of Seinfeld and responsible for some of the more absurd and dark storylines for George, Kramer, and friends?

    Answer: Larry Charles

  25. Which Seinfeld character claimed that "You know I always wanted to pretend that I was an architect"?

    Answer: George

  26. During the airing of the final episode of Seinfeld, a famous singer died. Legend has it that his ambulance made record time because of the empty Los Angeles streets caused by Seinfeld's conclusion. Who was this iconic crooner who scored his first number one hit in 1940?

    Answer: Frank Sinatra

  27. Later a star in his own right, what "Seinfeld" co-creator made an estimated $242 million in 1998?

    Answer: Larry David

  28. What is unique about the way Mr. Pitt eats his Snickers? By the end of the episode, much of New York is eating the sweet snack in the same way.

    Answer: With knife and fork

  29. In the 2nd episode of Season 2, Jerry makes a remark about hating anyone who had what animal as a pet as a child?

    Answer: Pony

  30. On Vulture's list ranking all Seinfeld episodes, the bottom-ranked episode was considered so racially offensive at the time of its release that NBC had to apologize. The episode involves a parade celebrating what place?

    Answer: Puerto Rico

  31. In Season 4 Seinfeld episode "The Old Man," Elaine's elderly counterpart reveals that she had an affair with what famous pacifist?

    Answer: Gandhi

  32. What 2020 Netflix-produced reality television show was inspired in part by the famous Seinfeld episode "The Contest" in which participants competed for who could abstain from onanism the longest?

    Answer: Too Hot to Handle

  33. What eponymous star of a "show about nothing" did an American Express commercial in the 1990s in which he played cricket and said, "wicked googly?"

    Answer: Jerry Seinfeld

  34. The final episode of what sitcom—the first program outside of the Super Bowl to reach $1 million in advertising—sees the four main characters sentenced to a year in a small-town prison?

    Answer: Seinfeld

  35. In a Season 4 episode of Seinfeld, what brown-and-white candy does Kramer accidentally drop into a patient during a surgery?

    Answer: Junior Mints

  36. What titular piece of clothing from a Season 5 episode of Seinfeld is now placed in the Smithsonian? A doll-sized replica was included with a DVD set of the season.

    Answer: The Puffy Shirt

  37. What was the name of the wealthy man who employed Elaine in Seinfeld?

    Answer: Mr Pitt

  38. Name of George's two horses at his fictional home in the Hamptons. One of them borrows a name from a famous cartoon canine.

    Answer: Snoopy and Prickly Pete

  39. Julia Louis-Dreyfus's half-sister in real life played a waitress at Monk's in Seinfeld for one episode, in which she used what simple hand gesture while working at George's table?

    Answer: Middle finger

  40. What restaurant places Elaine on the "Do Not Deliver" blacklist due to arguments over cashew chicken?

    Answer: Hop Sing's

  41. What is Newman's favorite candy bar in "Seinfeld"? This one-word treat could also describe a person who eats many of them.

    Answer: Chunky

  42. During the final episode of Seinfeld's airing, the TV Land network honored the occasion with no programming during the show's timeslot. Instead, the network showed a photo of what object during the episode?

    Answer: Closed office door

  43. Though name Jackie Chiles when retained by Kramer in later seasons of Seinfeld, this energetic attorney was a parody of what real-life lawyer and member of O.J. Simpson's defense team?

    Answer: Johnnie Cochran

  44. "The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli" is a quote from which Seinfeld character?

    Answer: George Costanza

  45. Fittingly for an Orioles fan, Elaine initially hails from what state?

    Answer: Maryland

  46. In Seinfeld's second season, the show's timeslot was moved a half hour earlier after swapping places with what long-running sitcom set in a nocturnal, Manhattan municipal court?

    Answer: Night Court

  47. Mr. Heyman was a gym teacher that which Seinfeld character helped get fired?

    Answer: George

  48. What award-winning director publicly said that he would frequently take breaks from filming his 1993 masterpiece "Schindler's List" and watch episodes of Seinfeld to lighten the mood?

    Answer: Steven Spielberg

  49. "That would be grounds for dismissal" was a common refrain for what recurring Seinfeld character?

    Answer: J Peterman

  50. In "The Bubble Boy," a Trivial Pursuit misprint results in what nonexistent group being credited for an invasion of 8th century Spain?

    Answer: The Moops

  51. Bob Sacamano is a recurring character on the show Seinfeld, but although he is frequently referenced he is never actually seen on screen in the show. Often a source of wild ideas, Sacamano is a friend of which core Seinfeld character?

    Answer: Kramer

  52. Jerry has claimed that the "golf ball scene" is one of his favorite of the entire Seinfeld run. What brand of golf ball does George pull out of the whale's blow hole in "The Marine Biologist"? '?

    Answer: Titleist

  53. Who was the first "Seinfeld" star to be inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame? (hint: she was part of the class of 2014)

    Answer: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

  54. The name of Seinfeld's 148th episode is the name of a fictional gang who took the first US President hailing from New York as their namesake. What is the name of this gang?

    Answer: The Van Buren Boys

  55. In Season 8's "The Little Jerry" what shameful financial object of Jerry's is posted in a nearby bodega as a symbol of an unpaid debt?

    Answer: Bounced Check

  56. In legendary 4th season episode "The Contest," what word, central to the eponymous contest, is never used on screen because NBC thought it was not suitable for a prime time audience?

    Answer: Masturbation

  57. In "The Old Man," Jerry, George, and Elaine volunteer to help the elderly and Elaine's interest in her volunteering dramatically increases when she learns that her assigned woman claims she once had an affair with what famous leader?

    Answer: Gandhi

  58. In the Seinfeld episode "The Wife," Jerry and his girlfriend Meryl pose as a married couple so that Meryl can receive a 25% discount on what service?

    Answer: Dry cleaning

  59. In the 7th Season episode "The Seven," Kramer and Elaine use Newman as an arbiter to determine who should receive what transportation object?

    Answer: Bike

  60. In Season 3 episode "The Tape," George orders a baldness remedy from what foreign country?

    Answer: China

  61. In Season 9 episode "The Blood," Elaine ends up babysitting for the misbehaved son of her friend Vivian. What is the child's name?

    Answer: Jimmy

  62. In Season 3 episode "The Stranded," George has an altercation with a cashier at a drug store because he believes he was short-changed how much money?

    Answer: 10 dollars

  63. In Season 4 episode "The Cheever Letters," which Seinfeld character attempts to bribe his way into membership at the Westchester Country Club with Cuban cigars?

    Answer: Kramer

  64. In season 9 episode "The Strongbox," George insists that Jerry only needs the shared-first-name connection to start up a conversation with Jerry Lewis at an upcoming roast, but Jerry purchases what item of Jerry Lewis's in order to strike up a conversation?

    Answer: Cuff links

  65. Monk's Cafe, with its exterior proclaiming itself as "Tom's Restaurant," was a favorite NYC hangout for the characters of what long-running sitcom?

    Answer: Seinfeld

  66. "Hey, you've been great. See you in the cafeteria!" is the final line of Seinfeld's final episode and is spoken by Jerry in what setting?

    Answer: Prison

  67. In a two-part story during the show "Seinfeld", Kramer is mistakenly arrested and accused of being the serial killer known by what monicker?

    Answer: The Smog Strangler

  68. In "The Chinese Restaurant," Elaine suggests to the group that they should grab a quick bite to eat at what aerial patty restaurant?

    Answer: Sky Burger

  69. In Season 9 episode "The Burning," Kramer has an acting gig for medical students and is assigned what disease?

    Answer: Gonorrhea

  70. In Season 6 episode "The Secretary," what object of his mother's does Jerry bring to the dry cleaners?

    Answer: Fur coat

  71. In a season 9 episode, Kramer becomes frustrated with the "misshaped, shoddy meats" in the sandwiches he eats and claims he "hasn't had a decent sandwich in 13 years." He solves this problem by purchasing what titular item?

    Answer: Meat slicer

  72. At the end of Season 5 episode "The Barber," Jerry forcibly shaves what character's head?

    Answer: Newman

  73. In 9th season episode "The Betrayal," Kramer attends the birthday party of someone who makes a wish for him to drop dead. This birthday celebrant shares his three-letter initials with what famous historical figure?

    Answer: FDR

  74. On what NBC sitcom does the titular standup comedian tease the customer service he’s receiving at a car rental agent? He mimics the conversation between the receptionist and his manager, and he opts for the rental car insurance because he assures the agent “I’m gonna beat the hell out of this thing.”

    Answer: Seinfeld

  75. Bryan Cranston played Dr. Tim Whatley, a regifting dentist with comedic aspirations on what '90s sitcom?

    Answer: Seinfeld

  76. In Seinfeld, costume designers purposefully made costumes one size too small to craft an "uncool" look for what character?

    Answer: George

  77. What famous actress and comedian auditioned for the role of Elaine in Seinfeld, in part because of her close friendship with Larry David? She later became a staple on U.S. talk shows.

    Answer: Rosie O'Donnell

  78. Although he holds many (often vague) jobs throughout the show, what is George's profession during the pilot episode of Seinfeld?

    Answer: Realtor

  79. In Season 7 episode "The Caddy," Elaine's "braless wonder" high school friend is a focal point and is also the heiress to what candybar fortune?

    Answer: Oh Henry!

  80. In Season 4 episode "The Visa," Kramer accidentally punches what baseball legend in the face?

    Answer: Mickey Mantle

  81. In season 9 episode "The Wizard," Jerry buys the titular $200 digital organizer for whom?

    Answer: His dad

  82. Jerry has claimed that the "golf ball scene" is one of his favorite of the entire Seinfeld run. Which character pulled out a Titleist brand golf ball from what creature in an episode titled "The Marine Biologist”? Note we need both the animal and the character.

    Answer: George Costanza from a whale's blow hole

  83. What is the name of Elaine's roommate in the first few seasons of Seinfeld? Kramer and this woman have a brief relationship at one point.

    Answer: Tina

  84. When Elaine dates Bob Cobb in a Season 7 episode, she immerses herself in classical music which makes sense as her new beau's nickname is what?

    Answer: The Maestro

  85. In Season 1 episode "The Robbery," which two characters gamble for the right to sign an apartment? Ultimately, neither character ends up living there.

    Answer: Jerry and George

  86. What is the fictional movie referenced many times in Seinfeld with a title that is simply a woman's name repeated? The movie's tagline is revealed as "A young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk."

    Answer: Rochelle Rochelle

  87. Of Seinfeld's four main performers, who is the only actor/actress to not win an Emmy for their performance?

    Answer: Jason Alexander

  88. In the "Alternate Side" episode of Seinfeld, what is the 3-letter name of the character that moves the cars from one side of the street to the other to avoid parking tickets?

    Answer: Sid

  89. What is the name of the alcoholic beverage in "The Red Dot" episode of Seinfeld that supposedly cannot be detected on the breath?

    Answer: Hennigans

  90. "Little Jerry" was a pet of Kramer's. What type of animal was "Little Jerry?"

    Answer: Rooster

  91. In the Seinfeld episode "The Dealership," Kramer has a car to test drive for the day and one of his "tests" include running the gas tank all the way to empty, much to George's irritation. The episode is well-known as the first to air after the announcement that the show was set to conclude. The car Kramer test drives was manufactured by what Swedish car manufacturer?

    Answer: Saab

  92. What article of clothing does George gift twice in one episode, earning a rebuke from Elaine and helping get him fired from a job at Pendant Publishing?

    Answer: Cashmere sweater

  93. In Season 3 episode "The Suicide," a psychic warns George to cancel his vacation to what British Overseas Territory in the western Caribbean Sea?

    Answer: Cayman Islands

  94. What famed television personality auditioned for the part of Elaine at the behest of Larry David as the two were old friends from the standup comedy scene? This woman's first big break came from the talent show "Star Search" when she was a teenager.

    Answer: Rosie O'Donnell

  95. What was the name of the Seinfeld character that allegedly found a loophole in life by going on dates asking women out directly?

    Answer: Todd Gack

  96. What famous 20th century singer died the same night as the Seinfeld finale? Allegedly, ambulances were able to drive to the singer's home and the hospital at extremely high speeds due to reduced traffic caused by high viewership of the finale.

    Answer: Frank Sinatra

  97. "Uromisitisis Poisoning" is a mysterious disease that prevents which Seinfeld character from holding their urine?

    Answer: Jerry

  98. Frequently referred to as a backwards episode because of its reverse chronology, the 9th season episode "The Betrayal" feature Elaine, Jerry, and Georgia in what international location?

    Answer: India

  99. The first season of Seinfeld featured only five episodes but contains the only episode in the show's entire run which did not begin with "The" in the name of the episode. In this episode, Jerry makes his old childhood friend Joel cry. What is the name of the episode?

    Answer: Male Unbonding

  100. In the Season 8 episode of Seinfeld "The Little Kicks," Jerry and Kramer film bootleg copies of movies for Kramer's friend with what B-name?

    Answer: Brody

  101. In what year was Michael Richards born? We're giving you a margin of error of 3 years on this one.

    Answer: 1949 (1946 - 1952 accepted)

  102. In a Season 2 episode of Seinfeld, George believe he is having a heart attack but actually is in need of what common medical procedure?

    Answer: Tonsillectomy

  103. In Season 4 episode "The Smelly Car," Jerry's BMW 5 Series gets stanky, and Jerry assumes that the source of the body odor was someone with what profession?

    Answer: Valet

  104. In season 3 episode "The Deal," what character unhappily receives a birthday gift of $182 in cash?

    Answer: Elaine

  105. Featured in an episode of "Seinfeld," what chocolate syrup brand is George's ATM password?

    Answer: Bosco

What makes Seinfeld trivia so engaging?

Being one of the most popular sitcoms in history, Seinfeld attracted a wide audience that included both young and old viewers.

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Additionally, Seinfeld gave us some of the most iconic one-liners of all time, making it a great source of trivia questions.

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