292 Sports Trivia Questions (Ranked from Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
January 4, 2024
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Sports are a beloved pastime for millions of people all over the world, providing excitement, camaraderie, and a sense of competition. From football and basketball to tennis and golf, there are countless sports to choose from, each with its own unique rules, strategies, and stars. Sports trivia questions are a great way to test your knowledge of your favorite sports and to learn more about the athletes and events that have shaped the world of sports.

This list of sport trivia questions covers a wide range of topics and is designed to challenge your understanding of the sports world. Some of the questions are straightforward and can be answered by simple recall, while others require a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Regardless of your level of expertise, this list of sport trivia questions is sure to be both educational and entertaining.

Whether you're a sports fanatic, a casual fan, or simply someone who is curious about the world of sports, this list of sport trivia questions is sure to provide you with hours of enjoyment and learning. So why not put your knowledge to the test and see how you fare? Let's dive into the exciting world of sports and see how much you really know!

292 Sports Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2024)

  1. Home of Major League Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays, the Rogers Centre opened in 1989 as the SkyDome – the world’s first sports arena to feature a fully retractable what?

    Answer: Roof

  2. Rowr! What is the feline name of the sports teams of Northwestern University?

    Answer: Wildcats

  3. What is the name of the 2020 ESPN sports documentary miniseries that focused on Michael Jordan's final season with the Chicago Bulls?

    Answer: The Last Dance

  4. Steve Yzerman is a Detroit sports icon in which sport?

    Answer: hockey

  5. The T206 Honus Wagner card was considered the most valuable sports card throughout most of the 20th century after it was sold for record-breaking sums at multiple auctions. It was initially designed and issued by the American Tobacco Company before Wagner refused to allow production because he did not want children to buy cigarette packs to get his card. What sport did Wagner famously play?

    Answer: Baseball

  6. What six-letter word names both a seed company and an exercise that combines a squat, a pushup, and a jump in the air?

    Answer: Burpee

  7. In May 2003, the fastest known speeding ticket in US history was handed out, with a Swedish sports car allegedly going 242 MPH in a 75 MPH zone. Fittingly, in what state did this occur? I suppose everything's bigger, and everything's faster there.

    Answer: Texas

  8. Arguably the second-most popular in the world after soccer, what lucky sport has defensive positions named gully, silly mid-off, and deep mid wicket?

    Answer: Cricket

  9. Turkish-born athlete and activist Enes Kanter legally changed his name to Enes Kanter Freedom in 2021 to celebrate his American citizenship. Freedom has played what sport for Türkiye’s Fenerbahçe sports club, as well as the Jazz, Knicks, and Thunder?

    Answer: Basketball

  10. Outside what sports venue would you find “Rise Up,” the world’s largest freestanding sculpture of a bird?

    Answer: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons

  11. What is the name of the pipeline, built in the 1970s, that transports oil from fields near Prudhoe Bay across Alaska to the port city of Valdez?

    Answer: Trans-Alaska Pipeline

  12. "The Run for the Roses" and "The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports" are both colloquial names for a horse race that occurs on the first Saturday of May in which U.S. State?

    Answer: Kentucky

  13. A large brown bear named Blades is the mascot of what Boston professional sports team?

    Answer: Boston Bruins

  14. “Hammer And Rails” is a podcast on the SB Nation network, dedicated to sports fans of what “P” University located in West Lafayette, Indiana? The school’s mascot is the Boilermakers, and noteworthy alumni include former NFL quarterback Drew Brees, and many astronauts including Neil Armstrong.

    Answer: Purdue University

  15. In the 1980s, "The Ain'ts" was a derisive nickname for what NFC South team that has a fleur-de-lis in its logo?

    Answer: Saints

  16. There's a sports team based in Kansas City that was founded in 1995 and began play the next year. The club competes in their sport's "Western Conference" after ten seasons in the "Eastern Conference." Current players include Matt Besler and Graham Zusi. What is this team?

    Answer: Sporting Kansas City (soccer)

  17. What hotel and casino, located on the Las Vegas strip and home to the Azilo Pool and Chickie & Pete’s Sports Bar, is named after the largest hot desert in the world?

    Answer: Sahara Las Vegas

  18. What Oscar-winning actress and founder of the Goop lifestyle website was roundly mocked in 2018 for claiming to have popularized yoga in the U.S.?

    Answer: Gwyneth Paltrow

  19. As part of an effort to break into the Indian market, Nike released the Air Zoom Yorker to target players of what sport?

    Answer: Cricket

  20. Celebrated for its ability to improve athletic capacity and glucose metabolism, HIIT is typically a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating periods of intense exercise with recovery. What does HIIT stand for?

    Answer: High intensity interval training

  21. The Nike San Francisco Women's Half Marathon features a hilly course ending with tuxedoed firefighters awarding finishers their medals in the signature blue box of what jewelers?

    Answer: Tiffany & Co.

  22. Also the name of an NFL team located about 300 miles from Boston, what is the name of the sports teams of Boston College?

    Answer: Eagles

  23. Just like the sports analytics of "Moneyball," Nate Silver uses sabermetrics to balance political polling on what website named for the number of electors in the U.S. Electoral College?

    Answer: FiveThirtyEight

  24. What San Francisco sports team has a seal mascot appropriately named Lou Seal?

    Answer: San Francisco Giants

  25. PING, Callaway, Cobra, and TaylorMade are all companies that mainly manufacture equipment used to play what sport?

    Answer: Golf

  26. What fitness program is said to have originated in the 1990s when Colombian aerobics teacher Alberto Perez subbed salsa and merengue for his normal workout-class music?

    Answer: Zumba

  27. In January 2019, Nike announced that it would become the "exclusive provider of ... on-field uniforms" beginning with the 2020 season for what major American sports league?

    Answer: MLB

  28. What is the apian name of the sports teams of Sacramento State University?

    Answer: Hornets

  29. In May 2022, the government of what European nation banned its employees from using American gaming terms such as "e-sports," instead using their domestic language counterparts like "jeu video de competition?"

    Answer: France

  30. Greg Lemond, who won the Tour de France three times in the late 1980s, was the first cyclist to appear on the cover which American sports magazine? Sports Illustrated

    Answer: Sports Illustrated

  31. The Presidential Physical Fitness test (active in the United States from 1966 to 2018) consisted of six exercises: curl-ups, pull-ups, shuttle run, one-mile run, sit-and-reach, and what exercise that draws on the pectoral muscles?

    Answer: Push-ups

  32. In the movie “Castaway,” what specific type of sports ball is Wilson who serves as the companion of Tom Hanks’ character Chuck Noland?

    Answer: Volleyball

  33. Although timeouts, clock stoppages, and touchdowns make it last longer, what is the official duration of one quarter of NFL football?

    Answer: 15 minutes

  34. An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute in Pittsburgh, with historical exhibits and a separate sports museum, is the Senator John ______ History Center. Fill in the one word blank, also the name of a prominent Pittsburgh condiment manufacturer.

    Answer: Senator John Heinz History Center

  35. The Mustangs are the sports teams of what Dallas higher-education institution whose name reflects its founding by a Protestant Christian sect?

    Answer: Southern Methodist University

  36. The National Sports Act of Canada granted two different sports as the official sports of Canada. One is, unsurprisingly, hockey. What is the other?

    Answer: Lacrosse

  37. Sacramento hosts Eppie's Great Race, a triathlon that swaps out swimming with a ride in what palindromic water craft?

    Answer: Kayak

  38. The Avalanche and Lightning are professional sports teams that play what sport in the United States? These teams play in a league considered the best in the world for its sport.

    Answer: Hockey

  39. They play home games a couple miles south of Pat's and Geno's. Fill in the blank of their NFL fight song, "Fly ______ Fly, On the Road to Victory."

    Answer: Eagles

  40. What 1980s TV series starred David Hasselhoff as a crime fighter assisted by a talking, self-aware sports car named K.I.T.T.?

    Answer: Knight Rider

  41. Which term that starts with E describes your ability to do exercise for a long(ish) time? (Hint: It’s also used to describe certain aerobic sports like long-distance running as well as the athletes that compete in them).

    Answer: Endurance

  42. The All England Club, which is the venue for the Wimbledon Championships, includes the name of which other sport in its full name in addition to tennis? The equipment needed to play this sport comprises balls and a mallet.

    Answer: Croquet

  43. The Musketeers, who play in the NCAA's Big East Conference, are the sports teams of what private university located in Cincinnati?

    Answer: Xavier University

  44. The Dukes are the Division I sports teams of what educational institution located in the Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh?

    Answer: Duquesne University

  45. "Pistol Pete" Maravich (1970) and Shaquille O'Neal both won player of the year honors while playing hoops for what university?

    Answer: Louisiana State University

  46. What was the "-gate" moniker given to the 2014-15 NFL scandal in which the New England Patriots were accused of manipulating the air pressure of footballs used in the AFC Championship game?

    Answer: Deflategate

  47. The Owls are the sports teams of what public Philadelphia university?

    Answer: Temple University

  48. Appropriately given the STEM focus of the school, the sports teams of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are known by what professional-sounding name?

    Answer: Engineers

  49. It can be played indoors or outdoors. It's notable for attracting a wide range of ages and fitness levels. It combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Its highest governing body is the IFP. What sport is it?

    Answer: Pickleball

  50. A 120-foot-tall, 68,000-pound baseball bat stands outside the museum of what famous Kentucky sporting equipment brand?

    Answer: Louisville Slugger

  51. What legendary 21st century NFL quarterback, winning Superbowls for the Colts and the Broncos, returned to TVs in a new role in 2021, hosting NBC’s “College Bowl” alongside his brother Cooper?

    Answer: Peyton Manning

  52. What 1992 sports movie starred Emilio Estevez, was produced entirely in Minnesota, and followed a team of ragtag young Minneapolis athletes?

    Answer: The Mighty Ducks

  53. An "inning" is one of nine periods of play in the sport of baseball (or seven periods of play in softball). An "innings"--with an s--is a period of play in what other sport? In some versions of this sport, a game consists of four innings over several days.

    Answer: Cricket

  54. The home stadium for the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as the collegiate Pittsburgh Panthers, located on Art Rooney Avenue, is named after what food processing conglomerate with regional origins? Named after founder Henry, they are known for their many varieties of food products.

    Answer: Heinz Field

  55. Boxing made its official debut at the 1904 Summer Olympics, which was held in what U.S. city that is home to the “Gateway To The West”?

    Answer: St. Louis

  56. Paul, a common octopus, became famous in 2010 for correctly predicting 12 of 14 matches in what quadrennial international sports event?

    Answer: FIFA World Cup

  57. Maybe to lure your deep-pocketed pharmacist, Lexus and Mazda respectively make a luxury crossover and sports car that share what two-letter model name?

    Answer: RX

  58. Minnesotan baseball commentator Halsey Hal was the first man to use what sacred mammal expression to express awe?

    Answer: Holy Cow

  59. Hosting football, hockey, and baseball (respectively), in what non-coastal US city will you find Nissan Stadium, Bridgestone Arena, and Hawkins Field?

    Answer: Nashville

  60. What athletic event that celebrates the LGBTQ community was held for the first time in 1982 in San Francisco, with 1,350 participants from 12 nations competing in 17 sports?

    Answer: Gay Games

  61. What “D” word refers to the minimum depth of water a boat needs to float? The word can also be used to refer to the event when a pro sports league selects amateur players.

    Answer: Draft

  62. A historic sports announcement for Singapore was made in 2022, as the first UFC title match in the country’s history was organized, as Glover Texeira was set to take on Jiri Prochazka. UFC stands for ______ Fighting Championship. Fill in the one word “U” blank, a synonym of “final.”

    Answer: Ultimate Fighting Championship

  63. "And this one belongs to the Reds" was the catchphrase of what sportscaster, who called Reds games from 1974 to 2019?

    Answer: Marty Brennaman

  64. Since he pitched 749 games in his 22-year career (including a perfect game in 1904), which MLB player has an award for great pitchers named after him?

    Answer: Cy Young

  65. In a football game, what’s it called when a player loses control (and therefore possession) of the ball before they have a chance to score, get tackled, or go out of bounds?

    Answer: Fumble

  66. Late superstar Pele has been credited with popularizing the phrase "The ____ Game" in connection with soccer (or, if you prefer, football). What word fills in the blank in this phrase?

    Answer: Beautiful

  67. In which combat sport that takes space in a dohyo is salt traditionally used as part of a purification ritual before a match?

    Answer: Sumo

  68. What regatta, the largest two-day rowing event in the world, is held annually on the river that separates Boston from Cambridge?

    Answer: Head of the Charles

  69. Mostly seen on a certain Chicago dish, sport peppers most likely got their name from being served during games of which sport?

    Answer: Baseball

  70. Founded in 2012 and launched two years later, what is the name of the San Mateo, California-based data company that was named because of the shared love for winter sports that both founders have?

    Answer: Snowflake

  71. The beginnings of yoga can be traced back 5,000 years to the Indus civilization of Northern India. In modern yoga exercises such as Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, "Ujjayi" refers to which core component of yoga practice?

    Answer: Breath

  72. What famous cereal mascot’s first and middle names are “Horatio Magellan,” helms a ship called The Guppy, and sports a Napoleon-style hat?

    Answer: Cap’N Crunch

  73. A podcast about the New York Giants, hosted by the sports section of the New York Post, is ______ Rush. Fill in the one word color blank, also the primarily color of the NY football team.

    Answer: Blue Rush

  74. What DMC sports car model is fitted with a flux capacitor to turn it into a time-traveling machine in the "Back to the Future" films?

    Answer: Delorean

  75. One of the very few sports that the United States has never won a medal in at the Olympics (men or women) is what sport described as "a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six outcourt players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the other team."

    Answer: Team Handball

  76. Adriene Mishler is an Austin-based entrepreneur whose YouTube videos under the account "______ With Adriene" feature her home practice of what athletic activity? As of September 2020, her account has over 8 million followers.

    Answer: Yoga

  77. A popular brand of beer in Queensland Australia sports four of them on the label, and the labels of Mexico's Dos Equis (naturally) have two. What letter is this?

    Answer: X

  78. What sport joins ice hockey as one of two national sports of Canada?

    Answer: Lacrosse

  79. What New York City baseball team did Jackie Robinson play for when he broke the MLB color barrier in 1947?

    Answer: Brooklyn Dodgers

  80. In the 2014 Disney sports movie “Million Dollar Arm,” two Indian cricket players are recruited to play baseball by an agent portrayed by what American actor, best known for playing Don Draper on “Mad Men?”

    Answer: Jon Hamm

  81. The Tartans, who play in NCAA Division III, are the sports teams of what Pittsburgh university?

    Answer: Carnegie Mellon

  82. Known by a nickname that nowadays would more likely be applied to a woman, newborn, or even a famous pig, which legendary left-handed American sportsman had the little-used first names "George Hermann"?

    Answer: Babe Ruth

  83. What’s the name of the French brand of luxury sports cars that includes the Veyron, Chiron, and Divo?

    Answer: Bugatti

  84. In 1960, which president wrote an article for “Sports Illustrated” (entitled “The Soft American”) and created fitness councils to come up with physical education curriculums for schools?

    Answer: John F. Kennedy

  85. Stamford, Connecticut is the home of what media and entertainment company known for “Sports Entertainment”, as Vince McMahon likes to call his performance product?

    Answer: WWE

  86. Mount Whitney is the finish line for a race that starts 135 miles earlier at Badwater, the scorching basin of what national park?

    Answer: Death Valley

  87. The Washington Capitals defeated what team in the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals? This losing team was playing in its inaugural season.

    Answer: Vegas Golden Knights

  88. What North Carolina sports team plays its home games at PNC Arena in Raleigh and has a mascot called Stormy?

    Answer: Carolina Hurricanes

  89. Nike gear will feature prominently in what 2021 sports-cartoon mashup film produced in part by Maverick Carter? As part of a press release, Carter stated "So when a kid sees the characters wearing Nike gear, their imagination makes the connection that Nike gives you the tools to uncover the best version of yourself.”

    Answer: Space Jam 2

  90. Bird scooters can be found on the campus of what Dallas, Texas university whose sports teams are called the Mustangs?

    Answer: Southern Methodist University

  91. How many points does it take to bowl a perfect game?

    Answer: 300

  92. What sportscaster, who called the World Series from 1996 to 2021 and guest hosted on "Jeopardy!" in 2021, has joined the ESPN team as an announcer for Monday Night Football?

    Answer: Joe Buck

  93. Paul Allen, an American billionaire who passed away in 2018, was the owner of the Portland Trailblazers (NBA), Seattle Seahawks (NFL), and a part owner of the Seattle Sounders (MLS). Before entering the world of sports ownership, Allen was best known for co-founding what company?

    Answer: Microsoft

  94. In 2019, the U.S. Department of State issued more than 20 million of what type of document whose design now includes quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. and astronaut Ellison Onizuka?

    Answer: Passport

  95. What is the name of the multi-sport event featuring thousands of athletes from the Americas in summer sports that Toronto hosted in 2015?

    Answer: Pan American Games

  96. What Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player was been featured in more gossip than sports headlines due to his on-again-off-again relationship with Khloe Kardashian that maybe finally ended in 2021?

    Answer: Tristan Thompson

  97. Because it's "nature's engineer," a beaver named Tim serves as the mascot for the sports teams at what East Coast private research university?

    Answer: MIT

  98. Which NYC borough is the only one that does not have a professional sports team?

    Answer: Staten Island

  99. What sports legend's autobiography, published in 1975, was titled "The Greatest: My Own Story?"

    Answer: Muhammad Ali

  100. If you've got a pair of tickets to see a sports game at the stadium unofficially known as "The Big House" (capacity 107,601), what team are you almost certainly there to watch?

    Answer: University of Michigan

  101. Locals often refer to what NFC East football team affectionately as "the birds?"

    Answer: Eagles

  102. What professional sports team were previously named the Boston Pilgrims, Boston Somersets, and Boston Americans until they were officially given their present name in 1908 by team owner John I. Taylor?

    Answer: Boston Red Sox

  103. After leading the University of Wisconsin in tackles for loss and winning the Ronnie Lott award in 2010, what defensive player was drafted by the Houston Texans and became popular across the NFL? His name has electrical power.

    Answer: J.J. Watt

  104. If you're using a "broom" to guide the "rock" to the "house," what winter team sport are you playing?

    Answer: Curling

  105. "Legion of Boom" was the impressive nickname for the defensive backfield (including Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas) of what mid 2010s football team with an alliterative name?

    Answer: Seattle Seahawks

  106. KTCK (1310 AM, "SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket") is a commercial sports talk radio station which has won many awards and helped launch the career of popular sportscasters such as Skip Bayless. The radio station currently serves as the radio home of the local NHL franchise The Stars. In what STATE can you tune in to this radio station?

    Answer: Texas

  107. If you had tickets to the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome in 2011, what Big 4 professional sports franchise would you be watching play a home game? Note that one of the Big 4 franchises calling the stadium home had left for Target Field 2 seasons prior.

    Answer: Minnesota Vikings

  108. What "tough" furry orange mascot swung into his first appearance at a Philadelphia Flyers home game on a giant wrecking ball?

    Answer: Gritty

  109. PLAY 60, which encourages kids to be active for 60 minutes a day, was launched in 2007 and has committed over $350 million to youth health and fitness campaigns. What sports league is responsible for the PLAY 60 initiative?

    Answer: National Football League (NFL)

  110. Forty-one states are home to at least one active FBS (college football) program. Which of these states has the highest number of FBS programs at 12?

    Answer: Texas

  111. As part of the growing boom of sports cards, a rookie-year, signed Tom Brady football card was sold at auction for more than $1.3 million in early 2021. What team was Tom Brady on during his rookie year?

    Answer: New England Patriots

  112. The Walt Disney Company founded a professional sports franchise in 1993 and based the new team's name on a successful 1992 film. What sport did this team play?

    Answer: Hockey

  113. Although it alternates the route in even and odd years, Alaska's famous Iditarod sled dog race always begins in Anchorage and ends in what Seward Peninsula city?

    Answer: Nome

  114. Which two Canadian cities made their NBA franchise debuts in 1995? We need BOTH answers here.

    Answer: Toronto and Vancouver

  115. In July 2013, Nike's website sold a t-shirt with a silhouette of the state of South Carolina. However, this was soon noticed by observant fans as a mistake, considering the sports team featured played its games in North Carolina. What was this team?

    Answer: Carolina Panthers

  116. In the Tour de France, the yellow jersey is awarded to the cyclist who has the fastest aggregate time across all stages. What color jersey is awarded to the "young rider" — a cyclist under the age of 26 — with the fastest aggregate time?

    Answer: White

  117. On the 2022 Forbes list of highest paid athletes, two of the top five are basketball players (LeBron James #2 and Steph Curry #5). The other three athletes in the top five all play the same sport. What sport?

    Answer: Soccer

  118. Also the name of Swarthmore College's sports teams, what deep-red silicate mineral is the birthstone for January? The mineral is a homophone with a basketballer-turned-actor.

    Answer: Garnet

  119. Rosie Ruiz rose to fame in 1980 after she finished a running race in a record time of two hours and 31 minutes. However, the fame was mostly infamy as her title was stripped because of her lack of sweating, exhaustion, or knowledge of the course led to the natural conclusion that she had cheated. What was the race?

    Answer: Boston Marathon

  120. Immediately before they relocated to Sacramento in 1985, the Kings played home games in what Midwest city that's pretty used to regal sports teams?

    Answer: Kansas City

  121. There is a town of ~14,000 people in eastern Massachusetts that is home to the headquarters of EMC, but is perhaps even more famous as the start of the Boston Marathon. What is this town?

    Answer: Hopkinton

  122. Typically, there are four different major jumping events in athletic competitions such as the Track & Field World Championships or the Olympics. These are the high jump, long jump, pole vault/jump, and what fourth event?

    Answer: Triple jump

  123. Although his historical reputation is marred by steroids, what alliterative man remains the MLB's all-time home run leader?

    Answer: Barry Bonds

  124. Name the controversial Cincinnati Reds player and manager who was penalized with permanent ineligibility from baseball in 1989 for betting on the Reds while he played for and coached for them?

    Answer: Pete Rose

  125. Which biennial men’s sports competition that was originally contested between Great Britain and the U.S. is named after a British seed merchant? The equivalent women’s competition is called the Solheim Cup.

    Answer: Ryder Cup

  126. Vascular plants have two kinds of transport tissue: xylem, which transports water from roots to stems and leaves, and what other kind of tissue, which you can remember by imagining nutrients "flowing" from leaves to roots?

    Answer: Phloem

  127. With three Olympic Gold medals and the World Record which has stood for 26 years, Czech athlete Jan Železný is widely considered to be the greatest male competitor in which throwing event?

    Answer: Javelin throw

  128. Brothers Pau and Marc Gasol are both Spanish athletes that have collectively reached the pinnacle of their sport three times, and this sport's champions are honored with the Larry O'Brien trophy. What sport do these brothers both play professionally?

    Answer: Basketball

  129. Although sometimes manmade, these mounds of snow form naturally over time on ski slopes that see a lot of traffic. When skiers turn, they gradually push snow into small communal piles better known by what name?

    Answer: Moguls

  130. Owned by the same company that owns the Washington Wizards, what is the also-supernatural name of Washington D.C.'s WNBA team, which won its first league championship in 2019?

    Answer: Washington Mystics

  131. What "Zen Master" professional sports coach was born in Deer Lodge, Montana? This man later became iconic during coaching stints in Chicago and Los Angeles.

    Answer: Phil Jackson

  132. What professional sports league did Nike begin to provide the uniforms for in 2015, taking over from Adidas?

    Answer: NBA

  133. Arthur Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot and owner of the Atlanta Falcons, owns one other sports franchise. The franchise was founded in 2014 and competes in what sport?

    Answer: Soccer

  134. The fictional Texas State Fightin' Armadillos are the football team at the center of what 1991 sports comedy film starring Scott Bakula as the team's quarterback?

    Answer: Necessary Roughness

  135. Also the last name of some famous Hollywood brothers, what is the punny seven-letter name of the eagle mascot of Boston College's sports teams?

    Answer: Baldwin

  136. Formerly named Empire Stadium, what stadium located in London is known as “the cathedral of football”, according to Pelé?

    Answer: Wembley Stadium

  137. The acclaimed ski resort town of Zermatt, Switzerland lies in the shadow of Monte Cervino, an Alpine mountain known in English by what Disney rollercoaster name?

    Answer: Matterhorn

  138. What expensive restaurant on Walnut Street, Chicago, offers a hand selected New American tasting menu? It shares its name with a member of the blackbird family, and the singular name of a Baltimore sports franchise.

    Answer: Oriole

  139. Comalander Stadium, The Alamodome, and AT&T Center are all sports venues located in what southern U.S. city?

    Answer: San Antonio

  140. A patient with an anterior ______ ligament (ACL) tear may need surgery, but at the very least will need to take a break from their exercise routine or sports.

    Answer: Cruciate

  141. Longtime Boston Celtics coach and executive Arnold Jacob Auerbach was a basketball pioneer who is credited with the invention of the fast break. Ironically, despite being associated with the Celtics, what was Auerbach's colorful nickname?

    Answer: Red Auerbach

  142. How many racing lanes are in an Olympic swimming pool? We're excluding warm-up and practice lanes on this one.

    Answer: 8

  143. What baseball team does Jerry support in Seinfeld?

    Answer: New York Mets

  144. In what sports league do the Minnesota Lynx play?

    Answer: WNBA

  145. The men's sports teams at the University of Central Arkansas are nicknamed the Bears. What one word is added to the nickname of the women's teams?

    Answer: Sugar Bears

  146. The company that became Nike was founded in 1964 under what name, which it operated as until 1971?

    Answer: Blue Ribbon Sports

  147. In what Georgia county would you find a starting point (or ending point) for the Appalachian Trail?

    Answer: Fannin County

  148. The 1st, 10th, and 20th editions of WrestleMania were all held at what iconic East Coast sports and concert venue?

    Answer: Madison Square Garden

  149. In 1996, Nike created the ACG line of products which markets for extreme sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking. What does ACG stand for?

    Answer: All Conditions Gear

  150. The right field wall in Pittsburgh's PNC Park is 21 feet high, in honor of what legendary Puerto Rican-born former Pirate?

    Answer: Roberto Clemente

  151. The Bridgeport Sound Tigers and the Hartford Wolf Pack are both professional sports franchises based in Connecticut that compete in what sport?

    Answer: Hockey

  152. What is the feline name of the sports teams of the University of Kentucky?

    Answer: Wildcats

  153. What Sacramento sports team that plays in the Golden 1 Center came into existence as the Seagrams of Rochester, New York in 1923?

    Answer: Sacramento Kings

  154. Because he an ardent StarCraft fan, in 2021 Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke announced that his company had started its own professional esports team, which competes under what name?

    Answer: Shopify Rebellion

  155. Actively involved in uncovering a bunch of Russian malfeasance, the World Anti-Doping Agency was initially established by what multinational sports organization?

    Answer: International Olympic Committee

  156. Dueling rollercoasters shaped like the F430 Spider sports car are one of the rides at an Abu Dhabi theme park dedicated to what fancy Italian automaker?

    Answer: Ferrari

  157. The word “forensics” comes from a Latin expression meaning “of or before” what type of building, in reference to where Roman trials were held? This “F” word can apply to a place for exchanging ideas, or an alternative name for a sports arena.

    Answer: Forum

  158. Bowling Green, Kentucky is home to a museum for what classic Chevrolet sports car, which began production in 1953? They come in models such as the Stingray.

    Answer: National Corvette Museum

  159. Rowr! What is the feline name of the sports teams of Washington State University?

    Answer: Cougars

  160. What soccer legend ended her career with the USWNT on October 26, 2021, with a 6-0 win over South Korea?

    Answer: Carli Lloyd

  161. What horse, who is named for a holy city of Islam, won the 2021 Kentucky Derby only to fail a test for the steroid betamethasone a few days later?

    Answer: Medina Spirit

  162. A double decker bridge that connects Cincinnati, OH to Covington, KY is the ______ Spence Bridge. Fill in the one word blank, a “B” first name also associated with sportscaster Musburger, or actor Spiner who played Data on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

    Answer: Brent Spence Bridge

  163. In one of the most disputed calls in baseball history, which MLB umpire is said to have robbed Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga of his perfect game? The alliterative ump is still haunted by the missed call today, for which he has offered numerous tearful apologies since it occurred in 2010.

    Answer: Jim Joyce

  164. Jesse Owens famously won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. One of the four medals was in the long jump. How many total INCHES did Owens jump in that gold medal-winning leap?


  165. Druskininkai, Lithuania is home to an indoor ski slope known as The Snow ______. Fill in the one word “A” blank, a term used to describe a level area surrounded by seats for sports and entertainment.

    Answer: The Snow Arena Druskininkai

  166. Noted for her pink hair and her skill on the field, what USWNT athlete was named Sportsperson of the Year by Sports Illustrated in 2019?

    Answer: Megan Rapinoe

  167. A baby boomer might remember Jim McKay hosting the sports anthology show known as “ABC’s ______ World Of Sports.” Fill in the one world “W” blank, a word similar to “broad” or “outspread.”

    Answer: ABC's Wide World Of Sports

  168. Created in 1996, Nike's ACG brand markets shoes and apparel for extreme sports and outdoor wear. What does the ACG acronym stand for?

    Answer: All-conditions gear

  169. A Boomer sports fan was probably watching on February 22nd, 1980, when the U.S. men’s hockey team beat the Soviet Union, in the semifinal of the Lake Placid Winter Olympic games, an event christened the ‘______ On Ice.’ Fill in the one word “M” blank, a surprising event attributed to divine agency.

    Answer: Miracle On Ice

  170. In 2021, Nike took home another Outstanding Commercial Emmy. The winning commercial used split screens to compare the similar kinetic movements of athletes in different sports. What soccer star narrated the commercial?

    Answer: Megan Rapinoe

  171. Formed in 2017, what’s the name of the professional Esports league owned by Andy Miller that competes playing the video game “Overwatch”?

    Answer: San Francisco Shock

  172. Which bright-red bird is the mascot for the University of Lousiville's’ NCAA sports teams?

    Answer: Cardinal

  173. Since 1951, professional sports in the Philippines have been regulated by the Games and ______ Board.

    Answer: Amusement

  174. Sharing its name with an animal, which sports brand was founded after a family feud between brothers and shoe manufacturers Adi and Rudi Dassler?

    Answer: Puma

  175. Each year, which 17-day end-of-the-summer event is held at Cal Expo and features musical performances, a carnival, sports competitions, agriculture showcases, and plenty of food?

    Answer: California State Fair

  176. What Pittsburgh Pirates centerfielder told Barry Bonds to move in to cut off a potential single (a suggestion Bonds did not take) one pitch before Atlanta Braves utility player Francisco Cabrera hit a walk-off 2-run single in front of Bonds to win Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS?

    Answer: Van Slyke

  177. Since 1974, San Diegan Ted Giannoulas has suited up to play what mascot, which despite its popularity is not officially affiliated with any sports team?

    Answer: The San Diego Chicken

  178. In 1935 Golfer Babe Didrikson became the first woman athlete to appear on the box of what commercial food brand?

    Answer: Wheaties

  179. Political scientist John Mearsheimer is credited with the theory of _____ realism, in which great power states aim to dominate international politics. The blank is filled by what word, more often seen in the context of team sports?

    Answer: Offensive

  180. Known to non-sports fans from his role as Fireball in "The Running Man", who is the only player to average more than 100 rushing yards per game during a career in the NFL?

    Answer: Jim Brown

  181. Only two countries other than the U.S. have topped the medals table for track and field at the Olympics. One of these countries was the USSR. Which country that was dissolved in 1990 was the other?

    Answer: East Germany

  182. What’s the piece of Plexiglass behind a basketball net that’s particularly useful for making a layup called?

    Answer: Backboard

  183. In which Olympic track and field event did Bob Beamon set a world record in 1968 that has only been improved upon once (by Mike Powell in 1991) since?

    Answer: Long Jump

  184. Subtract the year Huey Lewis and the News dropped "Sports" from the year that Black Panther party founder Huey Newton passed away. What's that equal?


  185. Which LA-based NFT platform co-founded by Tom Brady lets people buy digital assets from their favorite sports idols?

    Answer: Autograph

  186. Finishing runner up in 2015 and 2019, who is the only country to have lost a Cricket World Cup final without winning one in another. This country is found in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Answer: New Zealand

  187. In 2022, Kylian Mbappé became the second player to score goals for France in two FIFA World Cup finals - which alliteratively named French footballer managed this feat before him?

    Answer: Zinedine Zidane

  188. What three-time Grand Slam-winning tennis player is the only African American man to win a singles title at Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open?

    Answer: Arthur Ashe

  189. During the great 2022 Australian Open visa kerfuffle, Australia's prime minister met with the PM of what Eastern European country to discuss Novak Djokovic?

    Answer: Serbia

  190. At 32 acres, ______ Creek State Park is the smallest state park in Georgia. What name fills in the blank, which is both the name of a shoe and a snake?

    Answer: Moccasin

  191. First and last name required. What Ole Miss quarterback led the New York Giants to Superbowl wins in 2008 and 2012?

    Answer: Eli Manning

  192. The metaphoric feeling marathoners get when their glycogen stores deplete around mile 20 shares what name with a Chris Harwick-hosted trivia show?

    Answer: The Wall

  193. The three-point shot and a red-white-and-blue ball were both defining inventions of what short-lived sports league?

    Answer: ABA

  194. What word of French origin that means "platoon" is used to describe the main pack of riders in a cycling race?

    Answer: Peloton

  195. Ilie Theodoriu Nastase is a Romanian athlete formerly ranked No. 1 in the world in his sport. He was also the first professional sports figure to sign an endorsement contract with Nike. What sport did Nastase play?

    Answer: Tennis

  196. The Cincinnati Reds play in what home run friendly Ballpark, opened in 2003, which gets its name from a presumably tremendous national insurance company?

    Answer: Great American Ballpark

  197. Which American tennis player is the only male to have won over 50 ATP titles in both singles and doubles? He also has the record for the best single season win rate of the Open Era., having lost only three games out of 85 in 1984.

    Answer: John McEnroe

  198. Beginning and ending in Chamonix, France, the 106-mile Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc foot race loops around Mont Blanc, through what other two countries?

    Answer: Italy and Switzerland

  199. In late 2018, Mastercard became the first major sponsor of eSports featuring what multiplayer online team PvP game, and has sponsored the World Championship, Mid-Season Invitational, and All-Star Event for this game?

    Answer: League of Legends

  200. What since-relocated baseball team did Babe Ruth coach for a year after retiring?

    Answer: Dodgers

  201. Hailed by Phil Knight as "Soul of Nike" and by Sports Illustrated as "America's Distance Prodigy," what Oregonian runner died at the age of 24 in 1975?

    Answer: Steve Prefontaine

  202. What American sportscaster was raised in Billings, Montana and rose to fame as one of the original members of the program "The NFL Today"? This man worked for CBS Sports, ESPN, and ABC before eventually retiring in January 2017.

    Answer: Brent Musburger

  203. La Masia de Can Planes is an "academy" in eastern Spain that served as both educational facilities and sporting grounds for promising youth talent in a specific sport. What sports TEAM is the owner and operator of this academy?

    Answer: FC Barcelona

  204. In June of what year did the Boston Celtics win their 17th (and most recent) NBA Finals?

    Answer: 2008

  205. Before the franchise relocated to the Twin Cities from the East Coast, what was the name of the team now known as the Minnesota Twins?

    Answer: Washington Senators

  206. Founded in 2017, what shiny-sounding NHL expansion team is the first major professional sports team to represent Las Vegas?

    Answer: Golden Knights

  207. The "Blood in the Water" match is a nickname for the 1956 Olympic water polo semi-final. One of the participating teams was the USSR. Having at the time recently experienced an uprising against USSR control, what peckish Eastern European country's team were their opponents?

    Answer: Hungary

  208. From 2008-2012, Nike owned what British sports brand which features 2 concentric rhombuses as its logo?

    Answer: Umbro

  209. Founded in 1883, which Singaporean company celebrated its 100th year of business in 1983 with the launch of the isotonic sports drink 100plus?

    Answer: Fraser and Neave (F&N)

  210. The Waco Tribune-Herald reported in November 2022 that the endowment of what private university, whose sports teams are called the Bears, had crossed the $2 billion mark?

    Answer: Baylor University

  211. In perhaps the most famous sports television call of all time, Al Michaels posed what question to the audience as the underdog United States was about to advance to the finals of the Lake Placid Olympic hockey tournament in 1980? (Hint: He answered his own question with "Yes!")

    Answer: Do you believe in miracles?

  212. What former Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots wide receiver has the NFL records for single season touchdown receptions, as well as the rookie record in that category? He’s also known for his tempestuous attitude, demanding multiple trades in his career.

    Answer: Randy Moss

  213. In the 2018 Winter Olympics, the US won their first medal in 42 years in what Olympic sport that has historically been dominated by Nordic countries? The sports has two major techniques: "classic" and "skating."

    Answer: Cross country skiing

  214. One of the co-founders of the Cadillac Development Corporation was Joseph ______. Fill in his “B” last name, also the last name of an ESPN SportsCenter anchor known for giving athletes nicknames, and for his bombastic delivery.

    Answer: Joseph Berman

  215. What is the nickname of retired professional golfer Jack Nicklaus? Its origin goes back to the mascot of his high school in Upper Arlington, Ohio and it is incorporated into his brand's logo.

    Answer: The Golden Bear

  216. Charles H. Taylor is one of six businessmen that founded a company in 1872 which has continued to exist until the present day in Boston. The company was purchased in 2013 by Boston Red Sox and Liverpool F.C. owner John W. Henry for $70 million. What is the company?

    Answer: The Boston Globe

  217. What is the canine name of the often highly successful sports teams of the University of Connecticut?

    Answer: Huskies

  218. Fan Zhengdong of China is currently ranked number one by the International Federation for which alliterative sport? At only 25 years old, Fan has already surpassed superstar Ma Long, even though Long consistently outperforms Zhengdong at the Olympics. We're looking for BOTH words here.

    Answer: Table Tennis

  219. Much of Denmark's Olympic success has come from sports which take place in or on the water. In which wind dependent sport have Denmark won 31 medals, the most of any sport they have competed in?

    Answer: Sailing

  220. Kelly Loeffler lost her run-off election and her US Senate seat in Georgia after a vote in 2021. Emblematic of her momentum, members of what Atlanta WNBA franchise, which she co-owned at the time, spoke out against her campaign? The moment felt very unreal.

    Answer: Atlanta Dream

  221. On March 30, 2008, Stephen Curry set the NCAA men's basketball record with his 159th three-pointer of the season during a March Madness game against Kansas. For what North Carolina school was Steph Curry playing?

    Answer: Davidson

  222. A Boulder, Colorado-based company named The Pro's Closet raised $12 million in funding in September 2020. The company is a marketplace for selling what type of high-end sports equipment?

    Answer: Bicycles

  223. Olympic fencing uses three different blades: the foil, the sabre, and which other blade? Hint: It is the heaviest of the trio, and a favorite for crosswords.

    Answer: Épée

  224. Of course, the sport played at the World Cup is called “football” almost everywhere in the world except for a couple places like the U.S. which call it "soccer." To delineate between the two sports, the rest of the world often calls the U.S. game “______ football” after the hashes and yard lines' resemblance of a cross-hatched cooking surface.

    Answer: Gridiron

  225. What four-time Olympic gold medalist, considered "perhaps the greatest and most famous athlete in track and field history" during his lifetime, called Cleveland home from the age of 9 onwards?

    Answer: Jesse Owens

  226. Although its sports teams are named the Judges, what Massachusetts university named for a former Supreme Court Justice has a mascot named Ollie the Owl?

    Answer: Brandeis University

  227. What is the name of the private, all-male HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) located in Atlanta, Georgia which is the largest men's liberal arts college in the U.S. and is the alma matter of Martin Luther King Jr., Spike Lee and Edwin Moses?

    Answer: Morehouse College

  228. Byron White was a 20th-century Supreme Court justice with dissenting opinions on cases as famous as Roe v. Wade. Intriguingly, before pursuing his law career he was one of the most celebrated players in what American sports league?

    Answer: NFL

  229. Although the brand has a four-letter name coming from its founders' Italian surname, what apparel brand is now technically the largest South Korean sportswear manufacturer? The brand has seen a resurgence in the late 2010s as its sweatpants, platform sneakers, and color blocking became popular with Instagram influencers.

    Answer: Fila

  230. What Slovakian cyclist who races for Bora-Hansgrohe is the only cyclist to win the UCI Championships three years in a row, even if he may be best known for his sprinting?

    Answer: Peter Sagan

  231. In what East Asian city were the 2018 Winter Olympics hosted?

    Answer: PyeongChang

  232. Edinson Cavani, Diego Forlán, and Sebastián Abreu are all world footballers that play for what national team in international competition?

    Answer: Uruguay

  233. Sports logos like those of the University of Louisville Cardinals and the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL spread the misinformation that cardinals have yellow beaks. In the real world, the common species of bird known as the Northern Cardinal has a beak of what color?

    Answer: Red

  234. "An NBA Legend Rides Into the Sunset at a Safe and Prudent Speed" is one of the many hilarious Onion headlines about what Hall of Famer, who played for the San Antonio Spurs from 1997 to 2016?

    Answer: Tim Duncan

  235. Prior to calling Washington home, the professional football franchise in the nation's capital played in a different east coast city. In what (very famous) sports stadium did they play their home games from 1933-36? The stadium is still active today but is home to a non-football sport.

    Answer: Fenway Park

  236. The modern NBA team known as the Washington Wizards began their journey in Chicago as the Packers. Before finally landing in Washington, D.C., the team was transferred to what charming city of the Eastern US?

    Answer: Baltimore

  237. In August 2020, Tadej Pogacar became the first cyclist from what central European nation to win the Tour de France?

    Answer: Slovenia

  238. Chris Webber, who played for the Sacramento Kings from 1998-2005, played college basketball at which school?

    Answer: The University of Michigan

  239. Only one NFL team has their logo on one side of the helmet and NOT on the other side. What team is this?

    Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers

  240. If you had tickets to Game 5 of the NBA Finals on June 11, 1997, you would witness Michael Jordan's iconic "flu game" in what city?

    Answer: Salt Lake City

  241. What "p" word meaning "an object that can be inflated with a gas" is often used to describe the tires of a bicycle?

    Answer: Pneumatic

  242. What’s the nickname for the University of Toronto’s sports program (as well as the title of a 1999 football flick)?

    Answer: Varsity Blues

  243. Which sports-inspired term refers to a tool for measuring a company’s KPIs using easy-to-understand targets grouped by color—for example, red, yellow, and green?

    Answer: Scorecard

  244. Considered by many to be the greatest Texas Rangers player of all time, Iván "Pudge" Rodríguez played for the team from 1991 to 2002, primarily at what position?

    Answer: Catcher

  245. Harry Frazee held what powerful, recognizable Boston role from 1916-1923?

    Answer: Owner of the Red Sox

  246. The 2017 Cleveland Indians baseball team set the American League record for consecutive victories at 23. What West Coast 2002 club had the prior record at 20 games?

    Answer: A's

  247. Hatched in Neshaminy State Park not far from the skyline of Philadephia, Eagles Forest is the birth name of a Big Four pro sports mascot better known by what one-word alias?

    Answer: Swoop

  248. What Washington Wizards player tarnished his legacy and standing in the NBA when he infamously brought guns into the locker room during the 2009-10 season?

    Answer: Gilbert Arenas

  249. What colorful chicken variety is both the state bird of Delaware and the name of the University of Delaware's sports teams?

    Answer: Blue Hen

  250. Milorad Cavic is a Serbian swimmer that famously lost to Michael Phelps by mere fingertips (one hundredth of a second!) at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In what event was this photo finish? We're lookin for the stroke and the distance.

    Answer: 100m Butterfly

  251. From 1930-1970, qualifying teams vied for the Jules Rimet Trophy in what international tournament?

    Answer: The FIFA World Cup

  252. With one guess, name one of the words that the four letters "BASE" stand for in "BASE jumping."

    Answer: building and antenna and span and earth

  253. "Sachin: A ______ Dreams" is the title of an Indian sports documentary about the life of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar with details on his cricket and personal life. What numeric word fills the blank in the title?

    Answer: Billion

  254. The Trail Blazers had the longest streak of consecutive sold-out home games within the "Big 4" American sports leagues until what East Coast MLB team surpassed them in 2013?

    Answer: Boston Red Sox

  255. The final match of the 1994 World Cup took place at which American sports venue?

    Answer: The Rose Bowl

  256. What “x” is the vascular tissue in plants that transports water and dissolved nutrients from the root?

    Answer: Xylem

  257. Buzkashi, which means “goat pulling” in Pashto, is a sport in which players on horseback attempt to place a dead goat in a goal. In which Central Asian country is buzkashi predominantly played?

    Answer: Afghanistan

  258. The sports teams of Southern Illinois University are named for what Egyptian dog breed, sometimes called "Persian greyhounds?"

    Answer: Salukis

  259. The Engineers are the sports teams of what upstate New York technical university? You may give the three-letter abbreviation by which the school is often known.

    Answer: RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

  260. Son of the Lithuanian legend and Basketball Hall of Famer Arvydas, this center/power forward for the Indiana Pacers was selected as an All Star for the 2021 NBA regular season.

    Answer: Domantas Sabonis

  261. What notorious Boston sports fan, formerly of ESPN, sold his most recent venture to Spotify in early 2020 to bolster their podcast business?

    Answer: Bill Simmons

  262. The official state bird of Georgia was the mascot for what Atlanta NHL hockey team that played from 1999 until 2011?

    Answer: Thrashers

  263. On July 22, 1996, the satirical news talk show "The Daily Show" made its summer debut on Comedy Central with what former “SportsCenter” anchor as its first host?

    Answer: Craig Kilborn

  264. The land had been used as a port for nearly 400 years, but what 85-acre NYC park underwent significant landscaping and revitalization before re-opening its first sections in 2010? Today, the park features a pop-up pool, many sports fields, and the historic Fulton Ferry Landing.

    Answer: Brooklyn Bridge Park

  265. In 2018, which French football player became the fourth goalkeeper in history to captain his country to victory at the FIFA World Cup?

    Answer: Hugo Lloris

  266. Obviously not a Seattle sports fan, Ice Cube mentions "the Lakers beat the SuperSonics" as one reason he's had an excellent 24 hours in what 1992 song?

    Answer: It Was a Good Day

  267. What company has sponsored the championship trophy for the Professional Golfers' Association Tour since 2007?

    Answer: FedEx

  268. In May 2022, Kenyon College announced that its sports teams would henceforth be referred to as the Owls replacing what PAIRED nickname that had been used for many decades?

    Answer: Lords and Ladies

  269. Commonly classified as good and bad cholesterol, HDL and LDL is an abbreviated way of describing high-density and low-density types of what protein which transports cholesterol to the blood?

    Answer: Lipoprotein

  270. During LeBron's 4-year stint playing for the Miami Heat in between his tenures with the Cleveland Cavaliers, what man served as his head coach?

    Answer: Erik Spoelstra

  271. Adam Jones, Boog Powell, and Roberto Alomar all played for which of Baltimore's professional sports teams?

    Answer: Orioles

  272. Using an "AerowSculpt" design that took eight years, the new piece of sports equipment known as the Nike Flight ball is built for what sport?

    Answer: Soccer

  273. Which winter sport combines biking and skis—either skis instead of wheels on the bike frame or foot skis?

    Answer: Skibobbing

  274. What American city has occasionally been considered the first "purely American" city because it was the first city founded after the American Revolution? The city peaked in the late 19th century as the sixth most populous city in the U.S. although it had slipped to 65th most populous by 2018. The city remains well known because of multiple major sports teams.

    Answer: Cincinnati

  275. What Washington city is known as the "Bicycle Capital of the Northwest" in part because it lays claim to the state's only velodrome and a large annual bike race on city streets?

    Answer: Redmond

  276. An alliterative aerial lift which transports skiers on the top of the slopes shares its name with what public transportation vehicle that is symbolically silhouetted within Rice-A-Roni’s logo?

    Answer: Cable car

  277. What former NBA Champion was the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first two years of LeBron James's career?

    Answer: Paul Silas

  278. A city park with sports fields and cycling trails, near Sacramento in Fair Oaks, CA, is ______ Park. Fill in the one word “B” blank, also the last name of the British middle-distance runner who broke the 4 minute mile in 1954.

    Answer: Bannister Park

  279. Which horse-polo-baksetball hybrid has been the official sport of Argentina since the 1950s? (Hint: The name is Spanish for “duck” because in the original version players used a duck—yes, a live duck—instead of a ball).

    Answer: Pato

  280. Fill in the blank in the following 1896 Susan B. Anthony quote: "I think [the bicycle] has done more to ______ women than any one thing in the world."

    Answer: Emancipate

  281. Upon their establishment in 1902, the Durham Bulls were originally known by what regionally-appropriate team name?

    Answer: Tobacconists

  282. What NYC concert venue passed Madison Square Garden to become the highest grossing venue for convert and family shows, EXCLUDING sports?

    Answer: Barclays Center

  283. Although they had a slightly different name at the time, Harvard Stadium was the home stadium of the New England Patriots for a single NFL season. In what decade was this?

    Answer: 1970s (1970)

  284. Being one of the most popular sports down under, how many points is a goal worth in Australian Rules Football football? It is the same number of points as a converted try in rugby league.

    Answer: Six

  285. What electric switch hitting shortstop, traded from the Cleveland Indians to the New York Mets in 2021, is called “Mr. Smile” because of his organic positivity and large grin?

    Answer: Francisco Lindor

  286. We hope this questions suits you well: What sport is at the center of a 2015 book by Julie Checkoway that tells the story of the Maui Sugar Ditch Kids and their quest to become Olympic athletes?

    Answer: Swimming

  287. The Suzanne Lenglen Cup is the official name of the trophy awarded to the female winner of which tennis Grand Slam event?

    Answer: French Open

  288. The very first MLB game played at night happened under the new lights of what Cincinnati stadium on May 24th, 1935?

    Answer: Crosley Field

  289. VP of Product, Deb, has played in several rec sports leagues. Name at least 3 of the sports she has played.

    Answer: Soccer, Dodgeball, Softball, Flag Football, Dodgeball

  290. Alongside the athletes it honors, the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame has also inducted notable events. The Iditarod, the Great Alaskan Shootout, and the Midnight Sun Baseball Classic are all in the Hall. An annual June event that requires competitors to build their own vehicle was recently inducted. The event has been won multiple times by Harold Attla. What is the event?

    Answer: Yukon 800 Marathon

  291. The video game franchise developed by EA Sports titled NCAA Football (last released in 2014) had what man's name included in the game title for its first two iterations?

    Answer: Bill Walsh

  292. Put a spring in your step! In which Olympic sport might you see a Rudolph or a Randolph performed?

    Answer: Trampolining

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