212 Transportation Trivia Questions (Ranked From Easiest to Hardest)

Updated Date:
July 6, 2024
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Transportation trivia questions are great for learning about the history of cars, airplanes, buses, trains, and other modes of transportation.

Here's a warm-up question to get you started:

Question: In the 1980s film "Knight Rider," what was the name of David Hasselhoff's talking car?

Answer: Kitt

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212 Transportation Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated For 2024)

  1. The Silver Star is a train route that passes through Tampa, FL twice daily: once southbound to Miami and once northbound to New York City. What quasi-public corporation operates the Silver Star line?

    Answer: Amtrak

  2. In the U.S., a road sign which is an equilateral triangle is most often associated with what five-letter action?

    Answer: Yield

  3. What name is given to the Major League Baseball games played between the city’s two teams (in 2022, that’s the Mets and the Yankees)? (Hint: It got its name because you can take a certain underground public transportation system to get to any game in the series)

    Answer: Subway Series

  4. Which C-term describes a human-made channel built for ships to pass through or as a means to get water for irrigation? (Hint: It’s also called an artificial waterway and there's a pretty famous one in Panama)

    Answer: Canal

  5. The "M" in "MARTA" stands for "Metropolitan," but the "A" stands for what city, for which MARTA provides rapid transit and bus service?

    Answer: Atlanta

  6. What Nebraska city is home to Union Pacific, the country's largest rail transportation company? Union Pacific is one of four Fortune 500 companies that call this city home.

    Answer: Omaha

  7. “The Quiet Achiever” was hand built by Larry and Garry Perkins as the first practical, long-distance, solar-powered version of what mode of transportation? (Hint: It was also called the Holden Solar Trek but that’s far less superhero sounding than “The Quiet Achiever.”)

    Answer: Car

  8. Ruggles, Stony Brook, Assembly, and Chinatown are all stops on which of Boston's MBTA train routes?

    Answer: Orange Line

  9. The high-speed Maglev train of Japan sounds like something out of the wizarding world of Harry Potter or the power source of a sci-fi hovercraft. “Mag” stands for “magnetic,” but what is “lev” short for?

    Answer: Levitation

  10. What kind of music did the Pilgrims listen to? Plymouth Rock | No, it wasn’t April showers that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth Colony, rather it was what cargo ship that crossed the Atlantic in 1620?

    Answer: Mayflower

  11. Montour Trail is a recreational trail located near Pittsburgh, used by bicyclists and cross-country skiers. The trail used to be used for what method of mass transportation?

    Answer: Trains

  12. What term is the popular phrase (in English) to describe the Japanese train known as the Shinkansen?

    Answer: Bullet train

  13. An "advisory—but not federally mandated—speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour is suggested for what system of controlled access highways in Germany?

    Answer: Autobahn

  14. Diesel fuel originated from experiments for the compression-ignition engine invented in 1892 by Rudolf Diesel. What nationality was Mr. Diesel?

    Answer: German

  15. The Monongahela Incline, which takes passengers from Station Square to high-up Grandview Avenue, is both the oldest and steepest funicular railway in the United States. In what city can you ride it?

    Answer: Pittsburgh

  16. What West Coast transportation shares an acronymn'd name with a famous cartoon character voiced by Nancy Cartwright?

    Answer: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

  17. Giant, Trek and Specialized are among the largest makers of what mode of transport invented by Karl Drais in the nineteenth century, and sung about by Queen in 1978?

    Answer: Bicycle

  18. Oh, the humanity! The "airship era" is often considered to have ended with the wreck of the Hindenburg in what U.S. state?

    Answer: New Jersey

  19. Gordon, James, Percy, and Emily are all members of the "Steam Team" and friends with what titular transportation children's character?

    Answer: Thomas the Tank Engine

  20. Several metropolitan areas in the US have highway sections during peak times designated as "HOV lanes." What does HOV stand for?

    Answer: High-occupancy vehicle

  21. On November 12, 2022, New York City's Department of Transportation announced that a pilot program with Lime Scooters would go permanent in which of the city's five boroughs?

    Answer: The Bronx

  22. In the early 19th century, the British Navy started using conveyor belts in their kitchens. What provided the power for these conveyor belts? This was also used in various modes of transportation developed in the 19th century.

    Answer: Steam

  23. Short for "Train à Grande Vitesse," TGV is an intercity high-speed rail system that primarily serves what European nation?

    Answer: France

  24. What is the popular name for the system of train transportation that uses two sets of magnets, one set to repel and push the train up off the track, then another set to move the 'floating train' ahead at great speed while nearly frictionless?

    Answer: Maglev

  25. What is either of the two countries, one in Central America and one in South America, where the 106-mile "Darien Gap" in the Pan-American Highway prevents one from driving between continents?

    Answer: Colombia or Panama

  26. Established on November 11, 1926 and stretching 2,448 miles across the United States, what famous highway is also known as the Will Rogers Memorial Highway?

    Answer: Route 66

  27. What is the catch-all term for systems used to transport skiers to the top of a hill or mountain, and includes chairlifts, gondola lifts, cable cars, and aerial tramways?

    Answer: Ski Lift

  28. Thestrals and Floo Powder are both forms of transportation invented by what internationally-renowned author?

    Answer: JK Rowling

  29. In the first half of 2019, the two top-selling Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the US were manufactured by Tesla. The third place vehicle is a Chevrolet model with what four-letter-name shared with a famous Jamaican?

    Answer: Bolt

  30. The LeSabre, Century, and Roadmaster are all automobile models from what brand? This brand was the first manufacturer to start General Motors.

    Answer: Buick

  31. The term "iron horse" was a nickname for what type of transportation vehicle? The nicknames came from a newspaper description as follows: "the iron horse with its lungs of brass and sinews of steel, came dashing along at a furious rate, puffing volumes of smoke and flame from its nostrils."

    Answer: Train

  32. Don’t touch that dial! The Blériot XI is the aircraft French aviator Louis Blériot used to become the first person to fly an airplane across what famous arm of the Atlantic Ocean that splits Southern England from Northern France?

    Answer: English Channel

  33. “The Beast,” “Cadillac One,” and “Stagecoach” are three of several nicknames given to the official state car of what U.S. type of government official?

    Answer: President of the United States

  34. In what STATE would you find the airport that uses the acronym ECP for "Everyone Can Party" as its code? The city where the airport resides is a well known destination for spring breakers.

    Answer: Florida (Panama City)

  35. What five-letter palindrome is both the name of a water transportation vessel and a transportation-focused website that went public in 2012? At one point, this company's namesake app was featured on Travel + Leisure's list of "Best Apps and Websites for Travelers."

    Answer: Kayak

  36. What internationally-recognized car brand, commissioned in 1934 by the country's notorious leader, translates in English to "People's car?"

    Answer: Volkswagen

  37. The name of which small, covered, two-wheeled vehicle derives from the Japanese word "jinrikisha", meaning "human-powered vehicle?”

    Answer: Rickshaw

  38. What is the brand name owned by Italian manufacturer Nordica which was the first brand to distribute inline skates worldwide? The term has somewhat evolved to become the generic term for its object similar to Kleenex or Google.

    Answer: Rollerblade

  39. What sun-powered transportation experiment in France took a real bad turn in 2016, and didn’t end up paving the way for a new eco-friendly infrastructure?

    Answer: Solar Roadway

  40. In 2020, what city-state added e-scooters on public sidewalks to the list of things it bans, which already includes chewing gum and bringing durian fruit onto public transportation?

    Answer: Singapore

  41. They’re somewhat obsolete now thanks to improved technology, but what was the name for the last car on a train that traditionally served as a place for the crew to hang out and keep an eye out for problems?

    Answer: Caboose

  42. At a length of 1,908 miles, what is the longest north-south interstate highway in the U.S.? The highway was not fully completed until 2018 when a gap in New Jersey was filled and it now fully connects Florida to Maine while serving all major cities from Jacksonville to Washington to New York to Boston to Portland.

    Answer: I-95

  43. Which airline based in Georgia, one of the oldest in operation, pioneered the transport hub-and-spoke system that is now used by airlines around the world?

    Answer: Delta

  44. The Central Artery/Tunnel Project, a Boston-area project that rerouted I-93 and was plagued by delays and cost overruns, was better known by what rhyming nickname?

    Answer: The Big Dig

  45. In what city was the world's first underground railway built? It opened in 1863 and was a huge success, carrying 38,000 passengers on the first day.

    Answer: London

  46. The Accent, Santa Fe, and Palisade are all car models manufactured by what international automotive company?

    Answer: Hyundai

  47. The airport known by the callsign DXB is the busiest in the world for international passengers. DXB is located in the Al Garhoud neighborhood of what city?

    Answer: Dubai

  48. Although they also operate in Belgium, and the Netherlands, Eurostar is a high-speed rail service best known for using a famous tunnel to provide international travel between which two countries?

    Answer: France and the UK

  49. Savannah International Airport in Georgia is thought to be home to the only runway in the US which includes what two objects within the runway? These objects were discovered during construction and federal law generally prohibits the moving of a these objects without permission of next of kin.

    Answer: Marked gravestones

  50. According to the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles in 2018, China was the world's largest manufacturer of motor vehicles with 28 million produced. Next up was the United States with 11 million vehicles. What Asian country was in third place with nearly 10 million vehicles produced?

    Answer: Japan

  51. Famously the mayor of South Bend, Indiana from 2012 to 2020, what failed 2020 Presidential candidate is now the United States Secretary of Transportation?

    Answer: Pete Buttigieg

  52. The oldest subway tunnel in North America is the Tremont Street subway, found in what American city?

    Answer: Boston

  53. The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which has been in continuous service since 1881, now mostly serves sightseers in what U.S. state?

    Answer: Colorado

  54. Beginning with the name of a common pet, what is the term for a boat with two parallel hulls of equal size that comes from a word meaning "logs tied together?"

    Answer: Catamaran

  55. In 1989, a ship hit a reef in the Prince William Sound and spilled more than 10 million gallons of crude oil over more than 1,000 miles of coastline. What was the famous, ill-fated two-word name of this ship?

    Answer: Exxon Valdez

  56. The Segway PT did not reach its famously-predicted scale and impact, but rather found a steady home for tourists and mall cops. What do the letters PT stand for in this famous invention?

    Answer: Personal Transporter

  57. In 1987, Seattle became the first U.S. city to have its police officers patrol the streets using what mode of transportation?

    Answer: Bicycle

  58. What is the two-word phrase for the boisterous effect that occurs when something moves faster than sound? It was first experienced in an aircraft flown by Chuck Yeager.

    Answer: Sonic Boom

  59. Which two-wheeled personalized transporter, first brought to market in the early 2000s, was invented by Dean Kamen?

    Answer: Segway

  60. Invented in France in the 19th century, the velocipede was early version of what form of transportation?

    Answer: Bicycle

  61. An H-13 Sioux made frequent appearances on the popular TV series M*A*S*H*. What type of transportation vehicle is an H-13 Sioux?

    Answer: Helicopter

  62. The White Star Line was feeling anxious in 1907 about the progress of their chief rival, the Cunard company. As a result they commissioned a British-built transportation vehicle set to replace the 1890 RMS Majestic. What famous name was bequeathed to this replacement vehicle?

    Answer: Titanic

  63. Founded in Chicago in 1895, what company became the dominant American bicycle manufacturer for much of the 20th century before a 1992 bankruptcy resulted in their sale to Canadian firm Pacific Cycle?

    Answer: Schwinn

  64. According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, the sign with inwards indented roads signals what two-word phrase?

    Answer: Road Narrows

  65. Anchorage is said to be about a 10-hour trip by which mode of transportation to about 90% of the world’s industrialized countries?

    Answer: Air

  66. What southern U.S. city is home to the St. Charles Streetcar Line, generally viewed as the world's oldest continuously operating streetcar line?

    Answer: New Orleans

  67. What is the History Channel series that has featured adventurous drivers take the wheel while embarking on Alaska's Dalton Highway or Canada's frozen lakes?

    Answer: Ice Road Truckers

  68. In the 1980s film "Knight Rider," what was the name of David Hasselhoff's talking car?

    Answer: Kitt

  69. The United States Playing Card Company owns one of the most famous brands in playing cards, a brand name chosen to reflect the popularity of a late 19th century mode of transportation. The namesake brand is displayed on the Ace of Spades in each deck. What is this brand?

    Answer: Bicycle

  70. Since the Falcon 1's debut launch in 2008, the family of Falcon rockets have been developed and operated by what California-based company?

    Answer: SpaceX

  71. What supersonic airliner, which could travel between New York's JFK Airport and London's Heathrow in less than three hours, was retired in 2003?

    Answer: Concorde

  72. Railroad mogul Leland Stanford ceremonially completed the Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, 1869 with a golden rail spike at Promontory Summit in what U.S. state, then a territory?

    Answer: Utah

  73. With a logo that blends a harp with a winged being, what Dublin-based budget airline is Europe's largest airline by passenger numbers?

    Answer: Ryanair

  74. Which British manufacturer of luxury cars was founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in 1913?

    Answer: Aston Martin

  75. With almost no roads or rail systems, traveling across which island usually requires a dog sled, boat, or airplane? (Hint: If you make it to the capital city of Nuuk, you'll find cars and busses).

    Answer: Greenland

  76. The jutting concrete and blocky utilitarian ethos of brutalism was popularized in the 1950s and is notably used in what major U.S. city's metro system?

    Answer: Washington

  77. The company's personal transportation device launched in 2000 and quickly sold five million units (mostly for children) and won the "Toy of the Year." What is this "sharp" company?

    Answer: Razor

  78. What European aerospace company makes the A320 and Beluga lines of planes?

    Answer: Airbus

  79. Carrying over 2 million passengers per year across the Victoria Harbour, the Star Ferry Company is a major component of the public transportation service in which Asian city?

    Answer: Hong Kong

  80. What passenger railroad line, the only privately owned passenger rail service in the U.S., runs between Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida?

    Answer: Brightline

  81. When Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in July 1969, they were specifically landing their spacecraft named the Apollo LM. What does LM stand for?

    Answer: Lunar Module

  82. GRR is the angry-sounding airport code for which city in Michigan that used to be known as "Furniture City of the United States?"

    Answer: Grand Rapids

  83. Rosa Parks' refusal to move to the back of the bus sparked a year-long boycott of what southern city's bus system?

    Answer: Montgomery, Alabama

  84. What canine bus service began with a single route serving miners in Hibbing, Minnesota?

    Answer: Greyhound

  85. The Amtrak passenger line The City of New Orleans ends in, well, New Orleans. In what Midwestern city does it start?

    Answer: Chicago

  86. Chicago is home to two international airports with flights to over 240 destinations. With one guess, name either of their airport codes.

    Answer: MDW or ORD

  87. Run by Dagny Taggart, Taggart Transcontinental is a large family-owned railroad company at the center of the action in what 1957 novel by Ayn Rand?

    Answer: Atlas Shrugged

  88. Every October, weather-permitting, Walla Walla hosts a "stampede" of what old-timey, hoof-less transportation method?

    Answer: Hot Air Balloons

  89. The Prinzessin Victoria Luise, the world's first ship designed solely for leisure travel instead of also carrying freight, set sail out of what German port in June 1900? This port city has long been Germany's busiest.

    Answer: Hamburg

  90. The Fenelon Place Elevator is a 3 ft funicular railway located in Dubuque. Also known as the Fourth Street Elevator, it's often claimed to be the shortest and steepest railroad in the world (but other funiculars also make this claim). You would find this railway and the city of Dubuque in what Midwest state?

    Answer: Iowa

  91. Lettered subway tiles spell out the text of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen at the Concorde stop of what city's metro line?

    Answer: Paris

  92. "Helen to the Atlantic," "Sky High," and "Celebrate America" are three festivals hosted in Georgia dedicated to what type of buoyant transportation device?

    Answer: Hot air balloon

  93. In 2016, the Swiss-made Solar Impulse 2 became the first experimental, solar-powered version of which mode of transportation complete a round-the-world trip?

    Answer: Airplane

  94. What hybrid form of hobbyist transportation is also known as sidewalk surfing and originated in Hawaii in 1959 as a combination of skateboarding and surfing?

    Answer: Longboarding

  95. Michael Hayden’s “Sky’s the Limit” neon art installation can be found lining an underground pedestrian walkway in what Chicago transportation hub?

    Answer: O'Hare Airport

  96. Skoolies, essentially tiny houses on wheels, are gaining in popularity as an alternative housing option. If you wanted to live and travel in a skoolie, what type of vehicle would you first need to acquire?

    Answer: School Bus

  97. A turntable ladder is a piece of "special purpose aerial apparatus" most commonly associated with what niche, but oft-seen and oft-heard type of vehicle?

    Answer: Firetruck

  98. The moving sculpture "Kinetic Rain" is one of many features in the awesome Changi Airport serving what Asian city-state?

    Answer: Singapore

  99. As of 2022, the last Amtrak line which has not yet resumed service after the onset of the COVID pandemic is the Adirondack line, which connects New York with what Canadian province?

    Answer: Quebec

  100. The Italian company Piaggio manufactures a vehicle under an iconic brand synonymous with their style of a painted, pressed steel unibody vehicle. The name is inspired by the Italian word for "wasp." What is this brand?

    Answer: Vespa

  101. Stephenson's Rocket was not a spaceship but in fact an early form of what type of transportation vehicle? It was built for a competition in England in the 1800s.

    Answer: Steam locomotive

  102. What is the common term for the weekly Sunday tradition in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, and other cities in which streets are blocked off to cars to allow runners, walkers, skaters, and cyclists to exercise more safely and comfortably?

    Answer: Ciclovía

  103. What large American company was founded in 1908, was removed from the S&P 500 in 2009 due to bankruptcy (but later returned), and is typically known by its two-letter initials?

    Answer: General Motors

  104. What edifice, often blue and now iconic as Doctor Who's mode of transportation, was used by police from the 1930s until the late 1960s and early 1970s, when the use of radios caused them to be phased out?

    Answer: Police box

  105. What is the tongue-in-cheek name of the company Elon Musk founded in 2017 to develop technology focused on tunneling?

    Answer: The Boring Company

  106. What locomotive-themed 2004 Board Game of the Year winner shares its name with a popular Beatles song?

    Answer: Ticket to Ride

  107. A 3,500-mi. "Marine Highway," a system of ferries that is part of the National Highway System, uniquely serves what U.S. State?

    Answer: Alaska

  108. The Amtrak service that connects New York City with Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA is named for what small tree that also appears on the South Carolina flag?

    Answer: Palmetto

  109. First mentioned in "The Goblet of Fire," what is the name for a magically enchanted object in the Harry Potter universe that allows for the apparition-less transportation of multiple people at once upon touching the object?

    Answer: Portkey

  110. In 1819, the SS Savannah set sail from Georgia and later became the first steamship to successfully cross the Atlantic when it finished its voyage in what British port town? Hint: The port town's famous soccer team proudly claims, "You'll Never Walk Alone."

    Answer: Liverpool

  111. What is the name for a type of rigid airship named for its German inventor that were first flown commercially in 1910 and carried tens of thousands of fare-paying passengers before World War I slowed down the airship business?

    Answer: Zeppelin

  112. ATL is of course the code for the busiest airport in the state of Georgia with more than 50 million commercial passenger enplanements in 2016. What is the three-letter code for the second-busiest airport in the state? This airport had just over one million commercial passenger enplanements in 2016.

    Answer: SAV

  113. The international airport that serves the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, is located to the southwest of the city, across the Ohio River. In what state is that airport located?

    Answer: Kentucky

  114. CNN host Anderson Cooper is one of the great-great-great grandsons of what famed transportation magnate?

    Answer: Cornelius Vanderbilt

  115. In 7th Season episode "The Seven," Kramer and Elaine use Newman as an arbiter to determine who should receive what transportation object?

    Answer: Bike

  116. The Duquesne and Monongahela funiculars are popularly recognized transportation mechanisms located on what Pittsburgh landmark?

    Answer: Mt. Washington

  117. What bicycle company was the largest manufacturer of the transportation device in the world in 1913? The company today is a division of the Dutch corporation Accell, and despite its southern U.S.-sounding name, the company is a British company named for a street in Nottingham, England.

    Answer: Raleigh

  118. Link is the name of their scooter-sharing service, and the Copenhagen Wheel is the name of their first (relatively) mainstream product. What is the name of this Cambridge, MA-based transportation robotics company?

    Answer: Superpedestrian

  119. Standing for "Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority," SEPTA is the common name for the mass-transit system that serves what East Coast city?

    Answer: Philadelphia

  120. If a child asks for a Sikorsky R-4 replica for their birthday, what type of vehicle do they want to build and play with? (Any very involved parent should know.)

    Answer: Helicopter

  121. What’s the word for the part of a semi-truck where the driver sits? (Hint: It makes it sound like they’re a passenger in a yellow city car, but the name is actually short for a word that would remind you of a cozy rural house)

    Answer: Cab

  122. Among his other accomplishments, Las Vegas native Aaron Fotheringham is the first person to do a backflip using what kind of transportation device? Fotheringham competes against skateboarders and BMX riders in this conveyance.

    Answer: Wheelchair

  123. If you want to prevent your cargo from moving around and possibly getting damaged, cobble together some odds and ends like wood or bubble wrap to pad the space around it. What “D” word is used to describe the cheap materials used for this purpose?

    Answer: Dunnage

  124. CNG is a form of fuel used in transportation that is largely comprised of methane. What do the letters CNG stand for?

    Answer: Compressed Natural Gas

  125. Written as m/J, which International System of Units measurement shows energy efficiency in transportation systems?

    Answer: Metre per Joule

  126. A long-gone form of public transportation provides the name for what Wilmington, Delaware district, known for its shopping center and nightlife?

    Answer: Trolley Square

  127. What British engineer and inventor was responsible for constructing the first steam railway locomotive in 1804?

    Answer: Richard Trevithick

  128. Listen all of y'all: What "C" term is the word for the right to transport goods or people between two ports within the same country? Originally applied to coastal shipping, it was later expanded to land and air transportation.

    Answer: Cabotage

  129. By what "marine" name are the passenger and crew compartments of an airship such as a blimp or zeppelin known?

    Answer: Gondola

  130. Trick-or-Streets was an initiative to clear cars during prime trick-or-treating time from many thoroughfares in the five boroughs of what American city?

    Answer: New York

  131. What term is given to a digital barrier that seals off where a vehicle (like an automated vehicle, e-scooter, or drone) can operate?

    Answer: Geofencing

  132. If you ride the Qinghai-Tibet railway, the sky-high view might make you feel like you’re on a plane. At 16,640 feet above sea level, the Tanggula Pass is the world’s highest point on a railway. What country are you traveling through if you see it?

    Answer: China

  133. Oddly specific, but in 1835, Cincinnati’s first bag of airmail was lifted by what mode of air transportation giving major party vibes?

    Answer: Hot Air Balloon

  134. The world's shortest scheduled flight, lasting under two minutes, takes place between islands in which UK constituent country?

    Answer: Scotland

  135. Maybe because it's so flat, what country can boast the largest number of cyclists per capita in the world, with 90% of its population being regular cyclists?

    Answer: The Netherlands

  136. The world's fastest train is located in Shanghai and has a commercial speed of 460 kilometers per hour. What propulsion system does it use?

    Answer: Maglev

  137. What is the name of the American truck company that manufactured its first truck in 1907, inspired the name of a Pixar character in the movie "Cars," and was purchased by Volvo in 2000?

    Answer: Mack Trucks

  138. In March 2012, Virgin Media won the exclusive contract to provide Wi-Fi access within what transportation network?

    Answer: London Underground

  139. The "golden spike" which finally linked the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads, creating the United States' first transcontinental railroad, was driven into Promontory Point in 1869 in what state?

    Answer: Utah

  140. What freighter, immortalized in song, is the largest ship to ever sink in the Great Lakes?

    Answer: SS Edmund Fitzgerald

  141. Only two cities in the world have a metro system that is considered to be over 400 miles long. Both these cities are located in which country?

    Answer: China (Shanghai and Beijing)

  142. To keep everyone in different countries on the same page, energy efficiency in transportation is measured in meters per what precious unit of energy named for an English physicist? And don't just pop down one letter.

    Answer: Joules

  143. Before the project got sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Coimbatore Integrated Bus Terminus was slated to become the largest bus terminal in the world—it will be about 61 acres in area when it’s done being built. What country is it in? (Hint: The country is already home to the largest bust station in Asia)

    Answer: India

  144. Which NYC subway line is the longest as measured by length, at 31 miles?

    Answer: A train

  145. Found in India and in developing countries, by what hyphenated name are auto rickshaws more commonly known?

    Answer: Tuk-tuk

  146. What portmanteau word was coined in 2011 by urban planner Charles Marohn to describe auto-centric thoroughfares that combine both low safety and poor efficiency?

    Answer: Stroad

  147. The third-biggest cruise line operator as measured by number of annual passengers was founded in the UK and is headquartered in the United States. What is this misleadingly named cruise line co-founded by a dude from Oslo?

    Answer: Norwegian Cruise Line

  148. In 1992, NASA mission specialist Mae Jemison became the first Black woman in space when she traveled aboard what space shuttle whose name has a British spelling?

    Answer: Endeavour

  149. When he invented the VS-300 in 1939, Russian-American inventor Igor Sikorsky created the first viable instance of what mode of transportation?

    Answer: Helicopter

  150. The "Highway Beautification Bill" was often identified with what first lady, who said, "Where flowers bloom, so does hope?"

    Answer: Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson

  151. What famously witty American, who occasionally went by the pen name of Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass, wrote the following line to describe early-model, "high-wheeler" bicycles? "Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live."

    Answer: Mark Twain

  152. I-90, the longest interstate highway in the United States, has its termini in Boston and what west coast city (which is NOT its state's capital)?

    Answer: Seattle

  153. The Guardians of Traffic are eight iconic statues overlooking the Hope Memorial Bridge in what Midwestern U.S. city?

    Answer: Cleveland, OH

  154. The 24.51-kilometre-long (15.23 mi) Lærdal Tunnel is the world's longest road tunnel. In which Nordic country is it located?

    Answer: Norway

  155. The Concorde, a joint venture between the UK and another European country, made its first flights in 1973. What airline other than British Airways flew the Concorde?

    Answer: Air France

  156. Higher octane gas leads to less premature ignition which in turn reduces the rattling noise in cars most commonly known by what "K" term?

    Answer: Knocking

  157. Opening June 14 1959, one of the first monorails in the U.S. is sound at which iconic venue? The two stations on this monorail are in Downtown and Tomorrowland.

    Answer: Disneyland

  158. You can buy t-shirts and postcards featuring the famous "Mile Marker 0" sign found in what U.S. city, the southern terminus of U.S. Highway 1?

    Answer: Key West

  159. First running in 1970, the Indian Pacific is a weekly train service that runs east to west and back across which country?

    Answer: Australia

  160. Sunshine, Vista, Dream, Breeze, and Magic are all large transportation vessels owned and operated by what company?

    Answer: Carnival

  161. Toussaint L'Ouverture Airport's code is PAP, and it services what hyphenated world capital city?

    Answer: Port-au-Prince

  162. 3.26 million miles is the current Guinness record for most mileage on a car. Which auto manufacturer, named after the Latin for “I roll”, gets to claim this achievement?

    Answer: Volvo

  163. What word refers to a path by which boats are carried over land between two bodies of water, or around unnavigable parts of a river? An eight-mile "Grand" one was used by 19th-century voyageurs off of Lake Superior.

    Answer: Portage

  164. U.S. Route 66 also known as the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was one of the original highways in the U.S. Highway System and was established in 1926 with a starting place in what major American city?

    Answer: Chicago

  165. What Idaho town was founded as the home of a ski resort and was created largely by the Union Pacific railway company in order to sell more tickets in the Western U.S.? The town's "bright" weather, low winds, and ample snowfall has helped keep its status as a popular vacation destination for decades.

    Answer: Sun Valley

  166. The first compulsory car insurance program was introduced with the Road Traffic Act 1930 in what country?

    Answer: United Kingdom

  167. What is the Spain-headquartered software company, with annual revenue of more than $5.5 billion, that creates technology for travel searches, accommodation and transportation bookings, and more? The company shares its name with a famous composer’s middle name.

    Answer: Amadeus

  168. In 1894, the German company Hildebrand & Wolfmüller was the first to mass-produce what now common method of transportation?

    Answer: Motorcycles

  169. Spanning more than 1,800 miles, the World Solar Challenge is an every-other-year car race for solar-powered vehicles across what country?

    Answer: Australia

  170. The first internal combustion engine suitable for use in transportation applications was named for its German inventor who had what four-letter palindrome last name?

    Answer: Otto

  171. What type of craft was originally designed and used as a means to test aircraft engines and propellers? The first was developed by a team led by Alexander Graham Bell in 1905.

    Answer: Airboat

  172. According to a 2012 survey by American paint manufacturers PPG Industries and DuPont, what is the most common color for automobile purchases in the United States?

    Answer: White

  173. Named after a famous aviator, Charles Kingsford-Smith Airport is the main international airport in what Southern Hemisphere city?

    Answer: Sydney

  174. Aeroflot is the flag carrier (national airline) and largest airline in what country?

    Answer: Russia

  175. The card used to pay for public transport in London is named after which aquatic animal?

    Answer: Oyster Card

  176. Uber and Lime announced a partnership in September 2022 to encourage green modes of transportation in Tel Aviv and four other pilot cities in what country?

    Answer: Israel

  177. What 363-mile traverse was opened in 1825 and was mocked during construction as a "big ditch" or "folly" but ended up dramatically transforming the transportation network in the United States?

    Answer: Erie Canal

  178. In healthcare, CPR stands for "cardiopulmonary resuscitation;" in North American train transportation, CPR stands for what company founded in 1881?

    Answer: Canadian Pacific Railway

  179. On June 21, 2022, employers in which public transportation sector in the United Kingdom walked off the job to protest poor pay and working conditions, starting the biggest transit strike in three decades?

    Answer: Rail

  180. At one time in history, Pacific Fruit Express had the world’s largest fleet of what type of train car for transportation goods that need to be kept cold?

    Answer: Refrigerator

  181. Initially founded by Curtis Sliwa in the 1970s to stem the widespread violence on the New York City subway system, what is the religiously inspired name of the volunteer youth patrol and non-profit famous for wearing red berets?

    Answer: Guardian Angels

  182. What city has a downtown grid system designed to be parallel to the confluence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek? These streets run northeast–southwest and northwest–southeast which benefits the city as this allows all streets to receive sunlight for melting snow whereas a standard N–S/E–W grid would only have half of the streets receive ample sunlight.

    Answer: Denver

  183. Amtrak has been around for over 50 years, officially beginning operations May 1, 1971. Which Canadian province is home to Amtrak's northernmost service point?

    Answer: British Columbia

  184. Popular in the 1870s and 1880s, the first vehicle called a "bicycle" was known as a high wheel, high wheeler, or an ordinary. Today, it is better known by what monetary two-word term?

    Answer: Penny farthing

  185. In 2014, SAE International, an automotive standardization body released a now-widely-used classification system for autonomous vehicles. The "highest" level requires "all aspects of the dynamic driving task" and is identified by what number?

    Answer: Level 5

  186. What is the name of Singapore's impressive international airport, which serves as the backdrop for Nick and Rachel's arrival from NYC in the film "Crazy Rich Asians?"

    Answer: Changi

  187. Historic Route 66 begins in Illinois and ends in California, totaling 2,448 miles from end to end. However, in what state does the route pass through for a measly 13.2 miles?

    Answer: Kansas

  188. Preceding the burst of scooter sharing companies in the United States, LatAm, and Europe was a wave of Chinese-based dockless bikeshare companies in ~2017. Most prominent of these brightly colored companies were Mobike's orange bikes and what other company's yellow bikes?

    Answer: Ofo

  189. What apologetic, 3-syllable marketing slogan did the DC metro system issue in 2019? The campaign famously offers to pay for the price of a rush hour ride if a train is delayed by 10 minutes or more.

    Answer: Back2Good

  190. Invented by British engineer Christopher Cockerell in 1950s, which form of transport has companies called ‘Neoteric’ and ‘Airlift’?

    Answer: Hovercraft

  191. Bailey Yard, located in North Platte, Nebraska, the world's largest railroad classification yard in the world, belongs to what railroad company?

    Answer: Union Pacific

  192. Based on its former name, Standiford Field, SDF is the code for Muhammad Ali International Airport in what U.S. city?

    Answer: Louisville, Kentucky

  193. The first scheduled commercial air service, piloted by Antony Habersack Jannus, made its first flight on January 1, 1914. In what U.S. state did the flight take place?

    Answer: Florida

  194. Sitting well above the Arctic Circle, on what Norwegian archipelago would you find the northernmost airport that has regularly scheduled air service?

    Answer: Svalbard

  195. According to Motoring Research, what car series was the most popular in the world with over one million new registrations in 2018? Second place was the Toyota Corolla, and third place was the Honda Civic.

    Answer: Ford F-Series

  196. What was the first road across the continental U.S.? Formally dedicated on October 31, 1913, it ran from New York to San Francisco and went through 13 states en route.

    Answer: Lincoln Highway

  197. The MBTA subway in the Boston metropolitan area is the oldest subway still-operating in the US. Of the 133 stations in the system, how many are located underground?

    Answer: 26

  198. The 1944 movie-musical "Meet Me in St. Louis" was nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar for what "zing, zing, zing went my heartstrings" song that features a mode of transportation in its title?

    Answer: The Trolley Song

  199. An 876-ft. high vehicular bridge—the third highest in the United States—is one of the central landmarks of what park, which was elevated to a U.S. national park in 2020?

    Answer: New River Gorge National Park

  200. In July 2018, what U.S. state had the lowest gas tax at 14.7 cents per gallon?

    Answer: Alaska

  201. An alliterative aerial lift which transports skiers on the top of the slopes shares its name with what public transportation vehicle that is symbolically silhouetted within Rice-A-Roni’s logo?

    Answer: Cable car

  202. Diesel engines are also known as CI engines. What does CI stand for?

    Answer: Compression Ignition

  203. Due to the compact design and high population density, Boston's neighboring city Cambridge often ranks as #1 in the US in the category of highest share of residents that use what form of transportation to commute to work?

    Answer: Walking

  204. Which American president was the first to ride a train, traveling on the Iron Horse through Maryland from Ellicott’s Mills to Baltimore?

    Answer: Andrew Jackson

  205. What is the "T" name for the historical frame structure used for transportation by indigenous Canadians for many centuries to drag loads over land? Typically, this item would consist of a platform mounted on two long poles shaped like an elongated triangle.

    Answer: Travois

  206. Which term (sometimes referred to as “the first mile”) means transporting goods over a short distance—like trucking freight from a port to a warehouse?

    Answer: Drayage

  207. P.S. The southern end of the Suez Canal is at the Egyptian city of Suez. In what city is the northern end?

    Answer: Port Said

  208. What is the airport code for the Davidson County airport, a former American hub, which is the busiest airport in Tennessee and home to the Tennessee Air National Guard?

    Answer: BNA

  209. What ultra-powerful railroad company hosted 26 million people a year in the early 20th century, giving it the nickname of the "largest hotel in the world?"

    Answer: Pullman

  210. "Insurance coverage for transportation firms that must carry a customer’s goods, as long as they’re willing to pay for it," is the definition of WHAT Carrier Liability?

    Answer: Common Carrier Liability

  211. A now-defunct streetcar line once ran through New Orleans' French Quarter into the Bywater District, where it ended at what literary street?

    Answer: Desire Street

  212. In 1935, Pan American World Airlines (aka Pan Am) began Pacific passenger air service with flights to Honolulu from what West Coast city?

    Answer: San Francisco

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